Saturday, March 24, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 22 FINAL EPISODE!

YAWN! I hate Fridays. I know many people out there live for Fridays and there might be a really bad song floating around there about Fridays….but no. No Fridays for me. Friday is apparently pizza day. Pizza day for everyone!!! So while everyone is out at the mall having fun I am smelling like pizza. YAY FRIDAYS! XD But while I say that I realize I make the most money so maybe I need to be a little more grateful…..Yay Fridays….

XO But I must hold back the yawns! I have fallen behind on my beloved blogging. A few shows are starting to wrap up and I need to give them all the lovely attention they need. Also I see my comments are all backed up again. Bleh. I promise I will get to all that soon.


Spoiler alert: Killing all life on Earth is okay as long as you beat a dead person. WINNING!

For now it is the FINAL episode of Guilty Crown. I know some people thought this wonderful day would never arrive. But yes…it is time for answers folks. All the answers to every question in this show. Or a ballet show. One of the two will happen. Enjoy.


Guess seeing normal Mana is out of the question.

Episode Summary: Shu is shocked to see Mana in Inori’s body. It seems to be a combination of the two girls anyway. Mana skips over to Shu and is like WEEE long time no see. She starts going on and on about Inori being a monster which Shu does not appreciate. Mana gets pretty pissed off and decides she is never going to forgive Shu. Gai 2.0 is like just go do your special job now sweetie. Things start to get crazy. Pink ribbons surround the world, the floor turns into a flatten globe grid, and Mana puts on ballet slippers. Mana starts to dance on the map and where she lands that place in the world gets a dose of crystal disease, with people dying instantly and what not. Gai 2.0 explains to Shu that he was trying to bring about this Apocalypse so everyone could live together forever in the crystals.

Everyone in the battlefield is like X__X things are weird now right? Ayase wants to go protect Shu but crazy Daryl has other plans. Mana and her dance seem to affect much of the equipment Funeral Parlor is doing. Ayase has to do some scrambling to protect herself. Tsugumi is pissed she is unable to dance her away into their security systems. Turns out Kenji is the one behind all of the amazing. Haruka manages to track down her brother Koudou who is like HAHA I did this all to beat Ouma Daddy. Haruka is like are you for real and tries to shoot him. But Koudou injects himself with crystal nonsense saying in the end he didn’t win anything. Gai 2.0 is trying to beat Shu into realizing his idea is amazing. Shu gets injured but sees a tiny flower on the ground that represents all that is left of Inori. She appears to Shu and he is able to take out her Void….via the flower. Voiding the Flower Inori stops Mana which means Antibodies no longer has the upper hand. With Inori’s magical sword Shu changes the tide in the battle with Gai. Shu and pretend Inori eventually stab Gai which causes Mana to break down in screams.


Don't worry the world got better!

As Gai 2.0 dies Shu is taken into…the consciousness of the crystals. I guess. There Gai explains that he did everything so Mana would stop being reincarnated. He had to allow Mana to start the 4th Apocalypse so Shu could come and finally stop her once and for all. Then he and Mana die. Shu comes outside in the real world to see Inori basically one giant crystal and a face. Shu hugs Inori and starts taking in all the cancers from people all over the world in attempt to save everyone. During this Funeral Parlor manages to take over. Kenji is killed, Arisa is shot, and Daryl is saved when Rowan dies for him. Just as Shu is about to die Inori (via the crystal world) takes in all the cancer and pain he just gathered up into herself. She dies and the world is saved. Everyone looks on wondering if Shu got out okay. SOME YEARS LATER Inori’s music video is playing in a normal looking Japan. The mains minus Arisa are having a birthday party for Hare and waiting for one more person to show up. Finally Shu arrives with a fake arm and blind. After the party Shu goes to the park to listen to Inori’s song and it appears he is able to see Inori living on in the crystal world. THE END!


