Monday, February 25, 2013

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 6

Sorry for my absence yesterday on the internets. I try to get a lot of things done on Sunday but some news about a family member sorta threw me for a loop. Due to geographic distances we aren't very close family members but still you want people you are related to not to suffer. Thankfully everyone is okay but still....just a sad situation. Some prayers and kind thoughts my aunt's way would be appreciated though.
I don't think there are words for this?
The show must go on though. Just glad everyone is okay. Up now is Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 6. Spoilers for salt and soda!
Interesting looking curse.....
Episode Summary: Hero and Demon King set off to work on their respective goals. While the Demon King gets ready Youth Maid talks to her, asking War, what is it good for? Apparently she read my post last week (or a few days ago). Demon King explains that war happens when two individuals meet and there is conflict. But that is not the only thing that can result from meeting new people, just one possibility. Still Youth Maid is sad. Hero is having a heck of a time scaring all the Crusaders in Gateway City. He doesn't really kill anyone but uses fairies to plant illusions and nightmares in their heads. Elsewhere Knight has arrived to help the newly crowded Winter King (formerly Winter Prince) which boosts morale a bit. However it is frozen wasteland they are waiting on, looking at an equally frozen island fortress. Things start looking up once Demon King/Crimson Scholar arrives. Instead of her Mary Poppins bag she pulls out 6 carts full of salt. Together she and all the troops come up with a plan to hack up the icy coast and then reassemble it into a bridge. TADA they no longer have to get in boats to reach the fortress. All that Demon King asks for is one day's time, mostly to let the demons retreat if at all possible. The demons don't take kindly to this advance and fighting occurs. Water demons come out of nowhere but Knight has a pretty solid plan. They manage to hold off the troops but the caves at the foot of the fortress make it almost impossible to breach. Plus there is the head demon in the fortress to worry about.
If you can get him to stay in one place.
Demon King doesn't seem that worried and POOF Hero appears. Knight greets him warmly which pisses off Demon King. Before Old Man can do his greetings Hero explains he has brought all the Holy Crusaders with him. Turns out that as his “demon” self Hero scared the men so bad they decided to flee Gateway City. Well in reality they were just going to run away but their commander was stopped on the way out and this is the excuse he came up with. The man left in charge of Gateway City knows all the support human leftover will be hurt by demons if they try to maintain control of the city. Thus he decides to make it a neutral area thus Hero has fulfilled his part of the plan. With these new troops coming from from the opposite direction the humans winning back Bright Light island seems obvious. Still the big demon lord needs to be defeated so off Knight goes to show off her skill. The two battle it out with swords and wits but eventually Knight wins. They clean up the rest of the island and Winter King declares it for his kingdom. There is a huge celebration where Demon King and Knight are given special recognition. Hero watches the party from high above but Old Man joins him. Old Man talks about how strong Hero is and how that has separated him from humanity at times. But maybe now this new country Hero can stick around? It is hard to tell though as both Hero and Demon King feel heavy at the lives lost in this battle. THE END!
When don't you have a plan?
This anime is chugging right along. Plant food here, fight a battle here. Such is the life before the internets and The Walking Dead.
She has learned a lot, this young girl. Yay progress! The point of the show after all.
When Youth Maid started talking about war and suchies I wondered to myself if this conversation would have been more powerful if Child Maid had been talking to Demon King. A child would ask that of an adult, why do big people fight all the time. And they would not understand what Demon King was saying and continue to ask the same question over and over again.
Taking complicated matters and making them sound so simple.
But then I thought about it and decided that Youth Maid would be the perfect person to ask such a question. She is old enough to understand what is being said yet didn't want to process or accept that as truth. Like no it must be more complicated why people fight all the time and hate/hurt each other. There must be some awful reason for this all to be happened. Yet Demon King's simple explanation of different people meeting for the first time and not meshing is...well really simple but probably true. I don't know you, you are way too different, and because I can't relate to you I think of you as less than human thus I can take what you have. Sad indeed.
