Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Anime Series...sorta! Kore wa Zombie desu ka? of the Dead episode 1

Hello my lovely readers, people who have stumbled onto this blog, and those who love anime. Hopefully everyone heeded my advice and got their fill on Easter candy early Monday morning. Due to my car hating me I was unable to go out and was only semi successful. XD I did get quite a few Christmas presents but only scored a few Cadbury eggs.



If someone tries to sell you THESE Cadbury eggs run away. Run away fast! Those taste nothing like the original. I had several people try to sell me these…imitators. I should have known when they were one sale BEFORE Easter. I love chocolate folks but these are BLEH. Stick with the originals folks, even if you have to wait until next year to get them. XD And of course makes sure your car alarm works so you can go out early Monday morning to get your yummy treat.


Are you ready for sparkles and cuteness?!

So now that my little rant that should have been a post of its own is over….time for anime! Time for a “new” anime series. It is actually season of Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Only now we have Of The End tacked on the end of the title. So sparkly and new. XD Spoilers for….everything being the same?


That cat was INSANE when it was eating.

Episode Summary: Ayumu and his zombie wakes up at his lovely house. Necromancer Eucliwood is feeding the faster eating stray ever, Haruna is demanding food, and Sera is acting the like Ayumu is the scum of the Earth. After a lovely breakfast with Mr. Fan Ayumu goes to school. Ayumu looks out the window thinking about how insane his life is. However he does so in direct sunlight and nearly…well dies. One of his classmates rush him to the clinic as if that would help the zombie kid. While there he hears a noise. A young girl is trying to steal something from the medicine cabinet. She has a weird freak out moment and runs out. Ayumu tells his harem later about the young girl he saw but he is accused of being a pedophile. Also Eucliwood thinks maybe this mystery girl could be a ghost. Sera and Haruna thinks that is stupid as ghosts aren’t real obviously. Ayumu is like….you is all crazy. The next morning Ayumu has a perverted moment thinking about Eucliwood but goes on his way. He melts again at school but Yuki is there with her bento box of love to bring him back to life. She insists she is his school bride and must cook for him. Taeko (brown hair girl) pretends to act happy for Ayumu but really is hiding her own feelings for Ayumu. Later that day Taeko sees Ayumu is still in the classroom and talks to him about the beauty of sunsets and what not. Really Ayumu is just waiting to leave so he doesn’t melt again. As Ayumu is ready to venture out of the school he comes across the young girl again (he has dubbed her Fairy Girl) cooking up squid and drinking sake. Ayumu assumes she is getting him drunk too and spills his heart about being the chosen one and how hard everything is for him. She soon disappears but Ayumu knows she was there. That night at home all the girls are concerned that Ayumu is seeing people and weep for his new low point.


A man is wearing a dress? That is more horrifying than being squeezed to death by a giant squid!

At school the next day Orito comes to Ayumu with a magazine that has a picture of the graveyard pervert aka Ayumu. The rest of the class talks about that person looks just like Ayumu. He and Taeko insist it is not him. Afterwards Ayumu cries to himself how his life could be over soon. He runs to his secret spot hoping the Fairy Girl will be there. He cries his little heart out…and his butt gets groped. Before he can like he realizes it is a Squid Megalo. Ayumu kicks him around for a while but he is clearly overpowered. Haruna arrives, tries to transform, and fails. The Megalo eventually makes it way outside. Taeko is taken prisoner and Ayumu has no choice but to transform. Everyone runs around to take pictures of the pervert Ayumu and say horrible things about him. Ayumu eventually destroys the Megalo but not before his ego is hurt. He tries to get the magical chainsaw to erase everyone’s memories but it breaks and now Ayumu is naked. Everyone continues to taunt Ayumu. Well everyone but Sara who falls in love with Ayumu’s butt. THE END!

That was very….familiar. Very familiar indeed.


Didn't this already happen....

Actually halfway through the episode I thought I accidentally clicked episode 1 of season two. I had to stop and make sure I wasn’t imagining things. That and Yuki was there and acting like Ayumu’s husband.


Seems familiar.

But many, many parts of this episode felt very similar to season 1. Everyone calling Ayumu a pervert, the cellphone cameras, and of course the gay Megalo trying to…well whatever he was going to do to Ayumu. Back in season one these things were funny and original (and if not original poking fun at originals). But now this show is making fun of itself while making fun of other things? Does that make sense? That would be like making a movie making fun of Scary Movie which is making fun of Scream. Just…not enough original stuff there.


Yep same show. XD

I guess what I am trying to say is I can see why an anime would play it safe, go with something that got a few laughs the first time around. But add in the fact a lot of the episode also was devoted to reintroducing the viewers to the characters and concepts and not much really happened in this episode. That is fine, for not much to happen in episode 1. But only during Season 1. In Season 2 time to bring something new. Maybe a brief “reintroduction” of characters but time to set a new plot in motion and not rely on past tricks.


