Saturday, March 31, 2012

Facebook is creepy

It is almost time for work again. JOY I tell you JOY. But I have to keep telling myself this pays the bills and of course helps me with the all important anime/manga/Hello Kitty purchases. So...yay work.

But before I head back to that lovely place I thought I post a little something that popped up on Facebook this morning. As we all know Facebook had tons of ads on the side of the page to help pay for the site and to annoy us. Now sometimes the ads are just lame or they use crazy pictures to describe their product/service. I mostly laugh at the kids with crazy hair being used as an ad for a social service worker. But today I had to stop and go X__X with this new little ad.


Why do you eat me non-vegan people?!

I see. I see folks. If I am a vegan I will get a cute little dog. This is clearly what the ad is trying to say.

Or maybe they are saying be vegan. Because look, this dog is cute. And wearing cloths. Being a vegan means do not eat cute little dogs wearing clothes. I'm sold folks! All this time when I have ordered hamburgers and chicken nuggets I was really hurting the cute little dogs wearing sweaters community. I has seen the error of my way as I have seen the true reason behind being a vegan.

Time for work. I will try to make people order mushroom pizzas instead of pepperoni. Gotta save the dogs!

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Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 24 FINAL EPISODE X___X

So….tired….must not pass out….

Watched this episode….3 days ago…trying to blog it…


Someone needs a nap too.

Spoilers for Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 24. The spoilers being…WOOHOO it is over!


Oh hi. Didn't know you were still alive.

Episode Summary: After everyone is done being sad over dead Khamsin the jar in Kazumi’s hand actually turns into a baby. Kazumi then explains when she was in the dream with Pheles and Johan that this was the couple’s wish. That the way to live forever is to have a baby. Kazumi then hands Wilhelmina the baby and says ALL YOURS. Instead of freaking out Wilhelmina is shown being all touched at this lifelong commitment…I mean blessing. Rebecca shows up with the Castle in the Sky and it is full of Flame Hazes. They are all going to Xanadu to make sure the Denizens behave themselves and do not eat humans. Lamis the old dude appears out of nowhere, gives Yuji an important gift, and flies off to Xanadu himself. Anyone who has ever talked to Shana and Yuji during the series takes the time to say goodbye to Shana in a dramatic like way. Wilhelmina especially as she is going to leave Shana behind to give the Pheles and Johan baby a better life in CloneVille. Soon all that is left out of anyone important is Shana, Margery, Yuji, and Sydonay. Shana wants to know what Yuji wants to now. He starts mumbling something about Misaki City and he needs to bring back all the power o existence aka people that were destroyed by the Denizens. Something about Misaki City not being in Xanadu and he needs the torch of the girl Shana is impersonating. This all makes Shana mad. Super mad.


The most horrible thing EVER!

So Yuji decides to really piss Shana off by talking about how he is a horrible person and he did all of this to punish himself and blah blah. Margery and Sydonay fight with super powered up forms of themselves. Sydonay is eventually killed and reunited with Hecate, something he seems to have wanted all along. No one really cares when he dies. Shana and Yuji proceed to fight it out over issues that are hard to understand. Shana says shut up a lot so I guess that is all that matters. Finally Shana blasts Yuji pretty dang good. As she rescues him from going splat she is finally able to ask him what the hell he was thinking. Apparently Yuji just wanted to be cool enough to hang out with Shana. Oh and he wants to make humans and Denizens like and hang out with each other but the way he did it makes him look like a mass murderer. Shana says she loves him anyway and they share a kiss. They decide to go to Xanadu and make everyone be friends. Things are especially happy when they realize that Shana’s kiss has made Yuji something….real. Not a torch anymore woohoo! Everyone back on Only Human Earth seems happy…except for Kazumi who is like WTF you all left me losers! THE END!

It…is over. I have lasted the entire season. Of course my posts were getting more and more delayed as it pretty much forced to blog the last very episodes. And a lot of my posts have been negative….But I did it folks! Weee it is over. YAY FOR KISSES.

Of course according to many people on the internets it is just all my fault for not paying attention. Clearly people who did not enjoy this season were just not understanding what was going on. Something is wrong with all the people who did not like this season, especially if they liked seasons 1 and 2. Because this was clearly the better season, more true to the novels. I mean…it couldn’t be the fault of new/random characters thrown in our face without any explanation, two LONG dragged out battles, and the entire “war” almost being caused a lovers quarrel. No no folks apparently I was supposed to get things. In between long paragraphs of names/titles and fire blasts.


Psht kids don't need their parents. Leave them with random friends. Things will work out.

But since I didn’t enjoy things all that much and didn’t understand EVERYTHING…I will continue on with my “hater” post. So five seconds after Khamsin is laid to rest it is time for rejoicing. The jar Kazumi is carrying actually turns into a baby. Which is a good thing, it might be hard to raise a jar of sparkle dust. And I have to admit the kid is kinda cute (even if his name is a little unfortunate). So now Wilhelmina can stop crying right? She was sad that Pheles and Johan left her out of their super secret mission (AKA BABY MAKING) and she got rewarded with….raising a kid named Justus that isn’t hers. YAY! Best present ever. Note if anyone ever left me a baby like it was a great honor I would sell it on ebay. How much do babies go for these days?

So after Wilhelmina became a single momma…Rebecca and her non dead self (thanks for having Kazumi’s back) arrive with that Heavenly Palace floating in the sky….with tons of Flame Hazes. Silly me I thought 80 percent of them died in the Granny Panties battle! But I believe the number was around 1,200 Flame Hazes in that small piece of land. XO Good thing they all showed up after the battle was over.

