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Hiiro no Kakera episode 3

I am pretty sure my brother was either texting about me today or made me his status on Facebook. But you know what….that was an alien caterpillar. It crawled out of nowhere and I saw it was gunning for me. What kind of creature on earth is neon green? What kind of creature is a wormy little monster one day and suddenly can fly? Yeah I didn’t think so. Evil demon spawns from hell! So mock me little brother. I scream in the sight of evil.
This would be Tamaki....helping.
In other exciting news nothing gets subbed on Wednesday besides Hiiro no Kakera. So apparently I can either post something else on Wednesday or have fun snarking this show. And I pick…snarking! At least for now. Maybe. I don’t know. Spoilers for no one liking the main character! XD
Just run away from this sinking ship kid!
Episode Summary: After Tamaki nearly kills herself on the stairs and is rescued she assumes her rescuer is a guardian. He smiles and says of course I am Shinji. So Tamaki takes him up to the roof to introduce him to the other guys but SURPRISE they all know him. There is a bit of bromanicing going on as Shinji is welcomed back into the group. Takumu, Yuuichi, and Mahiro decide it is bash the Princess time. Tamaki is not pleased with that and does her best to keep Shinji on her side. After everyone eats her lunch Tamaki asks why Shinji wasn’t here in the village. He explains that his powers weren’t appearing so he left the village to go train in a desolate place….somewhere with lots of trees…and mountains…Shinji is late for his first walk Tamaki home date because all the girls think he is cute. Oh okay. So on their way home Takumu talks about how it would have been if Shinji hadn’t come back and how Mahiro hates living here. Real fun stuff. They get to the house and Suguru sends Shinji and Tamaki to see grandma. Shinji does a dramatic glance at Mitsuru as he is hushed into the room. Grandmother puts Shinji in danger so he can demonstrate his word power. Amazing. Grandmother welcomes back Shinji and everyone is happy. Well not Mitsuru as she states she wishes Shinji hadn’t come back to be a guardian. So basically everyone loves being part of this major plot to protect the village from ghost gods.
You mean all the guardians won't be in love with me?
Tamaki questions why everyone is against Shinji being a guardian and Suguru is like oh everyone wishes they weren’t a guardian and were rooting for Shinji to escape. At lunch the next day Tamaki and her headaches ask the others what is up with Mitsuru and Shinji. Despite Takumu saying yesterday that the guardians aren’t good friends everyone has a back story or opinion on that maybe situation. Then Shinji arrives and everyone talks about how ugly Tamaki is. After school Takumu takes his duty to walk Tamaki home safely but Tamaki gets more headaches. They decide a seal is in danger so they go off running. Suguru arrives to help with the running process, all the while the boys telling Tamaki to stay behind. She sorta hides as they confront some men approaching the seal on the massive tree. Soon all the guardians and baddies arrive and have a staring match instead of a duel. Well the baddies also take the time to say their names to the audience. Tamaki gets upset and screams at everyone to STOP IT! So the baddies just leave! Takumu starts to scream at Tamaki for being stupid but slowly pretends he didn’t say that as everyone else is happy Tamaki wants to help them out. THE END!
Photobucket sure act like it?
YAWN! I think I did too good of a job cleaning my house yesterday because there isn’t much for me to do now. You know instead of blogging this amazing episode I am trying to put a few dishes in the dish washer, find something to wash, and general puts around the house. That is how excited I am about this series and this episode.
I love taking screenies of Takumu and his positivity.
So why blog it? Because I care. I care about snarking animes that deserve it. And potatoes. I care about potatoes a great deal. So you shall receive this lovely post.
MOG we missed you so much! Oh and there is Tamaki....
Maybe I fell asleep or blinked or something. Because I thought the other 4 guardians were acting liking they didn’t know WHO the 5th guardian was. Of course now I can see how they meant there were only 4 guardians because the 5th one was weak and out of town. I guess that would make more sense as they were confident there was only 4 when this type of position is passed down in families so it should be obvious who every single guardian will be.