That is me laughing at the people who think this was a good show. Hold on…HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I mean…we are all allowed to have our likes and dislikes in life. If everyone liked the same things the world would be a pretty boring place. But there is a difference between liking a show and saying it is GOOD. I mean..this show was PRETTY and I like pretty things but I wouldn’t call it good.


We were all fooled! :(

Starting off Arisa did not die. That happened like in the last minute of the show so I am not sure why I am starting off with that fact. Maybe because I am pissed. Arisa started off as a calm and rational person. Even when crap hit the fans Arisa kept on trucking. She supported and probably came up with the Void Ranking idea with Yahiro. Then she started going pretty dang crazy. For no damn reason.

People are saying she did have a reason to lose it and that deep down she was just a scared girl who needed a second chance. You know what….no. Arisa just assumed Shu was using them…more than she thought. And Inori stabbed her hand a little. Arisa responded by skanking herself out for useless information, working with a dead person, planning to help with the Shu arm removal process, and helped Gai 2.0 kill a ton of innocent people. And since I sincerely doubt that Arisa was let in on the ultimate plan she can’t use the WELL I helped saved the world excuse. Because she knew nothing. She was just listening to Gai 2.0 in the hopes she would be rewarded with his crystal penis.



In conclusion Arisa sucked. I really thought she was going to be a strong character but she was truly selfish. She had the potential to have some angst from all the family pressure and emerge as her own person. Instead of overcoming any potential problems in her life she fell “in love” with someone she knew for 5 seconds and became a lapdog. She was way more guilty than Shu in regards to death and betrayal yet she gets to life. And I am pissed off.


Silly people wanting to live and such.

It is time to move on since Arisa was barely important anyway. Mana was pretty dang crazy. Like oh Shu I took a nap for 8 years but here I am in someone else's body YAY! Clearly she was gone. I think it is sad though there was never any “real Mana” moments. When Gai and Mana died the first time Mana had a second of clarity, where she was happy to be with Gai and to die as herself. But this time around she was just pure crystal Mana. At least she didn’t try to rape Shu again. Although I did expect Mana to sit back and watch Gai 2.0 and Shu fight it out, to see who would be worthy as her Adam.


I.....yeah. Human evolution decided this was the best way to turn itself into crystal dust.

But no guys. After Shu turns Mana down, because her plan of destroying all life on Earth didn’t jive with him, Mana puts on her dancing slippers. It was like some insane Swan Lake meets DDR moment. I mean…at this point it is probably not going to make sense on why the floor turning into a map of the world would then DESTROY said world but we are dealing with crystals from space. It is just the way the end of the world came about people. Like lalala byebye New York City. Spin Spin Spin peace out Hong Kong. It was so….so over dramatic I can’t even find words for it. I would never have guessed in a million years that DANCING was going to bring about the Apocalypse. Maybe SINGING since Inori was able to save the world before with that and it was hinted that SONGS could activate the genom whatever thing.

Gai 2.0. Oh I see. He had a perfectly good reason for hurting and destroying so many people. He was trying to bring Mana out of the cycle of reincarnation. If he allowed her to have a mini Apocalypse then she would have fulfilled her duty and would stay dead this time. It all makes sense folks. Really it does. Or not. Maybe if Gai 2.0 had kidnapped Inori sooner and explained his plan to said pink hair cutie a lot of lives would have been saved. Inori believed in Gai and Gai 2.0. She thought she was a monster. She might have allowed Mana to take over to save more lives and Shu. Maybe it was inevitable that some lives were going to be lost but had Gai 2.0 opened his mouth and moved faster it would have been less dramatic and bloody….I mean crystaly.


He did this for everyone! Be grateful!

But now everyone is like POOOOR GAI 2.0! Maybe Guilty Crown is actually about Gai 2.0. He is just SO AMAZING. I guess everyone is forgetting that Gai 2.0 was telling Shu that he supported this orange tang theory. Yes folks. I was just kidding with that stupid theory but the will of the human race was apparently to live on as crystals together. That is obviously the next stage of human evolution. Deep down that is what everyone really is wishing for. And Gai 2.0 supported this thinking. He didn’t want to be left behind and wanted everyone to be crystalized. Until Shu stabbed him and it was all like POOR GAI 2.0.


