Saturday, March 3, 2012

Black Rock Shooter episode 5


Yes black Rock Shooter is that interesting folks. Next time I will just stick to filing my nails off or something.


Can we pretend that we never met Yomi?

Moving on other people having hair issues (spoiler alert YOMI) Black Rock Shooter episode 5 time. Can’t believe in 3 short episodes this hot mess will be over. I mean…spoilers for Yomi’s hair not getting tender, loving care.


Look how amazing I am!

Episode Summary: In the Other World Black Rock Shooter is…well shooting down Dead master’s army. When that doesn’t work Dead Master sends out her Skulls to finish of Black Rock Shooter. Black Saw Gold smirks and disappears into the green goo. Yuu and Mato go over to Case de Crazy (Yomi’s) house. The crazy must be catching because Yomi’s mom is like GO AWAY. Yomi skips out of the house like nothing happens and presents Yuu with a friendship bracelet too. Only to Yuu’s horror finds that it is made of Yomi’s hair. During art class Yomi decides to cut off more of her hair in the craziest manner possible. Mato begs her to stop and eventually her mother comes to take her home. The viewers then see everything in Yomi’s room destroyed and cut up. Everyone is talking about how much of a freak is and Mato is slowly getting pissed. Kagari decides to add her two cents and Mato slaps her out of frustration. Since everyone is on team Kagari this makes Mato seem crazy too. Yuu goes and accuses Ms. Saya of hurting Yomi. Ms. Saya does not deny this and defends her actions. Yuu leaves the school looking determined about something. Mato has her own freak out moment when she demands the Color Bird book has a better ending. Mato goes to see Ms. Saya as she is the beacon of good advice. She makes Mato some drug coffee which Mato almost drinks. Mato is very concerned about Yomi and Ms. Saya implies that the reason Yomi is suffering is because of Mato. So the logical conclusion is TO DIE. So Ms. Saya strangles Mato. JUST KIDDING. Mato does not feel the joke vibe and gets the hell out of dodge. Well after visiting the Art Club to see the creepy picture Yomi was working on. Apparently Yomi is broken.


The healing process!

Mato is thinking about how insane Yomi and Ms. Saga are during practice when she is hit in the head with a basketball. The basketball manager runs up to make sure Mato is okay. Mato is like where is Yuu? The basketball manager says who the heck is Yuu? Kohata comes by to confirm that this girl is the only basketball manager and has never heard of a girl named Yuu. Mato gets pretty upset at this revelation and runs out. She desperately tries to get to Yuu’s house, all the way haunted by the fact she can’t remember what Yuu looks like. When she reaches Yuu’s house…it is not a house but a walkway overlooking some water. Mato is about to have a mental breakdown when Yuu walks by HOW FUN! Mato doesn’t bother asking her what the heck is going on. Instead Yuu wants to know if Mato wants to save Yomi. Mato says of course. Yomi then explains that the Other World is real and that when your counter part is killed in that world you forget the pain you experience of this world. Yuu says if Mato wants to do that for Yomi. Mato says that things can’t that way, that talking things out is a better way to handle things. Yuu agrees to help and kisses Mato. This takes Mato to the Other World to see her counterpart (Black Rock Shooter) and Yomi’s other self (Dead Master). Then….Black Rock Shooter stabs Dead Master and her (BRS) eye starts to glow. Mato does not appreciate this experience while Yuu says this is the only way! THE END!

Really? Really people? Some of you out there thought this episode made sense and was good? Well…I guess to each their own but….wow.


Yeah your lovely...and we have to go now...BYE!

First off…DAMN MOMMA! Guess we know where Yomi gets her insane from. Great job blaming Mato there. You know, the girl who tried to rescue your daughter from Kagari the Needle Carver. Maybe if you had been doing some PARENTING Yomi wouldn’t be such a crazy girl now. Just saying.



That hair bracelet….just no folks. No. Even if Yuu wasn’t….well whatever she is it would still be no. Mato should have said um Yomi my friend Yuu does not need hair bracelets. We are here to help you, not be dragged into your insanity. THANKS!


She is healed yet still a bitch. I see.

I am curious to what happened after the poor cookies were dropped on the floor. Horrible I know but we shall never know the fate to those cookies. :( But yeah. I get that once someone “dies” in the other world they lose the memory of what made them sane (or insane). However Kagari is sane now. And just watched a girl lose her marbles right in front of her eyes. Does the other world make you think this is normal behavior or something? Kagari should have told Mato of this new and “improved” Yomi.


You aren't my best friend forever so I will cut all my hair off!

Instead though we get to see the mental breakdown of a girl who can’t handle life’s most tiniest bumps. Yes I know junior high girls are dramatic but dear lord. X__X I am so glad I am not Mato. I would be like HOT DOG I got rid of the crazy girl Kagari. Instead Yomi is cutting her hair like an insane girl and painting emo paintings. I would hate to see what she would do if a boy broke up with her or her grandmother died. Maybe it is a good thing Black Rock Shooter is nearby to help her deal with her issues NOW so she is not an insane person later.


And then we find the nearest adult. SERIOUSLY!

Ms. Saya is the most obvious villain ever. If Yomi wasn’t already a few fries short of a happy meal she would have picked up on that already. But the other girls were quick to pick up on something being really, really wrong. Of course looking at the previews for next week Yuu might have already KNOWN this and Mato did get strangled by the woman. That is a big hint to things being terribly wrong.


