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Black Rock Shooter episode 6:

SO SLEEPY! Stay open eyeballs.


Arms may or may not be overrated.

Time for reading! Black Rock Shooter episode 6 spoilers and suchies. And yawns. So much sleepies.


Wake up Mato. Things are bad Mato. Want some ice cream Mato?

Episode Summary: Yuu can’t seem to wake up Mato no matter how many times she says her name in the most annoying voice ever. Inside the Other World (or Black Rock Shooter) Mato begins to freak out and scream in pain. During one of the many battles in this episode Black Saw Gold and Black Rock Shooter take turns cutting off the other’s arm. Black Rock Shooter hooks Black Gold Saw’s weapon to her stump while Black Saw Gold tries to escape. Strength is seen taking away Dead Master’s body rather quietly. Yomi wakes up and wonders where the heck all her hair went. After saying Mato’s name 12983 times Yuu drags Mato to Saya’s house. Yuu is quickly slapped and Saya tries to kill Mato. Apparently Saya is a good guy and Black Rock Shooter is ruining everything. Saya and her crazy head shaking self explain that the other world is necessary for HER. That she was making the girls…upset on purpose to protect her.

There is some more fighting, with Black Rock Shooter becoming more and more amazing as she is smushed. Saya says that she has to protect the Other World, to protect her and that her (Saya’s) well-being doesn’t matter. She is going to connect with Black Saw Gold and help free Mato. Saya tries her best to connect with Mato who is inside Black Rock Shooter. As this fight is going on Saya thinks back to that girl. When Saya was younger Yuu (?? XO) was being teased pretty bad in school. Saya took her under her wing and was basically her only friend. Yuu was experiencing a rough time at home and was teased at school. She often spoke of another world where a girl would take on her pain but Saya didn’t take her seriously. One night Yuu’s house burns to the ground and Saya runs to see if Yuu is okay. In her head she thinks Yuu set the fire and apparently it is written all over her face. Yuu gets depressed and decides that she is going to go to the Other World permanently and wants Saya to help her.


I'll make my own arm crazy!

While all this flashback is going on Saya tries to connect with Mato. While Black Rock Shooter seems to not be as insane she eventually loses her mind again and full on attacks. Before Black Rook Shooter can finish off Black Gold Saw Strength appears and rescues her. Saya wakes up and Yuu says that girl forgave Saya a long time ago. APPARENTLY this reveals that Yuu in the real world is really Strength and Strength in the Other World is Yuu. Mato has decided this is all her fault and she has to stop it, while Yuu and Black Rock Shooter go at it. Back in the real world Yomi goes to school like nothing is wrong and this bothers Kagari. Yomi deletes Mato from her phone and goes on with her life. THE END!

When I write my episode reviews and what not I try to stay away from the forums and what not until I am finished. I do want other people’s perspectives and what not I don’t want to come across as all knowing when in fact I didn’t know and it took someone else for me to realize what was going on. I rather type my confused feelings, read about other people’s opinions, and next week go WELL APPARENTLY about what issue I was confused about.


What exactly are we understanding here folks?

But not this week folks. See this week I thought episode 6 was so….special I wasn’t even going to blog it. Or if I did it would be a sarcastic attack about how stu…..I mean special the show is. I realizes though I had no idea what really was going on and nothing I would write could make sense to the average person (you know, people who have no idea why they are still watching this show). So off to the internets I went in search of an answer. Or people who felt the same way about this episode that I did.

Since I don’t want to be a total copycat and want to give credit where credit is due here is the best explanation on WTF we just watched during episode 6. From MyAnimeList here is 1idd0kun to tell us exactly what is going on!

“Here's an explanation of the plot:

Yuu is trapped in the Underworld.

STR is trapped in the Real World.

Mato is suppressing some issues from her past, so BRS is getting more and more violent and stronger. BRS is set out to destroy the Underworld.

Saya connects with BGS in order to protect Yuu in the Underworld.

Saya tries to strengthen other avatars (by messing up with the real persons' feelings) so that these can be a match to try and stop BRS from destroying the Underworld.

Everything backfired when not even fully powered Dead Master could deal with BRS, and due to Mato merging with BRS and going Insane now everything seems lost.”

Thank you 1idd0kun! Because seriously 75 percent of that went over my head. At first I thought they were making all this stuff up. Then I realized…either I am just slow or this person is gifted.

Either way this show is a piece of crap. Of course all I am seeing are people praising this show, calling in the show of the season, and saying how each week things get better and better. Um no, when Yomi lost her mind that was the best part of the show and I say that knowing I say that meanly. XD


I am going to rescue THAT GIRL!

Is there a reason why Saya couldn’t say Yuu’s name? Too painful? Forget it over time? Because that was annoying. I am protecting THAT GIRL indeed. It is almost like the writers want you to be confused or something.


