Friday, March 2, 2012

This just in: All my co-workers suck!

Before I hop into some anime posts I am going to share a bit of the insanity I experience each and everyday at work.

Yes I do complain a lot about my job (but are happy to be employed/making money) but maybe I should focus more on anime in my anime posts. XD Keep the crazy confined in the crazy post. Well not crazy right Guilty Crown? Maybe just WTF.

In any event I was slightly pissed off when yet again I was blamed for someone's obvious mistake. But this time I got proof! Let's play a game. Look at the two images I am about to post and guess which one I wrote! I warn you this might be a really hard game folks!


Picture ONE!


Picture TWO!

Did we take a good hard look? I will give you a few minutes to make your final choices.

If you picked two I HATE YOU. XD But yes my ticket is the first ticket. Notice how everything is nice and clear. Legible even. Shorthand is acceptable at my store yet I write things out the most out of everyone there. So people can actually read my tickets and not question whether or not a random mark is a P or a GP.

The second ticket is the sad attempt of my co-worker. See all the highlighted stuff? Yeah that is what my boss added to the ticket after he had call the customer back. Of course he had to go through the phone logs as a phone number was not taken by my co-worker. Without knowing the lingo of our pizza place whose ticket makes more sense?

I am posting this because my co-worker forgot to make the turnover on my ticket and said it was my fault for not writing bigger, that he couldn't see it. Funny how he was able to make the pizza even though it was the exact same size as the turnover.

THEN it turns out he made the turnover WRONG after the fact. You know, after the customer sat there and waited longer to get said turnover because it wasn't made in the first place. WHERE ON MY TICKET DOES IT SAY MUSHROOMS?!

So there you have it folks. Proof that I work with morons and even my little smiling faces in the carry/out box can't save my tickets. Clearly it is my fault. I should write tickets more like him! Then each and every order could be a massive headache I MEAN FUN TIME!


Eternia said...

It can't be helped...
You live in the town where Mirai Nikki took place, probably,

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! XD

N.B. Don't read the above comment when you are drinking orange juice...

Christina said...

Eternia- The thought of my co-workers running around with Future Diaries scares me. Of course as you can see most of them can't read or write so maybe they wouldn't be able to use them properly. That and most of them spend all their money on booze and cigarettes and their power gets shut off regularly. So maybe they won't pay their cellphone bills and I will be safe.

Not making fun of people on hard times. Just when you have kids MAYBE having water and electricity is more important than cable and 12 packs.

Anonymous- Orange juice? What is this healthy drink you speak of? CODE RED ALL THE WAY! XD