Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Amnesia episode 6

Two posts back to back? Told you I was busy. I also went shopping for Duffy (because clearly there is a money tree in my nonexistent backyard), got a Valentine's Day card for the husband, got car batteries for my alarm, found the perfect scrapbook for a friend who recently had a baby, did a load of laundry, and took apart the vacuum cleaner to fix it. There was a bit....of a problem with it. Lets just say when I get my new kitten they will learn how to use the toilet.
Spoiler alert! Mine is a bad friend and a bad name!
See? Super busy! Woohoo being an adult. But not too busy for anime apparently. Up now is Amnesia episode 6. Spoilers for...ummmmm?
Time for sex? Just kidding!
Episode Summary: Shujinko looks at Ikki with huge eyes as he insists that she spend the night. H offers to sleep on the floor and that he will be gentlemen but he takes her uh uh uhs as nope take me home instead of understanding that is all she knows how to say now. He takes her home while holding her purse for sure and says he will see her later. The next day Shujinko walks to work and sees Mine run by in tears. After being yelled at by Waka she finds out that Ikki has had to turn a girl down today. He seems a bit upset as they knew he had a girlfriend so why not respect that. Mine doesn't come back for the rest of the day and Shujinko walks herself home. She runs into the man in green (Ukyo) who warns her if she is dating Ikki this time not to make enemies. He leaves Shujinko all confused which is her usual state so nothing has changed. Onward home she goes. She tries to write in her notebook all that is happening to her but all she can remember is that three different people have said that Ikki dates girls for 3 months and then POOF they are gone. She gets a message on her phone asking for her report and she is like what is this nonsense? The next day Shujinko has a headache which I guess is grounds for not going to work. Ikki gets wind of this and brings over tons of things for Shujinko. He is able to avoid girls because he wore a scary mask. He hopes all this effort makes Shujinko fall in love with him and it is all romantic awwww. The next day Shujinko is able to go to work and asks Waka about this report nonsense. He has no idea what she is talking about and is punished into doing dishes. There Mine confesses that she confessed to Ikki and her turned her down. Friend of the year says she can move on now and wishes Shujinko help as they are going on a trip with the Billard Club. What the heck is that you ask? Well that night Sawa fills in the blanks on the phone. Most of those girls are in the Ikki Fangirl Club, a club that Shujinko has joined despite saying to many people she didn't like Ikki. Didn't like Ikki and I am in the club? What is going on?
Report? What are you going on about? Go pack for your trip!
Before Shujinko can regret this trip Ikki calls because he is drunk and needs attention. Turns out he is calling from outside but wants Shujinko to stay upstairs while he talks about his problems. His eyes lure girls in and it doesn't work on Shujinko and she is different. She gets all touched and wonders if everyone is wrong about him. The trip comes up and there are three guys including Ikki. Despite Mine being on the trip Shujinko keeps to herself. The billard club is really just an I love Ikki club and they throw themselves at him despite Shujinko being in the room. Ikki tries to diffuse the situation but Shujinko ends up outside alone. Ikki joins her and decides to retell her his life story even though he doesn't know she has no memories. Ikki wishes on a shooting star to be popular with girls and it came true. They saw his eyes and fell in love instantly. He has decided it is a curse now as he can't really connect with any girl on a personal level. But despite being in love with him the girls would always leave so now Ikki has a three month rule to protect himself. But now he loves Shujinko and wants him to fall in love with the real him. They kiss and Shujinko seems happy. Shujinko goes to her room but is called out by one of the girls from the club. The leader of this club is Rika and her stupid hat. She asks where the report is. It is revealed that being a member of the Ikki club means you get to date Ikki but only for 3 months and you have to do a daily report so the rest of the girls can masturbate to Ikki. Rika says to turn in the report or else. The other three witches aren't as kind and threaten Shujinko when she shows signs of not liking this three month rule. They shove her on a sinking ship and walk away. Orion pops up to state the obvious, that the girls are mean. Shujinko seems to be okay with this all now that she knows the truth about Ikki and that he really does want love. Perhaps she was going to think about how creepy the girls are but the boat sinks and Shujinko doesn't know how to swim, only drown. THE END!
So many girls love tragic. will I be able to go on folks? My eyes are full of tears. Well water. Maybe I am drowning too. Drowning in the knowledge that Ikki has suffered so. Please a moment of silence for this poor, poor man.
Oh someone gots jokes. XD
Was that long enough? Probably not. Because I spent the entire time laughing. I hope Toma's arc is much more interesting because I have no faith in Kent and Ikki makes me feel icky. Laughing indeed.
