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Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 23: ALMOST DONE!

I was trying to think of something fun to say in my beginning paragraphs…but they all sounded silly. Tenchi loves buying groceries on sale? Tenchi’s family members drive her crazy? Tenchi’s congratulates herself on getting all her errands done today? XD Gosh I am so boring.

On a serious note someone close to me is going to need some prayers/kind thoughts this upcoming weekend. I don’t want to go into details but it could be a serious/lifetime issue, something no one wants to deal with. As much as this person drives me up a wall I love them and want them to be around for a long, long time. So just say a quick thought/prayer for my family this weekend. Let it be good/positive news.


Everyone is GASPING! Even this person who I don't know!

OKAY. I wasn’t really feeling Shakugan no Shana the last few weeks. Actually…I am still not. XD Just that I am running out of other shows to blog. Like oh no train wreck Black Rock Shooter to blog? Shana it is. And apparently it is over. X__X Got some catching up to do. Soon only Mirai Nikki will be left standing. Spoilers for the Grand Order ACTUALLY taking place, no lie. XD


So many words for I ROCK AND WIN!

Episode Summary: Everyone looks on as YujiSnake says it is FINALLY time to start the Grand Order. YujiSnake explains that everything (probably including the stupid machine) is just a hoax. A lie to make Margery and Shana change about the spell. Because the Grand Order is going to start from the Reiji Maigo inside Yuji. YujiSnake then explains exactly how the Reiji Maigo works. Apparently Dantalion figured out this a long time ago. The short version (or what I am pretending that I understood) is YujiSnake can suck up the power of existence from…a lot of people and use that to connect to everyone’s wishes? Not sure how that was any different from what Shana was thinking, about YujiSnake waiting until midnight to be refilled but okay. The point of all that nonsense is….Shana and Margery didn’t change anything. While all that nonsense was taking place Rofocale the traveling crazy person was used to help summon a god. Now it is time for Hecate to die and serve her role YAY!


Whose side are you on?!

On snap maybe not. Because Shana and company had a plan B….C……M! They summoned their own god…the god of something cooler than YujiSnake. Everyone is smirking that this god is going to put YujiSnake in his place. Only SHE DOESN’T! She instead tells the Denizens to go forth into their new land and have a party. She then talks about how Johan and Pheles have taken a new form so they can bring a new life into this world. Alastor is like PSHT last time a Denizen and Human tried to make a baby we took that abomination out. Well surprise this time in worked. The…thing is crowned the inheritor of both the lands and tells everyone to accept it. The Flame Hazes are too pissed at the fact that Ms. God didn’t mention anything about the whole DO NOT EAT HUMANS thing. So YujiSnake tells all his Denizens to make their wish (as YujiSnake can’t do anything alone, he can only fulfill the wishes of others) and concentrate on sending blue pixie dust his way. So everyone sparkles and no Flame Hazes interrupt this magical moment because that would be rude. YujiSnake thanks Hecate for her service as she FINALLY dies. It was a magical moment. But then it is GASP time. Turns out that the rule of not eating humans has been reinstated…by the Denizens. Apparently all the ass whipping that happened in the last 4839437 episodes worked and now they are afraid one day Flame Hazes will rise up in the new world. So new rule it is. Bel Peol is like YujiSnake why did you do that?! He says that everyone looked sad so he had to do what they wanted.


The kid was cute. Useless but cute.

YujiSnake calls forth Ribesal and tells him to lead everyone to the new world. With his little buddy Pirsoyn they turn into little pieces of sparkle and go into the cage tunnel to the new world. Once everyone sees that the lesser Denizens travel worth into sparkle land. YujiSnake calls worth the more important Denizens and tells them goodbye, that they did a good job. One by one they poof until it is only Bel Peol and Sydonay are left. Bel Peol takes out Mr. Snake from Yuji. Mr. Snake tells Yuji he has grown fond of him and hopes all his wishes come true. Bel Peol is impressed that Yuji hasn’t asked for help even though he is going to go up against Shana. She gives him a key to the stupid tower or something and they start their decent to the sparkle bath. Sydonay has been so touched by Yuji he stays behind to help him. Mr. Snake announces to all the Flame Hazes that their battles were not in vain and the rule DO NOT EAT HUMANS was created. The Scooby Van decides that going to the new world will be better since the humans will not be eaten. All the Flame Hazes are pretty sad as Khamsin is on the ground dying. Kazumi seems to think the news that Pheles and Johan made a baby should save Khamsin. It will not. Khamsin seems to be okay with dying as everything turned out okay. A few goodbyes are said and he dissolves into pixie dust. THE END!

Okay. So when I blog episodes I usually write my thoughts about the episode out first, then my little opener, and then I do the summary. The summary usually takes long and I have to make sure I get these accurate as my mind gets fuzzy in the hours after I saw the episode. Plus it is more fun to type out MOG THIS WAS AMAZING or rant about the show.

