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Accel World Episode 3

FINALLY! Whoever thought that giving us a sneak preview in the form of TWO episodes was on crack. Maybe I was on crack for watching them. XD Because the wait in between those two sneak preview episodes and episode 3 was way too long. Also why is it being subbed and up on FRIDAYS! Worse day ever. Clearly I am full of complains tonight. XD

I believe those are FIGHTING WORDS!

But here we are folks! Finally episode 3 for me to blog and talk about. Spoilers for cables that are too short even for Gameboys!

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Yeah shut up Haru! It's not like this song is about you or anything.
Episode Summary: Kuroyuki and Chiyuri are still having their epic stare down which is making Haru comfortable. Kuroyuki pretends to not understand what relationship Chiyuri and Haru have. Chiyuri says that she has known Haru forever and she doesn’t appreciate what Kuroyuki is doing to him. Kuroyuki smirks and says she is Haru’s boyfriend and bids the friend goodbye. Haru thinks his life is over and questions why Kuroyuki did that. She states she has her reasons and leads him to a coffee shop. Over a direct link Kuroyuki explains to Haru what she wants from him. Brain Burst is a game that doesn’t have many high level players. It is difficult to reach even level 5. Once you reach a high enough level you are given a region in the game to run and these top level players, all level 9 Kings, have not changed in quite a while. That is because to reach level 10 one has to beat the other level 9s. After being told of this horrible rule most of the level 9s came to an agreement not to destroy each other as losing just ONE battle in a run for level 10 would cause Brain Burst to delete despite your point level. Kuroyuki explains that she herself is one of the Kings and is currently on the run. She wanted to become level 10 as that person is promised to find out why the program exists and to meet the creator. She instantly killed one of the Kings which pissed off his King girlfriend and the others. As a result Kuroyuki has not logged onto the net in over two years. 

I am calling forth this meeting to hunt you bitches down. That is all.

Despite hiding for such a long time someone at school managed to find Kuroyuki even though she was using her “cute school avatar”. She used several techniques to narrow down the field of who the challenger is as she is afraid they will tell the other Kings and there might be a real life attack. She wants Haru to monitor the next time Kuroyuki is challenged so they can determine for certain who it is. But top on the suspect list is Chiyuri. Haru is shocked but Kuroyuki thinks Chiyuri’s outburst was in part that Chiyuri wanted to recruit Haru into Brain Burst and now she is pissed. Haru promises he will find out the truth but knows that Chiyuri isn’t using that program. Haru leaves all dejected, worried for Chiyuri when he runs into Takumu. He is training for kendo or something and Haru is full of worry. Takumu basically says that Chiyuri is a good girl without knowing why Haru is asking. Haru then goes to visit Chiyuri who is still pissed over Kuroyuki. Haru convinces her to direct link. Chiyuri spends most of the time crying about the space that has grown between them and how they used to be so close. Haru looks for evidence of Brain Burst but is also taken aback by what Chiyuri says. He counters with that things had to change as Chiyuri started dating Takumu. All of this conversation is taking place with Chiyuri on her back and Haru on top of her as they have the shortest cable ever. Finally Haru and Chiyuri seem to cry it out, Chiyuri hurt that Haru doesn’t need her anymore and what not. Haru almost breathes a sigh of relief as he hasn’t found the Brain Burst program…but then he finds a secret back door. THE END! 

Um..isn't that one of the things you can't live without now? Like I wouldn't walk out of the house without my phone now..... 

So was it worth the wait? Lets talk about this episode and find out then. XD 

Stupid hot girl who isn't me! 

Who are we rooting for in this love triangle? Only it isn’t a triangle is it? Chiyuri has a boyfriend, Takumu. Takumu is Haru’s friend so I am sure that puts Haru in a weird position, even if Haru thought he had a chance with Chiyuri. Maybe in Haru’s mind Takumu was the better pick for Chiyuri and that is why he doesn’t have jealous feelings. Yet Chiyuri seems to care somewhat for Haru. Even if it is a on a friend level. 

