Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 20: AH! Now everything makes sense....*backs away slowly*

This entire beginning paragraph has been written and erased like three times. My family is insane. But at least I don’t have to wake up at 6:30 am in the morning tomorrow. But it will probably be thrown in my face later that I didn’t do it. Even though I said I would.



The face of evil!

Now that I am done ranting and making no sense…TIME FOR GUILTY CROWN! Something else that makes no sense. And episode 22 does not disappoint people. Be ready to be amazed. Spoilers for everything making sense now YAY!


Shu is so amazing he can fly, change into a girl, and travel to other dimensions. HIS VOID IS THAT AWESOME!

Episode Summary: Everyone is safe aboard Arisa’s grandfather’s boat…sans grandfather of course. Everyone watches as Gai 2.0 tells the world he warned them not to attack Japan yet they have done so and hacked the Japanese networks. Thus everyone wants to die and Gai 2.0 promises to bring about an Apocalypse type event. Everyone is like…..this is probably really bad. That Kurachi lady says they are going to meet up with ANOTHER secret military to take out Gai 2.0. Kurachi is like so Shu…you going to help us? Cut to Gai 2.0 and Koudou talking, with Gai 2.0 referring to Koudou as Dad. Koudou tries explaining Shu’s new power to Gai 2.0 but Gai 2.0 seems to already know. Also Inori is no longer in the building. Mana has taken over most of her consciousness but Inori is trying to escape. She won’t though because she is a FAKE Thundercat. Before Gai 2.0 destroys the world he decides to give Shu and the others the truth about….well everything. This is also hinted at when Koudou is referred to as Shu’s Dad’s best friend again. So Haruka sits everyone down to tell them the sad tale of Japan and the crystal rock that was.


Gai 2.0 counted them ALL!

Many years ago Koudou was an asshole student/teacher wannabe at University. Hard to imagine I know. Then one day Shu’s Dad busts in and says that Koudou is smart and amazing. From then on the two worked together on the Genom theory, about how to accelerate evolution and what not. Shu’s Dad gets a lady doctor knocked up and they move to a little island town to raise Mana. One day the rock of doom came from the sky. Mana found it and became infected on a different kind of level. Koudou and Dad discover the rock is a virus that will trigger the special Genom evolution thing inside people. However some ALIEN (that weird eyebrow kid) comes out of nowhere, saying the meteorite was from Daarth and God was going to kill them. Something like that. But have no fear because Mana will be the new Eve and she has picked her unborn baby brother to be Adam. Momma Shu dies giving birth to Shu as she has Cancer Crystals Stage Dead. Eyebrow Alien wants Koudou and Dad to work with them…in helping destroy the world? I mean make it better. Eyebrows gets Koudou on his side as Dad will be Fathering the birth of a new race AKA Shu and Mana. Koudou goes back to the university to work alone. Koudou goes out and kidnaps some kids to make a new Adam for Mana. One of those kids is Gai. Gai 2.0 points out the irony of the situation, that when he escaped Koudou he ended up with Mana anyway. But eventually Haruka, Koudou’s little sister, comes around and falls in love with Daddy Shu. They marry and work on their own crystal research. Life goes on.


Oh Arisa. You were being used to bring back Gai 2.0's true love....HAHAHA!

Haruka wants to bring all the kids to the city to celebrate Christmas and we know how that turns out on the Mana side of things (shot Gai, Mana breaking into pieces, and Shu….broken). Minutes before that Haruka was waiting with Mana shoos Haruka off to go find Daddy. Well Koudou has already found Daddy. Well first Koudou finds Daddy’s diary that explains how to stop the crystal disease with VOIDS and what not. It got stupid and confusing. In any event Daddy walks in and Koudou is like look Daath is going to be MAD about this. Daddy tries to protect Koudou from getting involved but due to poor wording Koudou gets pissed, says they were never friends, and kills Koudou. Haruka arrives minutes later to see a dead Daddy and Mana explodes. The rest is history. Back in the present Haruka is scared that Shu will die if he keeps using his powers. Shu responds by hugging her. Also Haruka explains how Gai 2.0 used Shu to make the students use their Voids because pieces of Mana were shattered all over Tokyo…in very convenient people that Shu knew. Right before Shu gets in the helicopter he decides to give everyone back their Voids. Yes folks Shu’s new power is to KEEP Voids in his fake arm. Everyone is like if you do that how will you fight Gai 2.0. Shu says he will shoot him and he can’t put everyone at risk. Yahiro gets a little pushy and everyone says no. Satou and Shu have a moment, where Shu apologizes for…..being scary and Satou crying thinking that Shu is going off to die. Haruka thinks Shu will success where her husband fails as Shu will fight alone…with other people’s powers. THE END!

