Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another episode 10

Le sigh. LE SIGH. I was going to type out why I have the LE SIGHS but I guess typing out my family business in an anime post would be weird. And depressing. I am sure everyone has family issues/real life issues that make them want to scream. It seems like every single week there is something new. LE SIGH.

I shall focus on the positives, pray for the best, and take out my anger on the dirt in my house. I banish you soap scum and dirty laundry. But I really do hope my family tones it down in the drama department. Not a fan folks, not a fan.


Oh snap she is about to go Black Rock Shooter on us!

So to all the people out there dealing with family issues…lets talk about a show where people are truly having a bad day. Hard to feel sorry for yourself when people are flying off cliffs and being killed by evil and expensive umbrellas. Another episode 10 time! Spoilers for these kids having no survival instincts what so ever.


Such a happy picture...

Episode Summary: A tiny recap from last week is shown as other classmates whisper about the recent deaths and how the class trip might not be a good idea. But onwards our troops go. Destination is the temple grounds where we the viewers know is not the place/cause to stop the curse. But no one else knows that and they stop at a beautiful yet creepy building for their trip. Oh yes before this trip Izumi has a dream, a memory if you would. She was on a hill crying and declaring her brother stupid. She falls down the hill and Kouichi helps her up, introducing himself to her. Izumi wakes up in a cold sweat as she has finally remember when she first met Kouichi. Back to the best trip ever! Yuuya insists they take a class picture. Everyone else seems to be anti smiles given how BAD things have been recently. But there is some romance in the air as Mei and Kouichi are constantly paired together as well as Yuuya and Ms. Reiko. Shortly after they settle in the new mains (Teshigawara, Yuuya, Kouichi, and Mei) settle down to listen to the repaired tape.


Never been to town recently my butt!

Kid Matsunaga explains that after they escaped Killer Mountain he and another student got in a fight. During the fight Matsunaga accidentally got the boy killed. He ran back to his room and said nothing to anyone. But the next morning when he went back to hide the body…I mean do the right thing the body was gone. When Matsunaga decided to confess his other classmates but no one knows who is talking about. Matsunaga figures that he accidentally killed the dead one and after a while no one else dies. He concludes he has stopped the curse and left the tape for future classmates. Mei comments this must be true as the boys name has been erased from the tapes. So all is fixed now…except no one knows how to figure out who the dead one is. On to dinner! Everything is quiet and miserable until Izumi announces she has an announcement. She acknowledges that she has failed to stop the supernatural curse from splatting half the town…but ya’ll Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! Or she decides to blame everything on Mei. If Mei had just done a better job of ignoring Kouichi none of this would have happened. And Mei needs to say sorry. Mei is like I don’t think sorries are very helpful at this point and the asthma kid freaks out on the table. Apparently the dumbass has forgotten his medicine. The only rational adult (Chibiki) takes the stupid kid to the nearest hospital as all the phones are down.


Pretty obvious who the dead one is....

Mei decides this is the best time to ask Kouichi to show her the class picture from his Mom’s year. The box was kept in a room that only Aunt Reiko uses. Mei comments on how similar Reiko and his mom look. Then they look at the photo. It is pretty dang clear who the dead kid is…as he looks dead and not present when the picture was taken. Then Kouichi asks why Mei knows he isn’t the dead person and why her family life is special. Her mother is really her Aunt. When her Aunt was younger she got pregnant and the baby died. When her birth mother got pregnant she had twins but was having financial problems. So the logical conclusion was to give one twin away (Mei) to the sister (who are also twins) so she wouldn’t go insane. But then Auntie/Adopted Mother never really loved Mei. The point of the story is that Mei eventually found her twin and grew close to her and she was actually devastated when she died. Since Mei’s SISTER died and not her twin that is when Mei thinks the curse started, in April, before Kouichi joined the class. Thus he is not dead. Oh and her eye lets her see dead people and people who are close to death. So she actually KNOWS who the dead person is. Before Mei can announce this important news Teshigawara runs in saying he did something really bad…and there is dead body outside. OH SNAP THE END!


Oh Mei. Knowing everything yet no one would give you the time of day except the new kid.

XO This series! I loves it. Yes I acknowledge it does have some flaws here and there (OPEN YO MOUTH MEI!) but really. I loves it. I wish to force my husband to watch it so he takes back every single bad thing he has said about horror movies. Of course they were Sci-Fi horror movies…


News reporters get no sleep in this town.

