Friday, March 9, 2012

Tenchi, a rainbow of emotions

Apparently I can't get off my butt to blog ANYTHING because there is way too much going on in my head. Jealously, anger, a realization I have it pretty good in life, RAGE, fear, and crazy. All of those would sum up my emotions in the last few days. Oh and I think I cried, called myself insane, and threaten to blow up the human race.


This face will never get old. EVER!

XD Aren't (some) men so lucky to be in the company of such lovely and put together human beings?

And yes this post has very little to do with anime or manga. But sometimes I need a venting post to help move on from all the crazy in my life. I realize that this is more of a "diary" entry and is not too terribly interesting. Anime and manga is to come folks, just not tonight.

I guess the biggest news in Tenchi land is that my brother is being stationed in Okinawa starting in December. Insert jealous Tenchi here.

Okay insert REALLY jealous Tenchi here. I tried to smirk to myself saying that my brother was going to be at least 2 hours by plane from anything cool. But then that just made me realize that I am like 20 hours away from anything cool and it made me a sad panda. Can I hopes for a nice sister-in-law to send me lovelies from Japan? I'll even pay for some of it, just hook me up!

The neighbor parking issue will probably never be resolved. This is because our Home Owner's Association whoever person FORGOT our building existed. She FORGOT we were apart of this community when our building was here FIRST (well third but we three buildings were built at the same time). So yeah. It is probably a bad sign when someone in charge of your property forgot you existed. But she made sure to collect all our dues yes? Time to put on our walking shoes. I have yet to see the neighbors since the COPS were called to the scene. Which is good because the way this was going down was really.....weird. Like I even don't want to mention WHY the cops thought the neighbors were picking on me because it is that weird and gross.

Speaking of weird and gross...I think I am emotionally distraught over the latest episode of Survivor. I know most people don't watch as many reality shows as I do so maybe most people don't know what went down. Basically a gay republican wanted to vote out either the little person on his tribe or the poor black dude and used words like ghetto trash and Oompa Loompa to get his point across. Now I am not going to say something like WELL as a gay republican he should know what it is like to be on the outside of society and maybe connect with other outsiders better. Because he is stupid and can't dig the silver spoon out of his ass long enough to see that people are different and that's okay! No what I am disgusted about is that the rest of his team SAID NOTHING....or said that since we have a Black President we need to stop talking about race. Did I mention that the men won this immunity challenge yet gave it up so the gay republican could get rid of someone just because they were poor? Yeah that episode had a lot of rage inside my heart.

Don't even get me started about how on the Biggest Loser a man was talking about how HE made the decision to continue on with a pregnancy that would most likely result in the death of the unborn child. Or at the very least result in a child with serious medical issues that would interfere with their quality of life, despite how brief that life would be. THE MAN! He made that decision in a second folks. I SEE!

I know these are just reality shows but to think that maybe deep down people can actually think this way is disgusting. It makes me sad for the future as I thought with each generation we were becoming closer and willing to accept more people, differences and all. But instead it seems like hatred is just passed on from family members and we are always at war with someone. is depressing.



Oh and I almost got fired. Again. And I didn't even do anything. Like seriously did not do anything, wasn't even in the damn store when the conversation took place. Momagaer wanted to fire the new person as they were being disrespectful to her in hour 5 of her time at the pizzeria. This somehow lead to well TENCHI should be fired too because she yells at people when they do stupid things. Yes instead of telling the people not to do stupid things I am getting blamed for reacting normally over a stupid situation.

Somehow this all lead to me watching the craziest episode yet of Black Rock Shooter, reading X___X over in Mahou Shoujo Kazumi Magica Ville, yelling at my husband because he can't read my mind, having my husband feel sorry for me and take me out to dinner, and looking over my almost finished scrapbook of Japan 2011, thinking....I don't have it too bad.

In conclusion Happy International Women's Day. Here's to all the crazy and emotional woman out there who are interesting, insane, inspirational, talkative, overworked, and hopefully loved.

I promise something anime or manga related will get blogged tomorrow. Black Rock Shooter is INSANE! X__X But before that all comments will be responded to. I do reads them I promise! Forgive me as I am apparently suffering from the crazies. Or Slackerness. Something anyway. But can you blame me?

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