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Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice chapters 13 and 14

Hello there my lovely readers. Today is April Fools but I don't think any pranks were pulled on me today. If they were I wasn't aware on it. And I didn't pull pranks on people seeing how I didn't leave my house. XD Unless scaring the cat with random moving on the couch. Sorry silly kitty.

I spent most of the day going through my Japan Trip 2011 photos. It seems as if these past three months have been bleh and on the tame side compared to last year's hectic planning and excitement. So it was fun looking at all these photos. And there are A LOT of them. I only posted a fraction of them last year as to not make the posts super heavy and hard to load. But now I am thinking about posting more photos now, to reminisce about my trip and show more of Japan. Does that sound interesting? Everyone likes to look at pictures right?


I think girl power has run its course....

But before that lets get a post up and out today. Up now since almost all my animes are done...Puella Magi Kazumi Magica! Chapter 15 will be out soon so I need to blog about 13 and 14 right? Here we go X__X Time for a blood bath?


This time?! Oh Lord is time travel involved again? Poor Homura. XD

Last time on CrazyGirlsDieALot Satomi suggested to Saki that they kill Kazumi. Saki is pretty dang shocked because this time things are going better. THIS time. This is the second time someone has said THIS TIME in this manga. HMMMM this time.


Shh shh we can't tell the viewers yet. A few more pages my love.

To keep things on the edge of their seats Satomi doesn’t go into great detail on what exactly IS happening. Just that Saki loves Kazumi and that is clouding her reasoning. Hopefully Mirai didn’t hear that. We don’t need two people against Kazumi do we? But in Satomi’s mind Kazumi needs to suffer due to something horrible she did.


The rain depresses me too. :(

Back at home Kaoru and Umika talk about Kazumi who is sleeping. Kaoru wonders if Kazumi got hung up on a lie that was told to her. Kaoru told Kazumi her wish was for a healthy body when in fact she wished to help the other people out (IE the person who tried to kill themselves) Umika thinks they have bigger things to worry about. So far all 4 girls have thought back to when the Evil Nut started to change Kazumi. HMM folks. But Saki comes over interrupting that line of thinking.


If you know who made them...why haven't you kicked their butt yet?

The Evil Nuts are talking about which is rather important. It is said that the girls who have used the Evil Nuts thus far are not the creators of the. Rather HE is behind the nuts. Who is he though? Could it be Kyubey who wants more people to be witches? In this series not too many males have taken an important role so I am assuming it is Kyubey. Hmmm maybe he has not taken too kindly to Juubey’s personality change.

While the girls are talking Saki gets more and more worked up. She thinks this time things will get messed up and by using their magic to stop..THIS they will all turn into witches. Umika realizes that Saki is not talking due to the honorifics and questions what is up. Saki smirks and attacks, revealing that Satomi has taken over Saki’s body. Maybe Satomi needs to work on her body snatching abilities. Or maybe Umika is just amazing.


Stabbing the bed would be silly.

After some battling SatomiSaki makes it to where Kazumi is sleeping. It probably would have been easier had SatomiSaki went upstairs to check on Kazumi, like a friend would do, and then kill her. But it is more dramatic this way. Before the Satomi side can kill Kazumi Saki maintains enough control to stab her own leg. Saki is like RARW just bring her to me so I can finish her off. Umika and Kaoru are too late to stop this magical transportation.


Just BAM the truth X___X

Kazumi is all like X__X what with Saki trying to kidnap her and randomly growing long hair. Saki’s leg injury eventually gets the best of her and she drops Kazumi. She tells her to run but Satomi has already arrived. The pacing is….well rushed. Satomi doesn’t waste any time on unleashing the TRUTH upon poor Kazumi.


...What part of this sounded like a good idea?

