Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 24: And out the window the rules go

It feels like forever since I have blogged anything. X__X I have been caught up in reading books…with and without pictures. My friend has let me borrowed all The Walking Dead books she has and I am almost done with The Hunger Games trilogy. So it has just been me and the silence of my house lately. XD Oh and the cat that needs to fling herself on everything I do in life. Funny how I seem to have tons of free time but I just waste it all away.

In other news I finished working on this little plushie I have had sitting in the closet since October. And by finished I mean start. And I had to locate it first. So yay AWA, I have finally have my little Peach from the plushie making panel. See I can get things done…like send my friend her Japan souvenir that I have had packed up for 10 months!!! XD


Silly god of space and time noticing things and such.

So compared to all that I am not so late on blogging Mirai Nikki am i? What episode are we on now? Episode 24 folks! Spoilers for…No rules?


The fact that this is episode 24 and Yuki still has to ask this makes me wonder if he has been awake this ENTIRE SERIES!

Episode Summary: While Yuno tells Yuki she wanted just one happy day with Yuki we the viewers are taken on a little flashback. How Yuno was dealing with her life a year ago. How her mother was ill equipped to deal with a child and often called her husband to complain about Yuno. Then Mommy Dearest would talk to Yuno in a cage about how a sad mother she was. Eventually Yuno snapped, killed her parents, and promised to marry Yuki. Then after Yuno wins the game and Yuki is still dead Yuno goes back in time, hacks her prior self to death, and continues on in the games. MurMur appears and alters some of Yuno’s memories so she can go undetected a little easier. Yuno has no interest in becoming god again but takes the Future Diary from MurMur. With all this knowledge Yuki still questions why Yuno did this all. MurMur is like um she is a crazy person and she needed someone in her life to focus on (aka Yuki). Then Yuki is like well if you love me why are you trying to kill me. Yuno explains to Yuki only one of them is going to win or everyone on the planet will die. So clearly she should win and start this process all over again. MurMur ends up taking a portion of the ground into the sky as things were becoming super unstable and Yuki is eventually pushed off the side. Yuno has instant regrets and is so happy when Yuki comes out of nowhere saying he is going to save Yuno. And he falls off the cliff thing again.


Minene...maybe if you let Yuki die you could kill Yuno faster? Just a thought.

Then out of nowhere Minene appears basically flying around and not being dead. She saves Yuki because he is too stupid to save himself. MurMur starts trying to blast Yuki and Minene but eventually grabs Yuno and takes her into the past. Minene and Yuki follow but arrive a few hours before Yuno. Minene explains to Yuki that Deus halved his power and knowledge and gave it to her. Then when they were in the bank he pulled Minene out before she blew up. Her task is to apparently help Yuki stop Yuno. Minene explains that this is now the 3rd world and that they have to find 3rd world Yuno before Yuno does. Elsewhere in town all the other Diary Owners are going through their past lives, with much focus on 11th making the said Diaries. 3rd Yuno is in her cage being tortured by her mother. When Minene and Yuki make it to 3rd Yuno’s house Yuki can’t stand the sight of her being tortured. He calls the police for help and Minene is like you is so dumb. Yuno and MurMur arrive on the scene. Yuno thought this was going to happen so she has brought along 3rd Yuki’s parents. Yuki is like NOOOOO and Minene takes him and 3rd Yuno out of the house. Yuki is like go back and get my parents and Minene is like those are not your parents dumbass. Once they reach safety Minene demands Yuki choose between his “parents” and 3rd Yuno. THE END!

X___X Well that was interesting wasn’t it folks?


Yuno logic is the best kind of logic.

I think what has been keeping me from blogging this episode (well besides reading up a storm) is the fact that everything was….very weird in this episode. Of course this show has been interesting all along but I thought within the world of time and space gods and killer teenager girls there was some sort of order. Rules were to be followed but despite the fact some REALLY weird things were going on it was all possible given the parameters of the show.