So why are all these Flame Hazes there? Why to do go to Xanadu!!!! I don’t think I have said this before but Xanadu is an AWESOME word. Sometimes after the episodes air I randomly say Xanadu around the house. My cat thinks I am insane. It is just a fun, silly word to say. But yes folks. Our heroes have spent 3 seasons trying to kill the denizens and protect the world. So now that the Denizens are gone and the clone world’s humans are protected……all the Flame Hazes are going to go there with them.

Do you see my face? Of course you don’t. Imagine if you would the expression on your face if you saw a naked man running through a field of jello in your back yard. That probably sums up my face pretty well. A bit of WTF mixed in with are you serious and did that really just happen?


How about you leave them the hell alone?

I am not going to talk about Yuji and Shana’s reason for going to Xanadu. That I will go over later. I am talking about the Flame Hazes and what they said. They were going to keep an eye on the Denizens. …An eye on them? After about 15 AHA moments the rule of DO NOT EAT humans stuck. And it was going to be followed. IT WAS THE LAW OF THE WORLD! So what is with this following them deal? If I was the Denizens I would be like WTF haven’t you assholes killed us enough? We made a world TO GET AWAY FROM YOU and you follow us? That is just low. I would be pissed if I were the Denizens.


I'll miss you Shana. For 5 whole minutes.

Then came the dramatic goodbyes. All the boo hoos and I love you and we will never forget you. I actually did feel pretty bad for Shana and Wilhelmina…until the end of the episode. But in that moment I was like WTF why does the baby have to be raised there? It is part human part…creepy thing. So why does it automatically have to be raised in Xanadu? No reason but to separate Wilhelmina and Shana. That Wilhelmina has done all she can do and she has raised Shana well. It is time to let her little girl go and hope she can fly. All alone…for 5 minutes.


Time to bring out the big guns now that everyone is...gone.

So everyone is gone, the worlds are saved, and there is cute baby to cover up a few sad deaths. Everything should be great right? Wrong. It is time for Shana to fight Yuji. Margery has stayed behind to help Shana….or because she is banging a teenage human who probably can’t go to Xanadu. Sydonay has decided to stay with Yuki because he has grown fond of the silly little Torch. TIME TO FIGHT!


Guess I died. Bummer.

So what were they fighting for? For Sydonay he wasn’t exactly fighting. He was more making sure Shana and Yuji had their moment alone and Margery stood in the way of that. Sydonay was really trying to get himself killed so he could be with his Hecate. So while his ultimate form (where was that earlier?!) was interesting the battle was just bleh as I knew his heart wasn’t in it. Maybe Margery’s was but not his.


You could have been by my side this entire time stupid!

Shana was fighting because she was pissed off at Yuji for trying to taken on all the burden alone. That Yuji actually wanted Shana to kill him because otherwise he was going to spend forever without her as his own self inflicted punishment. I mean I would want to kick his ass if I was his almost maybe girlfriend. Like thanks for having all that faith in me. MAYBE if he had told Shana his plan she could have helped him and some lives could have been saved. But Shana was mostly mad because she is in love with Yuji so meh.


Things got weird here. But basically I think it was Shana misunderstanding Yuji's plan for Misaki.

Yuji is fighting for….I have no idea. I had a really hard time following what the heck was going on with the whole Misaki City crap. I really did. Something about the clone world was identical in every way but it didn’t have a Misaki City. Because Yuji wanted to bring back all the people who died because of the Denizens. Well more like got their existence taken away. So if a building got knocked over and fell on your head you stayed dead. But if you got your life sucked out you get to live YAY!


Why the hell is everyone trying to get the world they spent 2X episodes trying to destroy?!

But yeah I am not sure why it was so important to stress that the city was not in Clone World. Or why Shana was so pissed. Like if Yuji wanted to make the city AFTER he brought everyone back why was Shana so mad? Yuji wanted to bring back the girl Shana is pretending to be and it is the end of the world? How does this equal Yuji leaving Shana behind? Would that require Yuji to stay in the Human World while Shana wanted to go to the Clone World? I have no idea what was going on with this hot mess. Just that Yuji is amazing to have all this power still in him.



So after all that amazing…stuff and battle Shana finally manages to blast some sense into Yuji. That she loves him no matter how many innocent lives he cost and that she would have helped him always. Because she loves him. And it is time to kiss. AWW. Apparently this kiss makes the episode worth while or so I have read.

And then Shana and Yuji fly off to Xanadu. Not to make sure the Denizens behave but to make sure they all live together in harmony, shopping at the mall and going to the movies kinda togetherness. So apparently they are going to be the interspecies relationship models or something. I don’t know HOW you make people get along. I think it would be better if it was a natural process. I don’t know, it sounds weird. I guess maybe it makes sense because not too many things connect Yuji to the world now but it still sounds like WHELP it is too hard to live here lets go start over somewhere else.


Oh hi girl from episode 1! You can keep Kazumi company.

In conclusion since that last paragraph failed to make a point…this season was bleh. Things just went on for WAY too long. Two main battles with tons of new characters and no real reason for them to appear out of nowhere. Everything was a misunderstanding and Yuji was actually amazing this entire time. And the Flame Hazes decide that they can’t hack retirement and have to follow the invading force to their new lands. Overall I felt like it was a lot and yet not very much at the same time. The first two seasons were way more enjoyable to watch..I think. It was so long ago.

I wanted to love this season but I couldn’t. I tried. Some parts were enjoyable….like Shana wearing that cute dress! And seeing YujiSnakes amazing long hair. But I guess I am happy that other people were happy? XD

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 23: ALMOST DONE!