I love you Mr. Fan! XD

That being said I really missed my character character….the amazing fan. I mean how could I forget that amazing fan? Ayumu must live somewhere amazing or be swimming in a boatload of zombie money. I love you fan. I have absolutely no idea why I would need a fan as I usually am in cold in my house….but sometimes you want things you don’t need.


Can always count on Sera to say something nice.

Despite Ayumu saving the day last time we saw these cast o characters (well besides that weird idol episode) nothing much has changed in the house. Haruna seems to think she is still amazing despite not having her powers back (which…she thinks she grew them back later), Sera still hates Ayumu, and Eucliwood has adopted a stray cat. Overall everything is…pretty low key on the Ayumu home front.


Ah yes. Good thing Ayumu is suffering or I would be mad. XD

I almost gave the show stink eye when Ayumu has having a moment of self reflection while basking in the sunlight. Like um no he should be melting. But then later in the episode he looked like a raisin and all was well in the world. I am not sure why Ayumu doesn’t just close the curtains. XD Stick it out Ayumu, soon there will be a change in the assign seats!


This magazine is not really up to date...

There seemed to be more on the classmates this time around. In the end they all basically turned against him or wanted his sexy legs so I guess it doesn’t matter. Just this time around I think the series will be more school based rather than Ayumu going home and facing dangers with his three girls. Watch out school, you are about to be blown up all over the place.


At least she is a cute hallucination?

We were introduced to the girl who made her appearance briefly at the end of last season. The girl standing at the top of the stair case acting all mysterious. I don’t believe her name was mentioned in this episode and only Ayumu saw her. Clearly she exists as that tiny piece of squid was left on the ground of the room.


By Gaia indeed!

But what is up with Ms. Fairy? She saw her trying to get her hands on something…I mean HOPEFULLY she wasn’t going to drink something just because it had the word alcohol in it. She is hanging out at the school for some reason as she was cooking her meals there. Even though she looks like she is 12 she is probably 4934839 years old like everyone else so that doesn’t matter. She seemed to be having a good time with Ayumu but that could have been because she was drunk, because she doesn’t know who Ayumu, or she does know who Ayumu is and is tricking him. Also there is the small fact that the Megalo this week was a squid and Ms. Fairy was eating squids…


Does Ms. Fairy look like she would FEEL that big?

Ayumu and his scene with Mr. Squid before he realized it was Mr. Squid was so special and stupid…I love it. XD Ayumu has having the typical over the top (usually for women though) reaction to the situation and flung himself on his imaginary friend. Sobbing and sobbing…until he got groped. Then he was all blushy and going nooo don’t do it. Amusing in its specialness.

The rest of the episode I already touched on. Haruna and her semi naked scene because she thought her powers came back…okay then. Ayumu’s fight was slightly boring and as always ended way too soon. But now the magical Mystletainn is broken so the entire school is going to remember this horrible event. Well at least for a little while. Ayumu will be ostracized at school, Mystletainn will be fixed through some magical occurrence, and everything will go back to normal.


Another stable girl to add to the harem. Very stable indeed.

All and all everything was….VERY familiar. Ayumu might be adding to his harem soon as his butt has gained fans but overall if you liked the 1 season you will probably like this season. Or at least episode 1 as it borrowed so heavily from season one. Yay for boys wearing dresses!


Eternia said...

Wait a second... that's a fan??
I thought it was just some pretty decoration, lol. At least there are some new joke, such as how the girls think that ghost is non-existance. And how Ayumu was thinking of that broad back as Ms. Fairy's.
Since you have really few anime to watch this season, (drop that Hiiro no Kakera!), I want to recommend this: Haiyore Nyaruko-san!

Anonymous said...

I known I post the same common else where... still...
OMG I laugh SO HARD when his magic chainsaw broke......Oh MAN ! that was hilarious!!! Now he can not make others forget anymore....everyone will have an everlasting naked Aikawa in their memory.

wish my vomit could be THAT colorful, but eating shinning/glitter/colorful food is not healthy, and I won't be surprise if I vomit after eating/drinking all that...

Ayumu's been keep getting his pride and dignity destroy. Am I a sadist if I want to see just how far can this goes?

Overall, this is a solid 1st ep. Please keep blogging this anime....

Eternia said...

hmm, shiny and glitter food?
She must have eaten Sanae's bread (from Clannad).

Christina said...

Eternia- The most amazing fan ever!!!! Like seriously does it exist in real life? The rest of the series isn't as techno as say Madoka so I am wondering why the fan is so AMAZING!

And yes that....special joke about ghosts not being real. Zombies, vampire ninjas, and magical girls yes. Spirits of actual dead humans...crazy talk!

Also I almost forgot about that crazy bread. If only puke sparkled like that. Would make the experience only semi suck I guess. HMMM sparkles.

Anonymous- I think it would have been more magical had Ayumu been okay with the ridicule and what not because he knew Mr. Magical Chainsaw was going to fix it. That way his break down would have been more upsetting. But since every moment of Ayumu's life sucks he would have been pessimistic anyway. Of course I worry about all those students. My first reaction to seeing a naked classmate would not be to take pictures...especially when a giant squid monster was trying to destroy the school!