And I guess in a way….things still could make sense? I mean there are black swirls trying to destroy the world (second breakf…second world I mean). Diaries can predict the future…sometimes. And when the Diary Users die they just whoosh away. Oh and Akise was just a piece of walking, talking data.


MurMur didn't get the memo that Yuno is not the winner yet. But she seems to be taking the second banana roll to Yuno well.

But in any event yeah I was a bit X__x when MurMur just blasted back into the past (third world) with Yuno. Clearly Yuno was not the winner yet MurMur just went OH WELL and off she went anyway. I thought Yuno going back in time was part of her deal as god of space and time, not something MurMur could do at will. Like no someone has to become the winner before they inherit these awesome powers. Of course now that I have a few days to think about this episode maybe it is because Yuno still technically is a god? She just traveled back in time and took over past Yuno’s life. But would she not still have the same powers and what not? Maybe I should think about it that way instead of a total disregard to any of the rules that have been set in place since day one.


So much cheating everywhere!

However if we are going to talk about rule breakers…dear Lord Deus. You give 11th free reign over the entire game…actually you let him make the entire thing up and now you bring back zombie Minene. Well she wasn’t dead so I guess she isn’t a zombie. Oh yeah folks. MINENE IS ALIVE!! Everyone rejoice. XD


Good thing Minene didn't die from a heart attack!

Okay enough of that. Yes. Deus is a giant cheater. If I was Yuki I would just fling myself off a building. MurMur has been on team Yuno since day one (probably because she works for Yuno) and now Deus is giving Minene the power to…fly and travel through space and be awesome. And do you know what Yuki gets? Nothing. Or 5 seconds of sex with Yuno. If Deus wanted Yuki to win maybe he should have given him a leg up. Because now that Minene is back she is who I am cheering for. How is Yuki supposed to win against Minene? He can’t. Deus hates him despite the fact he claims he bets Yuki will win. Poor Yuki.

At least it makes sense now why Deus stabbed Minene. He was impregnating Minene with his demon spawn. Or giving her his powers. Which can only be done by stabbing
Minene and filling her up with his….essence. I see folks. I SEE!


You hate people like me? Okay come work for me and one day have this job too!

Minene seems to be taking this all in stride. I might be a little pissed that I am not even allowed to die in peace. Like really lost her eye, lost her arm, lost her man, and was slowly bleeding to death. She helped Yuno keep Yuki alive this entire game and she is not allowed to die and be reunited with her man. But instead she is like WOOHOO let’s kill the evil bitch Yuno. She is pretty gunho about the situation despite being saddled with Yuki.

I guess when I think about it…I guess this makes more sense than Yuki winning the game and starting over in the new world (3rd world) and telling Minene what he knows. I know Yuki was being a bit badass a few episodes ago but that was Yuno feeding him lines. 5 minutes ago he was ready to kill himself with Yuno so I doubt he can really KILL Yuno. So those thoughts I had about Yuki winning the game by killing Yuno is laughable. XD


Because....two crazy Yunos would be too much to handle?

Well…..I don’t know. Maybe Yuki CAN kill Yuno. Since he is so focused on saving past Yuno. Yuno number 3. I don’t know why this fuels Yuki’s thoughts but apparently these are two different Yunos and past Yuno is just so innocent. Even Minene got in on the action by saying these people aren’t Yuki’s parents. I am not sure why they keep saying that. These are the same people. It doesn’t seem to be a different/parallel universe. Just these people are about 3 months behind in the normal flow of things.


He is going to save ALL the Yunos! Because he has done a great job with...everything else so far.

But Yuki seems bent on protecting Yuno. Past Yuno. 3rd Yuno. I am not sure why he doesn’t see they are the same person. 3rd Yuno isn’t some innocent little girl who needs saving. Well….she was until she took out her own parents. So maybe it is more correct to say that 3rd Yuno isn’t any saner than Yuno. They still went through the same traumas and given the chance would turn into a murderer who wants Yuki’s penis. So the only way he can really SAVE 3rd Yuno is to either go back in time further and not allow her to be adopted or to kill her before she becomes insane.