I was trying to think of something fun to say in my beginning paragraphs…but they all sounded silly. Tenchi loves buying groceries on sale? Tenchi’s family members drive her crazy? Tenchi’s congratulates herself on getting all her errands done today? XD Gosh I am so boring.

On a serious note someone close to me is going to need some prayers/kind thoughts this upcoming weekend. I don’t want to go into details but it could be a serious/lifetime issue, something no one wants to deal with. As much as this person drives me up a wall I love them and want them to be around for a long, long time. So just say a quick thought/prayer for my family this weekend. Let it be good/positive news.


Everyone is GASPING! Even this person who I don't know!

OKAY. I wasn’t really feeling Shakugan no Shana the last few weeks. Actually…I am still not. XD Just that I am running out of other shows to blog. Like oh no train wreck Black Rock Shooter to blog? Shana it is. And apparently it is over. X__X Got some catching up to do. Soon only Mirai Nikki will be left standing. Spoilers for the Grand Order ACTUALLY taking place, no lie. XD


So many words for I ROCK AND WIN!

Episode Summary: Everyone looks on as YujiSnake says it is FINALLY time to start the Grand Order. YujiSnake explains that everything (probably including the stupid machine) is just a hoax. A lie to make Margery and Shana change about the spell. Because the Grand Order is going to start from the Reiji Maigo inside Yuji. YujiSnake then explains exactly how the Reiji Maigo works. Apparently Dantalion figured out this a long time ago. The short version (or what I am pretending that I understood) is YujiSnake can suck up the power of existence from…a lot of people and use that to connect to everyone’s wishes? Not sure how that was any different from what Shana was thinking, about YujiSnake waiting until midnight to be refilled but okay. The point of all that nonsense is….Shana and Margery didn’t change anything. While all that nonsense was taking place Rofocale the traveling crazy person was used to help summon a god. Now it is time for Hecate to die and serve her role YAY!


Whose side are you on?!

On snap maybe not. Because Shana and company had a plan B….C……M! They summoned their own god…the god of something cooler than YujiSnake. Everyone is smirking that this god is going to put YujiSnake in his place. Only SHE DOESN’T! She instead tells the Denizens to go forth into their new land and have a party. She then talks about how Johan and Pheles have taken a new form so they can bring a new life into this world. Alastor is like PSHT last time a Denizen and Human tried to make a baby we took that abomination out. Well surprise this time in worked. The…thing is crowned the inheritor of both the lands and tells everyone to accept it. The Flame Hazes are too pissed at the fact that Ms. God didn’t mention anything about the whole DO NOT EAT HUMANS thing. So YujiSnake tells all his Denizens to make their wish (as YujiSnake can’t do anything alone, he can only fulfill the wishes of others) and concentrate on sending blue pixie dust his way. So everyone sparkles and no Flame Hazes interrupt this magical moment because that would be rude. YujiSnake thanks Hecate for her service as she FINALLY dies. It was a magical moment. But then it is GASP time. Turns out that the rule of not eating humans has been reinstated…by the Denizens. Apparently all the ass whipping that happened in the last 4839437 episodes worked and now they are afraid one day Flame Hazes will rise up in the new world. So new rule it is. Bel Peol is like YujiSnake why did you do that?! He says that everyone looked sad so he had to do what they wanted.


The kid was cute. Useless but cute.

YujiSnake calls forth Ribesal and tells him to lead everyone to the new world. With his little buddy Pirsoyn they turn into little pieces of sparkle and go into the cage tunnel to the new world. Once everyone sees that the lesser Denizens travel worth into sparkle land. YujiSnake calls worth the more important Denizens and tells them goodbye, that they did a good job. One by one they poof until it is only Bel Peol and Sydonay are left. Bel Peol takes out Mr. Snake from Yuji. Mr. Snake tells Yuji he has grown fond of him and hopes all his wishes come true. Bel Peol is impressed that Yuji hasn’t asked for help even though he is going to go up against Shana. She gives him a key to the stupid tower or something and they start their decent to the sparkle bath. Sydonay has been so touched by Yuji he stays behind to help him. Mr. Snake announces to all the Flame Hazes that their battles were not in vain and the rule DO NOT EAT HUMANS was created. The Scooby Van decides that going to the new world will be better since the humans will not be eaten. All the Flame Hazes are pretty sad as Khamsin is on the ground dying. Kazumi seems to think the news that Pheles and Johan made a baby should save Khamsin. It will not. Khamsin seems to be okay with dying as everything turned out okay. A few goodbyes are said and he dissolves into pixie dust. THE END!

Okay. So when I blog episodes I usually write my thoughts about the episode out first, then my little opener, and then I do the summary. The summary usually takes long and I have to make sure I get these accurate as my mind gets fuzzy in the hours after I saw the episode. Plus it is more fun to type out MOG THIS WAS AMAZING or rant about the show.

But this time….just no. I was like meh might as well write the summary from memory. I try to put a little personality into the summaries but I try to stay true to what happened and save the fun for later. But I am just not seeing the fun in this series. It is more like OKAY the end is almost here let’s get over this. I guess I just remember how exciting this series used to be and I am blogging it out of obligation. There are only a few episodes left after all right? Dude…this is such a downer way to begin this post isn’t it? BLEH. Sorry about that.


Just so lovely.

ON TO THE SHOW! So amazing folks…if only because GRAND ORDER actually happened. It took like 12904 years and I thought it was never going to happen. Like someone was going to come in and destroy everyone. The viewers would clap in relief and life would move on. But yes. Grand Order. YukiSnake finally delivered. Good thing he is not Dominos or it would be free. XD


I almost didn't watch this episode because of this sentence.

