Friday, April 27, 2012

Kore wa Zombie desu ka? Of the dead episode 4

My computer is messed up folks. I feel stupid sometimes, not being able to do basic things like change a tire or do basic level computer stuff. Just rarw. And every time I try to show my husband that the computer is messed up it magically fixes itself for 5 seconds to make me look like a crazy pants. -___- As much as I love my own laptop I wish my husband used it more so he could see how things are and would have reason to fix it faster. Because I needs it to do very important things!
You cast a spell on me spell on me.
Like blogging animes! Duh people. Very important stuff indeed. Up now is the crazy show Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead. The super dead. Spoilers for Tenchi having issues with Maid Cafes.
Why are tiny pieces of plastic so expensive?
Episode Summary: Ayumu is trying to put the memories of being a famous cross dressing magical girl behind him. His one true love is putting together scale model figurine things. He has a very determined look on his face as this show slowly becomes a product plug. His new figure is complete and Sera walks in to tell him he is a disgusting slug. Obviously. He tries to brush her off but Haruna comes in…and breaks his toy. It was a sad moment too as Haruna almost bonded with Ayumu about his scale model collection. Sadden Ayumu goes to school and tells Orito his pathetic story. Orito has decided that he is not in love with Ayumu and has to save Ayumu from the perverted cosplaying person he is. So he takes Ayumu to a Cosplaying Maid Café! Surely this is a good idea. Everything looks normal and creepy when they walk in but then Orito asks for the special VIP special. Turns out that it is the girls acting like bitches to all the men VIPness. Dominatrix in the making I believe. And the head Dom is Sara! That’s right this is a vampire ninja cosplaying maid café. Ayumu tries running away but Orito wants to stay and be abused. Sera and Yuki show up to “abuse” Ayumu in their own special way. All of this is probably making Ayumu like men even more but Orito thinks this is helping.
Tenchi prefers vending machines thanks.
After experiencing that much fun Orito decides they will take the “Let’s make the bitch behavior POOF and make them cute” test. Or at least I think that is what the name is, might be too long. There will be 5 different maids they must beat or they have to pay a buttload of money. They lose and Sara gets Ayumu’s butt. Amazing. So each girl ends up being someone Ayumu knows, including Haruna and Eucliwood who apparently work here on the weekends. Orito gets taken out early in the competition but due to living with the crazies Ayumu is able to pass most of the tests. The last competition is between Kanami and Ayumu which ends in a surprise upset as Orito comes back alive. The boys win and American-kun, who was hosting the battle and being a pervert, announces he is from the Underworld too. Okay then just slide that in. The girls feel bad for torturing Ayumu so they buy him the ugliest scale model ever to make it up to him. THE END!
Poor Ayumu. How he suffers so at the hands of the freeloaders in his house. :( You would think that since it is his house the girls would be nicer to him. But that would be silly right? What kind of show would that be, respecting boundaries and what not? So once again poor Ayumu.
While the husband isn't at this level....we have a dinning room full of Legos. XD
While my husband is not into model figurines he is majorly into Legos. Like Lego fiend. I once offered to help him make a set on Christmas. I got the saddest….oh okay face ever. XD Don’t come between a man and his toys, even if you are just trying to help and have fun. Also it is best not to bother a man when he is in the middle of constructing/building. Just let the men play with toys. Then they will make you dinner, kill spiders, and hold shopping bags.
My one true joy in life!
Ayumu does not have a lovely Tenchi in his life. :( No instead he has SUPER crazy people living in home. Like as I type this I am nice and cuddly in my bed. My husband is watching his show, I am watching mine. XD We don’t have to spend every single minute together. Sometimes after work we want to do our own hobbies, to have peace and quiet. XD Of course the husband is a quiet person anyway and this might be a bad example. But yes Ayumu should be able to unwind from his insane life and put together figurines/mechas/robots without people calling him a piece of shit cockroach.
Don't touch my lovelies!
X__X Am I rambling too much? Probably. But then Haruna came in and I felt so bad for Ayumu. Because I know that feeling. You have lots of things that LOOK like toys but you know they aren’t. You take good care of them and basically just look at them. Display them. Never play with them. Then BAM someone comes over and handles them improperly. Or in Ayumu’s case…breaks them. Into tiny little pieces. All that Ayumu has in this world are those expensive pieces of plastic and they break them. :( So sad indeed.
Orito has recovered. Or in in a different level of crazy right now. Not quite sure which.
I am not sure what is going on with Orito. I thought last episode he was confessing to Ayumu. Did anyone else think that? It can’t be my yaoi colored glasses right? They were pushing something weird with Orito. I know it. But in any event Orito got better and since being a crossdressing or gay is SO HORRIBLE Orito must fix him. Le sigh indeed.
That would be my reaction too. Run far far away.
And the best way to fix Ayumu of crossdressing is to take him to Maid Café. HMMMM. HMMM indeed. I don’t know if the best way to cure Ayumu is to pay girls to talk to you and pretend you are interested in you. Or in this case threaten to kill you. Just today I started to make a list of pictures that I want to take next time I am in Japan. A list of typical anime slice of life moments. I also had another list. A list of pictures that I wouldn’t be taking. And for some reason I forgot to add Maid Café to the list. HMMM!
Can't handle....the awkwardness....
What does this have to do with anything? I don’t know. On one hand if girls can get boys to pay 1000 percent mark up on some ramen noodles and flat sodas more power to them. But on the other hand…aren’t Maid Café’s another way to demean women? To make them even more submissive? Or make it harder for REAL GIRLS to get guys, if they are going to these fake cafes where the smiles mean nothing? Apparently I have a lot of feelings on this matter. Also I felt bad and was irritated at the same time when I saw the maids handing out flyers, all ignored and stuff.
I hate it when sales people ask me if I need help. This is just way too much employee/customer interaction for me.
I am not saying everyone who works there hates their jobs nor do people who go to such cafes are losers who can’t get dates in real life. Because those would be stereotypes. I am just saying I would feel uncomfortable having a weird….ketchup drawing smile contest with a girl that I am paying a lot of money to smile at me while she was thinking about all the amazing socks she was going to buy with her pay check. And I know these places aren’t totally to blame with real relationships…but I can see how people with a messed up sense o reality could become further messed up. Btw this all counts to Host and Hostess Clubs too. Probably more so because they suck way more money out of sad and lonely people.
Being poisoned by a hottie is fun weee!
Case in point Orito! WOOHOO! My friend needs to be saved so I am drag him to a place with frilly dresses and cosplays in an effort to make him forget about frill dresses and cosplays. I am just saying…if Ayumu really had a problem I would start him off with something small. Like maybe a group date so Ayumu won’t feel so much pressure. While these girls are paid to pretend to like you (or hate you) all that attention might push people over the edge. Like never want to leave the house again because girls are too perfect. Or because you thought these girls were real and now there is a restraining order on you.
I forget what missions they do that need funding....
Now putting aside that Maid Cafes are special to begin with…this one is run by Sara. Why? Because this show is insane. It has to be run by Sara because that is obviously how vampire ninjas make their money. DUH. Did you think it was with selling illegals arm on the street? Being killers for hire? PSHT! PSHT ya’ll! Order something and get out you disgusting bugs! Oh and all the girls from the entire series minus the normal girl are present. Because folks. Because.
His butt WILL be yours.
The gimmick of yelling and treating Ayumu and Orito like crap got old after a while. I wish that they would have yelled at some other guests. But I do like that Ayumu decided this entire thing was crazy and feared for his life. These were the correct emotions.