X__X This show is amazing. Like it is utterly amazing how awful it truly is! It keeps me on the edge of my seat because I can’t wait to see what train wreck is around the corner. And instead of me doubting my ability to interpret and remember the scenes right I can just blame this show for confusing the heck out of everyone.

SO NEWSFLASH!!!!!! Shu and Mana are 100 percent blood siblings and Mana wanted to jump his bones before he was even more. This is me puking my guts out. Okay Mana was infected with the Sparkle Virus since the age of 5 so really it is hard to hold her responsible when she hasn’t been in control of her body since she learned to tie her shoes. Still folks….PUKING!


You should feel sorry!

But first things first. Apparently Souta is the only one who needs to apologize to Shu. Okay maybe that happened last but it pissed me off the most. I suppose one could argue that Yahiro was pretty much on Team Shu/Team Power from the get go and Shu betrayed him…and Glasses Girl, I can barely remember her name because she hasn’t done much. But everyone else, Ayase, Tsugumi, Argo…YEAH FOLKS! I saw you looking at that touching scene and smiling that Shu got his friend back. How about you get on your knees and apologize for treating him like crap?! Oh you are too busy asking him to save you yet again? Gai 2.0 wasn’t all you hoped and wished for?


And you are all smiling because....?

So…yeah. Everyone is a piece of crap. Maybe Momma Haruka was trying to help Shu the best she could given she was basically a prisoner too and really he was being targeted because of the special abilities in his arm. But everyone else is scum. SCUM! Judging Shu when he was basically following the Gai handbook on how to be a leader when all you have to work with is a bunch of teenagers. Leaving him to bleed to death and die in the streets only to ask him to save the day again when he gets his powers and arm back.


And he still wants to protect these fools?!

And Shu doesn’t mind. SHU DOES NOT MIND! In fact one would argue that he thinks he deserves all this! Why Shu why?! Why are you punishing yourself and blaming yourself for everything? These people betrayed you, Inori the Thundercat is the only person who sorta loves you, and they are going to use you until you die. Yet you don’t demand apologizes and give out handshakes like you need to ask for forgiveness. Psht take the ship and hide out in the ocean until everyone is blown up. LIKE THEY DESERVE!


In danger. Don't leave him with that crazy person.

Other than that drama everything in this episode was a flashback. Because those are often important to explain what the show is about. Just typically we get those kinds of episodes before the damn show ends! I know some mysteries are explained over time but some very basic and important details have been left in the shadows for this show. And really there are only TWO (yes I looked this time) episodes left! What the hell folks WHAT THE HELL?!


Aliens...a major part of the plot? Sure slap that fact on at the end of the series!

First off eyebrow kid is working for ALIENS! I know I have joked about aliens and that this rock was way too special to not be connected to aliens. But this is episode 20 out of 22. Isn’t it a TAD bit late to introduce something so major? Like what is Shu going to do, rescue Inori, stop guy, save Japan from the rest of the world, AND stop the aliens? Or….or folks…is there going to be a season two?! NOOOOOOO!


BRB puking all over the place.

The second major plot point is the exact parentage of who belonged to who kid wise. Maybe I should have been a little sharper when Haruka never talked about Mana but I was holding out hope there was no incest folks. Silly thoughts yes.


See research!

Another interesting plot point was that Shu’s Dad and Koudou were actually researching this Genom and Void garbage BEFORE the stone arrived on Earth. I assumed it had been the other way around. I still only understand half of what is being said but it appears to me Shu’s Dad was really the man behind the theories and Koudou just happened to have one good idea once and he thought he was in charge.


So you HAVE a death wish?