However…..there was another AHA moment. It has been a constant BUT wait my plan is better than yours. It turns out that big piece of machinery that is taking up half the city. Doesn’t matter. YujiSnake and the Reiji Maigo are going to bring about the new world. And it makes sense. There has to be a reason why Yuji was picked by Mr. Snake to do this all. And a super spell should not come from a machine. It should come from the person casting it. But…there have been so many AHA moments with this damn spell I was more like oh okay so how is this going to fail.

I don’t think I did a good job explaining the Reijo Maigo part in terms of the Grand Order. Mainly because it was a lot of talking and it felt like nothing was getting said. Just know that it appeared YujiSnake sucked up a lot of people to do this spell and no one cared. Maybe he just sucked a little of their power o existence. But the Flame Hazes just went…meh. That is all they did for 20 minutes…meh. But yeah folks YujiSnake did something amazing and that is all I know.


The most powerful being in the series and I don't know who you are!

I am not sure who this Ms. God was. Apparently she is a big deal. And the Flame Haze’s last hope. You would think that MAYBE if Ms. God was that important she would have been mentioned a bit more. But I have no idea who summoned her or why she is a big deal. And that is what this season of Shana has suffered from all along. Not introducing concepts or characters very well. We are just given names after names and titles and no real story to who these people are and what they can do. All I know is Ms. God was a big deal.


We shall name it Fred. Or Sally. Do jars of energy have genders?

And she didn’t even do what the Flame Hazes wanted her to do. XD Like is this show for real? Maybe that is what I find so entertaining…Instead she announces that Johan and Pheles have done something amazing. SUPER AMAZING. They made a baby without having sex. Something that can’t happen as one is a Denizen and one is a human. Now….I am pretty sure them doing this has NOTHING to do with the Grand Order. So all this song and dance Pheles did with Kazumi seems to only have benefited Pheles. Okay it did temporarily stopped YujiSnake but in the end it seems to have helped Pheles and Johan. Make a baby. Good thing Kazumi didn’t die because of this.


Lets blow both worlds up and call it a day!

Not that ANYONE cares. Seriously it was like Ms. God spoke and no one cared. Lala oh what a life that isn’t possible and he/she is the first of his kind? Psht we are more upset Ms. God wasn’t on our side even though she was the secret weapon!

Fear not folks. Because there is one last AHA moment. Turns out that the Denizens actually want to live. And after all this fighting and dying and what not they decide that it is not worth it to go to paradise and have a human buffet if one day Flame Hazes will rise up again and kill them. So nothing Shana and YujiSnake really did mattered. Well I guess in one sense it DID but not in the way they expected. Shana could have just gone down there and kicked their asses and it would have been the same result. All the planning and schemes…just hahahaha…no.

After all that nonsense YujiSnake finally creates the walkway to paradise Denizens start leaving and say their goodbyes. I guess this was supposed to be a magical moment but I barely know half of these characters. But I guess in the end they were just creatures trying to survive and we were their food. Some of them were a little cruel about it but in the end we were just delicious juicy tacos living in a pretty sweet world.


Maybe in another life...I would be your boy.....

Mr. Snake and Yuji…they have bonded folks. It is like they are brothers now. Actually everyone admires Yuji. I guess it is easy to be on Yuji’s side WHEN YOU KNOW HIS PLAN! Still I guess Mr. Snake thinks he and Yuji are similar. Both are trying to help other people when basically they are powerless to help themselves. I would have thought Yuji was going to be pushing for this DO NOT EAT HUMANS rules but…I guess that might not have gone over well. Still…so sad right?


Poor little kid who is actually 10,000 years old.

At the end of the episode Khamsin dies. I thought he was already toast but he couldn’t just die in the midst of battle. How else could people be dramatic? No no everyone needed to come and feel bad for him. He did look pretty messed up though. Khamsin was actually a pretty cool dude so while I am being sarcastic about his death it is pretty sad. He was rather powerful and important while Rebecca just blew a few people up. But I am glad that he got a proper send off instead of being left in the dust. Rest in peace Khamsin.


MOG why are they still fighting?!

Next episode…Yuji and Shana are going to face off. FOR WHAT REASON?! Almost all the Denizens are gone (will the gods be leaving next?), the world seems saved, and the next world will be okay for humans. SO WHY ARE THEY FIGHTING?! Wai you didn’t tell me what your plan was WAI! So next episode…..domestic issues in the form of fire balls. Also…A BABY! Peace out. XD

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Another episode 12 FINAL EPISODE! And the dead one is.....

BOOOO! Why are all these shows ending?! What will I do?! Read the back log of stuff I have at my house? Scrapbook events from last year? Finished the plushie I was making at AWA? Crazy thoughts CRAZY!

But yes this is the last episode of Another. I hear rumors there might be some spin offs which is entirely possible given the nature of this series. But I doubt any of the returning cast will be involved. XD Or I hope not anyway. I see why being an only child would be super helpful for your family in this situation. XD Won’t help Japan’s aging society but maybe just this one town.


The understatement of the year!

But anyway it is time to blog the last episode of Another. Spoilers for the dead one being revealed and the body count increasing.


Ah yes perfect time to make a phone call!