Needs more ugly?
Somewhere else Hero has made some new friends. Where do the fairies fall in terms of humans or demons? Are they still considered demons or are they some subtype of mythical creatures? I think I liked it better when they looked like demons and were floating heads. I thought Hero was running around and killing the humans but it turns out he was just scaring them. I guess that part came later in the episode, that the results of his actions did cause human deaths. But by his hands it looks like Hero came out of this blood free which makes his plan smart yes?
Did I say warm....?
Demon King had a warm greeting when she arrived at such a cold place. Considering all the (understandable) complaining that was taking place before she arrived I thought it would be a little icy when she arrived. But maybe that would have happened if she went over the main troops. She did appear in front of the Winter King whom has benefited from her crop idea, Knight whom is like WOOHOO female friend, and Old Man who is a fan of boobies. So yay for women in war situations.
Well at least they didn't throw the salt in people's eyes?
Their take ice chunks and glue them together with salt....I was like what the hell? Who thought of this crazy idea?! Is Demon King really from the future and has googled all these ideas? Like lala sit on a glacier, chop it off, and glue it back together. I am sure some of the men were like what the hell too when their first explained this very off the wall idea. But in the end it worked so that is all that mattered.
Where is Legalos?
Maybe it is just my inner dork but I was like LORD OF THE RINGS during all these tactic meetings and skirmishes. My movies of choice are horror/disaster movies so I am not all about the war movies and flanks and what not. So while it wasn't too hard to follow what they were saying it was a bit boring in my head until I pretended there was Legalos on the screen. I do wonder why there weren't more water demons though. They should have just broke the ice bridge! Problem solved folks.
Oh by the way I'm alive?
When Hero showed up it was an OHHHH moment. I just assumed that Hero and Demon King were working separately for different goals. Maybe when Demon King heard Hero say he wanted to liberate Gateway City she realized she could kill two birds with one stone. No way she would go into this plan with just some salt and a prayer. That being said they do have the flair for the dramatics right? Release the secret weapon at the last second!
PSHT! I should be the hero!
I thought that Hero was going to be the one to take out Mr. Walrus. He hasn't seen action in a long time. But I guess Knight needed to come in and show what she was made off. She can't just sit in a tent and send others off to die you know? How come strong opponents always trade clever comments with each other while fighting? Whatever happened to EFF YOU and slashing your enemy to pieces? Appreciating strong people indeed.
You guys did try your best. :(
After all is said and done Hero and Demon King weren't too happy with the results. Things ended the way they wanted but there were many losses on both sides. I think that Demon King was pretending that things could work out without people/demons dying but in reality that is not possible. So while everyone was cheering on the battlefield they had a heavy burden on their hearts and only had each other to cling to.
Was that mentioned before?
After all that sad though Knight and Demon King were given titles at the party thrown by Winter King. This one goes out to you dad. Hero watched from the shadows as he has to be really hush hush on just how this was all his great idea. Old Man showed up and tried to add layers to Hero being the best person ever. This was the first I had ever heard of Hero having super strength and not being able to connect to humans well. How interesting this is being said for the first time. But I guess it was a nice moment, Old Man and Hero bonding.
XO Knight looks so cute, did I mention that?!
So is that about it? Demon King wasn't too happy with Knight giving Hero such a warm welcome, Hero apparently has issues with his own humanity, and both goals were met. What is next up for the plan to save the world? Hopefully it is indoor bathrooms. XD I kid I kid.


Anonymous said...

According to Corban Saezer, and I agree, Salt melts the ice and permits chemical bonding of the slabs. It initially disrupts the crystal structure (ice is perfectly hexagonal, and those sodium and chloride ions get in the way!). Like freshwater icebergs in the Arctic, however, it’ll eventually freeze again and push out the salt. That it would refreeze in less than a day is probably testament to how damn cold it was.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I can't stand it when it is 55 degrees outside. I become useless. 50 degrees is freezing. And at 45 degrees it is the end of the world and I need a scarf and three layers and heated everything. So your explanation makes me want to drink hot cocoa all day long.