First I love how this series utilizes the really boring and time wasting recapping of the last episode. Usually I get really upset that 2 minutes are wasted on crap we already knew but Another makes it so viewers are reminded of last week AND we get slightly new information. Maybe it is just a small thing I am happy about but yeah. Happy.

Also I want to see how big the cemetery is for this town. Just rows and rows of new signs this year right?


Nothing says like YAY WE LIVED like killing someone else.

While I sing this episode’s praises I do think the kids were SLIGHTLY special to wait and listen to the tape AFTER they went on their trip. The sense of urgency is not with these kids. Of course if I was one of those kids I would have been on the ball about hunting down a way to stop it the second the umbrella hit the neck. But with these kids it is like MEH let’s do it tomorrow. Or MEH I can see dead people but in light of the situation I will say nothing.


A very important piece of information that they should have learned...at home.

But the tape. THE TAPE. While it had a pretty interesting secret on it, it will not help our current class. Unless Mei ponies up an answer. But I had guessed a while ago that Matsunaga “killed” the dead one. I am not sure how you kill a dead person (well unless it is a zombie AIM FOR THE HEAD) but since we don’t know how dead people can have bodies that appear to be alive that is probably not the point. The point is….Matsunaga saved everyone on accident. Wish we had more information on what caused the fight but maybe it was just the tension of everything. But yes. By accident. Since adult Matsunaga has very little memory of this incident he had no idea the tape would be pretty much useless. Unless teenage Matsunaga knew that Mei was going to have a dead people seeing eye.

This is pretty interesting news though. Izumi has been searching for the dead one the entire time yet what was she going to do when she found him/her? Tell them to be gone? I am not sure about Teshigawara’s ability to detect…well much of anything. So while it looks like he killed SOMEONE next week (my bet is on Tomohiko) he is not going to kill the right one. If it was that easy to find the dead one we wouldn’t have 1X classes full of MOGness right?


Care to elaborate more?

Izumi was all over the place in this episode. Her CRYING all over the damn place was not because Teshigawara was dead. I have been had. It appears her older brother was in Class 3 and he died due to the curse thus explaining her wanting to be head of countermeasures (also not sure what that is as….you can’t countermeasure a heart attack). But while she was having her moment of sadness she ran into Kouichi. You know the person who said he hasn’t been to Death Valley in YEARS. And he helps her off the grass after she nearly splatted herself. HMMM holding hands I see.


As your protector I feel that I should apologize for failing about 50 percent of you....


But it's all Mei's fault. So kill her so I can have Kouichi. Thank you.

But instead of giving Kouichi the side eye he probably deserves Izumi is like RARW I HATE MEI! Deep down it is probably because Izumi is jealous as she likes Kouichi but he is clearly on Team Mei. But in order to not look like a jealous crazy pants Izumi makes sure she has some reasoning for her hatred. I am surprised though Izumi called Mei out in front of the class. I am sure everyone is blaming Kouichi as he is the one who talked to the “ignored one” so maybe Izumi was like QUICK throw some blame on Mei. Oh to do this on an isolated class trip where some kids just learned that killing the dead one will stop everything….


Maybe Reiko is freaked out because she realizes that all these kids are STUPID!

Who the hell goes on vacation without their medicine? Who the HELL goes on vacation without their medicine that is vital to their breathing process?! AND WHO THE HELL GOES ON VACATION WITHOUT THEIR MEDICINE THAT IS VITAL TO THEIR BREATHING PROCESS WHEN A CURSE IS OUT TO KILL YOU?! Like seriously folks. He might as well being wearing a tank top walking alone in the woods. Does he want to die that much?!

Also if I was one of those kids the second I found out the phones were out I would be out of there. Not alone in the woods with a tank top but GONE. Yeah let me just stay in this isolated creepy place with the hysterical lady who is in charge of all the kids now.

This is all leading up to Mei. And how she has had all the answers since day one. She has been lying, withholding the truth, and had the potential to know who the dead person was from the start. Now while I realize that her telling the rest of the class OH HI I can see dead people with this eye and one of you is dead and the calamity will happen this year MIGHT have lead to some…awkward moments there was no reason why she couldn’t tell Kouichi. Instead Mei has decided her middle name is Kyubey and only gives out tiny pieces of information at a time. Maybe she is concerned that Kouichi’s head will explode.


I....how can you smile crazy pants?!