Hopefully Yuki doesn't try and save her parents...

But to be clear Yuno (any version of Yuno) has not had a very great life. Her mother clearly should not have adopted her. It appears that Yuno was a pretty decent kid (at least smart…) and her mother was not capable of raising a kid alone (as the father was away on business a lot). Anyone growing up in that environment would come out pretty messed up. Not as messed up as Yuno but I can see how her insanity started.

I am not sure what MurMur was trying to do with showing Yuki the past if she was going to have Yuno kill him anyway. Also her clip at the end of the episode was pretty….boring and crazy at the same time. Like this woman is having a break down and MurMur is making a joke of it. Not enjoyable to me.


Always prepared that Yuno. XD

So in conclusion Yuki is saved after being thrown off a cliff because Minene and her new arm can fly, MurMur is like EFF YOU RULES and travels to the past anyway, and instead of focusing on saving the rest of the semi innocent contestants Yuki is going to save 3rd Yuno from being hacked to death by herself. Fun times for all. Can Minene win please?


Eternia said...

Yuno must have god power all along, when MurMur modified her memory (under her consent), so that she forgot about that, so that she won't accidentally use it.
But you forgot to question one big logic fail here. 11th programmed the cellphones himself! using super computer. So ridiculous, you can make such device using human's technology?
How about the kid's picture book, the slut's paper scroll, the power ranger's walkman? Did he program those ancient device too with an ability to predict future?

Christina said...

Eternia- It is good thing that MurMur messed with Yuno's memories. It would have been tragic if she has ultra human abilities, scaring Yuki and all. Oh wait XD.

Clearly 11th is Yuno's biological father, what with his ability to be amazing and all. Maybe Deus and his cheating self helped 11th along with these magical devices o future seeing. XD But then again it would have made more sense if the phones/walkman/scrolls came from Deus. Let 11th have the idea yes but someone with super powers probably should have made the super power devices. XD

Anonymous said...

great scott if doc brown, doctor who, & den-o crew saw this yea so what they did time stuff & go like uh onore decade on it?

flashbacks of yuno started with dead mom, bunny, & 1st yuno axe the 2nd yuno with murmur siding helping 1st yuno.
now after seeing of yuki still what to do can’t kill yuno.
yea yuno plan do it again on next world cue calling yuno “insane” see ya next fall.
yuki falling look like yuno win but yuki climbing to save yuno but fall again.
suprise our 9th bomber is back with new arm save yuki.
murmur black balls & missile attack but nothing happen there ok.
so now another time leap to 3rd world.
yuki & 9th arrive in 3rd world ask how 9th is ok yea deus doing especially give some deus power to 9th.
cause deus know murmur’s plans so want 9th to stop them have game all safe.
now in 3rd world in 2yrs in the past seeing yuno will go after 3rd yuno so save yuno no.3.
meanwhile 3rd yuno in cage with mom so upset ever more left her in cage & go.
brief cameo of 3rd world’s 6th-tsubaki & 11th-mayor give 11th all ready show dairy to 3rd deus with 3rd deus notice something.
yuki & 9th arrive in gasai house give 9th saying don’t change past see 3rd yuno so much pain.
yea yuki you has to alter the timelines & boom here yuno & murmur.
make more uh-oh they got 3rd world? yuki’s parents in the ball.
so 9th & yuki retreat for now with 9th asking what do you want yuno, 3rd yuno, parents, etc?!

mur-mur extra on doing phone chat with yuno’s mom with mur-mur listen all yuno’s mom probs yea 5 times cause mur-mur only listen to probs yea indeed.

oh man so much yea i’m so going like what next?

Christina said...

Anonymous- I think the MurMur clips at the end of the episodes should have been included when the episode ended on a cliffhanger or a "positive" note. I don't know, I found it in bad taste making fun of Yuno's mom knowing that she has mental problems and that Yuno will suffer from them.

All this time travel and what not is going on and 3rd Deus hasn't noticed anything? XD Oh dear me.

But it was nice seeing all the other Diary Users again. Well some of them anyway.