Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 23: Why is Yuki even trying?

HELLO THERE! I am alive folks. Just been trying to have a busy today. I predict that Thursday and Friday will be super busy and crazy days. Especially Friday. I might just pass out after work. And as such I need to have the house looking nice and caught up so I can be lazy after work.

Or I spent most of the day wasting time on the internets. The bathroom is nice and sparkly though! Kira helped by getting her cat fur everywhere. So helpful my kitty.


Oh Yuki. Yuki Yuki Yuki....good thing Yuno loves you. Because you is too dumb to live.

Without further delay…Mirai Nikki episode 23 time!! WOOHOO! Spoilers for some serious answers!


Can't be having the world end BEFORE the set date. The flowers haven't arrived yet!

Episode Summary: MurMur cackles to herself as she keeps a small part of Deus. This should be enough to keep the world from ending before the set time. Deus is very confused on how MurMur can use her powers with the arm restraints on. But MurMur is going to be the next god. Yuki has gotten over Akise’s beheading as Yuno has announced the world is going to end in a week. As a result more and more swirls of blackness fill the area. Yuki decides to stay at Case de Yuno as she steals electricity from the neighbors. Since the world is ending it probably won’t matter. Yuno is off taking a bath in a steel drum and asks Yuki to join her. Yuki is like no so Yuno will make him his own bath. Yuki thinks to himself how all of his friends must have been telling the truth and Yuno was lying. But Yuki can’t imagine sweet innocent Yuno killing him. At dinner Yuki shows signs of not trusting Yuno but the fact that Yuki won’t have sex with her is more upsetting. Yuno runs off all upset and Yuki spends the night pretending he can’t hear Yuno.


Hopefully while we are having sex the black swirls don't kill us!

As the week progresses on Yuki takes the time to visit his now destroyed house. Yuki misses his absentee mom and murdering dad. Yuki goes to the school…and doesn’t think about all his dead classmates. Instead Yuno shows up (in his mind or for real) acting cute. So Yuki decides he needs to figure out how he feels about Yuno. That night he decides he is going to take a romantic bath with Yuno in the steel drum. After that awkward fun Yuki says lets go to bed. This leads them having awkward sex YAY! After all that great sex Yuki is like so Yuno why did you lie about mom and dad, that I can bring them back to life? Yuno pulls out an axe…and throws it aside. Yuno says she was just trying to make Yuki feel better and says some vague things about finding out from Deus this rule. She asks Yuki to kill her since she is happy enough. Yuki says he can’t kill her if he can’t wish her back to life. He suggests they just die together and Yuno is like oh lord this again? Yuki then wonders what Akise was talking about, Yuno winning the game once before and this was World 2. Yuno then loses her damn mind and tries to kill Yuki with said axe. Yuno is pissed that Yuki ruined their one happy day with his stupid questions. Yuki runs through the house wondering why Yuno is acting like this post sex.


Yes. Because that would just ruin your plan...of slashing him to pieces.

Suddenly MurMur appears, locks Yuno out, and pushes Yuki in the hole where the dead bodies were. MurMur sends Yuki back in time, to the day when Yuki and Yuno were doing their future paper things and Yuki agreed to married Yuno. MurMur then says she will show Yuki the truth. Yuno and her super sane self scream at Yuki not to look as she hacks the door down with her trusty axe. MurMur floats Yuki through what looks like the data storing machine that nearly sucked in Akise last week. Yuno asks Yuki why he wanted to be god and how he thinks the first world ended. First world? OH SNAP it is story time. MurMur shows Yuki some visions of the past but Yuki says they are different from how he remembers them. MurMur explains she just showed him visions of the first world and he is living in the second world. In the first world Yuki and Yuno committed suicide at the end of the game. Which was nice and lovely until Yuno spits out the pills and declared herself the winner. When she tried to wish Yuki back to life with her new god powers that is when she found out NOPE no dead people rules. She then traveled back in time and killed herself (the Yuno who just joined the game) so she could find Yuki and start all over again. Yuki freaks the hell out over the fact Yuno killed….innocent Yuno? Ragey Yuki travels back to the real world where Yuno has broken down the door and has put on her super crazy. THE END!

I see I see I SEE!

I think for quite a while now I have been supporting a time traveling Yuno. So now that is has come as the big reveal I am more like….oh. XD I am sure other people guessed it was a time traveling Yuno of some kind so I am not sure how SHOCKING this knowledge was for everyone.


