Sunday, March 4, 2012

Guilty Crown episode 19


That has been my face the past three days. If you had told me on Wednesday that parking spaces were such serious business I would not have believed you. But apparently I don’t live near adults, I live near…well my co-workers. Crazy people who lack crucial thinking skills. Wonder if my tires will have air in them tomorrow…..


I'm so creepy, oh so creepy.

So while we wait for someone OFFICIAL to decide what is going on let’s pretend everything is okay and blog anime. Ah yes that crazy show called Guilty Crown. Episode 19 already? WEEE! Ready for amazing adventures? I thought so!


Someone kill her please.

Episode Summary: Gai 2.0 appears to be talking to Inori or gently removing her Void from her body. Hard to tell. Segai watches with very little interest. Haruka tries to sneak in to where she thinks Mana (in Inori’s body…probably…) should be but the room in empty. Koudou finds her instead and she is like….Brother. Oh snap. Then Haruka randomly accuses Koudou of killing her husband, his best friend. He fires a shot at her but Haruka apparently escapes. Arisa is busy pretending to be important when Shu comes behind her and tells her he is rescuing Inori and she is going to help. Just then Arisa and all the other Antibodies get a message that Haruka is on the run. Arisa and Shu leave to go find Haruka. Arisa will take Shu to Inori if Arisa can talk to Haruka. Because Arisa and her insane self want Haruka to tell her (Arisa) what Gai’s plans are. If Arisa knows who Gai 2.0 is she can better….masturbate to tables or something. In return Arisa will take Shu to Inori because Arisa is just so high up on the ladder. Momma Haruka makes it to Casa de Kuhouin only to find out Grandpa is dead. But Kurachi is there and apparently she knows Momma Haruka. They head on over to a building that Funeral Parlor has made their new headquarters. Oogumo and Kurachi listen as Haruka explains that Shu is not her real son. She married his father and Dad died soon after. She raised Shu but now she is questioning her intent behind that. But she is resolved in killing Mana her daughter.


Err you are being killed stupid....

Nearby Segai is out making friends with the locals. Once he gets information out of the girl he…shoots her in the head. He then tells some other locals that Funeral Parlor has vaccines in their hideout. The locals demand to see the vaccine and Oogumo lets them in to show them they have none. Segai and his men shoot up the place, killing nearly everyone inside. Oogumo shields Haruka and allows her and XXX to escape. Oogumo takes out the nonimportant Antibodies but Segai kills him. In another Funeral Parlor hideout (well the ones that pretend to be on team Gai 2.0) are talking about overthrowing Gai 2.0 and how that probably wouldn’t work. Souta is getting worse and the general censuses is he is going to die as he has stage Three Sparkles. There is a brief scene with Gai 2.0 talking to his right hand man Shibungi. Gai 2.0 says he was using Funeral Parlor to become King the entire time. Shibungi then promises to kill Gai 2.0. Argo returns with Kurachi and Haruka. Everyone is :( to find out that Oogumo is dead. Haruka tells Ayase that she has the last Void Super Power up. Haruka says she is a bad mother as part of her wants to give it to Shu as he has shown to be compatible with the DEADLY Genome of doom. Ayase volunteers, knowing the risks. Before anything can be decided Segai is like what Gai 2.0 has friends and arrives to kill everyone.


Momma Haruka wants the best for Shu. That is why she cut off his arm.

Meanwhile Shu has jumped out of a moving vehicle and runs towards the explosions. He makes it there in time to take the Genome away from both Ayase and Segai whom were taking turns falling down trying to grab the tube. Haruka warns Shu that if he takes that it will probably die. Shu thanks his mom for being the best (worse) stepmom ever and injects himself. Segai and his crazy eye watch all @____@ as Shu takes out his own Void which apparently grows his arm back. Shu asks everyone’s permission to use their Voids. Just in case they object due to being in danger and all. Everyone AGREES and Shu sets to work flying around protecting everyone. The only one who is hurt is Argo but he got shot before everything started. The last one standing is Segai and he taunts Shu into killing him. But Shu kills him with Yahiro’s Void which delights Segai as someone else’s heart is inside him. When the rumble clears everyone is so happy to see Shu is alive…but he has the Sparkles?! Satou starts crying as he realizes he is cancer free and Shu took it for him. Off in the distance Inori is crying while Gai 2.0 explains that Shu’s Void is to take everything into himself. Now Shu truly is a martyr and he plans on taking everything into himself and saving everyone. Especially Inori. THE END!


OH SNAP! .....So where is eyebrow kid?

HAHAHA! This show is so awesomely bad. Seriously there are 3 episodes left of this hot mess and there is no sign of answers or anything. AMAZING folks! I don’t even know where to start!


Best looking stepmomma ever.

Let’s start off with something I thought quite a few episodes ago. Momma Haruka is StepMomma Haruka. Which means Mana and her incest ways are not as creepy. She was the older one in the situation, Shu was just a kid, and he was probably like GET AWAY FROM ME…but hey. They weren’t blood related. So everything is okay folks.


And now you throw yourself into work ignoring Shu YAY!

I am not sure what I think about Momma’s confessions of being a bad mom. I do think it is admirable that someone would raise another person’s kid. Of course when someone typically dates a person with a kid they get to know said kid over time. So it is not like Shu was a stranger. Still I think it must have been sad, watching Shu growing up and looking more and more like her dead husband. And the fact that her own daughter went….insane and exploded (into Inori apparently) probably did not put Haruka in the best kid raising mood. She probably could have been a more attentive Stepmomma but maybe I can forgive her since she was trying to make the world better. Or was helping destroy it, not sure which yet. Her vocalizing her WOES IS ME was a bit eye rolling though. Especially in light of all that has happened.


