Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another episode 11

XO I feel as if I have been slacking lately when it comes to getting my anime posts blogged and up on time. But what really is on time right? A hobby shouldn’t have a set schedule right? I am trying to be a more mellow Tenchi. Having fun and doing what I want to do during my hours off from hell.

Or maybe I am just wasting too much time doing other things on the internet. I go to one site and get linked to something else which has a something else I want to read about and before I know it 2 hours have gone by. I am a serial clicker!


Someone is not good at keeping secrets.

But here is Another episode 11! Watched and blogged before I even peak at Mirai Nikki! What is wrong with me? Serves them right for not being ready at 1 am on Sunday night (or morning for normal people). Another episode 11! Spoilers for trying to outdo the Hunger Games before the movie is released!


Are we sure he killed a HIM?!

Episode Summary: Matsunaga recaps his tapped message but this time we see him. Gives a little extra to the creepiness. Elsewhere in the hotel, when Mei was telling Kouichi about her sister and her eyeball abilities Izumi and Takako are having a little meeting. Izumi thinks something is off about Mei and Takako says Mei was at HER elementary school with BOTH eyes. Oh snap! So right before Mei is going to announce who the dead person is Teshigawara walks in with his dramatic self. The following is the most calmest explanation of maybe murder ever. Remember when Tomohiko used to be important? He and Teshigawara are best friends. But lately Teshigawara thinks that Tomohiko has been acting weird. Surely it can’t be the stress of the curse or anything. Teshigawara interrogates Tomohiko about their childhood past and when Tomohiko doesn’t remember certain things Teshigawara assumes Tomohiko is the dead one and somehow Tomohiko ends up outside on the cement. Teshigawara decides he must have made a mistake if Mei and Kouichi remember Tomohiko. Well maybe he isn’t dead yet so everyone decides to take a leisurely stroll downstairs. On the way Kouichi casually finds another student who has been stabbed several times. Kouichi is directed to the dining room to find out who did the stabbing. The dining room is on fire and the male Innkeeper has been stabbed with what looks like fire pokers. Oh Kouichi says.

Teshigawara and Mei go outside and declare Tomohiko gone. Since they decide to look for him I take this to mean Tomohiko’s body is not outside and not that he has passed on. Oh and Kouichi says they have to calmly tell everyone the damn building is on fire. They start casually knocking on doors telling people they are in peril. Along the way they pick up Izumi and they hear Takako scream. They find blood all over the place. Yuuya joins the group and says he saw Tomohiko mumbling about Teshigawara. Yuuya is on team Let’s Find an Adult. Only the Women Innkeeper finds Yuuya and Teshigawara and she is brandishing a weapon. The Mei, Kouichi, and Izumi group find Takako covered in blood. She probably killed the Male Innkeeper but who knows. She is covered in blood and tells Izumi she is so happy she is alive. Teshigawara is SLIGHTLY cut on his leg which means Yuuya has to pull him down the hall away from the crazy Inn Lady. Takako turns on Mei and says she is the dead one. Apparently Yuuya went and let Izumi and Takako listen to the secret tape.


At least Izumi is still alive?

Despite getting kicked in the balls Kouichi is able to protect Mei. Takako then runs off and plays the tape over the intercom system telling everyone to kill Mei. As kids start leaving their rooms with mops as weapons Reiko comes to tell the students they are all wrong. Reiko gets hit in the head and Kouichi takes off with Mei. As they dodge people the girl who lost her brother when a truck ran into their house tries to kill Mei. She ends upside as a pretzel. Some students eventually make it downstairs but decide to open the dining room door. This leads to an explosion and another dead student. The building starts to fall apart and Takako finds Mei and Kouichi in the stairwell. She stabs Kouichi but leaves him alive since Izumi wants to have sex with him. Takako goes to attack Mei but ends up killing herself on fallen debris. Izumi walks by and blames Mei for her death. Mei picks up a weapon and says she is going to kill the dead one. She runs off upstairs leaving Kouichi trapped by falling debris. THE END!

HAHAHA! This episode was so….amazing. And special. But while I have no tolerance for specialness in that hot mess Guilty Crown…this is still amusing and makes some sense to me. Some.

But if I were to be objective I would rank this episode the weakest in the series. The best in terms or blood and gore but HOT DAMN this show was all over the dang place this week.


No tears? I see...

I see a lot of people are talking about the pacing and what not. People are torn between everything being on the edge of your seat or that the pacing was off. I am in the off camp. I am okay with everything jumping around scene to scene. There should have been chaos and what not, a lot was going on. So jumping around and stuff…I understand.


So much calm....

