Sunday, April 15, 2012

Fate/Zero Season 2 episode 2

Hello there my lovely readers! I am having a semi lazy Sunday. I promised myself I would get things done today. And if spending money counts as getting things done I am on a roll.

As a side note in bummer land today would have been my cat's 16th...or 17th birthday. X__X I am awful....I know I got him in 7th grade okay! But yeah a little sad my cat didn't make it to be 13892372 years old in cat years. I still have the most adorable Kira so life isn't as sad as it could be. Still bummer.


Maybe you could help? JUST SAYING!

Putting that aside me and my now semi healed thumb are reading to blog Fate/Zero Season 2 episode 2. Spoilers for Lancer releasing the secret weapon!


See I would have said Um no fix my arm. But I am not Saber so you know.

Episode Summary: Saber and Rider are still fighting the Caster Monster while Archer and his magical chariot in the sky is taunting Berserker. Meanwhile Kariya is under the delusional impression he can go up against Tokiomi with…bugs. All the while Lancer is going WOW we aren’t going to win…as he sits on the sideline doing nothing. Rider eventually calls Saber back to shore to discuss their options. While doing so a great number of witnesses start to gather at the bank. Rider decides he will take Caster Monster into his Reality Marble…and give everyone else 5 minutes to decide how to destroy said Caster Monster. Okay lets see how that goes! Rider does so as the sky is still lit with Archer beating Berserker. Kariya and his bugs are basically doing nothing to Tokiomi. Then Tokiomi uses one spell and sets Kariya on fire. After a horrible amount of time Kariya finally flings himself into the water. Later he makes it back into the city with incredible burns all over his body. Kiritsuga eventually finds him and goes to stab him Wolverine style but Archer’s words about not understanding Kariya “COMPLEX” motives come back to haunt him. He leaves Kariya alone after healing him…painfully.


It was hard focusing on the conversation because the cellphone was distracting. Still not as big as the cellphone in Scream.

On shore all the people trying to save the world are confused on how to stop Caster Monster. Emiya calls them up and Waver ends up answering the phone. Emiya says he is going to go out on the water at a certain point and when given the signal Rider needs to drop the Caster Monster there. Then Saber with her non infected hand can summon up her ultimate spell and all will be fine. But wait isn’t Saber’s arm busted. Lancer decides he will end the spell to give Saber the chance to destroy the Caster Monster. He breaks the weapon that gave her the curse and everyone is like NOOOO! Now that Saber can summon Excalibur everything will be okay! Oh wait no now Berserker is attacking her. Lancer takes his sweet time trying to protect Saber but it is Archer and his smug face that takes out Berserker’s remaining firepower. Emiya gives the signal and Rider returns with Caster Monster. Saber summons up her spirit bomb and in one blow destroys Caster Monster. In his last moments he still sees Saber as Joan of Arc. Archer and Rider watch Saber’s amazing power. Well Rider does not think it is that amazing as Saber never got to get married, have babies, and make sammiches in the kitchen. That power came from sadness which is AWFUL! Archer has decided that Saber and her shiny power now belong to him. Archer and Rider agree not to kick each other’s asses are they are tired. THE END!

Ding Dong Caster is dead! I thought I would be happy but given next week’s dialogue Lancer is one the way out next. :( With the obvious crazy dead and the nonimportant Assassin has been long gone we only have 5 main Servants left. Of course I rather Berserker die first but to move the plot along…yeah. :( Sorry Lancer.

But moving on to things that happened in this episode. Caster and his monster self are dead. And despite the fact Saber and Rider were hacking away at Caster Monster for hours (it seemed anyway) all it took was one magical swing of Saber’s sword and poof he went. But it took a little bit of work to get to that place.


Everyone was too busy with the monster to see the dude on fire!

I am actually pretty amazed no civilians were killed because of the Caster Monster. I make fun of them, really all people who go LOOKING at the danger, but I would probably do the same thing in a monster, horror/scifi movie. It is human nature, to apparently put yourself in the most peril ever. That and once a crowd starts forming you have to see what is going on for yourself. But unless you are the main character you will probably die when the monster lashes out. In this case though none of this paragraph applies. Everyone lives because Rider…rides in the nick of time. :( Also it will probably be easier to explain this all away if no one dies.


In no shape to fight at all.

Kariya…I am not sure what he was thinking. Maybe he wasn’t thinking. I hope he wasn’t thinking anyway. Because Tokiomi is like a machine gun and Kariya is like a sling shot. Was that a good enough comparison? I hate to make Kariya sound weak but he appears to be…..err…yeah weak. I know it is not his fault as he just recently came back to magic but he has no chance. He has the best reasons for being in this War and he basically has no chance. Well when I say best reason I mean the most relatable. Saving a little girl and all.


Because guns are overrated.

But if all Kariya has is a few bugs at his disposal…just no. He has a crazy Servant and bugs. Tokiomi says one little spell and on fire he went. If Kiritsuga and his Wolverine self followed through on the Tokiomi plan Kariya would be dead. There doesn’t seem to be a real plan of action with this man. He hates Tokiomi so he is going to kill him. If he doesn’t have power on his side he needs to be a planner like Emiya. Sneak attacks. Make some super killer bees. Something other than direct attacks because clearly that is not working.