Episode Summary: Everyone has finally seen the light (from the flames) and are quickly trying to exit the building. Some groups are more successful than others as shiny chandeliers takes out about 4 people. Other students are stabbed by someone but it is NOT the InnKeeper Lady. Not she is busy trying to kill Teshigawara and Yuuya. Chibiki comes back just in time to stab InnKeeper Lady and to tell everyone this is not normal. OH I SEE. Kouichi is walking slowly down the halls looking for Mei when he finds one of the stabbing victims. Chibiki gets a few students to the van outside and goes back to look for my survivors. Kouichi happens upon another student but she is quickly stabbed to death. The culprit….Kazumi! Kazumi has decides that Kouichi is the dead one (so those other people were just practice) and Kouichi tries to convince him the tragedies started in May. A fight for the knife breaks out and things aren’t looking too good for Kouichi. Izumi comes by and bashes Kazumi in the head. She calls Kazumi a murderer and is about to kill him when Chibiki saves Kazumi. Izumi calls Chibiki a coward for starting this all and runs off. Chibiki takes Kazumi outside but he dies from his injuries (I think).

Kouichi goes back inside so he can find Mei. He finds Izumi trying to kill Mei while Mei is like lalala I need to walk away. Izumi does a good job in bashing Mei in but the building keeps blowing up and falling apart. Kouichi saves Mei and tries to tell Izumi the dead one is NOT Mei. Izumi starts yelling and saying Mei is at fault when a huge lightning bolt hits nearby. The impact breaks the huge glass window and Izumi is struck with several pieces of glass. As Izumi dies she remembers that she met Kouichi last year, around the time her brother died. She tells Kouichi this but he claims not to remember. Izumi is pissed she doesn’t even get a romantic moment even in death. When Kouichi turns around Mei is gone. So he takes out his cellphone and manages to get a hold of her. Mei picks up and tells Kouichi she doesn’t want him near her when she takes out the dead one. So she tells him where she is and he takes off after her. They meet up in the backyard where the dead one is pinned under some fallen debris. Mei again tells Kouichi to back off but he insists on taking a closer look.


Yay a new bunch of messe up kids!

SURPRISE it is his Aunt Reiko. Kouichi is like NOOOOOOO! Mei then explains that she now REMEMBERS that she saw Aunt Reiko die about two years ago, when she was the real homeroom teacher. A student flipped out and killed her and her body was found in the river. The missing desk was in the teacher’s lounge and this class was the only one to have a helper homeroom teacher. Kouichi, despite freaking out, thinks back to the bird saying REI all the time, grandfather crying all the time, and how the 4th rule of surviving school was never to refer to her as Reiko. Mei explains this is why she couldn’t tell Kouichi and picks up the weapon again. Kouichi takes the weapon from Mei and says he will do it instead. Reiko is like no Kouichi it isn’t me! After a moment of hesitation Kouichi decides he is on team Mei and it is a pick axe to the head. Some time passes and students are seen recovering in the hospital. Kouichi and Mei end up visiting Reiko’s real grave. No one else seems to remember Reiko and it won’t be long until Kouichi and Mei forget too. Kouichi doesn’t really want to forget…After spending 5 seconds mourning over Reiko Kouichi tries to put the moves on Mei. She acts coy and it is all very cute. Teshigawara and Yuuya are seen leaving an updated version of the tape (now a CD) in the classroom in hopes that all the students will hear it and come to the logical conclusion to start killing each other at random. THE END!

XO Was….was I right…AGAIN?! I was right on Mirai Nikki and now I am right in this show?! Am I dreaming? Are crazy Tenchi theories actually starting to be right? Or were these shows obvious enough with their explanations?

Well that and I was SPOILED with the knowledge that Ms. Mikami was Reiko. I still don’t know that needed to be hidden from the audience. I mean..they had different voice actresses and looked totally different. Perhaps we needed to be given a reason why Mei didn’t simply tell Kouichi who the dead one was. If it was just his teacher that wouldn’t be so bad. But it was his teacher/Aunt.


Yeppers. I knews it!

But…maybe I am not buying that completely. I might be biased though. Once I learned of this CRITICAL detail I started to pay more attention. Well I started to pay super close attention once I missed so many things in Mirai Nikki episode 1. But yes maybe I did pay attention more that I learned the teacher and Aunt were the same. With all that said how much of the story would have changed had we been aware of that fact? It will probably be impossible to answer that question as I already knew. I are tainted.


Just...yeah. This was weird.

I am not feeling the reason behind why InnKeeper Dude and Lady went insane and started killing everyone. Well we don’t know if InnKeeper Dude did kill anyone. If they were sad their grandson died (of…possible natural causes since he was a sick) why would they turn on each other? I guess it is unclear on who killed InnKeeper Dude and who set the fire but InnKeeper Lady was hardcore insane. I think there was enough tension and crazy going on without adding them into the mix.


Now...I might have just run away from the murderous crazies in my class and not become one. But that is just me.

I am not quite sure how I feel about Kazumi. I think what happened to him was horrible, especially at the hands of his best friend. He was yelled at and interrogated then pushed out a window, left to die. He woke up and everything was insane. However….maybe…just maybe slashing everyone in sight was a bad idea. Not just because it lead to his death (right he did die? He wasn’t the kid in the hospital bed at the end of the episode?) but it just made him look like an insane killer. He needed a reason to after the person he was, like Takako. I mean she had some pretty dang ugly faces going on but she had reasons to think Mei was the dead one. Kazumi was just slashing anyone who was stupid enough to walk by him. I think I would have liked it more had Kazumi just gone after Kouichi, for revenge purposes and for the logical well you joined the class last.


Yeah. Bad Kazumi.

But he didn’t and Izumi, the class “protector” (Buffy laughs in your face!) bashes his head in. Because it is wrong to kill your classmates. Or just Kouichi as five seconds later Izumi is like KILL MEI! Maybe I am being too hard on these kids. XD They have been through a lot. Izumi blames herself for the curse happening, lost her brother to the curse earlier in life, has her best friend is dead in the hallway, and the boy she likes actually likes Mei and they are the reason the curse wasn’t contained. So maybe Izumi losing her mind a little was understandable and justified. Only I find it funny that she was yelling at Kazumi and she turns around to do the same thing later.


