Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another episode 9

Hello readers! I am alive and happy for that! I have decided that maybe I will be the mature adult in the situation and park my car somewhere else. As much as I want to be right and dance around in all the parking spaces…maybe…just maybe it is not worth it to be right. X__x I mean…people are waiting for me outside their houses after dark? Maybe I don’t want to park where I have been parking for 3 years anymore. Maybe I will just walk a bit folks. Walking never killed anyone but crazy neighbors have.

Maybe folks. Just maybe. But I am still immature on the inside and hope zombies eat their flesh. Although that might be a bad thing to wish for as I do live across the way from them…..Maybe I will just hire Daryl to protect me.



As amazing as Daryl is though I don’t think he can protect me from crazy curses, the ones that terrorize children in Japan. It must be Another time weeee! Not Mirai Nikki I see….BUT I AM STRONG! Spoilers for episode 9 bumping up the body count.


So.....time to find Clear River and lock ourselves up for 8 more months?

Episode Summary: The first few minutes of episode 8 are played again. But this time Tenchi is appeased as new dialogue was added to the scene. It was the other students (the ones who didn’t go to the beach) talking about how the curse can kill you out of the city. All while watching a boat run over their classmate. The voices (as we can’t see who is exactly talking) blame Kouichi for talking to Mei. Some of the mains walk home from the funeral with Librarian Chibiki in tow. When they go their separate ways Izumi takes a moment to glare at Mei. Kouichi and company march on with Chibiki shedding some light on the situation. Mei and her amazing spying skills reports that before John Doe died he was swimming fun. I thought he was simply….not swimming at all but Mei says he wasn’t swimming straight. Chibiki reports that John Doe had actually hit his head (possibly fallen down some stairs) and then went to the beach. So perhaps the rules have not been changed yet as John Doe suffered the killing blow in town and not in the water (as they report he was dead before the boat ran him over).


Mei is a very observant...or creepy.

In any event Kouichi wants to talk to Mei but has decided to confess his feelings of love until after he knows Mei isn’t the dead girl. Kouichi tells Mei he has yet to find the important picture of power. Guess he has other things to do. Later that night Kouichi has the best dream ever. Of course it is of all the dead people from this year thus far blaming Kouichi for their lack of life. He wakes up all upset and it is sad. Kouichi gets together with Yuuya and Teshigawara to tell them about the thing Matsunaga left behind in the old Class 3 room. Kouichi wants only them to go keep accidents to a minimum. When they arrive at school the next day they run into two drama club members from their class. They don’t want to help the boys find the curse and explain they were there to talk to Chibiki about drama club stuff. When waiting in the art club room they stumble upon Mei. Mei decides to join in on the journey despite knowing it could be dangerous.


Maybe you should worry now Mei...

The four kids continue to search the room, with Mei being creepy and small almost accidents that keep them on their toes. Kouichi manages to find the secret item (a cassette place) without getting himself killed. After finding the tape the gang heads over to the audio club room to locate a cassette player. To keep things creepy (and so they don’t get discovered) the lights are left off and they crotch to the floor. The tape begins with Matsunaga explaining who he is and how he thinks he can help future Class 3 students. He talks about how their teacher though going to an abandoned temple could pray away the problems. It did nothing to help and two students died on the mountain. Matsunaga starts to get nervous on the tape and there is a long pause before he can explain how he stopped the curse. A security guard walks by and this forces the kids to hide around the room. Teshigawara and his dumbass self manage to break the tape. He freaks out but Yuuya thinks he can fix things. Kouichi feels optimistic. Maybe he would change his tune if he was aware of what happened when the drama girls left the school. They bid each other a sad goodbye as they walked to their homes. Main drama girl got in a car with her family and they drove off a cliff after a rock hit their car. Her friend arrived home to find a large piece of machinery crashed into her house. She screamed out for her brother but as the viewers can see he died as he was wearing headphones and couldn’t hear the KABOOM in time. THE END!

I see now folks. It is all starting to become clear!

Or not. But in a fun way. XD


Don't worry guys. You can only die in town. It will be okay.

First off I like how the writers are trying to confuse the viewers. Like haha you thought you figured out who the dead one is. I am referring to the fact that most people were speculating the curse could affect people outside the city if the dead person was with them. But now Chibiki is saying the deadly action took place in town and it was a matter of time before John Doe died. So while the dead person could have been at the beach that is not why John Doe went to that unnamed character haven in the sky. Stairs are dangerous folks.



But dang Izumi. What the heck was with that glare?! Everyone was on the beach/entering the water to rescue John Doe. Why all the glaring at Mei? I thought there was some bonding going on the roof but maybe Izumi just said those things to get in good with Kouichi. Or maybe she meant that she didn’t blame Kouichi for talking to Mei…but still blames Mei. Or she is jealous. Lots of ors here people.


Just a dream dream dream....

I think that a lot of people are pretty upset that the dead people coming back were really part of a dream. I just assumed when I saw the previews for this episode that is what was going to happen. Sci-Fi pro here and all. But yeah we already had one fake out with the melting of the face dream so…yeah. Yeah folks. Maybe everyone was really looking forward to this being real or something. I would be pretty disappointed if everyone who was dead just started to come back. One ghost is what we were promised and this one ghost should blend in with the rest of the community.

So in any event I was not expecting that scene to be real so I am not disappointed that it was just a dream. I do feel bad for Kouichi though. While a lot of evidence has pointed to Kouichi be the dead one that probably doesn’t matter as the dead one is just a victim in all this as well. I just feel bad for this kid. He has suffered a lot before the show, losing his mom and having a sickness before starting the show. Now everyone blames him for this curse and as a result he is having horrible nightmares because maybe he blames himself too.