I think Shu will pass on the tang.

Can I just express how upsetting it is that there is no Daath Alien race up there in the sky responsible for all of this. I mean…yes that would have been pretty stupid too. Only because it would not have had enough time to get properly explained. But at least it was something. We had an eyebrow kid, rock from space, and a weird disease that was out of this world. But…Daath is the will of the people. The natural evolution of the human race. Nothing…just…nothing. Nothing to make this show make sense. I don’t even know what to say.

All the other fighting going outside was so rushed and mushed together it was hard to keep up. Daryl wants to be famous for being a murderer, Ayase and Tsugumi have to bounce around a little to show the audience they have boobies, Arisa was using her own Void, and Momma Haruka is facing off with her brother. The UN is still hanging on and any minor character has to look on in horror. So much squished in a tiny bit of time.


Kenji died off screen so he is another picture of insane Daryl.

Can I just say it was totally unnecessary to kill Kenji? I really don’t know why any of these morons were supporting Gai 2.0 as he was trying to kill them…I mean turn them all into crystals. But if it listen to Gai 2.0 or die I would…well run away. But Kenji stayed around and listened to someone who rescued him from jail. The others were going to go back with Gai 2.0 until he developed the crazies. I don’t know…I am not making sense but I just don’t see what he did that was so evil. Oh right I am still bitter that Arisa lived.


Are you insane?!


Even Daryl thinks Rowan is insane.

OKAY! I know SOME of you like Daryl. From Guilty Crown, not the Walking Dead. I am of the camp he has always been insane and for 5 seconds he had a candy apple and was tolerable. Then he went back to being crazy. So the fact that he got to live and Rowan DIED to save him boggles my mind. What part of him was good Rowan? Can you see the future? If so please use it to save yourself and this punk kid next time. Like really folks what kind of ending is this?!

Inori turning into a flower and allowing Shu to use her Void….yeah I am going to chalk this up to another WTF moment that won’t be explained. If you don’t explain the very premise of this show then nothing else needs to be explained. It is just magic. Also it appears that the creators were trying to use every single scene in the opening song. By making it as forced as possible.


Holding back the tears for you Gai. SO SAD!.....

After Gai 2.0 and Mana “died” it was pretty obvious what was going to happen next. Shu was going to take on all the pain and crystal cancers of the world. So it is unclear if Gai 2.0 knew this was going to happen. If so he is amazing and can predict the future. All the people he killed were automatically going to be saved by Shu. Good thing Shu survived losing his arm. Otherwise POOR GAI 2.0!

But yes folks. Shu had to take on all the pain and suffering because he wears the Guilty Crown. Still not understanding why folks. I went on in detail last post but what has Shu REALLY done wrong?! I think he did the best he could given the situation and he got crapped on the entire way. Inori was using him via Gai’s orders, was forced to join terrorists, had a power inserted in his arm, forced to be leader of a group of crazy kids, LOST HIS ARM, lost his girl, and in the end had to kill his sister and best friend to save the world.


I would have been like HAHA screw you all...but I am not amazing.

So why the Guilty Crown? Why does Shu think he needs to die for the Earth when he has been put through so much? And that is only the crap in this show, none of the stuff in his Mana raping past! Why does he need to bear the burden of everyone? To make everyone think WOW what a nice guy? Fine then say that. But to take on the word Guilty? I think not.


Inori doesn't even need a body to do amazing things!

And in the end it doesn’t matter. Because Inori wakes up with her blind crystal self and instead of staying in the……beyond with Shu she takes all the crap from Shu and dies. Shu gets to live and Inori, who has not been shown to have Void Sucking Powers so far, can just magically take on all the crap from the world and dies. Maybe it is because she is in the super power Mana/Inori body but come on people! I get WANTING to save someone but please make it make sense. It is like they are making this up as they go along.