I was just trying to protect the killing one of my classmates!

Izumi dying…..a lot of people seem to be angry at that. I am glad that Mei didn’t kill her (although maybe Mei could show a bit more emotion when she is in such peril) but I am having mixed thoughts about her deaths. Love triangles can end with two people getting together and the other person living and finding someone else. People don’t HAVE to die so someone else can get together. So Mei and Kouichi couple fans…Izumi didn’t have to die. But in terms of the show….I have no idea. Could she have lived with herself, as on almost murderer? Seeing so many of her classmates die and what not? I suppose the same could be said about Teshigawara and Yuuya but Izumi slipped into some unstable stuff there that I am not sure she could recover from.


Not seeing the problem with this...

I have heard that some people are upset with the violence and pointless deaths. I mean…I did have a problem with the students being EH? at the news of a fire. But some of the students trying to kill Mei or dying trying to leave the building…sounds pretty believable to me. Chaos was all around them and they were already on edge. Maybe it is special that the fire got THAT bad before they decided to leave the place but logs and stuff falling on people as they try to escape…yeah didn’t seem over the top to me. However I recognize by increasing the death count in such a dramatic way makes the show more of a slasher series instead of a horror show. The line can be fine sometimes and a bit blurry so it can be hard to judge if Another went over that line into slasher territory. Although slasher shows/movies usually have one/two villains doing all the killing and everything is explained at one point….


I think that a lot of stupid already happened...with the whole NOT LEAVING THE BURNING BUILDING!

So after Mei escapes and Izumi is turned into a pin cushion things get a little weird. Chibiki returns from NOT finding the hospital just in time to be the only adult in charge. Not one cell phone was working when a student was having a heart attack but now that Kouichi is inside of a burning building everything works just fine. And Mei doesn’t want Kouichi to come after her while she kills the dead one so she tells him exactly where she is. Things like this make Tenchi a little HMMMM. Also Mei is pretty amazing knowing where the dead one was…all the way outside….her eye is that amazing!


How can this be?! XO Put your glasses on and you will morph into Reiko!

And then the reveal….Aunt Reiko is the dead one! Somehow she survived a mop to head only to be trapped under part of a shed. Kouichi did a great job in being shocked and Mei did a MAGICAL job in explaining everything to us. Like seriously magical. Even though the entire time we have been told that everyone’s memories of the dead person have been altered. Mei is just so magical.


I hope this kid died or Mei let a killer get away with murder. X__X

Aunt Reiko didn’t die during her class’ curse. So Matsunaga actually did kill a boy and it wasn’t a confusion on the pronoun front. However…I felt as if Aunt Reiko’s death was just tacked on after the fact. Like someone killed Reiko. That is all I got. They didn’t do a good job explaining some student (probably the nonexistent one) snapped and killed Reiko in broad daylight. But it did tie in the water and the floating dead body. Like look everything from the opening minus the creepy dolls was important!


Surely that would have been an important piece of information...if I knew more of the Japanese school system.

So the fun facts that were supposed to clue us in about Reiko being the dead one! The bird. I KNEW IT BIRD. The grandfather often cried about BOTH of his daughters being dead and the bird was coping what he was saying, just not completely. Izumi was correct in saying that Kouichi was in town 1.5 years ago as was the father. The reason? Kouichi was attending Reiko’s funeral. Reiko often got headaches…well that might not be a real reason but she did have a hard time trying to remember the past. And the missing desk was in the teacher’s lounge. See everything adds up!


Game over, grandpa has this figured out all along.

Well maybe. I am still a little meh that it turned out to be Reiko. Like I stated earlier I think the dead one should have been a student (even if there were enough clues pointing at Reiko). I didn’t know that it was weird to have a co-homeroom teacher. Mei was like WELL wasn’t the weird Kouichi? It was never mentioned before so how would I know to look out for that? But if it was so obvious maybe the other students should have realized that? Like we have the right number of chairs the entire time why is this happening? Guess they were too focused on blaming Kouichi and his exchange student status.


YAY! We are all happy now!

In the end everything seems okay. I was expecting Kouichi to be slightly more upset that he took out his Aunt with a pick axe. I mean everything they have been through has been rough but that particular point seems extra crappy. Mei and her dead eye seeing self seems okay despite the fact that if she had just OPENED HER MOUTH a lot of lives could have been saved. Kouichi seems more interested in getting it on with Mei than grieving his dead Aunt.

Overall I think this series was pretty decent, a good showing of what a horror show should be about. I do think the end could have been stronger, AKA not being so happy go lucky after the fact. Many people were saying the manga was better. Well after this episode was over I went and read the entire manga (thus so many late posts). The manga and anime were almost exact, with the exception of the beach episode and the final episode. And this might be a shocker…but I liked the anime better than the manga. X__X The manga had some more issues with Izumi but other than that I thought the anime was stronger. XD Which is probably a first…

In conclusion while this series a few minor meh issues overall it was pretty enjoyable. It was nice anime to look forward to on Mondays. Although I am glad that I won’t have to see those creepy dolls anymore. Thanks for the good time Another!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 23: Why is Yuki even trying?

HELLO THERE! I am alive folks. Just been trying to have a busy today. I predict that Thursday and Friday will be super busy and crazy days. Especially Friday. I might just pass out after work. And as such I need to have the house looking nice and caught up so I can be lazy after work.

Or I spent most of the day wasting time on the internets. The bathroom is nice and sparkly though! Kira helped by getting her cat fur everywhere. So helpful my kitty.


