Monday, March 12, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 21: NOOOOOO!

While blogging this episode of Mirai Nikki it was hard to not incorporate some pieces of The Walking Dead. Because I am a big spoiler freak I wanted to share my existing news with the world. Also I assume that everyone is watching everything that I am thus I say/quote things that might not make sense to all my readers. I tend to do that a lot…

But The Walking Dead is amazing folks. Daryl for President 2012! Necklaces for everyone!

Basically everything I have just said makes no sense and feel free to ignore it! XD But know that while I have a great time blogging and cutting up I recognize that yesterday was a very hard day for many people around the globe. My heart goes out to the Japanese people and I wish them well in all their recovery efforts.



After a week on hiatus (planned or otherwise I don’t know) Mirai Nikki is slashing its way back into our hearts. Episode 21 here we go! Spoilers for the world ending. Maybe.


You might as well kill him now....

Episode Summary: People going about their daily business are shocked to see Yuno cut the security like they were pieces of cheese. Yuno happily takes orders from Yuki who tells her to go rescue Hinata and gang. Helicopter reporters are on the scene talking about the demands of the terrorists (Yuki, Yuno, and Minene) and one of their demands are that 11th commits suicide. 11th laughs at this idea. After telling Yuno what to do Yuki tries to lead Minene towards 11th Minene is like UM we need to talk. Minene is not quite over her missing arm and the fact that Nishijima has several large holes in his body. She threatens to kill Yuki if he fails to kill 11th. They carry on and manage to corner 11th who is escaping near what was (is?) a Gasai Bank. He locks himself in a large room which only the Gasai family and him can enter. There is a guard outside the door and after some talking (he is seen dead later but it is not shown who offed the guy) Minene and Yuki break through the door. Only HAHA there is a second door and now they have a dead guard and a useless pass key. Minene gets pissed in 5 seconds flat and tells Yuki this is all his fault. Time to die. Yuki manages to hide with Minene and her stump taunting Yuki. She tells him briefly about her sad past and how his wish for a happily ever after is crap.


See what did I tell you?!

Yuno has rescued Hinata and company but are hesitate in following her crazy self. Yuno makes it to the room where 8th is being kept and goes in for the kill. Only her bodyguard turns out to be Akise. She is all pissed off but gets a text message from Yuki saying to wish his parents back to life if he dies. Panicked Yuno leaves the room which activates the future changing noise on Yuki’s phone. Minene goes to the area where she hears the noise but it is only his phone. Instead of DESTROYING the phone Minene turns around to see a crying Yuki. He doesn’t want to kill anyone but if he wants his parents back he has to. He ends up shooting Minene in the stomach and makes his way to the second door. 11th mocks him but changes his tune slightly when Minene and her stump show up.


But I wanted you to win!!!!!

Minene has a bomb strapped to her body and it will detonate when her heart stops beating. Yuki tells her not too but Minene locks herself in the room and starts to destroy her cellphone. She sees images of herself and Nishijima as she starts to swirl away. The bomb goes off but when Yuki walks in the room the door is still standing. Yuki is in shock. Yuno walks in and tells Yuki to at least destroy the computers to stop the other Apprentice Diaries. He does so while Yuno uses the identification machine to get into the room. 11th is shocked as he assumed she was a fake and Yuno kills him. Yuki takes out the computers and heads home with Yuno. Akise has taken 8th to his house and is debating whether or not to let Yuki kill 8th. Yuno and her half naked self wake up to a confused Yuki but makes breakfast for them. Yuno is making a list of everyone he has killed so he can bring them back once he is god. Yuno tells Yuki to add her name to the list which makes Yuki uncomfortable. Suddenly all over the city swirls of black…somethings start to destroy buildings and…well the air. Akise starts to get X___X about the situation and uses 8th to get to the “meeting” space, where Deus and MurMur are. MurMur is shocked but Deus protects Akise, who wants to know if Yuki’s wish of making everything back to normal will actually work. As Yuki watches the swirls Yuno also makes some important statements about how Deus is obviously dying and this is the result. THE END!

A sad episode indeed folks. What is sadder is that the fansubs seem to be messed up. I am not sure on whose end but the sound and the animation didn’t match up. It was watchable but it took a little bit away from the NO MINENE experience.


A bullet fell on his head?

