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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 7

Today has been a super productive day I think. Lots of anime watched and blogged. I might have also made a Duffy/Shellie May wish list for when we go to Japan next year. Needless to say I need to start saving, saving, saving. And buy a bigger house for all this stuff.
Oh was I interrupting something?
But for now it's anime time!!! XD Up now is Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 7 time. Spoilers for parties and Demon King forms.
How can I be blamed for this?!
Episode Summary: Youth Maid writes in her journal and thinks to herself as a way to catch the audience up on things. After winning back Bright Light Island things have vastly changed for the better in the territory the Winter King owns. He is really working to educate himself on matters and clean up corruption. This has all trickled down to happy people working hard and joining the military and harvesting crops. Hero and Demon King are having a great time together even if Knight keeps finding reasons to interrupt them. Hero and Knight take time later to spare and train a bit which works out for both of them, having worthy opponents. They takes some time to wash off as Demon King's invention of the pump makes gathering water easy. Hero was talking about how awesome the girls were with their talents and what not but the conversation gets a bit iffy when Knight wants to be the mistress and decides tops are for losers. Hero goes inside all confused when Kid Maid hands him a drink as she has just invented soda. Amazing. She runs off all happy and Demon King puts her serious face on as Hero has to go back to Gateway City to attend a festival and make sure things are on the up and up. Demon King is a bit jealous because certain demons keep hitting on him. But he must attend anyway....without his hat covering his head? He tries to escape with his new friend Eastern Fortress General but is still found by the Fire Dragon girl who thinks Hero is her husband.
Um who are you?
Everyone laughs at these antics until an earthquake hits. It is felt even where Demon King and the others are and they (Head Maid and Demon King) realize what this Earthquake means. When Hero returns from his festival Demon King takes him and Youth Maid to one of her many factories to show them what she is working on next. Education is going to save this country and to do that they need something to help with the teaching process. Enter the printing press! But why is Youth Maid invited to this? Later that night Knight catches Demon King trying to sneak into Hero's room. The thing is Knight was going to sneak in there too. They fight over who gets to spend the night with Hero when Head Maid throws them both in there. Hero is like what the hell is this why the two girls negotiate who gets to spend time with him. Eventually the girls decided to sleep on either side of the man but proceed to talk to each other. Demon King talks about how she has to go back to the Demon Realm to get her Demon King license renewed and to make sure everyone stays on the straight and narrow. Knight promises to guard Hero with her life and Hero is like hello I am in a bed with two women and my penis gets no attention. Demon King gets ready to leave on her journey soon after and tells Youth Maid to take her place via magic ring. Hero and Demon King shake hands because DUH they aren't really together yet and off she goes. Elsewhere the Crusader Commander dude that bailed on Gateway City is getting screamed at by a lot of people. They do not take kindly to people who run away when things get tough and they aren't buying the fact that he came at the last minute to help the Winter King. They decide he is a coward and cowards need to die. While he is awaiting death White King rescues the Commander and they proceed to get drunk and blame their problems on other people. They decided this is all Winter King's fault so they need to kill him. Okay. THE END!
You can barely see Hero though poof!
Chug chug chug. We are watching the world become what it is today one invention at the time. Over bodies we step but progress is being made folks. I can see the future!
Let me update you on what has been going on in our lives.
I like how Youth Maid was writing in her diary and we the viewers were updated on what is going on. Like lala so much time is passing in the show we must get these updates. Oh about 6 months have passed. A year has passed. Since the first episode 2 years have passed. X___X That is a long time folks. That is two whole seasons of The Walking Dead. That is Two Christmases and Two Halloweens and Two sets of birthdays. So yes Youth Maid needs to update us and tells how life has been awesome recently and that her sister doesn't plan on growing ever.
That underwear looks very useful for battle.
I love how Knight is not going to back down from stealing Hero from Demon King. Not that much stealing needs to happen as the two have not kissed at all. And from Knight's standpoint she was the one trying to get him all along and suddenly this big boobed woman with a pocket full of miracles and corn shows up and she is yesterday's news. So she needs to run around and show off her skills, that being his real sparing partner. And if things turned into a sexy car wash so be it. Fan service fans were like what about US so the show had to deliver on it I guess. Either way girl is a nun, a knight, and a love interest. So many different hats.
Maybe Demon King should create medicine for the flu before soda? Just saying.
Soda. Soda folks. Instead of inventing indoor bathrooms we got soda. For some reason this invention is being credited to Child Maid. Because springs of carbonation water are all over the place. I know this to be true because anime tells me so. I am sure Demon King was like since I am so awesome at everything I will allow someone else to create something. Here let me throw you a happy bone kid who hasn't grown in two years. Should have made Code Red instead.
Looks rather weird without that helmet on.
Is there a reason why Hero is running around without his helmet on? I know that some demons look human like and maybe they still think he himself is a demon. But then why bother with the helmet? Just to scare the soldiers that were there prior? Or does everyone know he is really human now? I guess that really wasn't the point to this part of the show, just that Hero is very delicious looking to many people and that a small corner of the world it's okay for demons and humans to be friends.
Hurry and fill out that license!
Demon King license. That is all I have to say about that part of the episode folks. License.
You are my trusted second banana.
I would never have guessed that Demon King invented the printing press. Are the writers of this show just going through history and taking the best of human inventions and crediting Demon King with their discovery. So Demon King has also invented the wheel, television, and Facebook. I thought it was a bit odd that she took along Youth Maid. At first I thought it was just going to be an extension of the conversation in episode 6. War what is it good for. All that education and people who are uneducated don't know they need it. But then it turns out that Demon King has been grooming Youth Maid to take over for her, to be her second right hand. A lot of responsibility for a young lady yes?
Can I just point out it was rather late for a tea party?
The two girls fighting over Hero is amusing. Maybe because these woman are much better than Hero (and Hero acknowledges it) yet they are acting like silly school girls when it comes to him. You are going to have a tea party with just a pillow? Oh what about you with your skanky sleepwear? How about we sleep in shifts and take turns not having sex with him? Sounds like a plan to me.
Do you two need a room to yourselves? I'm just saying....
That is what it felt like to me. The goodbye between Hero and Demon King didn't feel as sad as the goodbye between Demon King and Knight. Like I have to leave? Oh you have to leave my rival? I will miss you and protect Hero for you. Not sleep with him mind you but pretend like we are making more memories but deep down we love each other more than him. That kinda thing. Amusing but Hero probably was more like please can I get some sleep up in this bed?
That's a sexy pump.
And that is how things ended. Hero returns but Demon King leaves to take her test at the DMV. Knight is going to protect Hero but only make moves in front of Demon King. And some kid they picked off the streets has to pretend to be Demon King. Which will probably be hard to do since those two losers left over from the battle of Bright Light Island want to kill Winter Prince. What is up with those idiots? Are they that in denial they can blame other people for their obvious mistakes? Guess we will find out next time.

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Anyway, 8 episodes have passed and still don't know what's the Redhair's grand plan. Just run around making inventions, advance the mankind, and it's going to solve everything. War will disappear and everyone will be happy eating potatoes? Hah! Can't she see Sugou's brother coming?

My response- Demon King is going to save the world with french fries and soda. Because if people are fat they can't go to war and fight. They will be like....meh let's just stay home and take a nap. XD