Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 21: Is it almost over?

Slacker Tenchi reporting in! I may or may not have been kidnapped by reality TV. Or the mall. But good news folks. I know own more than 2 pair of pants. If you are a woman you know how WONDERFUL pant shopping can be and how it is so much easier to buy a cute top than a pair of pants that fit and don’t make you look like grandma. Plus spending money is always fun. Hard to earn and easy to spend.

Do I have the most random post openings or what? I am excited about my pants though….Not that they related to anime or anything.


So now you think you are Madoka or something?

Getting back on topic….Guilty Crown episode 21! I feel as if I watched this episode so many years ago. Hopefully I remember enough of this hot mess to blog about it properly. Spoilers for craziness that makes no sense!


I think maybe Inori should start worrying about herself and not....Gai 2.0. Just saying.

Episode Summary: A slight flashback is shown, with Gai 2.0 waking up after being dead and Eyebrow Kid explaining Mana wants him to be the new King. Gai 2.0 is upset he is not allowed to die. In the here and now Inori asks if Gai 2.0 is sad. Psht Gai 2.0 does not have feelings and marches on. Funeral Parlor is inching closer to Gai 2.0’s location and it is becoming clear that he (Gai 2.0) was lying about the amount of detection devices he had. Everyone is on board with rescuing Inori. Shu because he loves her and everyone else because that will stop Mana and Gai 2.0’s plans. Everyone is hard at work doing last minute plans. Shu helps Ayase into her mecha thingy and has an almost romantic moment when he says he wants her to stay perfect and he will become the dirty one. Shu also says he will be able to shoot Gai 2.0 if it comes down to it. The UN makes it to Gai 2.0’s location and start to attack. Gai 2.0 uses three Voids (including Eyebrow kid and Arisa) to make a super weapon that takes out the majority of the troops before the battle really starts. Despite being amazing the rest of the troops, including Daryl, will do the rest. Daryl doesn’t really know why he is still fighting but wants to die on his own terms apparently.


So says the people who are still alive.

Shu and his Segway of doom lead Funeral Parlor onto AntiBodies turf. Shu uses various Voids to get the group deeper into the facility while Tsugumi manages to hack the system and slow things down for AntiBodies. Gai 2.0 tells Inori he is going to erase her personality and let Mana take over. Gai 2.0 asks if Inori hates him for waking her up from her…cocoon it seems. She acknowledges she is a monster but is happy she got to meet Shu and learn what it was like to be human. Along the way Shu stops and takes the cancer out of a random red shirt ally which causes Ayase to worry. Funeral Parlor gets lost within the structure. Everyone stays behind to give Shu the chance to die alone…I mean find Inori. Contact with Tsugumi is lost and things look pretty bad when Daryl and his insane self show up. Shu almost makes it to Inori but creepy eyebrow kid stands in his way. Now he claims he essential is Daath and Daath is. That Daath is the will of humanity to evolve and what not. SO BRING ON DESTRUCTION! Despite the fact that Daath Eyebrows Kid has a room full of people to use as Void Bait Shu overpowers him, probably with the power of love. Despite being all powerful Daath lets Shu go on his merry way, probably to watch how awesome a Gai 2.0 verses Shu will be. Shu arrives but he is too late. Gai 2.0 says he just missed Inori, that Mana is now devouring her. The crystal Inori is gone and after some special moments Mana Queen of Crazy emerges. OH SNAP! The end!

HAHAHAHA!.....This show…I missing The Walking Dead. :(

Even cooking a bag of popcorn gives me little motivation to blog this episode. And my fingers have butter all over them. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.


Poor tortured Gai 2.0!

So Gai 2.0 has feelings folks. He is really, really sad that he said yes to destroying the whole human race. Woe is him. The thought crossed my mind that Gai 2.0 is doing all of this and in the end will go Thanks Shu and it will be revealed Gai 2.0 put himself in an position where he could sabotage things enough to let Shu save the day. Of course the way Gai 2.0 is going about this in a very violent way which makes me wonder how Gai 2.0 has tried to stopped this. But since Inori said Gai 2.0’s heart hurt we should believe it folks!


Grateful for what exactly? If Gai had killed you everyone would still be alive.

Sometimes we as human beings blink. And if you chose to blink during the first half of the show you might have missed all of Inori’s back story. ALL OF IT! Gai rescued Inori from a cocoon and that was it. THAT WAS IT! I guess we are supposed to assume Inori was created from Mana’s DNA and grown at an accelerated rate. And mixed in with crystal pieces.


This one scene explains EVERYTHING! I SEE!

However…yeah folks. Why did I even say however? This all sucked. We got one flashback scene and that was supposed to be enough to explain everything about Inori. Because with one episode left folks (please no second season!) I am not seeing any more time for Inori to be explained. If she is a Mana clone why the hell did she turn into a Thundercat? Inori kept referring to herself as a monster. If she was simply a clone she should have said a fake. Inori was only a “monster” as Mana made her do horrible things. Was Inori able to tap into Mana’s random connection with the crystal and do amazing things that way? Oh and did I mention Inori actually turned into a Thundercat? NOT A ROCK MONSTER?!

But in the end none of this matters. To the writers anyway. Inori is a monster because she said she was folks.


Yes let's use the word vessel and not MONSTER!