The entire competition to make the angry girls sweet…was again special. Guess not too many normal girls are lining up to be a part of the special menu. Now I say that and I like how each girl lost and how Ayumu was pretty natural in making some of the girls lost. I am not sure how Eucliwood lost but meh. The real surprise was Kanami. I felt that her angry front was the most natural of the girls without being evil angry. And the way Orito got to her was obvious. XD So….I am not sure what the point of the game was but I suppose it was entertaining. Yay for winning! Oh and American-kun is from the Underworld too. Everyone that Ayumu looks at isn’t human. Except for Kanami and her boring friend. But maybe they will get killed and turned into zombies too. Anything is possible.
Photobucket random and interesting.
Except for Ayumu getting a happy ending, it whatever way I meant that. That was a seriously ugly figurine the girls got him. Oh and are we getting a plot anytime soon? No…okay then! Onwards to Eucliwood killing herself after the credits!


Anonymous said...

I-Its not like I like this post. I’m just here for the review.

Did I get in the mood? ~_'

Saras, oh Saras, just can not keep your eyes off his butt right?
Shouldn't that be a sexual harassment? XDDDD

Anonymous said...

Eucliwood lost because.....
...She can not talk to start with!!XD

Eternia said...

Episode 4 already.
And yet...
What plot?
Let's just admire Eu in her super cute work dress.
Damn, I wish I was good at drawing.
I would draw a fanart of her in that dress.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else catch the joke about Ander-so-n (アンダーソン君)? His commentator name was Shimomura (下村). The first character is 下 (した)which means “below” or “under”. The second character is 村(むら)which means “village” but can also be read as そん(SO-N). LOL.

Anonymous said...

"Not bad, my damn darling. You, the assple of my eyes, are impressive" -- Sarasvati
OH MAN!! I could not stop laughing on this part. That is just.....I don't know....XDDDDDD
She never cease to amaze me!!

Christina said...

To my Anonymouseseses and Eternia- Sara is coming across as the new crazy person yes? Should have known that she was hiding her inner crazy, she was way too calm of a person to be in this show yes?

Who needs plot when we have zombie magical boys being tortured? XD Although I don't think I would ever go to a maid cafe, even if it is a "normal" one and not a crazy one.

Anderson-kun has come out of nowhere. Unless he was in season one and I blinked...

Maybe Sara needs to see other naked men. XD Do men really have that shapely of butts? I guess I never thought about it. Maybe Ayumu is special.....