Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Little Busters! episode 17

Two posts in a row woohoo! Or maybe I am putting off going to the grocery store. I know the rain will come down on me the second I leave the house. It is waiting for me folks. What a stalker cloud!!!
Seems as if Kanata has been forgotten in all this sadness.
But I guess I have to go soon if I want to have dinner tonight. The husband is out of town for work and I must vend for myself. Even I can make a salad yes? But before I go Little Busters! episode 17 time. Spoilers for...episode 18 being about Haruka and Kanata too.
Please tell us more of your sad life.
Episode Summary: Haruka continues to sit on the floor to explain her story of woe. Despite the fact that Kanata and Haruka are twins they have different fathers. Dad 1 lost his mind and attacked the main house and he was sent to prison. Dad 2 and Mom were kicked out of the house and one of the other branches of the family took over as head. They held little contests and what not to decide who would make the better head of the family. Kanata succeeded in everything so obviously she was picked. Haruka was deemed to be the criminal's daughter and suddenly everything in the world was blamed on her. Gas prices, tax increases, people gossiping what an evil family they were because they abused their granddaughter, all of that became Haruka's fault and she was beat all the time for it. Kanata became in charge of Haruka and her image at school so Haruka started acting out on purpose to get Kanata in trouble. Doesn't everything make sense now? Riki and the others look at her like she is crazy but then they take turns telling her it will be okay because she is a Little Buster. At first Haruka doesn't believe them but Riki tells them that they are her friends forever and it will all be okay. They decide to play some baseball until Haruka cheers up. It appears to be working until Kanata appears. Haruka calls her a bitch and everyone blames her for the fliers. Kanata says she doesn't care if she is hated and her life will go on.
Did they set you on fire too? Like what the hell.
Haruka is stared at by her fellow classmates and Rin goes out of her way to protect her. Haruka smiles and says she is okay while making a gross dessert for her and Riki. They politely eat it and Haruka happily talks about how she wasn't allowed to go to school much when she was younger so it is hard for her to act like a normal human being. She has decided the best way to move on with her life is to find out who really is her father. As she can't find Dad 2 she will go talk to Dad 1 who was recently let out of jail. Rin and Riki tag along because pain needs company. They find Dad 1 getting drunk off his butt. Haruka introduces herself and demands to know who is her real father. Dad 1 says that knowing will just hurt her and Haruka runs away upset. Riki then asks Dad 1 who the real dad is and doesn't get any answers. Rin tries to comfort Haruka and they go back to the school. Riki sees Kanata getting slapped in the face by an older woman for daring to ask why she (granny) planted the fliers around the school. Riki tries to talk to Kanata about what just happened and Kanata answers that miserable people think everyone else is having a great life. Riki takes that to mean Kanata has suffered in the household too and asks who Haruka's father is. Kanata sorta looks at him and Riki realizes that he can't save people despite the great desire in him to do so. Riki gets all sad and that carries into the next day. Haruka appears before him with a tasty treat. This time it doesn't taste like crap. Haruka acts weird and drops the rest of the treats, asking if Riki likes her. Suddenly Riki sees the real Haruka standing on the other side of the bench and the treat giver was Kanata. THE END!
Why bother raising both girls? Give one back to the parents and raise the other one to be perfect to lessen the crazy! But I guess we can't be having that.
I don't even think I have the words people. The words to sum up the correct level of WFTness I got when I watched this episode. Just when I thought this show couldn't get any more special it broke through that ceiling and traveled to the moon. Spoiler alert: It is not made of cheese.
Haruka might need a bit more than WOOHOO you is a happy make it so.
Haruka telling her life story in front of all her friends was a bit much to handle. I like it better when it is just Riki and a few of the girls. Not that Kyousuke and the other guys aren't capable of being good listeners but something so personal shouldn't be said in front of so many people. I don't know, it just takes away from the moment. I know Haruka needed to tell someone the truth but all these someone's...way too much for it to be a believable sad moment.
As we all stare at you.
Case in point after the sad story was explained everyone just gave very generic it will be okay FIGHT ON Haruka comments. Like...after hearing something that awful I would expect there to be a lot more tears and hugging. Maybe some it will be okays but not whole heartedly. Because really how can anything for Haruka be okay after hearing all of that. If there were less people in the room others could have been more free in their comfort for her. Just listening to someone's problems doesn't make said problem go away. I don't know, it's just felt odd.