It is unclear if Inori, Mana, and Gai 2.0 are alive in this new level of human evolution. I would like to think they aren’t. Like nope this was a failed attempt to get humans to a different level of consciousness and it didn’t work. POOF! Begone. Humans got to live and this other world was destroyed. But all the Inori fans out there would be like NOOOOOOOOO.


Sounds like Ayase didn't end up with Shu either! X__X

It is clear though that the writers hate Shu. All he have left in this world is his stepmother, one arm, and two broken eyes. Oh yes it is so amazing that Inori that died to protect Shu. Happy Birthday a few years later Hare. Look Inori your song is being played in town. Ayase people thought you were going to get out of the wheelchair. Well you didn’t. But now you have Shu all to yourself. Well what is left of him anyway.

In conclusion I had high hopes for this series. It started off slow but showed some promise. But after Gai and Mana died things got a little crazy. Then Mana and Gai 2.0 came back and things got pretty stupid. Tons of plot points were introduced but most of them were poorly explained. This show was not lacking in characters but the ones fans like the most seem to be Ayase and Tsugumi, two that barely had anything to do. Can’t hate what you don’t know. And the very premise of this show was NEVER explained. Viewers were forced to go with the flow and fans of this show would say well don’t think so much and you will enjoy it more.

One of the only things I liked about this show was Shu. He didn’t become amazing over night. One would argue he never became amazing. He reacted like a normal kid most of the time. Well as normal as someone who had an incest loving sister in the wing and a magical arm full of powers. But he had doubts, tried to believe in his friends, failed at being a leader when it was forced upon him, and tried to be a hero when all he wanted was the girl.


A very healthy relationship, when one of the people is no longer a people.

And yes….death would have been better for Shu. At least he could have been with his little monster. Le sigh. Thanks Guilty Crown. For what I don’t know. Maybe you will win an award for the most uses of one song in 22 episodes? I don’t know. Just disappointment all over my face.


Anonymous said...

The ballet part was really ODD for me, it might look good on paper, but to execute it in anime is really out-of-place for me.
Also, the tension build b/w Haruka and Koudou just drop like that is disappointing; no big secret revealing, no emotional trauma or anything!! Koudou just stab himself w/ virus and dead. So, what is his role in the amime again? Someone please remind me.....

Also, the producer should use Supercell better. I mean, only 2 songs? really? they could have insert a new songs when Inori was sing in ep24. I though they want to make more money.... oh well, I guess I was wrong....

Overall, the story does flow w/ some rocky plot holes. I enjoy the most are the coloring/details of the anime. My least favor is the character development, like Shu switch from a tyrant to a normal in 1 ep. Man that was fast.
The relationship b/w Shu and Inori never seems to pass the "be there for you" and "comfort".
I wish the writers of Death Note and Code Geass would work TOGETHER.

Gatx375 said...

I'm very happy that this show is over. I don't know why I didn't drop this show, it got so bad after episode 12. Come to think of it, it wasn't very good before episode 12 either. The writing was terrible and I hated almost all the characters. Segai and Rowan were the only exceptions and I don't know what the hell Rowan was thinking at the end.

I had a hard time believing that this was written by the same writers as Code Geass. But the show is finally over and Fate/Zero starts back up two weeks =D

Anonymous said...

I read several post/blogs and all of them disfavor Guilty Crown since episode ~4-5. So how/why are people still watch this so called, "disappointment" till the very end? Is it really bad? I watched till ep 12 and dropped.

Eternia said...

This show is indeed disappointing.
But if it's a super bad show, I would just drop it altogether and don't bother with it anymore, such as:
-Black Rock Shooter, who has crazy middle schooler, and irrelevant crazy fight between black cloaked girls.
-Brave Soul, whose characters all generic, average joe, and boring.
-Papa no Iu koto Wo Kikinasai, who has elementary school girl prostitution.
-Amagami, who has a worm and a loser of a protagonist.