Earlier in the manga Kazumi was told that Yuri was the one who turned into a witch and exposed the magical girls=witches truth. Well Kazumi wasn’t there was she? Turns out that was a lie and Kazumi (the original one named Michuri ) is the one who died in front of them and turned into a witch. But the girls loved Michuri so much they decided to stuff clones that Nico made with witch meat (probably from Kazumi witch) and hoped for the best.


Kazumi actually took this pretty well. As well as can be expected.

And if this wasn’t enough fun information THIS Kazumi is actually number 13. As in the other girls have attempted 12 other attempts to bring Kazumi back to life. So I am not sure how I feel about Satomi. She should not blame Kazumi for making them magical girls. They made that decision themselves, Kazumi just saved them from their witch kissed status. However….13 attempts to bring back one girl? Maybe just maybe stuffing a clone body with witch meat is not really a great way to bring someone back to life. Especially if it keeps failing. I think I would have stopped after attempt 3. Like we tried Kazumi. We really did but you are super dead and we don’t want to become super dead too. So maybe Satomi is not crazy.


Behold the witch transformation process! Or passing out because it was hot in the kitchen. Either way.

I am not sure how I feel about Kazumi’s witch transformation process. She was just chillin in her kitchen making food when she turned. But I guess she could have been thinking about her grandmother while cooking and that was the last straw for her. She just seemed so normal before hand whereas Sayaka was headed to crazyland and it was obvious.


What is wrong with you freaks?

I do have a question about the other 12 Kazumis. I understand that Saki kept the fact she kept the failures a secret from the other girls. She can’t kill anyone that looks like Kazumi. But what makes the other Kazumi’s failures? They are human looking, not witches. I just wonder what constitutes a failure. Like oppies she remembered the truth get rid of her now? Curious curious.


When did you show up?

With Mirai watching Satomi forces Kazumi to attack and kill the other Kazumis. This scene is familiar. Back when Kazumi was rescued from the briefcase she had a slight memory of being in a room with bodies full of blood. This appears to be that scene. Is the a memory of another Kazumi ? That would make no sense as Kazumi gets a new start each time in a new body, there shouldn’t be any memory transfers. But that would explain a past failure of a Kazumi.


Maybe they are all failures since they couldn't overpower one Kazumi?

The battle is pretty gross. Body parts flying everywhere, this Kazumi begging Satomi not to fight, and basically chaos. For the first time this Kazumi uses the other girl’s powers as she was made from their magic. As she fights she gets weird injuries and her limbs start to transfer into gross looking tree like twigs. Pretty gross stuff.


Sometimes when you use witch meat to make a fake person things don't work out so well.


So offensive!

Then Satomi almost barfs. As Kazumi fights she starts to absorb the fallen past Kazumis. Given all the fighting that is currently going on I don’t find it as disturbing as it probably is. But if Satomi wanted Kazumi to get rid of the other Kazumis…well she did a good job yes?


Hand her a blow torch Ripley!

With one Kazumi left the battle is on. To me it seems as if the last Kazumi and current Kazumi were pretty similar. The fight lasted the longest in any event. During the battle past Kazumi asks current Kazumi to kill her. It sounds like past Kazumi has some of her soul left if she is conscious enough to ask for such a thing.
In the end past Kazumi and current Kazumi are stabbed by Satomi who has the cutest expression on her face. As both of the Kazumis fall to the ground Satomi appears to lose her mind but she is too busy congratulating herself on killing all the Kazumis!


Satomi is so calm it is freaky. X____X

I am going to go out on a wild limb and say the other girls aren’t going to handle this news well. I am also sensing the end might be near. I do tend to think that the girls will turn into Walpurgis Night. I don’t think Kazumi is down for the count but given all that has happened grief is headed their way. Maybe all the girls will give up on bringing Kazumi back and POOF. Or maybe in an attempt to save Kazumi again they will exhaust their powers and POOF. Either way…I can’t wait for more chapters but I am sad knowing there aren’t that many left.

Either way we can all agree that while the girls were working together to fight witches maybe Homura had the right idea all along (well after 2893 timelines). Alone is better.

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