I am not sure how I feel about Shu’s Dad though. Koudou is basically threatening to kill him and yet Dad is saying really stupid things. I work better alone, Why would I be jealous of you, ect. It appears that Dad might just be socially awkward but damn people. Keep yo mouth shut. Or just cry and say you don’t want to involve your friend.


The more they explain this concept the less I understand.

Overall I guess this flashback was supposed to explain everything and we were going to go into these last two episodes going OH this makes sense. But not really. This episode just assumes we the viewers are morons. Just how exactly was Koudou going to make the new “Adam”? Whoever survived being exposed to the Sparkle Virus Mana was going to pick? Shu’s Void Removing Ability has been shown to be partially constructed by science…yet the writers just threw in a few complicated words and we are supposed to buy this special load of crap. Like oh okay obviously humans evolve thus our hearts can be turned into weapons of our biggest fears. Like what? No.


Inori backstory please?

Another thing that was not explained in this episode was Inori the Thundercat. I guess there is still hope…in the two episodes left (or the horror SEASON TWO!) but yeah folks. All this Inori is a fake, Inori is a monster, INORI IS REALLY A MONSTER is getting old. Explain please. Was Gai really using Inori all along to help Mana come out? Because it looked like he genuinely cared for Inori and wouldn’t want her to die to save crazypants Mana. But lets ask Arisa how characters can change at the drop of a hat.


Oh and HE is still alive. I know you were all worried about him.

So…Mana was really hiding in everyone’s Voids from the First Lost Christmas, aliens want us to evolve or turn into Sparkle Crystals, and Shu is the sanest/stupidest person in his family. THIS SHOW IS FUN!


Eternia said...

Good flashback, huh. Everything makes sense, now. OR NOT. It's just me being sarcasm, lol.

Eternia said...

They tried to explain things that we have already joked about, and at the same time, raised another questions:
-Who the hell is that eyebrows kid? Why can't he grow older?
-What the hell is this Daath organization? At least show us the other members of it, dammit. Not just one immortal kid who popped it and out at random times.
-Why is it everybody on the baddies team (especially Keido) want this worldwide apocalypse to happen? Excuse me if I am wrong, but he is just a normal human, isn't he? When Apocalypse happen, EVERYBODY ARE TOAST!, except the so called Adam (Gai 2.0) and Eve (Mana).
-All of Daath's members are TOAST too. Unless they are really aliens, whose spaceship currently parked on earth's orbit. And they supplied Gai 2.0 with all those killer satelittes. Because it makes no sense how Keido and Gai 2.0 obtain so many weapons of mass destruction while other major countries can only suck their thumbs.
-Why is Antibody listening to their order? Apparently Daryl is most sane person there. I wish he will awake later, and have a romantic moment with Tsugumi on a cruise ship, while everybody else shatter in pieces.
Because he is the most stupid protagonist of currently airing anime.

Guilty Crown. All right.
Just how is Shuu guilty?
-Because he refused to have sex with Mana? (real incest, wow)
-Because he is not performing well as Undertaker's member? (he's tricked into using the void, he's tricked / forced / threaten by Gai to join)
-Because he's not doing well as school president? (People forced that role unto him, you know)


Whew, that's a long rant. I should have started my own blog~

Christina said...

Eternia- This many words. So many words and so little time. I really fear there is going to be a season 2 given how very little information has been given on big plot points.

Or this series just sucks and those plot points will never be explained. If you think about it almost none of Funeral Parlor has gotten a decent back story. All that time was devoted into rescuing the computer hacker/psycho and we have seen 5 minutes of him? Ayase has had the most....on screen time yet we don't know why any of them went along with Gai and his Funeral Parlor plan.

Same goes with Daryl. Episode 1 he is gunning down people who touch him and now he is in love with a person who gave him a piece of candy? OH OKAY!

Daarth? Aliens? What? Are they planning on turning everyone into AMAZING people like Gai 2.0 and using the rest as fuel (AKA the crystals)? If so they better get the hell out of dodge before things really get blown to shreds.

As for Shu....yeah. He feels so guilty for everyone turning on him and using him. He has so much to feel sorry for./end sarcasm. I predict he will die in the last episode but will make it so no one else dies because he has their Voids.