Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 22

XO I am on a roll, three episodes in one day! Of course most of the first two were already written....

Psht that doesn't matter. Rewards for Tenchi! Time for ice cream.


Well if Yuki doesn't you can always do it Yuno!

Oh yes the episode. One would think things were winding down on Mirai Nikki but it appears there is still time for AMAZING things to happen. Episode 22 weee!


Akise was such a great Observer he didn't even know he was doing it!

Episode Summary: MurMur is still not pleased that Akise is there talking to Deus. 8th leaves saying she will complete her part of the plan. Akise again asks if Yuki can really makes things back to normal if he becomes god. Deus asks what is normal because he wants to get around wording. The audience is not able to hear all the answer but Akise comes away with the knowledge that no, Yuki cannot bring back the dead if he is god. Akise tries to leave to warn Yuki of this news when Deus is like um no. Deus explains that Akise is not a real…anything. He was just data complied to record the events of all the Diary Users. Akise takes this news pretty well but insists he is real. Dues starts taking him apart to put into the big old computer in the sky. Deus says if Akise can say one thing he did of his own free will he will allow him to live. Akise tries listing things but Deus is like um no I made you do all those things. Even Akise’s love of Yuki is shot down with a Um No. Right before Akise dies 8th makes him an Apprentice Diary. This is proof that Yuki has a will of his own. Dues laughs and is like you go do that….as Deus falls apart even more. Akise orders the others to take 8th away while he goes to talk to Yuki. Yuki is all like let’s go to Akise’s house and kill 8th together Yuno. Yuno wants Yuki to promise that if people betray Yuki he has to kill them. Yuki is like these people are my friends everything will be fine.


Err...isn't that 11th's Diary?

They get to Akise’s place and only Akise is there. They see in the distance Hinata and company trying to take 8th away. Yuno goes in for the kill right away but Akise is ready for her. Akise explains his Apprentice Diary basically lets him see what anyone who can predict the future can see without altering it. I think anyway. Yuno gets pissed and is like SEE YUKI! For some reason Yuki LEAVES Akise alone with Yuno as he goes off to find 8th. Yuno and Akise dance for a while but Akise gets the upper hand. Yuno and her ever crazy self decides to stab herself. She bets either way this will negatively effect how Yuki listens to Akise. Akise ends up patching her up before going after Yuki. Yuki makes it to the destroyed building where Hinata tries to stop Yuki. She tells him that Yuno is lying. That a god can’t bring people back to life and Yuno is planning something else. Yuki starts crying and saying this isn’t true. Yuno calls Yuki and starts screaming that Akise is trying to kill her and that everyone is lying. Hinata again tries to explain her side of the story but Yuki shoots her. Yuki promises to bring her back since she is a LIAR! Mao is not too happy that Hinata is dead and starts yelling at Yuki. Basically she confirms what Hinata was saying was true and that the more people Yuki kills the more things will get messed up. Yuki shoots Mao and continues on. Kousaka pretends to walk away disgusted with Yuki but instead tries to take out Yuki. Yuki shoots him and continues to look for 8th.


Um have you met Yuki yet? He cries at everything!

Akise makes it to Yuki and is pretty pissed with himself for not killing Yuno. If he had everyone else would be alive. He resolves to stop trying to change the future and just make sure Yuki is the last one left. Akise continues by saying Yuno knows that Yuki won’t be able to bring anyone back if he is god and that Yuno plans on killing Yuki. Yuno and her bleeding self arrive and Akise says according to his Diary he will kill her. Yuki gets all panicked when they start to fight. Akise destroys Yuno’s phone but she doesn’t disappear and she slashes Akise’s throat. He gets beyond confused as he lays there bleeding to death. Yuki wants to see Akise but Yuno is like SMILE let’s continue on! They find 8th who is pinned under some rumble. She tells 8th to make the world safe for children as Yuno stabs her. Akise is trying to figure out how the fake Yuno could be alive and have a Future Diary. Suddenly he realizes why destroying her phone didn’t work and climbs up to Yuki. He types on his phone what he has figured out and manages to show Yuki before Yuno cuts off his head. THE END!

XO Is this the week of high body counts? Everyone needs to hide because all these series are going out with a bang!

Also my summary got pretty long. I started typing in the second the episode ended so everything was fresh in my mind. So it was more of a recap than a summary I guess….


Well not all of it of course.