I thought this episode went by way too fast. Like I know it was actually 22 minutes but it felt a lot shorter. That more needed to be done and said before we saw Yuno walking through the sand in the ending credits. Maybe less of Mao and company being hostages and more of Minene’s past?


This would be Minene hitting Yuki WITH HER STUMP!

While Yuno gets a lot of credit for being a super human amazing person I think more credit needs to go to Minene. She has gotten her eye plucked out of her head, kidnapped by a mascot freak, harassed/proposed to be a horny cop, had to work together with YUKI, hand her arm blown off, lost said horny cop boyfriend, and was stabbed in the gut before blowing herself up. Oh and this is after her amazing childhood of losing her parents and living on the streets struggling to survive.


While it remains to be seen if swirl people are really dead or not.....Minene turned into a swirl and is thus "dead" for the time being. Hard to find the body when you SWIRL AWAY!

This is all assuming that Minene is dead. Because Minene is so amazing she MIGHT not be dead. Because we didn’t see the body. Silly me I thought that maybe we didn’t see the body because it would just be censored as it would be all over the place…or because she disappeared before the bomb went off. But now people are like MAYBE SHE IS NOT DEAD. Yeah after she destroyed her cellphone and started to do the swirl dance. Minene is just going to sneak up on everyone in the last frame and kill everyone (IE Yuki after he kills Yuno). I believe this.


Our one new flashback scene this week...And by scene I mean this ONE screenie.

I was expecting more from Minene’s back story. We basically got one new scene and some creepy ghost Minene child walking around. Well maybe not creepy…but weird. Because Minene is still alive. I guess the “innocent” Minene died that day. But in any event I felt as if more of the characters got a better back story and they only lasted for one arc. Minene has been around since episode 2. Maybe we were just supposed to know her NOW as the other Diary Users we were supposed to see their motivation for trying to become God.


More shocking is Minene liked Yuki all along!

But based on Minene’s speech her wish was not going to be to bring back her parents. If that is the case, that she thinks it is selfish to bring back dead people, I am going to assume she was not going to bring back Nishijima. Yet Keigo trusted her enough based on her wish to work with her. So…what exactly was her wish? Guess since Minene still could be alive (after all the opening is full of “spoilers” and she is the same color as Yuki and Yuno, not 8th. Maybe all hope is not lost on this front.


I founds the real Yuki!

While Yuki has been acting like he has had a brain transplant this week it is now obvious he is the same Yuki, just with different clothes and pretending to be awesome. Which I actually think is better and more reasonable. Pretend to be stronger and make harder decisions yet Yuki is still the person he was deep down. He is broken hearted about his dead parents, not a cold blooded killer. I would like to think character development takes a few more episodes to take place. Of course Yuki has been put into a crazy situation with a truck full of bodies behind him. Maybe him snapping would be more reasonable about this point.


If I do everything Yuki says maybe I can tie him up and use the pee jar again!

Yuno was just being Yuno. Slashing and killing and basically following orders. Although I was half expecting her to kill Hinata and company and blame it on the chaos. Shouldn’t she be thinking 5 steps ahead of everyone else? I also wonder why she let Akise and 8th go? Yes Yuki was in danger but a quick slash from Yuno and she could have taken care of some major problems. Guess every moment counts when Yuki is in danger (again). Plus how could we have an amazing Akise and Deus moment if Akise was dead?


Good thing 11th didn't hide in some random person's bank!

11th is an insane person. But I guess he is prepared for anything. I thought there was going to be more of a scene with him and Yuno. I mean…obviously it meant something that the super computers are in the same building as Yuno’s parents bank. But he just made the XO face and apparently let Yuno kill him. Amazing bunker and no weapon against someone like Yuno? Big mistake.


11th's WTF face was AMAZING!

Since I have been following the theory we are dealing with a time traveling Yuno it makes sense to me that she was able to enter 11th’s double doors ( is that dirty?). Of course it is a bit odd that some bank executives who were abusing their daughter would make it so she could enter the safe but you know….maybe there was a reason for that. Abused or not they needed a legacy right? Maybe Yuno could use the eye scan and drag the injured parents in there. But yeah when it was mentioned that only the real Yuno could open the door I knew Minene and her bomb weren’t going to work.

Now I wonders if Yuno has told Yuki who she really is. I am going with no, that Yuki is like whoever this Yuno is she has been protecting me this entire time. Which would probably be the correct thinking but he would need to keep one eye open just in case. Just in case. Also maybe knowing that Yuno was from the future would let Yuki know becoming God is not a fix all.