But this time….just no. I was like meh might as well write the summary from memory. I try to put a little personality into the summaries but I try to stay true to what happened and save the fun for later. But I am just not seeing the fun in this series. It is more like OKAY the end is almost here let’s get over this. I guess I just remember how exciting this series used to be and I am blogging it out of obligation. There are only a few episodes left after all right? Dude…this is such a downer way to begin this post isn’t it? BLEH. Sorry about that.


Just so lovely.

ON TO THE SHOW! So amazing folks…if only because GRAND ORDER actually happened. It took like 12904 years and I thought it was never going to happen. Like someone was going to come in and destroy everyone. The viewers would clap in relief and life would move on. But yes. Grand Order. YukiSnake finally delivered. Good thing he is not Dominos or it would be free. XD


I almost didn't watch this episode because of this sentence.

However…..there was another AHA moment. It has been a constant BUT wait my plan is better than yours. It turns out that big piece of machinery that is taking up half the city. Doesn’t matter. YujiSnake and the Reiji Maigo are going to bring about the new world. And it makes sense. There has to be a reason why Yuji was picked by Mr. Snake to do this all. And a super spell should not come from a machine. It should come from the person casting it. But…there have been so many AHA moments with this damn spell I was more like oh okay so how is this going to fail.

I don’t think I did a good job explaining the Reijo Maigo part in terms of the Grand Order. Mainly because it was a lot of talking and it felt like nothing was getting said. Just know that it appeared YujiSnake sucked up a lot of people to do this spell and no one cared. Maybe he just sucked a little of their power o existence. But the Flame Hazes just went…meh. That is all they did for 20 minutes…meh. But yeah folks YujiSnake did something amazing and that is all I know.


The most powerful being in the series and I don't know who you are!

I am not sure who this Ms. God was. Apparently she is a big deal. And the Flame Haze’s last hope. You would think that MAYBE if Ms. God was that important she would have been mentioned a bit more. But I have no idea who summoned her or why she is a big deal. And that is what this season of Shana has suffered from all along. Not introducing concepts or characters very well. We are just given names after names and titles and no real story to who these people are and what they can do. All I know is Ms. God was a big deal.


We shall name it Fred. Or Sally. Do jars of energy have genders?

And she didn’t even do what the Flame Hazes wanted her to do. XD Like is this show for real? Maybe that is what I find so entertaining…Instead she announces that Johan and Pheles have done something amazing. SUPER AMAZING. They made a baby without having sex. Something that can’t happen as one is a Denizen and one is a human. Now….I am pretty sure them doing this has NOTHING to do with the Grand Order. So all this song and dance Pheles did with Kazumi seems to only have benefited Pheles. Okay it did temporarily stopped YujiSnake but in the end it seems to have helped Pheles and Johan. Make a baby. Good thing Kazumi didn’t die because of this.


Lets blow both worlds up and call it a day!

Not that ANYONE cares. Seriously it was like Ms. God spoke and no one cared. Lala oh what a life that isn’t possible and he/she is the first of his kind? Psht we are more upset Ms. God wasn’t on our side even though she was the secret weapon!

Fear not folks. Because there is one last AHA moment. Turns out that the Denizens actually want to live. And after all this fighting and dying and what not they decide that it is not worth it to go to paradise and have a human buffet if one day Flame Hazes will rise up again and kill them. So nothing Shana and YujiSnake really did mattered. Well I guess in one sense it DID but not in the way they expected. Shana could have just gone down there and kicked their asses and it would have been the same result. All the planning and schemes…just hahahaha…no.

After all that nonsense YujiSnake finally creates the walkway to paradise Denizens start leaving and say their goodbyes. I guess this was supposed to be a magical moment but I barely know half of these characters. But I guess in the end they were just creatures trying to survive and we were their food. Some of them were a little cruel about it but in the end we were just delicious juicy tacos living in a pretty sweet world.


Maybe in another life...I would be your boy.....

Mr. Snake and Yuji…they have bonded folks. It is like they are brothers now. Actually everyone admires Yuji. I guess it is easy to be on Yuji’s side WHEN YOU KNOW HIS PLAN! Still I guess Mr. Snake thinks he and Yuji are similar. Both are trying to help other people when basically they are powerless to help themselves. I would have thought Yuji was going to be pushing for this DO NOT EAT HUMANS rules but…I guess that might not have gone over well. Still…so sad right?


Poor little kid who is actually 10,000 years old.

At the end of the episode Khamsin dies. I thought he was already toast but he couldn’t just die in the midst of battle. How else could people be dramatic? No no everyone needed to come and feel bad for him. He did look pretty messed up though. Khamsin was actually a pretty cool dude so while I am being sarcastic about his death it is pretty sad. He was rather powerful and important while Rebecca just blew a few people up. But I am glad that he got a proper send off instead of being left in the dust. Rest in peace Khamsin.


MOG why are they still fighting?!

Next episode…Yuji and Shana are going to face off. FOR WHAT REASON?! Almost all the Denizens are gone (will the gods be leaving next?), the world seems saved, and the next world will be okay for humans. SO WHY ARE THEY FIGHTING?! Wai you didn’t tell me what your plan was WAI! So next episode…..domestic issues in the form of fire balls. Also…A BABY! Peace out. XD

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