It is obvious that Deus didn’t tell Akise everything he needed to know. I thought during the conversation (the part we the viewers couldn’t hear) Deus was telling Akise who Yuno really was. But apparently he didn’t and only said that being god won’t bring back the dead. Which is fine. He doesn’t really need to tell Akise anything. Yet I think he is being more honest that MurMur at this point. That might not be very honest considering what MurMur has been doing up until now.

Not that we really KNOW for a fact what MurMur has been doing. In one of my crazier moments I thought that maybe MurMur is something that Prior Winner Yuno has wished for. Deus hasn’t killed or gotten rid of MurMur despite her meddling so me thinks he can’t really affected her. So maybe MurMur is like Akise and is there to observe what is going on and to do things Yuno can’t? Or that is all wrong and MurMur is like I want to be god NOW!



Akise isn’t human. I didn’t see that coming. When he first RANDOMLY came on the scene I thought he had something to do with the Future Diaries but then he wasn’t really able to predict anything that was going on or knew who Yuno really was. So I just filed it under really weird high school boy. Maybe he stalked Yuki in high school or something. But never did I think that Akise was just a bunch of data created by Deus. I SEE FOLKS!


I found the wording of this odd. Did Deus mean he normally records everything alone or does he mean he records other type battles (that he creates) but this one is different with Future Diaries?

At first I wasn’t really sure why Deus would need to make Akise. If he is a god he can see what is going on in his own game right? How can 10th hide from Deus if Deus KNOWS who he is. But maybe Deus’ powers were so weak at this point he needed some help. Or maybe being a god really isn’t that all powerful. If they can’t bring people back to life maybe they can’t keep track of people on Earth. I don’t know. Still very odd.


But we already knew that! :( Show me more.

I wish that more was shown in regards to Akise being the little spy that could. The few scenes that were shown was stuff the viewers already saw. Like yes you were outside 10th’s house and DUH anyone who knows Yuno would dig a hole in her back yard. I just wanted to see more of what Akise did prior to all that. Unless…there was no Akise prior to that. That would be sad then.


That didn't go too well for you Akise.

Deus should have had a better reason to dismiss Akise’s love for Yuki. And by a better reason I mean any reason at all. He was just like NOPE moving on. Although as a viewer I would have liked to see more evidence of that love. He said it once before early on but then it appeared to me Akise was more focused on stopping Yuno with saving Yuki as a bonus. And as a yaoi colored glasses girl I would have liked to see way more! XD But I see a few people are complaining about the one gay kiss!

Like I have had to see naked Minene and Yuno in her panties. Why are people complaining about a kiss? In the end I wish there was more of Akise’s feelings towards Yuki as it would show a greater audience that HEY gay people are just like straight people and it isn’t always over the top flowery scenes.


Yuno in the midst of a logic session.

I think I was following Yuno’s logic when it came to stabbing herself. I actually thought she was doing so to make Yuki come back to her and for him to kill Akise. At this point though I agree with Akise and think he is a dumbass for stitching Yuno up. Maybe Akise was going to be lucky today and it was going to be the day where Yuki turns on Yuno. He flip flops all the time so Akise should have taken his chance. And of course this just proves that Yuno is a crazy person.


Does she mean normal people or Diary Users? Because they HAVE to kill the Diary Users yes?

Yuki taking out all these friends…well I could argue I didn’t really consider these people his friends to begin with. XD Of course they did rescue him from pee cup Yuno….Still at this point Yuki has been put through a lot and has to bank on the dream he can bring people back to life. So if he has to face the fact that is all a lie Yuki would have to go on without his parents and the knowledge he really is a murderer. So in light of that it makes sense that he killed more people. XD


8th probably would have died even if Yuno didn't stab her...

The killing of 8th was kinda anticlimactic. But given her size and limited Diary Use powers it was probably inevitable. Maybe she should have whispered more to Yuki about what a crazy pants Yuno is.


But why was Akise looking at Yuno...Trying to drive her crazy?

Putting aside my yaoi colored glasses I do think that Yuki not shooting Akise right away (or at all) means that above all he trusts him more than the others. Not enough to believe him apparently but Akise is the more logic of…well everyone. I think Akise should have tried a little harder to say HEY Deus said you can’t bring your people back. And Yuno knows that. So why would Yuno let Yuki kill herself if she can’t be wishes back. You are being used Yuki.

Yuno is pretty hardcore though. A little stab here and a beheading here….yeah. Maybe I am glad they censored that?