They are identical aren't they?
I still think that this story was written by a 13 year old while being emo in the corner with their vampire diary notebook. You can tell I am old because I use words like emo. Twins that look identical but have different fathers? Is this show on crack? Does it know science? Are Haruka and Kanata not capable of doing a quick internet search to see the odds of this are extremely low/impossible that that they are both from the same father? Maybe this cracked out story worked when they were younger but now...just no.
Why not just get rid of the extra kid too?
The entire situation is so messed up I hardly know how to handle it. It wasn't said in this episode why Dad 1 lost his mind and tried to kill people but I can assume he wasn't very happy with this situation. A lot of speculation but maybe Dad 1 was the real lover, the one the mom wanted to be with but she had to take on Dad 2. Maybe Dad 2 really loved Mom too and all hell broke loose over this dumbass rule. Dad 1 came to the elders of this stupid family and threatened them and sorta stabbed a few people. Perfectly reasonable yes?
Does everyone have the dumb in this family?
But then things got even more insane. Instead of allowing the girls to be raised by the “noncriminal” Mom and Dad 2 they decide to kick them to the curb and raise the kids separately, pitting the girls against each other to see who will take over the family. Because that makes sense. If they were only going to raise one girl to be a successor and they were all about separating the family why not throw out the “extra” girl along with her parents? Because then they wouldn't have anyone to beat on when times got tough? Dad 1 does something criminal and suddenly everything because his assigned daughter's fault? Please tell me when reasonable people in this century lost their minds and believed this crap?
More like a martyr but okay.
After everyone was told the truth and the blame was placed on Kanata in regards to the was baseball time. Everything was all better because Riki said it was. I think that after all that nonsense Haruka deserved to have a cry. A long cry. Maybe if one person crying with her. Not in a field playing baseball. I mean calling Kanata a bitch was a good start but Haruka needs some time to process things.
That smoke like substance traveling over Haruka...the cake breaking into crumbs.
Making cakes for people and pretending that she can push through the pain with smiles isn't going to help either. I just....I mean I guess I can understand why Haruka acted the way she did in regards to school pranks and such but went too far. She was acting out to get Kanata in trouble but in the end it would bite her in the butt. Well if Riki hadn't come to save the day. I can see why a lot of things happen but it wasn't every going to help Haruka. She wasn't going to have a big family to fall back on and if she didn't get her act together in school what would she have? Nothing. And then as if to make any sense of this all Haruka confesses she has no idea how to act in school because the evil family didn't let her go to school. Did they keep her locked in a cafe? Is her name really Yuno or something?
I guess Haruka just needs more proof that life is really unfair to her.
For some reason Haruka has decided that she needs to find out who is her real father. Dad 2 has been long gone because he is dad of the year. Dad 1 has recently been released from jail so onward she goes with Riki and Rin to see if he will spill the beans. Personally I don't think it matters either. If she finds out she is Dad 1's kid (AKA the criminal dad) Haruka will know her life would not have ever been the same. If she finds out she is Dad 2's kid well that doesn't matter either because they already decided that Kanata will be the true heir. Nothing will change with Haruka and I don't see how this will give her peace of mind. But that is for Haruka to decide, not me.
I am thinking they are both his kids and didn't want to give either of them up. Just an idea.
The meeting with dad didn't go to well. Not that anyone expected it to. The dude just got out of prison and I am just going out on a limb that life hasn't been so kind to him. I don't think he meant to hurt anyone and things got out of control due to the family situation he found himself in. Maybe he thought that his girls were going to be taken away from him and he went nuts. Or that he knew that one of his girls was going to be raised in a brutal way and he wanted to stop it. He wasn't really hurtful to Haruka just...not helpful. Because really what can be done at this point.
If this is all about Kanata liking Riki I will be pissed.
The episode ends with Kanata pulling what seems to be a very cruel joke on Riki and Haruka. The night before Riki caught Kanata talking to the head of the family who rewarded Kanata with a slap. Looks like granny hung the flyers up because they really hate Haruka. But deep down we know that Kanata doesn't hate Haruka so why this cruel prank? You got any answers for us Noumi? Why so much anger in this show?!