I don’t know how to discuss Mei’s home situation without my head exploding. Just….yeah. My kid died and you are poor so instead of helping your family out you will give me one of your twins instead? Then I will never let your kid visit you her aunt/mom or her cousins/mom and still not raise her with love? YAY MOMS! Although Misaka was super cute. Like really cute. And didn’t look creepy. I forget how she died but I wonder how the story would be if she was the alive twin and not Mei. Oh right the creepy eye.


I am pretty sure if my twin just died I would be crying all over the place. Then I become the ignored kid in school? No. Just no. Would be losing my mind.

Instead I will focus on the fact that Mei went along with being the ignored classmate despite knowing the calamity already started. Maybe she was still in shock over losing her sister and growing up in a horrible situation but she could have saved herself a lot of blame and aggravation. Like hey bitches my twin sister died before Kouichi came to town so stop blaming me.


Really a tiny little fact Mei forgot to mention until now....

Also I am not understanding how she took one for the team in terms of being the invisible student yet has not informed anyone of who the dead student is. Yes it was just revealed that if you kill the dead one you will stop the curse but surly she must have thought that information was important. Maybe she was scared a free for all was going to break out and kept the information to herself. Still the fact that Mei knows everything and yet is revealing it SLOWLY over time is making me crazy.



And the interrupting before she announces it…RARW! Just RARW!

But the notion that she knows that Kouichi and herself are not the ghost makes me wonder. Why would a doll eye be able to sense when people are close to death or not? And if Kouichi has nothing to do with the curse why do so many things involve him indirectly? Izumi saw him in town a few years ago yet he doesn’t remember it?

All signs point to Aunt Reiko being the dead one. Maybe Kouichi doesn’t remember being in town a few years ago because it was for her funeral yet his memories has been altered because she is the dead one. Of course….an extra person would have to be a student right? Teachers are already there and assigned to classes and aren’t applied to the list right? Hmm more to think about and Reiko dying a few years ago goes against my other theories on when she died.


Err...guess there was no team meeting on who the dead one could be....

Overall we finally got to see the picture (which….it was obvious who the dead one was), Mei has almost completely told us the truth, and people are going to start turning on each other. There aren’t many people left to kill though….Small class reunion yes?


Eternia said...

The silly curse was at work again, christina~
Just like how that kid was made tumbling down the chair before he went to the beach, this asthmatic kid was made forgetting his medicine by the omnipotent curse.

It's really hard to tell who the dead one at this point.
-It could be Aunt Reiko, because the extra person doesn't have to be a student?
-It could be Kouichi, because at this point, it's already clear that he's in this town 8 months ago, just like his father's testimony.
-It could be Mei, and she's trolling everybody because she don't want to die a virgin. And she want to live this one year 2nd life to the fullest. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the twin's picture, the one w/ Kouichi mom and aunt. I just realize Kouichi’s mother looks just like Mikami-sensei!

Eternia said...

You obviously haven't looked for spoiler hard enough, anonymous, aunt Reiko and Mikami-sensei is the same person, lol!

Anonymous said...

I just gave up trying to figure out what's up here. Because it is giving me a headache. Probably that head-of-countermeasures girl is the dead one. Because then her fail to protect the class is epic.

Anonymous said...

@Eternia, it is hard to believe, and yes, I did read Tenchi's spoilers on that one. Still it is hard to to taken in because Aunt Reiko and Mikami-sensei have different voice actor.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I couldn't believe that Reiko and Ms. Freak Out Art Teacher are the same person. I was just lalalaing through MyAnimeList and people were talking about it like it was obvious. OBVIOUS! I was like am I crazy? Am I dumb? But then other people were just as confused as I was. Apparently there is ONE LINE where Reiko tells Kouichi she has to treat him differently outside the house/school.

But come on! They look so different. Maybe it the color of death that makes her seem like a different person. Trapped in what she looked like during her school days and at home she looks more like the adult she could have been.

I don't think Izumi is the dead one based on the fact that Kouichi was in contact with her not too long ago. Of course Izumi could have been in her 3rd year at that time, died, and came back to this class. She has been giving Mei some evil eye lately...

Eternia- I think the extra one SHOULD be a student. They made a big deal about there not being even seats in the classroom and assistant teachers don't have seats right? Unless they do...and then I am wrong. XD

If it is Kouichi I think a lot of people will be disappointed that it was the main. But it would be interesting given the Dad conversations and Mei telling us point blank it isn't him/

It would be interesting if it was Mei. Because the dead one shouldn't know they are dead. Maybe she is the twin who died. But she might want to spell out her sex demands faster case the end is near folks!