Saturday, March 31, 2012

Facebook is creepy

It is almost time for work again. JOY I tell you JOY. But I have to keep telling myself this pays the bills and of course helps me with the all important anime/manga/Hello Kitty purchases. So...yay work.

But before I head back to that lovely place I thought I post a little something that popped up on Facebook this morning. As we all know Facebook had tons of ads on the side of the page to help pay for the site and to annoy us. Now sometimes the ads are just lame or they use crazy pictures to describe their product/service. I mostly laugh at the kids with crazy hair being used as an ad for a social service worker. But today I had to stop and go X__X with this new little ad.


Why do you eat me non-vegan people?!

I see. I see folks. If I am a vegan I will get a cute little dog. This is clearly what the ad is trying to say.

Or maybe they are saying be vegan. Because look, this dog is cute. And wearing cloths. Being a vegan means do not eat cute little dogs wearing clothes. I'm sold folks! All this time when I have ordered hamburgers and chicken nuggets I was really hurting the cute little dogs wearing sweaters community. I has seen the error of my way as I have seen the true reason behind being a vegan.

Time for work. I will try to make people order mushroom pizzas instead of pepperoni. Gotta save the dogs!


Anonymous said...

I don't think dogs are vegan either - even if they are cute lol

I also don't like manipulative ads and I'm not any veg-freak myself (though I never really liked meat) but imho everyone should be aware where our food comes from (non meat also). I stumbled recently upon "Earthlings" documentary and I'd recommend it - though it really was DRASTIC

(I foud your blog once by chance and I lurk here sometimes cause I like your babbling ^_^)

Christina said...

Barbara- XD I do babble a lot. Mostly about anime and manga though. Catch me on a special day after work and it might be about pizza. XD

I'm sure that dog would love to chase down a squirrel or two...if it wasn't as big as a squirrel. So clearly he/she is not a very good vegan either.

I think if I found out about where all the food I ate came from I would never eat again. Well not unless I became an apple farmer or something. XD Chicken nuggets come straight from the vine and people are not paid 20 dollars a week to pick lettuce. But reading some of the reviews on that documentary makes me want to hug and spoil my cat even more than I already do!

Eternia said...

The pic is soooo irrelevant. I don't eat dog meat to begin with! Unless they put a picture of chicken saying "Aren't I cute?"
And I will answer, "No, you are delicious. :-P"

Christina said...

Eternia- Exactly. I know Facebook randomly puts pictures next to ads (like if you have bright colored hair you WILL be placed next to a guidance counselor ad) but this was too funny for words. I am sure even in countries that do eat animals in which I consider pets...this tiny dog wouldn't be worth heating up. XD

Very delicious indeed that chicken. Sad how they are...harvested but too delicious indeed.