Monday, March 5, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 21: IT GOES ON AND ON MY FRIENDS!

Mirai Nikki…is not new this week? :( Why must I suffer? Do they not know what I have been through recently? I am so overdramatic. But yes my neighbors are being crack heads over PARKING SPOTS and I want to watch Yuno slash some people up. Ah to have Yuno on my side….the world would be in so much trouble. XD

In other news the SNL skit that makes fun of the Disney Princess and The Real Housewives is hilarious. Go watch it now. Ignore the child actress and her sad attempt at a comeback. It is so funny.


Ah yes. Thank you for potentially dying so we could be together. For 5 minutes.

Now it is time for more anime. And zombies. And eating ice cream. And spying on the neighbors every time I hear a noise. And eating Oreos. I am a busy girl! Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 21 or 543096. I lose track. XD Enjoy.


We couldn't say this 5 episodes ago though!

Episode Summary: The last few minutes of the previous episode are shown again. And now it is revealed exactly what Shana did. She did not destroy the Hecate energy but merely stopped the spell. She has done so she can rewrite the entire thing and make a new rule. NO EATING PEOPLE! This shocks everyone in the entire battlefield. Well and people were concerned about Hecate who apparently is still alive in the spell. Shana is like haha you thought I was trying to stop your spell? No no I was really just going to make this rule as my duty as a Flame Haze extends to other worlds too. Then there is the most boringest minutes of anime ever. Each and every God of Earth has to talk to a semi important Denizen of Crazyland and explain why they are still fighting despite this new rule being implemented. While every answer is slightly different the basic idea is that they want to scare the Denizens into never eating a human again and to show future generations that they mean business. Oh and they need to be punished.


Anime girls like to apologize when people force them to do things and things go the exact way the forcer wants them to. Easy to understand?

After all that boringness it is time to see what is going on in the Scooby Van. Kazumi is stuck in a dream with Johan and Pheles (who is sleeping in her dream…). There Johan thanks Kazumi for helping and Kazumi decides to be a typical anime character and apologize for things that are not her fault. Even Kazumi finds her special. But anyway Johan talks about how he is going to disappear but they want to try and do something before that happens. It is very vague and all. It sounds like he is talking about Wilhemina. In any event he wants Kazumi to keep all that he has said a secret despite the fact everyone knows it all? In between this conversation Chiara and Sale are fighting Dantalion. Well really they are fighting his robot army. Sale keeps referring to Dantalion as Dad. Other Denizens appear to defend Dantalion but it seems that might be unnecessary as he has tons of weapons himself. Pheles starts to wake up and Johan talks about how this is their special spot. Kazumi wakes up in the Scooby Van. It is unclear what the van was trying to do but due to attacks they are headed back towards the Tower of Doom. Yeah bad stuff. Much to Shana and YujiSnake’s horror the van flies into the air and is destroyed by Denizens. THE END! Oh but spoiler alert Kazumi is shown to be in one piece next week.

So how was that? Amazing? Yeah I didn’t think so.

Usually I hate it when they replay the last few minutes of the previous episode in the new one. Very lazy if you ask me. I suppose it is to remind the viewers what happened 7 whole days ago. I guess it is possible to forget because there are tons of anime shows to watch and sleep and work to do. But also in this case it was necessary to replay the scene so they could “change’ what happened. Everyone was like OH SNAP Shana destroyed the Grand Order. Only not.



See Shana is so amazing…or other people are so amazing…SOMEONE was amazing enough to rewrite a spell that it took YujiSnake and Hecate hundreds of years to create. Surely it is as simply firing whatever that old dude gave Shana into the Hecate orb and saying the words DO NOT EAT HUMANS. Ah yes YujiSnake would not have made plans for countless years to make sure something so simple would stop his plans. No no folks. It is almost like someone threw a banana peel at YujiSnake.

Or not. All of this song and dance is for what? So Shana can be a brat and purposely be vague with what she was trying to do? Yeah that is fun to watch. Instead of putting all these people in danger why didn’t Shana just tell YujiSnake what she had planned. Like okay fine leave but we are protecting the clone humans too. Because if we don’t we will all melt with our Flame Haze duties.


Um yes. Flame Hazes often die fighting the Denizens. It is sorta in their job description.

But maybe Shana couldn’t say that to YujiSnake because part two of her plan was…PUNISHMENT! Something that took like half of the show to explain and something I thought was super obvious. Really Denizens of Eating People? You don’t know why everyone won’t let you go on your merry way after eating people for countless of centuries? It is a complete mystery to you? Yeah….so special.

Now was it smart to do this? I don’t know. Maybe if Shana just did her thing and change the spell would be the safer thing to do. Safer for all the other Flame Hazes anyway. But to do that they needed to draw the other Denizens away from what Shana was doing. And really when it comes down to it I support the idea of revenge. While the lines of good and evil are blurred when it comes down to it…I am on Team Human. Obviously. Yes we as humans eat animals and do horrible things to one another. But the Denizens left their world to destroy the balance of ours by eating us and we are both intelligent beings. I don’t know if this is making sense but when intelligent beings attack other intelligent beings, even if it is out of necessity, I am going to be on the side of the person who was invaded and was there first.


I like your thinking. And hat.

So yes revenge. XD I am not sure why this was so shocking. All they were doing was eating us gosh. But yes set an example for generations to come in case Shana’s spell doesn’t work. But what will the Denizens be eating then? This is all very interesting. One would think with all the talking going on we would have more of an answer.

Photobucket haven't become involved yet? What exactly are you talking about?

The conversation between Kazumi and Johan was weird. I guess that is the best way to describe it. I felt as if a lot of words were said but nothing was being conveyed to the audience. Maybe that is because nothing much happened or it hasn’t happened yet. Maybe there is more to Johan and Pheles’ plan but so far all I see is Pheles getting her wish to spend a few moments with Johan. Kazumi wanted to save Shana and Yuji. Maybe I am missing something to this situation but it seems to be a whole lot to do about nothing.


Too bad the van didn't crash into YujiSnake's structure. Two birds with one stone yes?

And then the van drove back to the battle. Was this due to a spell or what they were supposed to do all along? In any event POOF KAZUMI.


We are important because we said so DUH!

Oh I forgot to talk about Dantalion’s battle with Chiara and Sale. I tend to block out scenes with Dantalion because his voice annoys me that much. I think if I was more familiar with Chiara and Sale I would be more invested in their storylines. But they came in at the tail end of the Granny Panties Failure Battle and now they have become “main characters” without any real background. It just feels forced to me. I wish I could know these characters more but at this point I won’t. To me they are just running around blowing things up. Sad really. :(


Well that was anticlimactic.

Or not. Yay for spoilers in the previews.


Eternia said...

I was shocked when the mahou shoujo revealed that Dantalion is Sela's father. That's totally came out of nowhere! Unlike those damn gods of earth, these two are not bad characters, I think. Only that, the same as other new characters, This loli and cowboy don't have proper introduction / background story!! This is the 'shitty-ness' of this season 3.
The animator throw everything from the novel in, and shoving the essential explanations aside.

Christina said...

Eternia- Wait are you saying he really IS the father? I thought Mr. Puppet dude was just saying that because Dantalion forced him to be a Flame Haze, thus "creating" him in a way. But for him to be a real father....yeah that really is out of left field. Maybe I am just being incredibly slow this anime season or the writers are sucking at getting their point across....