Oh Yuki. Yuki Yuki Yuki....good thing Yuno loves you. Because you is too dumb to live.

Without further delay…Mirai Nikki episode 23 time!! WOOHOO! Spoilers for some serious answers!


Can't be having the world end BEFORE the set date. The flowers haven't arrived yet!

Episode Summary: MurMur cackles to herself as she keeps a small part of Deus. This should be enough to keep the world from ending before the set time. Deus is very confused on how MurMur can use her powers with the arm restraints on. But MurMur is going to be the next god. Yuki has gotten over Akise’s beheading as Yuno has announced the world is going to end in a week. As a result more and more swirls of blackness fill the area. Yuki decides to stay at Case de Yuno as she steals electricity from the neighbors. Since the world is ending it probably won’t matter. Yuno is off taking a bath in a steel drum and asks Yuki to join her. Yuki is like no so Yuno will make him his own bath. Yuki thinks to himself how all of his friends must have been telling the truth and Yuno was lying. But Yuki can’t imagine sweet innocent Yuno killing him. At dinner Yuki shows signs of not trusting Yuno but the fact that Yuki won’t have sex with her is more upsetting. Yuno runs off all upset and Yuki spends the night pretending he can’t hear Yuno.


Hopefully while we are having sex the black swirls don't kill us!

As the week progresses on Yuki takes the time to visit his now destroyed house. Yuki misses his absentee mom and murdering dad. Yuki goes to the school…and doesn’t think about all his dead classmates. Instead Yuno shows up (in his mind or for real) acting cute. So Yuki decides he needs to figure out how he feels about Yuno. That night he decides he is going to take a romantic bath with Yuno in the steel drum. After that awkward fun Yuki says lets go to bed. This leads them having awkward sex YAY! After all that great sex Yuki is like so Yuno why did you lie about mom and dad, that I can bring them back to life? Yuno pulls out an axe…and throws it aside. Yuno says she was just trying to make Yuki feel better and says some vague things about finding out from Deus this rule. She asks Yuki to kill her since she is happy enough. Yuki says he can’t kill her if he can’t wish her back to life. He suggests they just die together and Yuno is like oh lord this again? Yuki then wonders what Akise was talking about, Yuno winning the game once before and this was World 2. Yuno then loses her damn mind and tries to kill Yuki with said axe. Yuno is pissed that Yuki ruined their one happy day with his stupid questions. Yuki runs through the house wondering why Yuno is acting like this post sex.


Yes. Because that would just ruin your plan...of slashing him to pieces.

Suddenly MurMur appears, locks Yuno out, and pushes Yuki in the hole where the dead bodies were. MurMur sends Yuki back in time, to the day when Yuki and Yuno were doing their future paper things and Yuki agreed to married Yuno. MurMur then says she will show Yuki the truth. Yuno and her super sane self scream at Yuki not to look as she hacks the door down with her trusty axe. MurMur floats Yuki through what looks like the data storing machine that nearly sucked in Akise last week. Yuno asks Yuki why he wanted to be god and how he thinks the first world ended. First world? OH SNAP it is story time. MurMur shows Yuki some visions of the past but Yuki says they are different from how he remembers them. MurMur explains she just showed him visions of the first world and he is living in the second world. In the first world Yuki and Yuno committed suicide at the end of the game. Which was nice and lovely until Yuno spits out the pills and declared herself the winner. When she tried to wish Yuki back to life with her new god powers that is when she found out NOPE no dead people rules. She then traveled back in time and killed herself (the Yuno who just joined the game) so she could find Yuki and start all over again. Yuki freaks the hell out over the fact Yuno killed….innocent Yuno? Ragey Yuki travels back to the real world where Yuno has broken down the door and has put on her super crazy. THE END!

I see I see I SEE!

I think for quite a while now I have been supporting a time traveling Yuno. So now that is has come as the big reveal I am more like….oh. XD I am sure other people guessed it was a time traveling Yuno of some kind so I am not sure how SHOCKING this knowledge was for everyone.


Now I want to know who MurMur really is!

MurMur was acting pretty weird. Well she has been acting weird since day one but you know. She picked up a tiny piece of Deus and declared herself the new god of time and space? Did she miss the part of the game where the WINNER would be the new god? Or is she banking on Yuno messing up again? She is all over the place, voting for Yuno to win this entire time yet now she is giving Yuki very critical information. Her real motives for this game seem to be the mystery now although I think it won’t be touched upon much. Poor Deus, he has no hands left to strangle her.


Just a normal day in the neighborhood. It's not like the world is ending next week or anything.

The first half of the episode was pretty dang strange. The world is slowly being destroyed by swirls in the sky yet Yuno and Yuki were acting like they were on Spring Break. Of course Yuno needed to be a little special and steal electricity to make this all happened but if that is the only crazy thing Yuno did then Yuki should be counting his lucky stars. It was just weird though, the amount of happy that was going on. Everyone Yuki cares about are dead and will stay dead. And the world is ending. So clearly this meant it was time for eating dinners together and intimate baths.


Yuno never fails to bring the crazy.

For Yuno this is everyday behavior though. Acting normal when in reality everything is insane. I guess I was expecting more from Yuki. He did do a few side glances and mentioned his phone but at the beginning of this episode he was content chillin at Case de Crazy. I am not sure what he was waiting for. The world is ending and the longer they wait to “decide” a winner the more likely people will die. I suppose Yuki was upset that their plan to kill Yuno and bringing everyone back to life has been totally messed up but there wasn’t much mopey behavior from Yuki. I would expect him to suicidal or upset. Something anyway.


