Saturday, March 17, 2012

Black Rock Shooter episode 7

My stupid coworker hit me with the pizza peel tonight. Hit me in the elbow and it was red hot. And I didn't kill him.

Clearly I am the most amazing person to ever live. I deserve a lifetime supply of Thin Mints or something. Or maybe I should just consider myself lucky as he hasn't decapitated me yet. MORON!


Pizza peel? Girl please I was turned into a fly swatter (which sadly would not turn out in the screenies :( ).

So with a broken arm...(I am slightly dramatic) I shall blog this amazing show. AMAZING FOLKS! Black Rock Shooter episode 7. Spoilers for things just getting worse.



Episode Summary: Mato explains to the viewers about the Color Bird book. Because it has been 5 seconds since it was mentioned last. The bird DIES people. After the most annoying OP in the history of anime…Mato is still inside Black Rock Shooter. Saya seems to have lost contact with the other world and can no longer interact/control Black Gold Saw. Strength Yuu thinks that Mato can be reached so she will take her turn by going into the Other World. Saya sorta flips out at this notion. Strength Yuu explains that overall Mato is a happy person with not much sadness in her life. In the Other World Black Rock Shooter and her slowly melting face beat the crap out of Real Yuu. Strength Yuu finally hops inside Real Yuu and lets Mato know what the heck is going on. The thing that makes Mato the most upset though is the fact that she is not really Black Rock Shooter (well in a sense). Yuu is trying very hard to get Mato out of the Other World despite the fact she put her there to begin with. This leads to Mato having a meltdown as the viewers are shown other people talking about Mato being a girl who focuses on the good and never complains. Mato tries to get Black Rock Shooter to stop beating up Real Yuu but suddenly Real Yuu loses her marbles too and starts really fighting back.


Oh snap for crazy time!

Saya runs outside to find Strength Yuu because Strength Yuu needed to be in the grass to connect with Real Yuu? Kidding. During this time Real Yuu reveals to Mato that she is REAL Yuu and escaped into this world to escape all the bitches from the real world. Meanwhile it is the next day in the real world and Strength Yuu and Mato are at Saya’s place. The entire school is very concerned about Mato being absent, especially when the police show up. This causes Yomi and Kagari to be overly concerned. Kagari eventually collapses over the pain in her heart. Yomi spends a great deal of time running all over the place making ugly faces. Strength Yuu then explains to Mato this world was created because girls have such trauma in their life, stuff like failing a math test and getting their periods in gym class. Everything was fine and dandy as the Other Girls would just fight it out. The Other Girls had no emotions. But one Real Yuu gives Strength Yuu a taste of what real emotions are like given how serious her problems are. At the same time a new girl Black Rock Shooter appears and starts REALLY killing the Other Girls. Strength Yuu is afraid to die because it will leave Real Yuu to deal with her insane life. Well and the fact that Real Yuu TOLD HER to stay alive. But eventually things get too rough for Real Yuu and she forces Strength Yuu to change places. As Real Yuu and Black Rock Shooter battle it out Yomi has a mental breakdown remembering all the good times she had with Mato. With that resolve Yomi….wakes up Dead Master? THE END!

I am trying to remember why people were so mad and disappointed with the Black Rock Shooter OVA. Really I am. Are people missing those….well day? Probably not because I am seeing a lot of people posting how AMAZING this show is.

That probably makes sense though. People either gush about things they love or complain about things they hate. Although I do love to hate on things in a loving manner. The point being if people are finding this show just MEH they probably aren’t posting as much as people who LOVE this show. And it sounds like many people are saying they LOVE the action in this show. Which I will give the show, the action IS good. Given how much of this show is devoted to the action and fighting it better be good. But if the story and reason behind the fighting makes no sense then the show is weak.


I know you are busy not connecting and all but can you tell us how Real Yuu knew about the Other World?

I think I might be beyond asking the obvious questions. Like what exactly Saya thought she was doing. Yuu was an extreme example of a sad and pathetic girl and she ran away to this Other World that she magically became area of. So instead of helping other girls learn to deal with their emotional problems she….messes people enough to make their alter in the Other World strong enough to protect Real Yuu. Yes it is tragic what happened to Real Yuu but let’s do some math. One real Yuu verses All the Girls Ever.

In conclusion maybe Saya should have been thinking of ways to rescue Real Yuu instead of making an army of crazies to protect her in case another crazy came to kill her.


Oh the bird is like Black Rock Shooter, taking in all the pain and then dying. I SEE NOW!...Still hate it.

Speaking of Mato….her back story was the biggest disappointment for me in regards to this episode. Mainly because there was no back story. I thought the only thing that could save this show was the fact that Mato was an unreliable narrator and in her past she had some DEEP trauma that caused Black Rock Shooter go on a crazy spree. That maybe her real best friend died and Strength Yuu filled the void to keep her from going insane. Or maybe the real trauma started when she read the stupid bird book. I mean how traumatizing is it that the bird DIES?! Maybe Kid Mato never finished reading the book and doesn’t know the bird is okay!

But no folks. None of that happened. The reason why Black Rock Shooter is so kill happy in the Other World is….because Mato is a good person. I will let you digest that for a minute. Take a moment to think about that.


This the worse thing ever!

Mato…is a good person. She doesn’t want to be mad at people, she doesn’t want people to hate her, and overall she is a cheerful person who doesn’t talk about negative things. And this somehow HURTS her. Like wtf people. WTF. What is this show trying to teach girls? Oh if you think the best of people you will turn into an insane psycho person in another world? OH OKAY!