The reason I keep watching and commented at various place is because it's actually has potential. It has epic songs by SuperCell, the art and computer graphic are superb compared to other anime. Too bad the characterizations are inconsistent!! The way those magical device works are inconsistent too!! And unexplained!! Too many Deus ex Machina. Really, what's wrong with the author?? Oh, wait, I have already decided that he took too many drugs and ruined his brain.

I would give Guilty Crown a score of of 6.5/10

Shana season 3 is even worse show. Ouma Shuu at least do a lot of stupid things. It's better than not doing anything. All Shana did on season 3 were:
-talk and talk and talk and talk, lots of bullshits.
-have a lover's quarrel with Sakai Yuuji.
-have only one serious fight, with a camel, that is.
I would give it a score of 5/10.
In fact, I don't even bother to watch 2 last episodes. Only read people's blog on it.

Oh yeah!! Fate Zero in two weeks. I would the season 1 a score of 8/10. Season 2 should have more battles!

Christina said...

Anonymous- I am sure the ballet scene was supposed to be so pretty yet deadly at the same time. Like oh look a pretty girl dancing...and people are dying. Only that so much craziness had happened prior to the dancing that Mana struck a pose and I was like wtf is going to happen now.

If Inori sang that song again I was going to scream. I mean Funeral Parlor was supposed to be using Inori as a pop star and all I heard is one song. I mean..I heard more songs in Blood-C! Granted they were terrible songs about rain drops and cracks in the sidewalk but at least I got some variety.

I think this show had a lot going for it and in the end it failed to live up to the hype. All these big ideas and nothing was really fleshed out. It couldn't have had more going for it and it still failed.

Gatx375- I find it hard to drop shows even if I feel the bad outweighs the good. Almost like I need to see how bad things get. Or what if things magically start getting better and I gave up too soon? And maybe I am just too stubborn. XD Needless to say a lot of us just kept on watching even though things got...special.

Rowan was on crack. He actually makes it to episode 22 and dies for some kid who killed people over TOUCHING him. Like yes deep down Daryl is a good guy. But who is left to guide him on this LONG journey. I have no idea. Poor Rowan indeed.

Christina said...

Anonymous 2- I think Guilty Crown is being panned by a lot of people because we were expecting a lot. Many different ideas, themes, and theories were going on in this show and in the end nothing is explained well. Even in a show with a sci-fi element didn't even go with the answer JUST BECAUSE. No apparently the alien force is really just...human feelings, Inori is a thundercat, and two someones who were dead are brought back for no good reason. Inori is IN LOVE with Shu even though we never see how or when this happens. Shu gets magical upgrades to his powers...and we are just supposed to accept it. One of the strongest (emotionally) characters just breaks down in 5 seconds flat, sleeps with people to get ahead EVEN THOUGH SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO, and basically has a major personality change. All for no reason.

There was just SO much going on with little focus on many of the plots or characters that were flying around. And the world almost ended because someone dances on a map of the planet. Things are bad when dancing destroys people.

Eternia- Guilty Crown was ALMOST like all the bad sci-fi movies I watch on the weekend. Like really, how much more crazy can this get. But unlike the show The River, which suffered MORE from plot holes and what do you mean we need to explain stuff syndrome, I found Guilty Crown....just bleh. It was even hard to laugh at because the writers actually wrote this to be serious and not be laughed at. But compared to Black Rock Shooter this show was amazing! XD

I can't even talk about Shana. At least things happened in Guilty Crown. DIFFERENT THINGS! Not just one huge battle that lasts forever.

And yes everyone....Fate/Zero! Woot for Saber!

Shu Ouma said...

NEED A SEASON 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

Shu Ouma- I think the way things ended there won't be a season two. I mean...can Shu even handle any more torture? This show really had a lot of ups and downs. A lot was left unexplained. But maybe Daryl can reemerge as the crazy person, Inori can come back from being dead, and Shu can lose all his body parts in season two. X____X Poor Shu indeed.