Now I want to know who MurMur really is!

MurMur was acting pretty weird. Well she has been acting weird since day one but you know. She picked up a tiny piece of Deus and declared herself the new god of time and space? Did she miss the part of the game where the WINNER would be the new god? Or is she banking on Yuno messing up again? She is all over the place, voting for Yuno to win this entire time yet now she is giving Yuki very critical information. Her real motives for this game seem to be the mystery now although I think it won’t be touched upon much. Poor Deus, he has no hands left to strangle her.


Just a normal day in the neighborhood. It's not like the world is ending next week or anything.

The first half of the episode was pretty dang strange. The world is slowly being destroyed by swirls in the sky yet Yuno and Yuki were acting like they were on Spring Break. Of course Yuno needed to be a little special and steal electricity to make this all happened but if that is the only crazy thing Yuno did then Yuki should be counting his lucky stars. It was just weird though, the amount of happy that was going on. Everyone Yuki cares about are dead and will stay dead. And the world is ending. So clearly this meant it was time for eating dinners together and intimate baths.


Yuno never fails to bring the crazy.

For Yuno this is everyday behavior though. Acting normal when in reality everything is insane. I guess I was expecting more from Yuki. He did do a few side glances and mentioned his phone but at the beginning of this episode he was content chillin at Case de Crazy. I am not sure what he was waiting for. The world is ending and the longer they wait to “decide” a winner the more likely people will die. I suppose Yuki was upset that their plan to kill Yuno and bringing everyone back to life has been totally messed up but there wasn’t much mopey behavior from Yuki. I would expect him to suicidal or upset. Something anyway.


:( And yet...he doesn't cry.

After a few days Yuki did walk around town and look a little sad. Oh and he acknowledged that Yuno was the one lying and his friends were telling the truth. Without a single tear. If I came to the realization that I killed all my innocent friends to protect a liar and crazy pants I would be beside myself in anger and sadness. But maybe Yuki is smarter than I think. Maybe he knew if he showed emotion Yuno would read her Future Diary and that would be the end of him. But that would probably be giving him way too much credit.


Um...so yeah.

So putting aside that the world was ending and Yuki was acting pretty emotional stunted and confused…we has a sex scene folks! WOOHOO! X__x Yeah that went over well with me. But I guess the awkwardness of the scene was accurate? It wasn’t totally sexy…but it was weird how they were pretending to be adults while looking totally like kids.


You didn't think to ask about this...WHEN IT HAPPENED?!

For 5 whole seconds (what Yuki is 14 years old?!) things were great. Then as they laid there in the afterglow of their lovemaking Yuki decides it is time to ask Yuno about that cliffhanger in the last episode. OH YES he finally remembered. A headless Akise texted Yuki something and after sex Yuki thought it was the right time to question Yuno about it. Oh Yuno that 60 seconds was awesome but what did Akise mean when he said you already won the game once and became god? MOG YOU SLEEP WITH A KNIFE!!!!!


Yuki ruined her magical night of bliss.

From there things turned into crazy town. Instead of denying things like usual Yuno picks up the random knife she always sleeps with and tries to hack Yuki to pieces. And Yuki has no idea WHY. Um because only one of you can become god and Yuno knows that you can’t bring people back to life. Maybe Yuki thought they were going to kill themselves like Romeo and Juliet? Yuki is pretty stupid, I guess it is understandable that he is confused about this random turn of events. At least wait until the next morning to kill Yuki gosh.


You are such a dumbass Yuki.

I think if MurMur had not interfered Yuki would have been killed by Yuno. I don’t think that I need a cookie for that line of thinking though. Yuki has been the weakest person in this entire series with the exception of his badass lines that were fed to him by Yuno. So yeah Yuki was toast. Yuno was going to kill him. It is unclear if she just snapped or if that was her plan all along. But the way Yuno was carrying on when MurMur decided to show Yuki the truth was interesting. Yuno was going to kill Yuki anyway so why did it matter at that point? Was she afraid that somehow with this knowledge Yuki was going to be able to turn things around and do some time traveling himself? Unlikely but the way she lost her mind was X____X. Questionable at least.


Just get to the truth!

I question why MurMur choose to show Yuki the scenes that she did. Yes we all know that Yuno wanted to be Yuki’s bride and what not. Much of Yuki’s flying around in space felt like filler. Got to stretch out the dramatic reveal as long as possible. Or maybe because I thought all of this weeks ago it didn’t have much a dramatic impact on me thus I am complaining.