Photobucket have a boyfriend right? 

But it might be hard to cheer on either of the girls if they have ulterior motives. Obviously Chiyuri wasn’t a Brain Burster when she was younger, when she first met Haru. So I am sure she really IS Haru’s friend. Whether or not she is using him or had plans to use him might not even matter. Because if Chiyuri is just settling for Takumu when she really likes Haru…that won’t me want to root for her. I am not saying that a 15 year old girl has to love the same boy for the rest of her life. But if feelings change she needs to end it as to not hurt Takumu. Of course I might be reading WAAAAAAY too much into this and Chiyuri really is just Haru’s friend and all her boo hoo tears were just out of friendship and worry. 

You are going to have to do a lot more than that to help out Kuroyuki!

We know for a fact that Kuroyuki is using Haru. She has been pretty honest in that aspect so far although I am sure Haru would have liked to know ALL THE RULES before agreeing to Brain Burst. I am sure that is what most of the kids think though, that hindsight is 20/20. But Haru is being told most of the drama and rules by episode 3, not 22 episodes later. Haru didn’t do all these battles for nothing only to learn that Kuroyuki is going to stab him in the back and take the crown for herself. So while we might be questioning when Kuroyuki is being genuine and when she is having another motive she has protected Haru so far. Whether or not this will turn into a believable romance has yet to be seen. 

The point of Accel World is to destroy the nerolinkers and make people interact like humans again. Going to declare it now. 

This episode was super informative without being boring. Something that is hard to do. Either the details are vague or things come across as a lecture. But Kuroyuki broke it down in a way that I could follow without my brain exploding yet not making it dumbed down. Of course it is going to take some getting used to, direct linking and mouths not moving. XD 

:( So how are new players supposed to shine? 

To me it does seem weird playing a game without knowing its true purpose. Early speculation theory would be is than an adult is using kids in some way, like harness their brain energy or something, to do something not so innocent. Well that was a vague theory wasn’t it? But with all these perks of doing well on tests and scoring goals in soccer games must come at a price. Nothing can be that magical and perfect. It makes sense logically that only people born with the direct link can access Brain Burst but I think there is more to that. Well and what Kuroyuki said, that kids won’t talk and suchies. I don’t know, I am not basing this theory on much. Just that only 15 year olds and younger using the program sent up a red flag. XD Of course most animes focus on teenagers so…. 

Such weirdness indeed. 

I think there has to be more to Brain Burst than meets the eye simply because of the harsh rules. Most games want people to level as high as possible. The more devoted someone is to a game the more they might spend on game extras. If there is no more challenge to a game what is the point in playing it? If most players don’t reach half of their potential something is weird. Almost like the game is weeding out so so players and focusing on the hard core players. 

Super punished by Kuroyuki of course. 

But then the hard core players are punished too. Granted maybe it was just a way to change things up, to make sure the top people aren’t ruling the game forever. BUT DAMN! If you lose one battle you are gone forever? That is definitely not a way to reward high level players. Maybe this IS to keep the same people in the same position, so no one will even try to be level 10. Because a deep dark secret lurks behind level 10. So if the rules were just oh you lose a battle to another level 9, you just lose points…people might have tried. But now people are too scared to lose Brain Burst as it affects and helps out their real life too. So it could be a number of things. XD Just I wouldn’t be a level 9 at all or for long. 

And what does reaching level 10 have to do with being human? 

Kuroyuki got a little dramatic with her I need to know there is more to this program nonsense. Hopefully she is not hiding MORE from Haru, that there is a certain connection with her and Brain Burst as a whole. Like I hope it is not a “So you are my real father” moment. But Kuroyuki is probably hiding something. Or maybe she wasn’t liking the Career Tribu…I mean Kings reigning over everyone and wanted to be on top. Either way I can see why she wants to at least try but I am not sure how much Haru can really help. Clearly she is not aiming him to be a level 9 too right? That would take way too long and be unbelievable. And then she would have to beat him too. 