:( And yet...he doesn't cry.

After a few days Yuki did walk around town and look a little sad. Oh and he acknowledged that Yuno was the one lying and his friends were telling the truth. Without a single tear. If I came to the realization that I killed all my innocent friends to protect a liar and crazy pants I would be beside myself in anger and sadness. But maybe Yuki is smarter than I think. Maybe he knew if he showed emotion Yuno would read her Future Diary and that would be the end of him. But that would probably be giving him way too much credit.

Photobucket yeah.

So putting aside that the world was ending and Yuki was acting pretty emotional stunted and confused…we has a sex scene folks! WOOHOO! X__x Yeah that went over well with me. But I guess the awkwardness of the scene was accurate? It wasn’t totally sexy…but it was weird how they were pretending to be adults while looking totally like kids.


You didn't think to ask about this...WHEN IT HAPPENED?!

For 5 whole seconds (what Yuki is 14 years old?!) things were great. Then as they laid there in the afterglow of their lovemaking Yuki decides it is time to ask Yuno about that cliffhanger in the last episode. OH YES he finally remembered. A headless Akise texted Yuki something and after sex Yuki thought it was the right time to question Yuno about it. Oh Yuno that 60 seconds was awesome but what did Akise mean when he said you already won the game once and became god? MOG YOU SLEEP WITH A KNIFE!!!!!


Yuki ruined her magical night of bliss.

From there things turned into crazy town. Instead of denying things like usual Yuno picks up the random knife she always sleeps with and tries to hack Yuki to pieces. And Yuki has no idea WHY. Um because only one of you can become god and Yuno knows that you can’t bring people back to life. Maybe Yuki thought they were going to kill themselves like Romeo and Juliet? Yuki is pretty stupid, I guess it is understandable that he is confused about this random turn of events. At least wait until the next morning to kill Yuki gosh.


You are such a dumbass Yuki.

I think if MurMur had not interfered Yuki would have been killed by Yuno. I don’t think that I need a cookie for that line of thinking though. Yuki has been the weakest person in this entire series with the exception of his badass lines that were fed to him by Yuno. So yeah Yuki was toast. Yuno was going to kill him. It is unclear if she just snapped or if that was her plan all along. But the way Yuno was carrying on when MurMur decided to show Yuki the truth was interesting. Yuno was going to kill Yuki anyway so why did it matter at that point? Was she afraid that somehow with this knowledge Yuki was going to be able to turn things around and do some time traveling himself? Unlikely but the way she lost her mind was X____X. Questionable at least.


Just get to the truth!

I question why MurMur choose to show Yuki the scenes that she did. Yes we all know that Yuno wanted to be Yuki’s bride and what not. Much of Yuki’s flying around in space felt like filler. Got to stretch out the dramatic reveal as long as possible. Or maybe because I thought all of this weeks ago it didn’t have much a dramatic impact on me thus I am complaining.


So romantic. Well until Yuno got up.

But after all that boring stuff…XO there was still some surprises left for me. I figured that the first time around Yuno was slightly normal in the first game thus Yuki might have fallen in love with the hidden crazy Yuno. So I thought maybe he just committed suicide out of love for Yuno. But NOPE! They were all like let’s die together weeeeee! Only Yuno, being the hidden crazy, spits out her pills and cackles as she is the winner and will bring Yuki back. Like oh snap didn’t see that coming. But I probably should have since she did kill her parents, back before the games even started.


So basically I am the DMV of space and time?

I do think this whole you can’t bring back the dead is kinda lame. Yes it appears being the god of time and space isn’t a very good gig and you are not all powerful. Well yeah I guess not if you die while in office. Maybe this job really sucks and this is just a way to elect another sucker. I think most people would want to become god to do something supernatural and Deus probably kept that little detail, no zombie people, on the down low for that very reason.


She killed herself for you? WHY ARE YOU PISSED?!

BUT ANYWAY back to Yuki being a dumbass. I mean yes it is super creepy and weird now that we all know the whole NO DEAD PEOPLE rule. I would find that very suspect. But instead of focusing on that Yuki decides to cry about the dead Yuno. Because in his mind she is more Yuno than the Yuno he has been playing the game with the entire time. This is probably because Yuki is the stupidest person on the face of the planet. Granted I can see how Yuki could get very confused at this shocking news. But these Yunos are the same exact person. One just had a few extra months added on to her life. And she had a few more deaths under her belt. But this Yuno (alive Yuno?) said the exact same things to Yuki about being a bride and stuff. Alive Yuno just killed herself (Dead Yuno) before the game number 2 started. So all this NOOOO stuff was highly unnecessary. Or it should have shown Yuki that Alive Yuno loves him so much that she was willing to kill herself to be with him.

But he is dumb. And there is still the looming question on why Yuno wanted to go back in time. I swear if it was just to take a ride on his penis I will scream. Maybe she wanted to get pregnant therefore changing the rules or something. I don’t know. It is hard to analyze the actions of crazy people. MurMur seems pretty happy that she is the new god of space and time…despite the fact that there are two contestants left. Alive Yuno and slightly confused Yuki.

There are a few episodes left until this series ends. I can’t imagine that the entire time will be spent with Yuno chasing Yuki and having her explain away her crazy. Maybe there is hope for Minene still! I trust in you opening theme song, Minene was a different color. Maybe Yuki will somehow kill Yuno, wish to start everything over again, and make it so Minene is the winner by telling her everyone’s names. WEEEE! Or maybe Yuno will win again but Yuki will make sure he has his memories or something.

I think I had more to say but I forgot….I did start writing this on Sunday. XD Oh me and my The Walking Dead comics.

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