Let's not include the girl in charge of protecting us.

I am not sure why Kouichi wanted to leave Izumi and the others out of the hunt for the clue. I can understand that Kouichi wanted to protect people but as we saw at the end of the episode no one is safe. So if people are looking for clues or taking a bath they are equally as in danger. Usually I would be like YES looking for clues increases your chance for death and this is a good idea, to involve the least amount of people as possible. But when the danger is everywhere…not seeing the logic in that. Especially with the decision to leave Izumi out of the search. She is in charge of protecting you guys.


Creepy indeed.

I am starting to roll my eyes a bit when it comes to Mei. She just seems to be everywhere! People go to the beach, oh the family’s summer home is right there. People are going to explore the school, oh Mei wants to paint a picture in said empty club room. I think I might be okay with her creepy “Don’t worry I will be fine” moments because I think her eye allows her to see the dead one and maybe she has special protection around her. I am just not a fan of her popping up everywhere. It is not coming across as creepy or mysterious to me. But maybe that is because she is acting cheerful in the face of all this crazy.

I really thought we were going to wave goodbye to Yuuya. The way Izumi has been acting around Teshigawara leads me to believe he or she will die in front of each other (although looking at the previews next week I am thinking it will be Teshigawara to kick the bucket). It seems as if Izumi and Teshigawara have a bit of a story that deserves 5 minutes of explanation. Of course Yuuya has had a bit of a story going on with Reiko that hasn’t been explained yet either. But out of the 4 people in the room with the cassette I thought he was the most expendable. So surprise you live!

But probably not for long. Volunteering to fix the cassette tape probably sealed his fate. Maybe Izumi is crying over you next episode?



Teshigawara probably deserves to die. This show is set in 1998. What kid in the year 1998 would take out a running cassette tape from a player? I can see a kid doing that now as they don’t really understand how they work but really? Le sigh. And of course the tape broke after all the unimportant details. UNIMPORTANT folks!


Maybe this scarred him for life?

Ah yes the tape. Didn’t sound like a scared 14/15 year old to you did it? It didn’t sound like that to me but maybe I am nitpicky. In any event at least Matsunaga tried to protect future generations. He could have done so a little fast but maybe a kid who has just been through a lot needed to get his words out, to tell his side of the story. I like how he told them right off the bat that look, praying at that temple was a really bad idea so DON’T DO IT! He implied that it was something else he did later (probably killing someone) that stopped the curse. Implied because you know…the tape broke. So I am thinking that a trip to the temple is not in the future.


All so very interesting.

Before I talk about the obvious “fun” part of this episode a small detail might have been leaked from our two poor victims. Actress girl and actress girl’s friend were at the school when Kouichi and company were going to look for the magical item to help them out. They say no and go on their not so merry way. But before they do that they tell Kouichi and company that they were talking to Chibiki about a few issues. Turns out he is the drama teacher. HMM that is interesting. No one has mentioned that before and it is episode 9? All those dramatic moments in the library and it turns out he is a drama coach? And were these ladies really asking him about drama tips or were they asking about the curse? Interesting indeed.


I am thinking that won't happen.

But yes folks. To the WOOHOO part of this show. Which is called a horror anime, not a slasher anime. There is a difference. Of course I still enjoy the deaths because I am a crazy person. I really thought it was going to be the friend of the drama girl to die, not the drama girl herself. But when they had their sad goodbye on the street you knew someone was going to die. Actually when drama girl said GOODBYE (the ultimate goodbye in Japanese) to Kouichi I wonder if she knew she was going to die or she thought Kouichi was going to die.


The car went over the cliff pretty fast...

But no. Ms Drama girl and her family die before they can reach the city limits. I thought an entire rock slid was going to crush the car but it was just one rock. Guess the curse can’t be that obvious right? I guess technically she did die by some glass related accident. The friend isn’t dead…yet. Thought she was going to get crushed by the machinery walking home (now wouldn’t that be a mess) but instead her brother and the house were killed instead. Equally as horrible though yes?


So let's focus on the dead brother instead! Also...yeah no one has heard of this death town yet?

The body count is really adding up now isn’t it? Apparently it is nitpicky to talk about how this town has flown under the radar so long but whatever. I do think it is weird no one from the surrounding areas have told some government official that young people are being tortured in this town but I guess that is besides the point.


Everything is Kouichi's fault! XD

The point is….3 more episodes left! Who will die next week?! XD


Eternia said...

3 episodes left! It's about time for Teshigawara, Yuuya and Izumi to kick the bucket! Oh, I am so heartless. Let's hope all of them won't come back to live in the final episode, and yell "You have been punk'd!"
Thanks god this is not Blood-C!
Because I don't see how can these deaths be faked. That damn anime is an exception!

Anyway, I totally forgot that this show is set on 1998. The settings... seems so old to me. These kids are so silly for listening to the tape at school. Are they really in such a hurry? They should take it to somebody's home, and then there will be no problem with security guard or whatever.

Christina said...

Eternia- I truly hope these deaths aren't fake as well. As sad as Yuuya looked (well crazy is a better word) when heart attack boy died, I don't think my brain can handle another JUST KIDDING moment.

The kids were acting silly. Like oh no we have to go find a cassette player because we don't have one at home! Like crazies please. One of those kids should have had a walkman in their pocket. Suck silliness.