Hey boys did you see the non Yuu shadow during this scene? Didn't think so.

So…yeah. Yuu not existing….um did I blink or something? Was that EVER hinted at during the first 4 episodes? No I don’t think so. Now is this show going to rewrite history and show us that Yuu never existed? If that is the way things go down of course. But still…yeah folks. Just walking along and BAM Yuu doesn’t exist. Because hints and foreshadowing are for losers!


Not in Kansas are we?

I love how Mato just ran with the worse case scenario though. She did just get hit in the head with a basketball (and was bleeding CENSORS). OH SNAP! Maybe this is all a dream folks. Dorothy…I mean Mato will wake up and Yuu will exist to everyone and Yomi will only be halfway insane. I take it back, this show is amazing and makes total sense. Time to pack it up and go home.


Well maybe she was already going that way...

In the event this is NOT a dream Mato did kind of go insane folks. Maybe she just assumed that everything that has been happening to her since entering junior high is insane and she just leaps to the logic conclusion. Gotta find Yuu because she doesn’t exist.

Only when she does find Yuu she never mentions that small fact. Not oh thank God I thought everyone was insane. No no Yuu and her shadowless self start to tell Mato about how the Other World DOES exist and the only way to save Yomi is to kill her. At this point I would walk away slowly and throw the damn bird book away. Not sure what the bird book has to do with this current insanity but it’s a start okay?


Everything is a lie!

Now…here is my problem folks. Yuu seems to have a lot of knowledge of the Other World. She even sends Mato there and tells her about how to REALLY save Yomi. And in the previews it looks like Yuu was once friends with Ms. Saya, when she was in junior high. If Yuu is familiar with the Other World she should know that Ms. Saya is Black Gold Saw. We saw Strength getting rid of the Kohata bodies. So……yeah why would Yuu send anyone Ms. Saya’s way? Shouldn’t she be like nope let’s not talk to this one folks.

That is a big problem for me. A huge problem. Yuu has been shown to be a normal person seeking out Ms. Saya’s advice, having a counter part in the Other World, and pretty freaked out when people are…being insane. But now we are to believe she is really connected to Strength on a level that lets her come and go between worlds? How am I as a viewer supposed to accept such inconsistencies? Such a huge character change? Also wouldn’t it be hilarious if Yomi is jealous of Yuu and Yuu was never really there?!


Yet you brought the girls to her?

It could be explained away by simply saying that Saya has aged while Yuu is still a young girl. Maybe Yuu didn’t recognize her. But that would be too easy right? With all the other magical elements going on with this show I doubt that Yuu was unaware of Saya. Who knows what is really going on though. Ms. Saya seems to want to drag girls into the Other World while Yuu….wants to coach basketball.

Photobucket Yomi is cured yay?!

Or maybe Mato and Black Rock Shooter into one person. Like Yuu is with Strength. Maybe. Who knows. I do know that Mato was quick to believe in this crazy. Not sure what Yuu was trying to accomplish. She was all like you have to kill Yomi to heal her. When Mato doesn’t agree with that thinking (which is the correct thinking, work through your problems ladies!) Yuu agrees to help Mato help Yomi in a different way. Which seems to involve…killing Yomi. WEEEE!


Talking out problems? Surely that is crazy talk.

Yeah folks. Not sure what is going on with this amazing show. What can we expect from a show that is based on just a song? I don’t think I like this new angle they are taking with Yuu. And Yomi wasn’t as crazy this episode. Somehow I will endure though.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the post!
I notice Yuu might not be human when she left Saya's office, it was after school and as other students pass her by, she is the only one who does not have a shadow.

Anonymous said...

The painting Yomi did of Mato looks like Ciel Phantomhive. Maybe Yomi is a Kuroshitsuji fangirl and just wants Mato to cosplay?

I think I'm missing what the big trauma is that Mato needs another Mato (BRS) to handle. Mato must be incredibly emotionally immature to be so overwhelmed with her daily life that she needs BRS to fight her emotional battles in the other world.

Also, WTF is with the bird book? Does it really end with the bird dying b/c that is not the impression I got from when Mato and Yomi were all wistful for their childhood picture book. But foreshadowing is for losers.

Also Ms. Saya apparently is an incubator and she's harnessing the energy of apparently easily-traumatized students. And Yuu is this show's Homura.

Sigh, miss Madoka sooooo much!

Christina said...

Anonymous- I think other than the shadows it would have been hard to pick up on that fact. It appeared that other students were interacting with her so this fact came out of nowhere! Crazy show.

Anonymous 2- Your point about Mato's big trauma is something I am still questioning too, especially after episode 6. It seems as if Mato is an very unreliable narrator so everything she says/has done could be a lie. Maybe her being so HAPPY now is because she has already forgotten once what terrible thing happened to her. You know...terrible things being someone doesn't text you after school and all.

The bird book is insane. I thought too it would have a happy ending. Maybe since Mato reads up the book at the speed of slow it comes back to life at the end. Maybe it is supposed to be a metaphor for Black Rock Shooter taking on all he pain (colors), dying, and then being reborn all happy.

Ms Saya is still insane, even after her intentions are explained.

And I miss Madoka too. ;( Two of the three movies are going to be recaps of the season so it will be a long, long time before we have new material.