Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 22: Too tired to sing the song...

There are many reasons to watch anime. Sometimes because people recommend shows to you. Other times the art appeals to you so you give it a chance. Maybe the story sounds interesting and unique. Or maybe one day you are just bored and you pick a show at random.

So while there are many reasons to start watching a show there are just as many reasons to keep on watching a show. One might relate the characters in a special way. The show makes you feel better after a hard day’s work. The music is really captivating and moving. Or the show sucks so bad you can’t wait to see how the train wreck ends.


OH SNAP! Where is the bus?!

Just guess where Shakugan no Shana Season 3 episode 22 ranks? Exactly. Spoilers for…I don’t know. Stuff.


Wilhelmina would never overreact to this folks. Never!

Episode Summary: YujiSnake looks pretty sad that maybe Kazumi blew up in the Scooby Van. He thought she would be safe in this battlefield. Oppies. Well it turns out the Van is okay folks. It was just a fake. The actually…van person can make illusions and that is what blew up. Khamsin did some magical spell that helped transport the group but he was pretty injured in the process. Khamsin says something that is basically GOODBYE to Kazumi and goes off to fight the countless robot bombs in the area. The Scooby Boat and Kazumi try to make it inside the large YujiSnake structure but it is baddie central. Shana notices that something is going down in the water and tells Wilhelmina to go and help. Or to just kill more Denizens while she and Margery fight in the sky. Wilhelmina goes to help Khamsin but has a whine attack while doing so. Even her Crimson Lord starts going WOE IS US! During all of this Kazumi reveals that the thing is holding is the Phrase that everyone keeps mumbling about despite NO ONE KNOWING WHAT IT WAS BEFORE! Behold the Engaged Link! Or the jar Pheles and Johan are now hiding in. Oh of course. Unless the Engaged Link is something else X__X. So before the Scooby Boat and Kazumi can get blown up Wilhelmina and her crybaby self save everyone. The Scooby Van makes it inside the large YujiSnake structure. One of the people turn off some random controls so they can hide and let everyone do all the hard work. Oh and there is no Rebecca because…there is no Rebecca. Who knows.


Err is this goodbye?

On to other important people…. Chiara and Sale! Yes they are still flying around and destroying tons of robot bombs. Only Sale gets knocked off the power dragon and decides that show needs to be a comedy. After he dances around and nearly gets blown to pieces Chiara tries to save him. Oh but what is this!? A human looking Denizen wants to be important and fight Sale. So he does…for 5 whole seconds. Then he is cut in half. Seriously he battled that long. The little kid Denizen tries to save the top half of the long haired Denizen…..not sure how but he tried. Long hair Denizen is like no bro I am going out like a gangsta. He sucks up some of the robot bombs and KABOOMS all over the place. He doesn’t succeed in hurting Chiara or Sale but Khamsin either dies or is down for the count. Sale and Chiara the amazing dragon riding girl manage to blow up Dantalion’s control center and since the Scooby Boat disabled his escape route he might have died. We don’t know. I think more stuff happened but I am blogging this a day later. But YujiSnake goes HAHA to Shana, saying he is able to undo her HAHA moment on his spell. Then Margery goes HAHAHAHA and explains that while everyone was fighting pointless battles she had snuck inside the building and input the real version of the spell and now it can’t be undone. Enter shocked faces here! THE END! And hopefully this is accurate…enough.


I am not sure I know what Shana is talking about.

While I don’t think this show is as bad as Guilty Crown I am way more disappointed in this disaster than GC. I was expecting more from this show. I think a lot of fans were expecting more. Guilty Crown was just expected to succeed and when it became obvious that wasn’t going to happen…well it almost became comical. With Shana there was precedent of a strong series with interesting battles and characters. Season Three has shown us that maybe series should end on a high note and not push the envelope.


Maybe you could just die now?

But since I have been saying that for weeks…I guess everyone already knows that. And feels it too. So let’s not waste any more time stating the obvious. XD On to the snark right? Also poor Guilty Crown. Can’t catch a break even on someone else’s blog post. XD


Oh I see now....This battle will never end.

My favorite part of this show is how anyone can pull a spell out of their butt and it makes sense. Of course shows like Sailor Moon can get old after a while with their two basic attacks. One would think the baddies would learn over time what works and what doesn’t. But with show the opposite extreme is taken. Oh snap 32923 robots are going to blow up the van. Well one person can make illusions, one person can use his chalk thing to do a new attack, and one person can turn into….err…a shadow? and swim through steel building so we can have a hiding spot.


We don't need names! Look how important we are, accidentally saving the day.

