Sunday, March 11, 2012

Praying for Japan one year later

It’s been a year today where Japan was hit by a devastating earthquake and an even more devastating tsunami. Nuclear power plants failed and snow plagued the already tired and cold survivors. Despite all the earthquake planning and precautions the country takes nothing could prepare them for March 11, 2011.

Like many people across the world that day I was glued to my TV set and computer. It was like my mind couldn’t comprehend the horrible truth that was being revealed to me. And a year later my eyes still well up with tears when I read about the stories of that day and how the Japanese people are still dealing with all this pain and suffering.


Out of respect for the year anniversary I will refrain from blogging my otherwise upbeat (or X__X) posts about anime and manga today. Many of my hobbies stem from Japan and I can’t imagine my life without those influences. So instead I will remember those lost one year ago and the people who are still trying to put the pieces of their lives back together. Not to say that those who go about their blogging today as normal are being disrespectful. People deal with things in their own way and they should do what works for them.

I hope everyone in the anime/manga community takes the time to reflect on the events that happened to Japan last year. Obviously I want everyone in the world to do the same but especially with those who find much enjoyment from things produced and centered in Japan. I know I will. Just the other day I posted about my RARW moments in my life but yet in the grand scheme of things I have very little to complain about. While I am getting mad at my coworker some people have been out of work for an entire year and all their coworkers washed away. I get aggravated at kids crying and making messes in our store when almost an entire school was wiped out in an instant. I get upset in traffic at the slow drivers while Japan has entire car lots swept over their graveyards.

So I recognize everyone out there has their own problems and painful moments and it is probably a bad idea to compare situations as someone will always have it worse than you. But still I can’t help and feel petty when I think about what I am upset with in life in compared to many Japanese citizens. Even those not directly touched by that day must still endure a lot and as someone who has never been through a nature disaster like that I am in awe at how strong the Japanese people are.

With that said there is still a lot to be done. There have been finger pointing on who did what and how fast it took them to do it. It seems to outsiders that Japanese officials were not prepared to handle the situation since it was so severe. Earthquakes yes but the following tsunami and nuclear meltdown no. Due to a lot of red tape that exists in Japan the supplies and aid that was delivered took a bit of time to get to the people who needed it. Most countries wait for the devastated country to ask for aid before sending any. Sometimes too many people helping can make the situation worse.

Yet with all that mess happening the Japanese people have remained strong through out of this. Or it appears it to me since I do not live there. I think here in America if people were asked to conserve energy they would kick and moan and complain. And then not do it. But the Japanese people turned off their AC during the summer months and sweat it out. Even the people suffering have been much calmer than if it happened here. Yes they are frustrated and all (especially the parents of the kids whose entire school was nearly wiped out) but overall they are making due with what they have. I don’t know, I am just so impressed with how the Japanese people handle hardships.

So in conclusion my heart and prayers still go out to the entire country. They have come a long way but in some areas the devastation is so wide spread it will take years for things to be semi back to normal. I wish Japan all the best and hope recovery and healing comes faster.


Eternia said...

Other than being sad, I give my respect to them for being no stealing or robbery, no mistreating other people, instead, they helped each other corteously.

It's so different in Indonesia.
Whenever houses caught on fire, a lot of people will rush to the scene. To help put out the fire? Naaaah. It's a delicious chance to rob the house.

Christina said...

Eternia- That is what I find so impressive about Japan. Which is sad, that I am impressed people are doing the right thing. The situation you described in your home country sounds a bit like what happens sometimes here. Overall I would like to think most people are good, honest, and helpful when it comes to disasters but when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005 people were acting so awful. Raping people, looting, and blaming everyone for their problems even though BUSES came to evacuate them but they wanted to stay. Just so awful.

While I know Japan is not perfect the way the people endure such hardships without turning on each other is very admirable. I hope displaced people are given places to live soon and jobs to support themselves as they won't begin the recovery process as long as their lives are in limbo.