Although the odds of knowing another Brain Burster seems low as there are only 1,000 of them..... 

Haru handled all this news pretty well, with a good understanding of gaming and how weird this sounds. He gave good ideas even though Kuroyuki had already tried most of them. And while this plan doesn’t really benefit Haru he has agreed to help out the butterfly girl. I thought his reaction to Chiyuri possibly being a Brain Burster too was natural. I am sure over time he will become suspicious of everyone and anyone but for now it is like NOOO not my friend. But then he still agreed to help Kuroyuki so that shows me he isn’t totally stupid. 

Making jokes that just felt flat and forced. 

Haru and Takumu were awkward together. Maybe that is because they both like the same girl and Takumu thinks Chiyuri likes Haru more? I don’t know, it just feels weird. Hopefully we get to see more of their relationship. I am sure Takumu will end up defending Haru from bullies, Haru will get mad, and Takumu will be one of the Kings. 

 And then Takumu walks in?
Did I touch on everything? The only complaint I have is the dialogue and the video were not in sync. Add in the fact that I had to read subtitles and it was a bit hard to enjoy. But I guess that is not the fault of the actual episode is it? XD And now it seems like it is all fixed so RARW! So I guess it was worth the wait. Now it is King hunting! Well after Haru gets off Chiyuri….


Christina said...

I apologize for the hot mess of this post. The husband spent about an hour trying to fix it. He THINKS only this post will be messed up despite deleting it and reposting it. Hopefully future posts will not have a random huge space in it and comments will appear. Hopefully.

Anonymous wrote- Well, just in case you do not know what a "back door" means, it means that someone is hacking Chiryu's info.

A "back door" is a way to get into other's data/computer, and send/receive information from the host.

You see, Haru and Chiyu are connected through a high quality wire, in other words, "direct linked", so there should NOT have been any delay. However, according to Haru, the connection is so slow, and it is not and should not due to the connection is busy, because only 2 of them are using the link.

So it is likely that Cyan Pile installed a backdoor program in Chiyru Neurolink, this Cyan Pile is likely using her as a proxy which could explain why the navigation cursor points towards Chiyru.

Hope it all make sense, no? well, just enjoy ep4....

My Reply- Thank you so much for that information. As you can see from this post drama I am not the most internet suave person. XD But the way you explained things make perfect sense. Someone is using Chiyuri to get to Kuoryuki while being hidden in the shadows. XD I thought Haru was implying that Chiyuri had another level to her information, hiding the Brain Burst program. But now I understand thank you!

I wonder if someone specifically chose Chiyuri to hide in or if it is another magical anime coincidence. Either way Haru won't be mad at Kuroyuki for accusing Chiyuri but Haru can still be right. The best the situation can work out yes?

Christina said...

Eternia posted- Most bloggers critized this episode for having too much talks. But I personally think it's tolerable. It only makes for Kuroyuki to explain some things for Haru if she really wants to make him a faithful sub-ordinate.

Next episodes will have more action going on.

I am confused with Chiyuri too. She probably likes Haru better. She's flustered and denied strongly when Haru asked if she used that short cable with Taku. Yet she's so defenseless for him??


But yes. I thought the talking was fine in this episode. It will take a lot to get to used to people talking without their lips moving but that is probably just a personal issue. In an anime with futuristic concepts a little explanation is necessary. Especially to people who care barely operate a computer like me. XD But all of this talking is necessary to get Haru to trust and go along with Kuroyuki because hopefully he wasn't going to blindly follow her. sounds like IF Haru had asked out Chiyuri before Takumu did she would have said yes. And it sounds like she has regrets for not asking him out herself. Which will make me feel bad for Takumu, no one wants to be a second choice. But maybe I am being too harsh on her and she is just a confused teenager caught in the middle. It is hard being pretty. :( Poor Chiyuri. I don't see this ending well for Takumu and Chiyuri.