Now did Yuki read the phone or was he too busy seeing the head fly through the air.....

But before Akise lost his mind (HAHAHA….) he was trying to put all the pieces together. So either that means Deus didn’t tell him everything or Deus does not know everything. Probably more like Deus does not know everything. I am guessing that Akise wrote “Yuno is Yuno” or “Yuno has played the game before”. Something of that affect. Enough to leave us with a cliffhanger.

So this episode seemed a little rushed and left me a few questions. I am assuming that the first few minutes of the first episode was the game Yuno played prior to this timeline. Yuki took some pills and died so Yuno could live. This would make Yuno the winner. But if Yuno was god why didn’t she bring Yuki back? She was probably told this after the fact, went insane, and the world turned into a wasteland.

But why has Yuno traveled back in time to redo things? If she really is in love with Yuki then this would still end badly for her. If she wanted to be the last person standing then she wouldn’t have traveled back in time to begin with. And why does her different timeline phone work in this game? I am assuming that Yuno killed her present timeline self and grabbed her phone right when the game started.


Why does it look like MurMur just won?

There must be more going on than we know. Well obviously. XD But MurMur picked Yuno to win and that might be because they are working together. MurMur has been the one picking the contestants for this game right? But then there is Deus. His face lit up when Yuki opened the NOOO door. Like he knew Yuno killed herself and her parents and Yuki knowing that (well at least the parents) would change the game. So maybe Deus is aware of Yuno’s time traveling and has taken steps to make sure she doesn’t win again.


See the swirl? Who caused it to disappear?

I think I had a lot more things in my head that I wanted to talk about but I am pushing 2000 words. Just I am curious how there is 4 more episodes of information when everything seemed rushed this episode. Is Yuno really crazy or does she want to save Yuki at the cost of her own life? It appears that one action temporarily stopped the swirl blobs but it is unclear WHOSE actions stopped destroying the world. In any event….Yuki is probably going to cry more. XD


Eternia said...

Well... the manga fanboys did say that this episode was going too fast, and now there are only a few material to be put into 4 remaining episodes. Maybe the anime is going to have it's own different ending? Like how they made up Marco & Ai's past?

When Akise was introduced, we saw that Deus can still watch the whole story from the Heaven (through LCD monitors, lol) on later episodes, so there's really no need for him to create a doll do information gathering? Maybe his main task is to protect Yuki and alter the course of the game.

Unknown said...

Yuki did shoot Aru He was just out of bullets.

Christina said...

Eternia- I think I would have liked that explanation of Akise. Then it would make more sense why Deus is like no really you don't love Yuki. He wasn't going a great job watching Yuki since we didn't see him until 10th rolled around. XD

I am beginning to think that Yuki has won the game. That Future Yuno taking out Present Yuno actually counted as 2nd dying. And Yuki is now the winner. Which is why Yuno is so happy with how things turned out, because Yuki doesn't have to kill her. So maybe the next arc is about Yuki finding this all out and seeing how the game was supposed to be played?

Unknown- Facts like that really hurt my yaoi pairing you know! Psht facts! Yuki just allowed himself to run out of bullets because he didn't want to kill Akise. But he had to pretend to shoot Akise so Yuno wouldn't get on his case later. Because...Yuki shooting Akise in a nonvital place is worse than being beheaded.

Yeah. Yuki ran out of bullets. But MAYBE the tears in his eyes would have caused him to miss. XD

Tyrahnon said...

I'm kinda confused. Akise had said after yuno had stabbed herself that she oitsmarted his DIARY but didn't she just outsmart him? I mean what did stabbing him change in his diary as far as his premonition? Did yuno havin both the Amano and the yukiteru diary cause it to misinterpret information? Because when akise says she outsmarted his diary I'm just lost. Awesome recoew's btw

Christina said...

Tyrahnon- That is a good point you are making. I guess I was thinking Akise couldn't predict ultimate crazy. That Yuno does things so out of let field and without thinking in advanced. Perhaps his Diary couldn't predict anything because it that split second Yuno made the decision which would be too late to combat. So I think you may be right, Akise just got outsmarted and he was trying to blame it on his Diary.

Anonymous said...

hi!....can anybody tell me what soundtrack was played when akise was about to kiss yuki??....preety please??..thanxx~!!

Christina said...

Anonymous- I don't know myself but hopefully someone will come along and answer your question. :( All I could find was this sad little link that has too many links to click. X__X


Anonymous said...

Akise was so cute..