What does matter is that Inori has fallen in love with Shu. I am still bitter at the fact that Inori basically broke Shu’s heart yet was welcomed back with open arms and was never made to apologize. She said Gai MADE her use Shu. She is credited by sticking by Shu’s side but really she was causing problems for him and was using him as a shield. So maybe I am just a mean old lady but I didn’t see much of a love story. I do see her point that Shu taught her how to be human and maybe she fell in love with THAT idea. Mean old lady indeed.


Oh snap Inori! You better get....alive and take your man back!

I thought Ayase was going to have a heart attack. She was like wait is Shu hitting on me?! That was hinted at early in the season, that Ayase might switch her crush mode from Gai to Shu. But no folks. Ayase is the most innocent person in the world and Shu needs her to stay pure. Isn’t she the one who uses the big mecha to squish people?


I still don't know why she is important.

Tsugumi is just meh. I am thinking she is not going to get a happy ending with Daryl. Which is probably fine by her as she gave him a candy one time and he is off having magical fantasies in his head. But it is okay now folks. He is back to being a killer. Until he dies protecting her. But going back to Tsugumi…oh yeah we know nothing about her. She jumps around in a tiny suit and taps at computer screens. Go you.


Shu is on a mission to protect all the cars in the mall parking lot. Or save the world. Same thing.

Can I just say that I love that everyone is traveling in something cool or at least something that protects them…and Shu is on a Segway? Like he is the leader with amazing powers in his hand but he is Paul Bart driving down the road? I couldn’t stop laughing. It was amazing folks. AMAZING! I understand that he needed to be out in the open to use all the Voids but it was still funny to see.


They get props for fighting through that though.

A bit of logic fail but if Gai 2.0 used one attack on the “enemy” and it took out 87 percent of them why couldn’t he attack again and take out the rest? It sorta seems pointless to have ground troops and back up. Like okay Superman you go fight the baddies and we are going to sit here in our police station all safe. Why should I die with Superman is AMAZING?! Maybe this is why I am not a soldier though.


Have you said one thing that makes sense yet?!

Oh the Daath thing…hmm. I tried finding other people talking about the Daath issue but they are few and far between. Mostly I hear people complaining that people are hating this show over the Segway. Nope not me. I just found it…special. What makes this show so horrible is that there is ONE episode left and we have no idea WHAT THE POINT WAS!

Well obviously the point was to make Shu feel like crap over things that weren’t/aren’t his fault so he dies for everyone and further shows the Japanese people that the group is more important than the individual and everyone must apologize a million times.


So humans all wanted to die and get turned into crystal pieces?

But the other point would be…why is this happening? And it is not going to get explained. I don’t even know WHAT it is. Daath and his eyebrows (because this is the collective and Eyebrows is now Daath) has said TWO things about what Daath. Neither really make sense but it makes less sense since they are not compatible with each other. One is that SOMETHING has been watching Earth and want to force about the next stage in human evolution. The other thing Daath said is that Daath basically is the will of humans in a tangible form. So which is it folks?! A different life form out in space what want to change humanity for their own benefits or something inside humans themselves that are causing this to happen.


It is hard to evolve when you are dead. Sounds like you want a clean start Daath.

And if that didn’t make sense…..evolution and DESTRUCTION are two different things. I am not sure why anyone would want to help Daath when it sounds like he wants to start the entire Earth over with just Shu and Mana as Adam and Eve. So Gai 2.0 and other people helping out this eyebrow freak…did you have a plan B or something? Because….most people who get this crystal disease die. A rather painful death or instantly. And you want this to happen to the whole world. Unless people are coming together as orange tang…or crystal dust I am not sure why anyone would follow along with this insanity.


Everyone should be on board with this awesome plan!

According to people who would call me a hater I shouldn’t “over think” this show. I just sit back and enjoy the ride. Well folks when the basic concept of the show isn’t clear to almost EVERYONE…that doesn’t sound like over thinking it to me. I do not know WHY Daath wants this to happen. I am not sure HOW it happens. I am overlooking the Voids are human heart things because that is a part of the sci-fi aspect of the show. But the reasoning behind everything makes no sense. And because of that very basic concept this show makes no sense.


Wicked Lady Reboot?

With that said…there is only one episode left. It is clear we aren’t going to get most of the answers to the questions presented to us during this show. Things just ARE. Shiny with good music but with underdeveloped characters and weak plot points. But hey…I hear they have shiny weapons. ALL IS SAVED!


Eternia said...

Up until now, it doesn't make any sense & doesn't explain why you can pull 'things' out of people chest. And when these 'things' shattered, you are also dead? Is it some kind of people's soul or life force? Because that's the only explanation why we are going to die when our 'voids' destroyed? BUUUT. These souls are being carried to warzone by Shuu, while his friends who are 100 km away from him are still alive and kicking. How ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Eternia- You have to realize that this show doesn't need to explain ANYTHING. And since they don't explain ANYTHING they can keep on making up things because they never explained concept A. Hearts turning into weapons...okay. The person being unconscious while Shu used said weapons...understandable. Shu giving the weapon to the person it belonged to. A stretch.

Shu gaining a new Voidy arm that can hold people's weapons while they are MILES away and he can call upon said weapon like he is changing guns on a video game.....laughable. Shu just magically can do things and we can't question it. Because that would make us "haters".