I do SOMEWHAT get what is going on. Or what is supposed to go on. Mato’s happy go lucky personality isn’t natural but forced. Well I don’t believe that but let’s pretend for a minute. All the stress that Mato puts on herself being all happy and cheerful and thinking the best of everyone made her go berserk in the other world. All that stress folks!

If this show was following its own logic that is what WOULD be going on. But what I think IS happening is Mato cares so much about other people she just wants to take away their pain and for everyone to be happy. Black Rock Shooter does take away that pain but doesn’t help them grow as people, something Mato wants them to do. Or at least that is what I think anyway. Who knows at this point.


Because everyone else loves sorrow?

What I am trying to say is….Mato has NOT suffered any crazy trauma in the real world. The characters in the other world take on the pain and suffering of the girls in the real world. If Mato’s only pain was trying to be a positive person and see the best in people I don’t see how Black Rock Shooter got activated. It’s not like Mato is Madoka and took on everyone else’s pain and that is what made her strong. Mato was simply being a nice, simple girl and that somehow equals crazy girl.

I think I am crazy for trying to formulate the thoughts I have in my head about Mato yet not coming close to explaining it properly. So let’s talk about something else. Oh Real Yuu is insane? Yes yes we know that. I get that she was hurt and such but how the heck did she learn of this Other World and decide HEY I want to be there instead of here? Strength Yuu is the one with power and can obviously connect with Real Yuu. So did Strength Yuu actually like this arrangement and wanted to be in the real world and that is why things went on as long as they did?


Maybe if Strength Yuu had told Kid Mato sooner about what Black Rock Shooter was doing this wouldn't have happened?

I am going to go out on a limb and say that Strength Yuu has not been having fun in this real world. She was scared at knowing/sharing Real Yuu’s emotions and to go from a world with just fighting to a world with…reality must have been hard for her. I don’t know what else Strength Yuu could have done. Mato is insane, Saya is insaner, and Strength Yuu would have driven herself insane trying to stay alive to protect Real Yuu. So maybe this worked out the best it could for her.


Wait aren't Saya and Real Yuu OLDER than Mato?

A GLARING problem with this show is the timeline. Like a huge problem unless Mato is not the correct age either. Saya is older than Mato. Strength Yuu has not aged. But in the Other World Strength Yuu was hiding because Black Rock Shooter emerged as some crazy new opponent. I do not know how old Saya was when Real Yuu went byebye nor how old Mato was but I am going to out on a limb and say at the very LEAST (and I am being super generous here) that a 8 year old Mato would not feel that much pressure to be perfect and loving towards everyone. Again not sure how old Saya is but I am guessing one needs SOME college to counsel kids at school. So the number is probably closer to Mato being FOUR at the time of the great Strength/Yuu switch. HMM FOLKS!


Being 4 was really tough for Mato....

This might seem like a minor detail and MAYBE it will get explained next week…in the last episode. But I doubt it will. And it really isn’t a minor detail. It is like this show has no backbone, a solid idea on what is going on and hopes that the audience focuses on young girls fighting and losing their minds. Who needs to focus on the plot when Black Rock Shooter is turned into a fly swatter?

Oh and Yomi got better. And cried. Because it hurt remembering Mato. This makes Dead Master wake up for some reason. I have no idea where this show is going. Apparently in this world it is okay to beat people to a pulp but killing them is wrong. I don’t know people…maybe I will go watch The River again to see something that makes no sense and is AWESOME in it’s ability to make me laugh.


Anonymous said...

I agree w/ you on the time line and the expression/back story/trauma, or whatever you call it,of Mato is not well informed.
However, if you read the manga, I do not know if it will show in the Anime, you will know the REAL trauma Mato gone through at a young age.
Right now I am not telling, because I do not want to spoil......

Other than that, I think/guess (w/no evidence)Black Rock Shooter (BRS)formed due to the pressure/negative emotion Mato ignored through out all her life so far, I mean those negative/lonely feelings have to go somewhere......

Anonymous said...

I think it is when Yuu connect with Strength for the first time, Strength start to have emotion. For example, Strength started to show "fear" and "I do not want to die", after "connect" with Yuu and saw Black Rock Shooter again, who is continue killing other "emotions".

Also, at the same time, I think the anime mentioned, Strength become confused on "what should I do with these emotions". I think Strength did it for herself as well, because Strength stop getting into a fight for fear of "fear of death" and that could be the reason why she switch with Yuu with out any struggle. Yuu, at the same time, start to break down, emotionally. Yuu probably think "any place is better at where I am right now (reality)" so to escape her rotten life she switch with Strength.
Those are just my random thoughts, hope they make sense.....

Christina said...

Super Late Responses are super late!

Anonymous 1- While I enjoy not being spoiled by the mangas when the anime is airing clearly sometimes that serves as a negative. Because Mato's past was not explained at all and to me that is a big point. Black Rock Shooter is beyond strong and fights all the time meaning Mato is the most messed up one out of everyone. Le sigh. Guess I need to add this manga to my must read list.

Anonymous 2- Obviously this world is unfair but it is like Strength suffered so much. Granted Yuu had a really hard life but still. Strength had to be her rock and fight for her. When she became aware of Yuu in made the battles even tougher. Then Strength was forced into the real world in place of Yuu. :( She is the most tragic of them all.

I wish though the anime gave more hints that there was more to Strength. That she wasn't Yuu. It just came all at once about the shadows and no one remembering her. X__X.