However….where is the chaos? Where was the mayhem? Teshigawara is like um I did a bad thing and killed Tomohiko and Mei and Kouichi are like…oh okay please tell me more. Um no folks. It is time for freaking out. Teshigawara was SO SLOW in explaining what happened. Then when they decided to go see if Tomohiko was still alive they calmly walked down the stairs. There they found another student stabbed, the dining room on fire, and the male innkeeper dead.


Very serious! Now run.

So they respond by calmly putting the injured dude upstairs to find Tomohiko (who apparently either crawled away or someone finished him off and hid the body) and tell everyone the building is on fire. CALMLY! Like what is this going door to door crap?! Run up and down the hallways screaming the building is on FIRE. FIRE FOLKS! If this had happened everyone would have been outside and Kouichi would only have to deal with Takako and her insane theories. Everyone would have GASPED and stared at Mei while Kouichi explained the Mei is a twin deal. None of that happened obviously.


...If I thought I killed my best friend...I might walk a little faster than this. Just a little...

So that is what I think was wrong with the pacing. Or maybe more the mood. Either way the frantic feeling was not there from the start of the episode. I guess one could say that Mei really doesn’t freak out and Kouichi might be in such shock that he was just too far gone to be freaked out. STILL FOLKS! I do not want to go on vacation with these fools. Aside from the fact they are all murdering each other and close to death. Like hello the building is on fire please announce it to the entire class. Okay Tomohiko and his serious head injury is missing…SAVE ME!

I am about ready to throw Yuuya out a window. I am slightly disappointed that his feelings for Reiko won’t be explained (one episode left folks!) but maybe it is as simple as a boy crush on his teacher. Putting that aside he is a SNAKE. SNAKE! Okay maybe not a snake…but my eyes are on him and his insane behavior. Do I think that Izumi should have been told about the tape from the start? Yes. She is the head of dying people organization right? But after the group of 4 found out HOW to end the curse it was clear that information should be kept secret. It would lead to chaos and mayhem. Oh wait….


Yuuya? You know the girly looking boy who seems to be EVERYWHERE!?

So yes. Yuuya telling Izumi was a bit questionable. Especially when someone else not in the NEED TO KNOW group was in the room. Takako being unstable at the time doesn’t bother me so much as everyone should be one second away from losing it. I feel as if Yuuya did a lot of meddling in this episode. He was in the hallway at weird times, was involved with a lot of drama but no one blamed him, and if I was Teshigawara I would not be letting him drag me down a hall. He would probably throw me down the stairs or something.

Or I am just picking on Yuuya who seems a little more sensitive than the average boy. Just he seems very odd sometimes. More fear in everyone please!


I have a feeling this scene was important. Like Reiko set the house on fire and was trying to kill herself.

Reiko was once again useless in this episode. Is there a reason why Kouichi didn’t get her first to help with the evacuating process? Maybe because he knows she is useless too? But she did take one for Mei which is a good thing in my book. Last teacher decided to opt out so it is nice to see someone give a crap about these kids. I do think it was interesting that she said two different things. You can’t kill a classmate AND it’s not Mei. She seemed very sure of that fact despite not knowing anything. Unless she does deep down…


So many insane faces in this episode.

From there everything went insane. Takako…it might have been smarter for her to privately go after Mei. I don’t think her intentions were to protect the rest of the class though. I think she was just trying to protect Izumi. If that meant driving the rest of class crazy in a Battle Royale type deal so be it. This would be mean many more people would die in the chaos but it would increase her chances of getting Mei killed and Izumi protected.


So was this Izumi or the wife? Or Reiko?

I have no idea what was going on with the Innkeeper and his wife. Like no idea at all. The kids in Class 3 are the ones having mental breakdowns right? Homeslice wife turned on her husband for seemingly no reason. Did someone inform Granny that this class was cursed which probably put her beloved Inn in danger? Of course her setting it on fire and staining the floors with blood put it in more danger…But yes don’t know why they freaked out and went insane. Takako doesn’t seem to care either.


Killing Mei has not gone well for most people though.

At this point I don’t think I can really blame the students for going insane and trying to kill Mei. After all they have been through and lost it is only natural they do unnatural things. Well except for the ones NOT freaking out. Weirdos. I might have picked a better weapon than a MOP (wtf was a mop doing in his room anyway?!) but yes. Time to kill or be killed. As for me…I am running my ass outside away from everyone and waiting things out. But I would probably trip down the stairs or something.


This all makes sense if you don't know the truth!

Mei and her MOUTH need to open and spill the truth to everyone. I can see why Takako and Izumi came to that logical conclusion since MOST twins don’t grow up in separate parts of towns and Mei is missing an eye. And maybe at that point no one would have believed Mei anyway. But maybe Mei could have tried. Or at least run over and kill the dead one in an attempt to save herself.