Don't mind me, just attacking people at random!

Berserker was….well living up to his name this episode. Archer is flying around in some amazing space ship thingy and Berserker is chasing him at random…while there was a big Caster Monster trying to attack the city. It was bad enough Archer wasn’t helping with the battle but then Berserker decides that attacking Saber, who just regained the use of her magical arm, was a good idea. Uncontrollable Servant indeed. Like most normal famous dead Heroes letting Saber stay alive was a good idea for everyone. Yes eventually she would have to be taken care of but let her destroy the Caster Monster first. But if Kariya has no plans Berserker has…no brain. XD


I'm going to take Caster Monster on a walk. When I come back dinner better be ready Saber!

Rider was amusing this episode. He is like okay so I am taking Caster aside for a few minutes. You all need to figure out how to stop the Caster Monster in that time. I have no plans myself but….you can figure this out in 5 minutes right? Okay good. But at least he did something…Lancer. Afterwards I am not sure how to qualify the words he had to say about Saber. Her power was amazing (I mean not as amazing as Archer thought…) but Rider said the amazing was dulled by the reason behind it.


And then I am pissed at you again.

While I understand (thanks to my lovely commentators) why Rider has some beef with Saber….but still. My Lord he is acting like her life was horrible because she was a woman. Was the story of King Arthur so tragic when he was a guy? Well maybe but not because he was a GUY. Not poor King Arthur, at such a young age, never married blah blah crap. So while Rider might have something to say about Saber’s ideals I would like him to stop focusing on the POOR GIRL part. Tragic is tragic right?


Weee so helpful!

Lancer…um…let’s see. I think he attacked Berserker once? Maybe. Got upstaged by Archer and his new love of Saber though. So the major thing that Lancer did in this episode was break his shiny weapon. Major yay as the spell on Saber’s arm is gone AND Lancer is still alive. I can see why Lancer didn’t do that before but I wonder if it was a bit of cope out, a way to stretch Lancer’s life in this game. Which is fine by me. He needs to step it up though, him just sitting on the side line doing nothing is getting boring. XD Of course the alternative is him dying……


This seems like it takes quite a while to power up. Good thing Caster Monster waited for her.

Also not quite sure how I feel about Saber’s massive new attack. Maybe I am not understanding it right. Maybe she has to use it on the water, as the sword came and gets tossed into the water eventually? Hopefully that is the case as it seems way too powerful for her to use all the time. In my crazy mind I was saying SABER keep on going, use your Spirit Bomb and kill everyone! WEEE the winner is Saber. But it can’t work like that can it? No no Emiya and his “important” self had the Rider’s spell in a certain place for a reason right?


Well maybe Emiya can worry later. Because maybe Archer will go out of his way to protect Saber so he can kill her and drink her tears?

But now Emiya has a bigger problem on his hands. Saber and her amazing ability to use BOTH arms has attracted a suitor. I am not sure if suitor is the right word though. He seems to think he owns Saber. In love with how sparkly she is. Archer likes sparkly weapons so now he likes Saber. Of course he doesn’t know the real her so him defending Saber to Rider was off….X__X Maybe Lancer is the next to go because he might like Saber for the right reasons? Oh Archer….


SO much for suffering while he died :(

OH YEAH Caster Monster died. And I don’t think anyone cared. I think he died happy though which is something he probably didn’t deserve. Not sure why he thinks Saber is Joan of Arc but…yeah. Go into that light, your delusions on who Saber is. Because if Saber really is the reincarnation of Joan of Arc AND is King Arthur….fate is horrible X___X But peace out Caster Monster.

I think that is about it for my random post. Sorta jumped all over the place. Maybe next week it will be revealed why the heck Lancer’s master was NO WHERE to be seen this entire time. And maybe Lancer will do something. I wait for this amazingness. XD


Anonymous said...

Sorry for being repetitive, but I can’t help but in awe w/ it. The animation on it is fabulous!!

For Lancer, there is not much he can do. The Sea monster is in the middle of um, sea, and he can not walk on water like Saber, nor does he has a carriage like Rider. So the most he can do on land is to protect the 2 Masters.
I do find that it is sad that he is so "honorable" that he destroyed one of his treasures, but wait till later, how his LENGTHY talk w/ Saber after their due..... right now, no spoiling....

As for Kariya, the anime did a much better (gentle) job than in the novel. It will be a bliss if he just dead right there, but NOOOO, he is alive and has to continue suffer from his bugs and his hate of Tokiomi.

Also, Caster did NOT see Saber as Joan of Arc at his last moment, but a image, or phantom of his Joan when she was still alive and him not going crazy. Saber's Noble Phantom, according to Iri, is the sword that reflect the Ideals/dreams of heroes. Caster is not much of a hero, but the light/crystallization from Excalibur shown him what he truly dream/hope of--be together w/ Joan (another tragic hero). I think he feel somewhat regret when he dead.