You see the real me!!!
Ikki's condition is in fact his lovely eyes. He wished to be popular with girls and he got his wish. Woe is him!! It's like this real housewife show I am watching right now. One of the richest ladies on the franchise is talking about how she can only afford one horse for her daughter. Brb, I need to find the world's smallest violin for her and Ikki. Or the biggest so I can smash them upside their heads.
Translation: Those girls be bitches!
But if I were to take this all seriously....I can see where Ikki is coming from. Maybe. Doesn't everyone wish to be popular or more liked at times? Maybe he was going through his awkward phase and wished for something dumb only it back fired on him. Don't we all wish to be famous but really how would you ever be able to trust anyone new again? They could just be using you and not get to know the real you. So I can see how Ikki would be all hurt and sad that he never really got love despite being popular. That his wish should have been finding someone special instead of everyone thinking he was special.
Thanks for looking out for Shujinko. She needs it.
Throughout the course of the show there was a better understanding of the 3 month thing. I is one thing for everyone to love you shallowly. It is another thing for everyone to leave you despite that 3 months later. Like hello can I catch a break here? You don't even love me enough to stick around a little longer? So while Ikki is a bit much to handle with his clothes and demeanor I guess his playboy ways make sense. Gotta set up that wall to make sure one doesn't get hurt.
Can you just tell her what is going on?
Ukyo (the guy in green) made a random appearance again. I guess that is what he is good for. Turns out he and Rika are not working together and he is the only one who knows what is going on with the timeline thing. He greets Shujinko like oh hi what timeline is this? Ikki's? Okay make sure you stay away from girls with scissors and all will be fine. Can Shujinko form some words and ask the guy how he knows this? Um um um indeed.
Good because Shujinko is over you as a friend. XD
Can I get a witness? Mine is a piece of scum. Good thing she is just the side friend and not the main lone like Sawa. So her crying out and woe is me no. And then she went and told Shujinko that she asked Ikki out. First off that shows that she thinks that Ikki and Shujinko are nothing, that Ikki wouldn't tell her the truth. Second that implies that Shujinko is dumb as rocks and wouldn't figure it out herself. Shujinko is sorta special but hello it was obvious. So what was Shujinko supposed to do, hold her friend and say it will all be okay? I need something to stab.
Maybe this outfit makes me doubt this trip....
The trip this time seemed a little off and forced. The first two (that we have seen) trips have been for work. This time it is work plus the billards club that is really the Ikki is love club? Or was it not a work club and it was something else? Whatever club Sawa is in. Either way it was off and seemed weird.
Lets stab that girl. Yeah because she has eyes.
While Mine was gross the other girls flirting with Ikki in front of Shujinko was harsh. I mean...after learning the rules they should have backed off right? But maybe they were made at Shujinko and her lack of report. Still this would put them in danger of dating Ikki later right? Who wants to date someone who treats the current girlfriend with such disrespect. Maybe Ikki needs to put his foot down and be firm and things like this would stop?
All of you sharing a boyfriend is super gross. Do ya'll share a box of condoms too?
So after Ikki explains his side of things Rika and her crew explain the other side. HAHA I was right. The club was demanding reports. Because they are creepy. I mean it is odd that girls are taking turns dating (sleeping?) with the same guy but then they want tabs when it isn't their turn? GROSS! I would hope that other girls beside Shujinko would be like NOOO I don't want to break up with him after three months but everyone seems to be okay with this sharing which makes Shujinko the enemy. Rika must be the head bitch and will get her turn last AKA win status.
Photobucket more about these multiple timeline thing and less about poor Ikki!
Orion makes his useless appearance at the end of the episode. Instead of saying dumb things and wasting time Orion needs to shout out THIS IS WHAT'S HAPPENING! Stop wasting all the 5 seconds you have on talking about mean girls and Ikki being nice and blah. Because Shujinko is five seconds from getting run over by a car or getting a finger or dying from her period. Girl is unconscious a lot so talk when you can.
Shujinko is slightly clumsy all the time...
The episode ends with Shujinko falling into the lake, another clip from the opening episode. So it is safe to say that she is not going to lose her original memories in a house fire. Rather they are going to go on vacation again to this place and it is going to burn down either in Toma or Kent's arcs. Ikki will never know this timeline that Shujinko had no memories. So drown she does to be awaken in the next universe or timeline to date someone else. Is this only happening because Orion ran into her or did Orion run into her because she herself is magical? HMMMM folks. Maybe next episode we will be surprised and Shujinko will actually be active in her own life!