Fires and natural disasters are for losers. Yay for swirls!

Which is probably what Akise is thinking. If Yuno was from the future and she was able to come back to fix everything…why couldn’t she use her god powers to bring Yuki back? This obviously will bring up a lot of questions because Yuno SEEMS to think that she and Yuki will end up together and that will probably be impossible with big holes destroying the world. Yet she is in the past (allegedly) trying to fix how things ended which leads one to believe she was the “winner”.


I think normal is a relative word...

Still it was a bit odd that Akise was allowed to tag along with 8th to talk to Dues. A certain MurMur was not pleased with this development but at this point something has to happen right? Even if the place they are in is safe from being destroyed it would be boring to not have any humans to mess with. But maybe Dues used some of his power to let Akise come to his place. Obviously things are turning into a mess and rules are for losers.


Where is your machine gun when you need it?!

Did I cover everything major? Minene died with her ghost cop by her side, 11th was killed because a future Yuno is still a Yuno, and Akise has put the pieces together and has convinced 8th not to off herself despite the fact that SOMEONE needs to win or everyone is dead. Yet there are three (sorry 5!!!) episodes left? Slow down Earth. You still have some life left in you!


Eternia said...

I can accept Minene's stupidity now, thanks for this episode. It seems that she can't bring herself to kill Yuki no matter what, because she saw her past self in him?
The defeat of 11th is REALLY to simple and disapponting.
Who is this guy?
-He is the guy who give idea to Deus for this game.
-He got the best Future Diary out of all.
-The 'editing attempt' is a bit illogical. Won't he get a glimpse of the original contents before you guys can press backspace and delete?
-He can check the diary contents of every other competitors.
I expect him to give more fight and trouble to our protagonists.

Akise is forgiven because he's smarter this episode. (at last!)

He realized that Deus is more like Greek god or Japanese god, rather than the God of Christiany/Jew/Moslem.

Can his power brings back the dead? Fix everything in a zap?

Awet M said...

Mayor Bacchus' death was a little more impressive in the manga.

Also, there are 5 remaining episodes, I believe, not 3. This series is slated for 26, not 24.

dene323 said...

A little comment about Yuno not able to finish 8th and Akise: when Yuki was hiding from Minene, his cellphone already reported a dead end, meaning if no intervention is made, he would be killed by Minene; but if he did something drastic he would alert Minene, so it suddenly occurred to him to write some "final words" on a piece of paper, which would alert Yuno's diary making her panic, so she would abandon everything and run to his rescue. Even if she couldn't make it on time, Yuki and Minene's futures would be altered, giving him a fighting chance. It was explained in the manga.

Christina said...

Eternia- I think deep down Minene was a lot like Yuki at first, scared and all alone in the world. But she didn't have a Yuno to come in and protect her/do all the hard work. Thus she was a little more badass and rough around the edges. Yeah she cried in the end but she used her STUMP as a weapon. Class act that Minene.

11th is so pathetic he doesn't even deserve me typing his name out. He truly was full of himself and thought nothing could stop him. Like he should have had sharks with laser beams on their heads pointed at the door just in case the unstoppable Yuno came in.

Akise did seem smarter this episode but 8th got dumber. Like stab all these kids and run!

Awet M- 5 more episodes X___X Well that should be interesting. I am used to shows ending either at the 12/13 mark or the 24th one. That seems like a lot of episodes and yet everyone is saying things are rushed. HMMMMM. Maybe Minene is not dead. Or Yuki wins the game and wishes everything "better" but Future Yuno is still a problem in the space time continuum so Yuki has to kill all the Diary User again to become god and make the correct wish. I predict a dead Yuki and Yuno at the end of this. All Hail Queen Minene!

dene323- Silly things like important facts do not belong in the anime, just the manga! Kidding. Still would have liked to see Yuno throw her sword at Akise when leaving the room but when her love is in danger she tends to lose her mind. That was pretty impressive on Yuki's part though, doing something on his own and not just following Yuno's orders.

Xition said...

I would vote Daryle for president!
Seriously I hope he doesn't die!!!

Christina said...

Xition- Daryl is the best character on the entire show and he isn't even IN the comics. XD I think his chances of survival are great simply because he isn't near Lori and her never ending drama. And considering T-Dog has had 15 lines in the last 7 episodes....Daryl is either sitting pretty or in big trouble. XD