You know what is amazing? That Saya became a student counselor for the solo purpose of protecting one girl by making everyone else crazy. SO HEALTHY!

I did enjoy Saya abusing Yomi and Mato. Because that makes sense, making Saya do more violent things to these girls while trying to show us that Saya was just trying to help all along. Oh okay she is a good person…who is running around slapping and strangling people still.


.....So go live with Saya and call it a day?

But yes folks. Saya was just trying to help the real Yuu. Who trapped herself in the Other World. So this glaring and anger issue last week was about what? About confusing the viewers yet again? Strength Yuu is bringing the girls to Saya, knows what Saya is trying to do, and still gets mad at her in the midst of this all. I see there.


Do I even want to know?

I think I might have missed the part about why all the kids were picking on Real Yuu. I mean I really missed why Real Yuu was walking around in her swimsuit but why were the kids bullying her? Loser parents usually don’t need a reason to be loser parents so that part I get. But were the kids just picking on her just because? Hate kids. Also I would have thought being friends with Saya would have given Real Yuu a little more street cred and made the kids back off a little.

I sorta don’t blame Saya for thinking that Real Yuu burnt the house down. Real Yuu had gone through a lot and while she appeared to be a tough girl she was at her limit. And I don’t think Saya was blaming Real Yuu either. So that sad little smile made no sense. But I guess no one wants to be blamed for setting a house on fire. Did the parents die? Apparently I missed a lot.


Where did this important piece o information come from?

So………who told Real Yuu about the other world? Someone had to have told her. Did Strength visit her in the middle of the night? Did Yuu just really believe in something she thought was a dream? It is one thing to pretend that someone else is taking on your pain for you but it is another to be well aware of this world and trap yourself in it on purpose. So how did Real Yuu find out this insane information? I am not going to question why Saya agreed to go along with this insane plan. Because that would be silly. Stay at my house or go live in a crazy Other World.


Human....okay we will go with that...

I do wonder what happened between Saya and Strength Yuu during all these years. Saya obviously doesn’t view them as the same person so do they not have much interaction? One would think Strength Yuu would want to go back to her own world. Or maybe not. Still wondering why Saya is protecting Real Yuu and not trying to get her back home.

This leads me up to the biggest WTF of the whole show: Everything is a lie. Mato has not been friends with ANY Yuu since kindergarten, Mato is obviously the most damage girl, and nothing we are being told is the truth. It is hard to watch a show knowing that everything is a lie and yet there has been no real clues to the lie. Okay yes Strength Yuu had no shadow but I am talking about Mato.


Oh crap I am floating around naked in some weird color world in anime show? Things can't be good for me.

Mato started off the happy go lucky kid. Got my friend Yuu in my back pocket, going to try out for the basketball team, and I have my handy dandy BIRD BOOK to keep me company. And while everyone around her was slowly slipping into insanity it was Mato trying to keep them glued together. Like yeah Mom you suck! Kagari is insane. It will be okay Kohata. Um Yomi…things will be okay? That kind of stuff.


OH NO EVERYTHING SUCKS!!! Wait how did I get stuck here?

So at what part of the show was I the viewer supposed to guess that Mato really was just pretending to have a friend named Yuu and really had some crazy stuff go on in her life. Because I really thought Black Rock Shooter was helping the girls out. I thought that Mato had a good point, that the girls should be able to handle such small emotional issues on their own and not rely on other people. But it turns out that Mato had already lost her marbles and Black Rock Shooter was probably not killing those girls to help them.

Well I don’t know about that. But Mato didn’t give her BE STRONG speech until last episode. So Black Rock Shooter wasn’t following that line of thinking. But Black Rock Shooter did appear to want to rescue Yomi at one point and not kill her. I just don’t know what is going on. I think I liked things better when I thought Black Rock Shooter was trying to help the real girls by killing off the fake ones but now people think Black Rock Shooter is just insane.


Yomi is happy? MY LIFE IS HORRIBLE!

Speaking on insane people….Kagari. What a bitch. Yes Yomi had a bit of a meltdown in class. Of course a very small meltdown. Here in America kids seem to lose their minds and shoot up the entire school. Yomi just gave out hair bracelets and gave herself a new hairdo. In the grand scheme of things not too big of a deal. But after seeing Real Yuu and her rice/pencil eraser lunch maybe I am wrong. The point is Kagari has not been CURED. She is still evil. Yes she can forget someone but DAMN. She is cold hearted, like she wanted Yomi to be socially crippled from her trauma.

So here is to hoping that Kagari gets hit by a car for real.

In conclusion Mato is trapped in the Other World because she is actually the insane one, Saya is the good guy who strangles people, and Yuu is actually Strength and everything is a lie. WEE FOR FUN!

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