MCAL said...

Don't worry. It isn't about Kanata liking Riki.

Eternia said...

This show needs more Kud and less crazy twin. Wafu~

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I agree with Eternia: no more crazy twins! After the melodrama from that brat in the previous episode, I already want to move on to Kud and forget everyone else.

Not much to say except wanting to see more of Noumi. Compared to the twins, she's a saint! I wish she wore her hat more often. :(

That's all.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Third anonymous here again.

Just want to be off-topic with Amnesia here:

I think you already know that Amnesia was based on a visual novel game. But did you know there were TWO sequels to the game? Yeah, the games are called Amnesia Later and Amnesia Crowd. Apparently, the game was popular enough with the female audience to warrant two sequels. I guess that's why the animation company chose Amnesia for TV with the numerous male harem games.

I know Eternia (been reading her blog lately) and some others don't like Amensia due to the lack of interests based on the first or so episode, but I enjoyed it. It's probably because the anime market is over saturated with male harem shows so much that I've grown annoyed by it. Amnesia is different to me and one of two reverse harem shows I've seen ever (the other being Hiiro No Kakera a.k.a Potato Princess and Friends). So, it's definitely a new experience for me.

I can't help but compare Little Busters and Amnesia. Both are harem shows but polar opposites. I think the animation and cleaner art in Amnesia is better than Little Busters but that's my opinion. Little Busters has that animation company debacle I went over in your previous blog and, well, all the LB fans know about that. Little Busters is obviously the more popular show than Amnesia and has a light-heart comedy (damn those "filler" episodes!) mixed with melodrama/typical sob back stories from the girls. The other characters in Amnesia had their flaws but I wasn't annoyed by them as much as the characters in LB. Probably the guys are not your typical school girls in almost every anime show! This is my preliminary review and I'll write a more deeper review of Amnesia at the end with more comparisons to LB.

My question for you Christina: If the animation company decides to animate the sequels Amnesia Later and Amnesia Crowd as shows, would you blog about them?

Later, folks.

Christina said...

Sorry for the late responses guys! Way too many things going on apparently. Won't have 7 shows next season that's for sure.

MCAL- Well that is good to know. Kanata just wants to be mean to her sister. Either way....Riki is still not really a great love interest.

Eternia- I feel as if this arc has been going on forever and Haruka is such a brat I really can't care. Maybe she should just burn the house down and all it a day.

Anonymous- Noumi is so cute but I think her only problem is being lonely. Like my family isn't here so they send me packages. Maybe they will make it more dramatic than that but hopefully she isn't a triplet and her parents ate the other two or something.

As for Amnesia I tend to give reverse harem shows more slack because hello we hardly get anyway. And the ones we do get barely have any effort put in them. So I find myself trying to like them more just because I want to have more and need to support the ones we have.

I would agree that Amnesia is drawn better but goes over the top with outfits and hair tinting.

At the very least Amnesia is better than StarrySky which all the guys were more in love with each other than the girl. I just think our heroine needs to...well do more. It is like she is watching life go by and barely adds anything to the show. Speak up Princess!

Christina said...

I just realized I didn't answer your question anonymous. X___X Depending on how this season goes I might watch any Amnesia sequels. But if it's just about Princess going through the same things again but ending up with a different guy I won't be on board with that. Oh and they would need better clothes too. XD