Anonymous said...

I’d like to see Ukyo’s path soon, he seems to know all the dark sides of her story.

Hint: the ED, Orion (our’s POV so far) is looking at the princess’s different life through rose colored glasses, literally! Ukyo’s doing the same except through a thorny one.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

I'll admit, the scenes where Ikki confessed his love and emotions to the princess was touching. I felt sorry for him after learning that he couldn't find true love and when he finally did, it was taking away from him by fate i.e. the princess drowning in this timeline. Poor lonely Ikki indeed. :(

So, Rika and the mean girls are just fangirls with no supernatural involvements whatsoever. I'm willing to accept that narrative. Is it me or do Waka (Princess' boss) and Rika both have the same eye color? It's strange but I think that they are related somehow. The hint is that Waka said (from episode 6) he sympathizes with Ikki on a personal level. That means he's aware that his relative Rika (Sister? Cousin? Step-sister?) is the president of Ikki's fan club and the vicious business behind said fan club.

I know fans of Puella Magi Madoka Magica are going to disagree with me on this, but doesn't Rika look like an adult Mami Tomoe? Maybe it's the blonde hair, yellow eyes, mega twin tails (hairstyle), polite demeanor, and outlandish outfit that reminds me of Mami. I mean, it's like Mami gave up her magical girl job and have grown to be a bitter and jealous woman with a strange taste in fashion. And she desperately want a boyfriend. I apologize to the Puella Magi Madoka Magica fans for this comparison but it's been on my mind lately.

That's all on the princess show.

Anonymous said...

Hello @Christina

Second anonymous here again.

Forgot to add:

I too find it unfair that the protagonists of male harem shows get more lines and personality while the princess gets almost nothing. I know she has amnesia and that would explain her dull personality but I personally think the sequels will have the princess be more assertive/dialogue. I hope so.

That's all.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Wait Ukyo is going to get an arc? A boyfriend arc or something else? I mean in some dimensions he seems okay but over creepy. But unless all the boys are really awful I am not seeing the thornyness.

Anonymous- NOT MY MAMI! I refuse to listen to your well thought out reason and stomp my feet. NO! Mami must be a magical girl and die in tragic ways. She can't grow up and wear awful hats NOOOOO!!

Ikki seems a bit tragic but the fact that he didn't figure out that Shujinko had no memories makes me think he is self absorbed and not a good boyfriend. And if Waka understands his story of woe working at a cafe won't help anything. XD

It is a double standard. While some males in regular harems are a bit boring they are very active in making things happen. Here Shujinko is like a leaf in the wind, blowing where she is told to. Is that to tell young Japanese girls that the path to happiness is doing what your told? BLEH!