Shinji is a bit boring terms of design.
That being said Shinji might be the only nice guardian. Well I guess Suguru isn’t that bad but he doesn’t go to school with others so it is easy to forget about him. But Shinji also might be in a position to be nicer simple because he is the youngest and in Japanese society he sorta has to be more respectful.
Train where?! Where is a better place to train your magical powers?!
I am up in the air how I feel about this kid. This town…I am sorry VILLAGE seems pretty out there. So where did home slice go to practice his powers? In an even SMALLER village with worse cellphone reception? I don’t really understand that. Practicing is important but shouldn’t Shinji be close, to help make the seals STRONG or whatever everyone is going on about? And how long was he gone for? Everyone knew him and had walk down memory lane times about past girlfriends and what not? They were acting like he was gone forever (or at least the people treating him like a transfer student) yet I have a feeling he wasn’t gone that long.
Can't someone else guard Ms. Potato Head?
Also the relationship between Shinji and Mitsuru….It seems super forced on the audience. And only there to make Tamaki feel separate from the group, something she is not a part of and something the others really don’t want to talk about. Again when did Shinji leave town if there were DATES going on? Just seems odd that Mitsuru is on Team Grandmother but would be so vocal about someone not fulfilling their duties. Like hello someone has to do it. Then again everyone didn’t want Shinji to be a guardian as they all hate the job so maybe I can’t be too harsh on Mitsuru. Just not feeling all this romance drama yet. But hey it is better than Tamaki and Takumu right? XD
I wish I could be the lovely guardians.
Takumu was pretty much a jerk this episode. Mahiro and Yuuichi weren’t impressing me much either. Maybe I should say they were all acting like resentful teenage boys? Calling Tamaki ugly, hating where they live, and generally hating life. I mean I think I would be pissed if I was forced to protect a girl I don’t even know but I don’t think I would take it out on Tamaki. She is being forced into a role too. So stop with all these snide comments about her looks, how she is slow, how she talks too much, and how she always puts herself in danger. Yes we all KNOW she is boring and potato like (well potatoes are more delicious…) but it’s not cute or romantic. Boys picking on girls they like is 2nd grade behavior.
Pretty much. But maybe you could give her some slack?
Because really folks I am all aboard the Tamaki is boring train. I just think everyone is being harsh on her. They complain about having to be guardians and that it is unfair to be born into this role. Well guess what Tamaki was born into it too AND just found out. You all have had years to be all doom and gloom. And you have more information than she does. So while her actions might put her in danger…it is your job to protect her. And maybe if you weren’t doing so much complaining she would feel compelled to tag along and help out.
We were just here to introduce ourselves and show off our fancy outfits.
But seriously folks. WTF was that battle scene? Sorry I mean the battle scene that wasn’t. I won’t talk about the lame barriers that can’t keep out anyone or how instead of trying to destroy the tree/whatever everyone felt the need to introduce themselves. No no I am going to stare in disbelief that EVERYONE stopped what they were doing when Tamaki told them to leave. Did I miss the part where the “baddies” are under her spell? Why would their master tell them not to fight? If they are supposed to mess with the seals they should expect that the guardians are going to try and stop them. So….battles are necessary.
Oh....guess we will stop now.
I mean….maybe while everyone was having a staring contest just ONE baddie could have gone to another seal area and done some damage. JUST SAYING! Maybe this was just a recon mission or something, to test out the guardians but that would only work if one actually saw their powers. But you know..this is episode 3. We don’t even know that the seals that keep no one out actually do or what being a guardian really means (my guess…DEATH). But since Grandma is still alive I doubt we will be summoning Suzaku and dying. So yay Tamaki.
Yeah Takumu! Gosh we ALL missed Shinji! ALL OF US! Especially me!
In conclusion……I reward myself with ice cream for post all of this. YAY!

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