I known Caster is a bast*r who does not deserve that kind death for killing sooo many children mercilessly, but still the scene with Caster and Jeanne (Jone of Arc)was really beautiful!

As for Kiritsugu, I think he manipulated Lancer to release the curse on Saber's thumb.

Also, I find the moment that Iri does not know how to operate her own phone interesting/funny. since she stay w/ Kiritsugu for a long time, she should at least know how to communicate w/ him by machine. After all, he did teach her how to drive……..^_^'
I guess, like some people says,it goes in the magic families. xD

Gatx375 said...

Well, Anonymous you pretty much hit all the points I was going to bring up from Kariya in the books to Joan of Arc.

Tenchi, you've seen Fate/Stay Night right? Saber's Excalibur noble phantasm was the same thing that she used to obliterate Rider in the fate route of Stay Night =( Rider was my favorite servant in Stay Night, so that was very depressing. But anyway Excalibur is ranked A++ so yeah, it's really strong.

Oh yeah the first season blu-rays showed Sola-Ui on top of a skyscraper discussing with Lancer what they're going to do about the Caster monster. She decided to let Lancer take command of the field and fight as he sees fit.

Eternia said...

I am looking forward to Lancer and his masters' death episode.
A lot of people who haven't read the novel keep thinking that Kiritsugu is good guy, who's methods are a bit extreme.
But no, I personally think of him as the most EVIL master in Fate/Zero.
-Kotomine Kirei is not so evil because he's just being brainwashed by Gil~
-Matou Kariya is just a pitiful normal person who doesn't understand how magicians do things. I have to note that real Magi such as Kayneth would never think what Tohsaka did as something wrong.
-Kayneth, actually a very strong magician, only too proud of himself and underestimating people, and get slapped back in his face.
-Tohsaka. A textbook magician. Yeah, and a butt-kissing person. No wonder Gil found him boring.
-Ryuunosuke. Just a crazy person. Good riddance.
-Waver. A brat who entered Holy Grail War by mistake.

Gatx375 said...

Eternia, did you read the Fate/Stay Night visual novel? Kirei's pretty damn evil. In the light novel Kirei can't believe he's Kotomine Risei's son because he enjoys suffering so much. The Heaven's Feel route of Fate/Stay Night should be proof enough that Kirei's evil.

Also Kiritsugu's not evil he just wants to be a champion of justice. Of course I'm not saying he's good, but he has good intentions. The interlude in the light novel shows us why he became the Mage Killer, which is hypocritical considering his dream. But that's why it's so interesting to see how Shirou's borrowed ideals are either reinforced or completely destroyed in the different Fate/Stay Night routes.

I don't want to spoil things but the stuff that happens at the end of volume four of the light novels should prove that Kiritsugu's not evil.

Eternia said...

Kirei is not evil yet, in the beginning of Fate Zero, but he's being brainwashed little by little, by Goldy.
Kiritsugu is really cruel for mistreating his own servant and breaching contract. >_>

Christina said...

Anonymous- The animation is truly awesome. Of course that awesome will cost you $500 if you want the second season but you know. XD

I know in my head Lancer couldn't do much in that battle but it is still fun to poke at him a bit. And since he is not Archer with a magical treasure chest with 43894 weapons it actually meant something when he helped Saber out.

Caster is pretty much a bastard and it does make me mad he got a beautiful moment in his death. But it was sparkly and cool. XD

Gatx375 and Eternia- I did see Fate/Stay Night. But apparently I only remember 5 things from the entire show! I remember Archer chanting in English, I remember Rin trying to summon Saber, I remember Saber chillin in some kind of barn like thing, and.....Saber leaving and dying on the battlefield. I watched every episode and basically forgot everything. So when I got my petit Nendoroids a few months back I really went OH who are you? XD

I guess it makes sense for Sola to stay in the shadows for now as they don't know Lancer has too Masters. Just weird that the scene got cut.

Anyone who automatically choose Wolverine claws as weapons is not playing with a full deck. Also it is very simple to understand Kariya's motives for this war yet it is a mystery to him? To me that suggests he has deep problems emotionally, almost like he is disconnected and robot like. So whether or not he is evil depends if he even is capable of having human emotions, if you go that route.

Emiya seems very calculating and calculating people seem to be branded evil due to the cold nature of their delivery. However since I am not a fan of cheating, especially when said spouse/partner only has a few years left anyway Emiya can be thrown in that evil category. XD

Anonymous said...

Well, the reason Berserker went for Saber is because... he's Lancelot and chose to become a Berserk Heroic Spirit due to his guilt over his affair with Guinevere and the resulting shitstorm.

Every time you hear him screaming in his helmet, he's screaming "Arthurrrr!"

Christina said...

Anonymous- X______________X Do you see the look on my surprised face? I did not know that and would never have guessed that Berserker was Lancelot. Of course I haven't been able to guess any of them but still. X__X So in conclusion do not attempt to be a hero or do anything awesome in your life or you will be a puppet in a war and if you are unlucky enough be cast in the Berserker Class. My poor blown brain.