So romantic. Well until Yuno got up.

But after all that boring stuff…XO there was still some surprises left for me. I figured that the first time around Yuno was slightly normal in the first game thus Yuki might have fallen in love with the hidden crazy Yuno. So I thought maybe he just committed suicide out of love for Yuno. But NOPE! They were all like let’s die together weeeeee! Only Yuno, being the hidden crazy, spits out her pills and cackles as she is the winner and will bring Yuki back. Like oh snap didn’t see that coming. But I probably should have since she did kill her parents, back before the games even started.


So basically I am the DMV of space and time?

I do think this whole you can’t bring back the dead is kinda lame. Yes it appears being the god of time and space isn’t a very good gig and you are not all powerful. Well yeah I guess not if you die while in office. Maybe this job really sucks and this is just a way to elect another sucker. I think most people would want to become god to do something supernatural and Deus probably kept that little detail, no zombie people, on the down low for that very reason.


She killed herself for you? WHY ARE YOU PISSED?!

BUT ANYWAY back to Yuki being a dumbass. I mean yes it is super creepy and weird now that we all know the whole NO DEAD PEOPLE rule. I would find that very suspect. But instead of focusing on that Yuki decides to cry about the dead Yuno. Because in his mind she is more Yuno than the Yuno he has been playing the game with the entire time. This is probably because Yuki is the stupidest person on the face of the planet. Granted I can see how Yuki could get very confused at this shocking news. But these Yunos are the same exact person. One just had a few extra months added on to her life. And she had a few more deaths under her belt. But this Yuno (alive Yuno?) said the exact same things to Yuki about being a bride and stuff. Alive Yuno just killed herself (Dead Yuno) before the game number 2 started. So all this NOOOO stuff was highly unnecessary. Or it should have shown Yuki that Alive Yuno loves him so much that she was willing to kill herself to be with him.

But he is dumb. And there is still the looming question on why Yuno wanted to go back in time. I swear if it was just to take a ride on his penis I will scream. Maybe she wanted to get pregnant therefore changing the rules or something. I don’t know. It is hard to analyze the actions of crazy people. MurMur seems pretty happy that she is the new god of space and time…despite the fact that there are two contestants left. Alive Yuno and slightly confused Yuki.

There are a few episodes left until this series ends. I can’t imagine that the entire time will be spent with Yuno chasing Yuki and having her explain away her crazy. Maybe there is hope for Minene still! I trust in you opening theme song, Minene was a different color. Maybe Yuki will somehow kill Yuno, wish to start everything over again, and make it so Minene is the winner by telling her everyone’s names. WEEEE! Or maybe Yuno will win again but Yuki will make sure he has his memories or something.

I think I had more to say but I forgot….I did start writing this on Sunday. XD Oh me and my The Walking Dead comics.


Eternia said...

It's pretty hard to tell what's a crazy pants thinking, but I have a theory:
She has intended to kill Yuki from the start, after she spends a night with him. After then, she will become a god of space and time once again. She will travel back in time and kill herself who had just killed her 1st self. By then she will have two spare diaries, lol. She will play the game again, enjoying her time together with Yuki, sleep with him again, repeat the process until she's satisfied. And yeah, lied everytime when she said that it was her first time~
Yuki wouldn't be able to tell anyway.

Christina said...

Eternia- I have a feeling that MIGHT be where things are headed. Like Yuno is so far into crazy town she is just going to keep on repeating how ever many months the game is with Yuki, be the last person standing, and repeat. Because she is crazy and trying to make sense of crazy is insane. XD

If somehow Yuki was able to let Yuno win AGAIN but retain his memories he could save everyone. Let Yuno wish back time, tell Minene who all the Diary Users are, and then kill Yuno himself. Then everyone minus the Diary Users win. Yay mom, dad, and Akise!

Karasu Inoue said...

READ THE MANGA GUYS. Or wait until it's all answered. Also she went back in time because she wanted another shot at being with Yuki. She was willing to do this over and over again until they could be together. It's not that hard to understand Yuno. -_- Maybe I'm just as crazy as her? XD

Christina said...

Karasu Inoue- Yuno is pretty dang broken. I would be a mess if I was going to go back in time and spend a few months with the person I love then kill him to repeat the process. Very broken indeed.