Maybe if I had ANY clue on who the Scooby Van gang was I would be like OH your powers do make sense. But since Pheles went and picked them up (that WAS them right?) what have we learned about them? That the monstery looking member can turn into a van/boat and the other one can denigrate into nothing? I don’t even know their names. They have been said but I have too many other names in my head to properly remember anything. But yeah I don’t know what they are here for, how Pheles knows them, and why they were brought in at the 11th hour to save the world. If someone is really important to your plan to save the world I would think you would tell them/ask them for help ahead of time, not 5 minutes before they are needed. But as I stated before character development is for losers.


Still jealous Wilhelmina?

Oh and in case you missed it Pheles is no longer functioning in a human body. She and Johan are now in a jar. And the jar even has a name folks! It is amazing how Kazumi just got the silly jar but everyone is already calling it by its proper name. I am sure it has two names though. Maybe three. And that this will temporarily stop YujiSnake. But for now I am not seeing what the jar’s point is. Or why Kazumi was there to begin with. If Kazumi was supposed to put the city back together after all this LAST ORDER business than letting her escape YujiSnake would be a bad idea.


This is a comedy now?


Am I okay?! DO I LOOK OKAY?! I am cut in half fool!

Ah Chiara and Sale. Two Flame Hazes that we also know nothing about. They are still flying around killing robots and what not. There was some Denizen that LOOKED important last week cackling in their general direction but that was all a lie folks. He lasted about one whole minute and even Sale’s Crimson Lord commented how stupid it was for that Denizen to die so quickly. Now I am not sure how much credit Chiara and Sale can accept in “destroying” Dantalion as it was really the Scooby gang disarming Dantalion’s escape on accident. More like OH LOOK cute girl on a flying dragon thing is going on here.


Good job talking her off the ledge.

I thought Wilhelmina was going to have another breakdown this week. Like what the hell is this girl’s problem? She has been a Flame Haze for quite a while and trained Shana. So why is she falling apart anytime someone looks at her? Clearly Shana needed Margery as her wingman so they could go HAHA when their trick was revealed. Otherwise I would be questioning why Wilhelmina had to go rescue Khamsin. But I would be questioning it, not Wilhelmina. Because this is a damn battle. So take your now chatty Crimson Lord and go protect people. WHY IS THIS SO HARD?!


Stupid Rebecca.

Now maybe I am slow…but where is Rebecca? I see Khamsin taking a lot of damage and doing some work…and I don’t see Rebecca. She was on the van right? Well now she is gone. Convenient. So Khamsin can get injured and maybe die. I say maybe because no one can be certain in this long ass battle who is dead and who isn’t. But given how sad his speech was with Kazumi I am thinking home slice is not going to make it. Sounds like a goodbye speech to me.


Probably because you are dying? Not the spell being changed but the fact that you are going SPLAT?!

I love love LOVE how pointless some of this battle has been. Shana and her dramatic HAHA I am changing your Grand Order spell was an interesting show and meant to demoralize YujiSnake. Only YujiSnake has planned for this, a random ice storm, past girlfriends, and the Black Plague. And then it is revealed that Margery actually had already implanted the spell inside the machine long before Shana’s song and pony shell rendering everything useless. THIS IS SO AMAZING!


If I spent that many years planning something important I would lock the back door and hire 4239567 guards.

No but really folks. There are about 21938273897 Denizens outside politely taking their turn to die because they are too ugly to live. If YujiSnake’s amazing spell could have been tampered with why wasn’t someone guarding the controls. Yes the CONTROLS to a magic spell but still. Why was Margery able to dance on in and mess with the most important spell in the history of Denizens? HMM YujiSnake!


Oh yes. Kazumi had a baby too.

Did I miss anything? Actually I have probably gone on way too long for such a special show. YujiSnake probably has a Plan G up his sleeves and Shana will be like oh yeah well actually I’m not even Shana because Shana is really rescuing Hecate to stop the spell. So much ridiculousness so little time. Maybe I will watch The River to wash it all down with. XD


Eternia said...

Huuh. Guilty Crown has been a train wreck since episode 1, because one mechanical sword can cut through tons of robots as if they are butter. LOL. So, we are mentally prepared already..

But Shana season 1 is a pretty good anime. To think it's turned into this pile of crap on season 3, it's really a pity.

Shana is supposed to be only able to have wings of flame, and spew off flame as she swings her sword.

But what crap is this season 3?! Everybody suddenly can do all sort of things as they please.

The only things that saved this anime are both of the ending songs, lol. They are super COOL! I wonder if you have watched the music videos. Altima consists of this bob-haired girl, gay delinquent, and expressionless keyboardist. I really like the 'rapping' of that delinquent wanna-be.

Christina said...

Eternia- It is sad that Shana had two strong seasons behind it and loyal fans were ready to support the 3rd season only to be given this. Well the hard core fans are now saying that seasons 1 and 2 weren't as loyal to the light novels and season 3 was how it was supposed to be done all along? Well I am glad they weren't.

Le sigh. At least we have the memories of season 1 and 2.