But Mei didn’t do that. Because Kouichi is her friend. And Aunt Reiko is the dead one. That might put a damper on their friendship. Of course that would only last a few minute right? Mei kills Aunt Reiko, we get a flashback on how she died before her killer classmate stopped the curse, and how everything adds up to being her. Mei is running upstairs like she KNOWS where the person is. And the only person she knows FOR SURE that is upstairs is Reiko. Because she took a mop to the kne…I mean head. So that is my theory. Mei is going to try to kill Reiko but Kouichi is like NOOO not my family and has to struggle with stopping Mei and protecting Ms. Mush for Brain.

This somehow all leads them outside though. Not sure how Mei is going to make it outside with an entire house trying to kill her but maybe the kitchen exploding opened some walls. Plus these students don’t seem to bright. The brains got strangled and smushed pretty badly.

In conclusion this show is going to probably have the lowest class count in the 26 years of the curse. Surely they will be a lesson for classes to come. At this point we are running out of random kids to kill so I am predicting at least two “Mains” deaths not including Aunt Reiko the dead one. And since the “story” being told at the beginning of episode 1 has been proven to be false (The original was not a girl) not even Kouichi is safe! I just hope everything is tied up in a decent fashion and the main focus isn’t blood, guts, and spit coming out of people’s mouths.


Xition said...

I wanted to punch everyone's face for being so freakin' stupid. OH I have a suspicion that my best friend is the dead one mmm I'll just fight him in a balcony!!!

Eternia said...

These kids freaking super stupid, indeed. They are too calm and leisure considering all the mayhem.

But you seem pretty sure that Aunt Reiko is the dead one already?
Well, it's possible that Koichi came to attend her funeral 18 months ago. But then, there's this rule that the dead one has to be a student...

I am more inclined to think that Kouichi is the dead one. Mei is trolling him and the viewers because she want to have sex with him. :-P

Or Mei herself is the dead one. She wrote "WHO"S THE DEAD ONE?" on her desk because she's not confused for not finding anyone with death aura in the class? But then she realized that she hasn't checked herself on the mirror, lol. Thus, she later found out. This also make sense why she can see color of death, considering she's someone who's already dead.

Anonymous said...

So the Another is Reiko, Kouichi or the twin tails girl. :S

I think that the person Matsunaga describes as the "extra" could be male or female, I didn't follow the dialog but I've seen other series where the fansubbers put "he" in as the pronoun where in Japanese the gender was ambiguous. But I also remember earlier in this series the person missing from the old class photo appeared to be on the boy's side. Guess we could still assume it was a male student before?

You're so right about the pacing especially that scene you screengrabbed where Kouichi says masaka like five times.


All I could think of this episode is Resident Evil as in old school PS1 RE because the mansion interior looked like RE, the music seemed RE-like, the footsteps were RE, the stabbed student grabbing Kouichi's leg was RE, the zombified students after Mei were RE, Kouichi opening the door to the dining area was sooo Resident Evil. Then Mei shows up in the ED dressed like Alice. So even though everyone was running around nonsensically I was just thinking about Resident Evil.


Christina said...

Xition- That was crazy. Like maybe your best friend has been acting weird lately because you have been leaving him out? He was apart of the Mains but was quickly replaced by Mei and Yuuya. Oh and tons of people are dying. But yes the reason why he couldn't remember that one day in 3rd grade must mean he is the dead one. But next time you try to save everyone by killing "the dead one" do a better job. Gosh leaving the body unattended. Amateur.

Eternia- I would be locking the doors at night. Or at the very least have my emergency preparedness kit ready. If someone told me the damn building was on fire I wouldn't go HUH?!

I do really think they are trying to make it seem like Reiko is the dead one. That could explain Kouichi being in town and not remembering it. And Reiko is the only one Mei knows is upstairs. But I do hope I am wrong and it is a student. Like Yuuya. XD

I think if Mei is the dead one people will be disappointed. That means a lot of what she has been saying is a lie and made the mystery no fun to follow since all the reveals would be false.

Kate- It is like you just put all the pieces together. X___X I never saw the Resident Evil connection before until now! It all makes sense. And I call myself a zombie lover.

I did think that might be the issue, that the subbers put in a pronoun because our language requires such a word while the Japanese dialogue might not. Further evidence that Reiko could be the dead one. Although a dude fighting a chick might get a little weird...

I think given all the trauma the kids have gone through a door slamming should be a scary moment. Someone saying they murdered a classmate (maybe) should cause alarm and running down the stairs. But maybe Kouichi was so shocked at this point he was just like...oh okay please tell me more.

Mei should be dancing though. As Alice she is going to make it to the end! And Kouichi will too...as an infected zombie like creature! Yay for happy endings! XD