Women have very few things going for them. But in animes the womenz are protected from bullets by the menz. Yay boobies!

Poor Oogumo. You know, the guy who is built like Shrek? It is never a good sign when you are always around but never do anything particularly important. It is always a bad sign when Tenchi starts typing your name out and she never has before. Overall I don’t think I have had much of an issue with Oogumo. Maybe I would feel different if he had been around to screw Shu over. But since he didn’t…he is okay in my book. So sad that he died a pretty pointless death.


Segai and that hat....amazing.

Yes folks I think it was a pointless death. Funeral Parlor is trying to help all Japanese citizens but in times like this it is best to be underground and hidden. Not so much in a high rise building with people confronting you. What could those citizens done to them? I saw no weapons. Also let’s just pretend that Antibodies is everyone and assume everyone is a suspect. Putting a stupid hat on Segai does not make him in disguise and unrecognizable


No really what the heck is going on?!

Of course that does make me question what the heck is going on. Was Segai acting on his own? Because last week Gai 2.0 was like Ayase, Tsugumi, come with me. Why would he bother giving them a choice if Antibodies was going to kill them anyway? Maybe Segai was going rogue but I would assume that Gai 2.0 wouldn’t be too happy with him and would hunt them down. Of course that doesn’t explain why Gai 2.0 let them go back to Funeral Parlor headquarters. Why did he let them Mains go free? Gai did teach them to be amazing after all.

Also Segai’s eye was 218937 percent crazier this week. X__X It moved like a clock. GROSS!


I bet his plans don't include you sweetheart.

Every single week Arisa gets more and more insane. Like she has morphed into someone unrecognizable. I understand that characters grow through experiences or devolve during times of crisis but come one! Now she is willing to drive Shu around so she can talk to Shu’s Mom about Gai 2.0? Can you say SUPER DUPER desperate? I mean….it would have been amazing if they had found Momma and Momma was like dude I don’t know anything. That would have been so amusing! But yes Arisa. You is super dumb. You caused Shu to get his arm cut off, betrayed him, and put Inori in a position to be kidnapped. While he did have a gun to your back the first second I got I would betray his butt. Or when he ran out of the car I would NOT FOLLOW HIM!

In conclusion Arisa is insane. While the others (the Mains who aren’t trying to have sex with Gai 2.0) might live I am counting down the minutes til Arisa gets it. Hopefully by Gai 2.0’s hands.


Inori likes to be amazing...or useless. Nothing in between.

Inori the Thundercat was not shown much in this episode. She is back in the bride’s outfit tied to something….but she is looking like a human now. Those are magical bonds on Inori. But Gai 2.0 was talking again about Inori not being human. The same line as last week but nothing was explained. Because this is Guilty Crown folks. We don’t need any explanations!


Everything ever is Shu's fault!

So now we are back on Shu. Shu Shu Shu….Now….maybe…Shu is the dumbest person on the face of the planet. Or the kindess. I am not sure. He does seem to go on and on a lot about how he has to taken on the burden and what not. What burden is he talking about? He didn’t chose to have the Void power, Gai forced him to join Funeral Parlor, Inori manipulated his emotions, and Yahiro forced him to lead the students.


Hope you feel bad now.

And yet Shu takes all this crap and tries to make it positive. He has been doing the very best he can and when things fail it really isn’t his fault. After Hare died I was expecting him to lose his mind and do insane things. But instead we get some mild rules and slight mistreatment of Rank Fers. And everyone turns on him for no reason.


Yes please let me use your powers so I can save your lives. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

So…why is Shu acting like he is crawling back to them? Shouldn’t they be on their hands and knees begging for his help? Why is he acting like he wronged THEM?! Did I miss that part or something? I would be like OH SNAP let me put on my team Shu shirt and switch sides again. I would be like oh so Gai 2.0 wasn’t your Lord and savior? Time to leave and rescue my ThunderCat babe.

We have three episodes left folks! Surly that is plenty of time to explain WHAT THE HELL THE ROCK IS, save Inori, have everyone turn on Shu again, kill Arisa, explain who Daddy was, find eyebrow kid, and let Shu die to save Japan. Plenty of time folks!


Keith said...

I dropped this a few episodes back.

Guess I wasn't wrong, Guilty Crown got a bit too crazy for me!

Looks like it hasn't improved much

At least I still have Mirai Nikki to watch :)

Eternia said...

No mention some more unanswered questions, which the author would never bother to answer:
-When did Gai seduce Arisa? When did he sleep with her? So that she's crazy over him that much.
-What did Shuu do after he pulled a flash disk (?) out of Argo's chest and flashed an evil smile? The cliffhanger was treated as if it's never happened.
-Why didn't momma Haruka betray the baddies sooner? Instead, she help reviving Gai and let him cut Shuu's arm.

Christina said...

Keith- This show has reached a new level of insanity. At least with Mirai Nikki you know some super natural "god" is at work. Sure people seem to have immunity to bullets and things could have gone MUCH SMOOTHER had certain people just killed others at certain times....but there are no Thundercats, dead people, or crystal diseases running around. All of which will probably not get explained at this point because Shu is too busy pretending this is all his fault.

Eternia- I think Haruka thought she was helping Shu by cutting off his arm. That way he wouldn't be a target anymore....yeah silly thinking there. People usually need their arms and bleeding out is tons of fun!

I think with Arisa NOTHING happened with Gai. She saw him once and started masturbating on tables at the thought of him. Went Code Geass on his crazy self. Or maybe after he was reborn Gai 2.0 sent her sexy pictures of him. Maybe he was really drunk at the time.

Each week more and more is piled onto this show yet nothing is really explained. So I doubt anything will come from Shu pulling out that disk. Unless Shu can now use Voids from dead people. Since Shu is good at making up powers on the spot.