Friday, April 20, 2012

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead episode 3

I am going to start a petition, a petition that will benefit many across the planet. Not sure how effective it will be but things have to start somewhere.

I am going to propose to God that it only rains between the hours of 2 and 5 am. Every day if necessary. That way fires won’t start, crops will get enough water they need yet no one has to dodge rain on their vacations or travel on scary roads in downpours. Of course SOME people will be affected but the number is quite small. And if you are working/traveling between those hours anyway life isn’t fair to you. So take one for the team. Feel free to tweak this proposal to fit your specific religion. Together we can have bright shining days and put the umbrella companies out of business. And we all know Umbrella is evil.


Right because he is the only insane one.

So speaking of insane things…it is time for Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead episode 3!!! Weeee! Surly I will have weird dreams. Spoilers for my cat eating a spider in the middle of blogging this and her CRYING for 48394823874 minutes because I can’t bring it back. Do I look like Eucliwood?!


Well at least Sara isn't going to eat Ayumu....

Episode Summary: Sera and Sara are having a very serious conversation in the middle of the night. Sera is deeply concerned that Sara has feelings for Ayumu. Sara explains it isn’t really Ayumu…but his butt. Because she has Butt Love of him. Sera is scarred for life. She arrives back at home where Ayumu is making dinner for everyone. Haruna has her chainsaw hooked up to some IV packs but somehow that is not putting him back together. Ayumu tries to call Ariel for help but she turns out to be even less helpful than Haruna. Sera keeps staring at Ayumu’s butt and Eucliwood …quietly eats dinner. Later that night Haruna decides to fix the chainsaw herself in the most sexual manner possible. This craziness lasts a while, with Haruna and Eucliwood working through meals. Eventually they work themselves exhausted but the chainsaw gets fixed. Sera joins Ayumu outside so he can transform and erase everyone’s memories. Only the chainsaw breaks and leaves Ayumu all naked. Sera beats him of course. Elsewhere Sara is beating on Yuki for some reason.


And then it didn't work!

Ayumu is at school, sad that everyone still has their memories when insane Orito shows up. Some random classmate shows up and starts molesting Orito, saying that Orito has to accept the CHANGES in Ayumu. All the while Orito is making orgasm noises. Disturbed Ayumu goes to seek advice from Ms Fairy but she is drunk…again. Haruna is walking around when she notices a few dying people in the street. She sees that Yuki is doing some kind of death dance. Yuki explains that Sara is having a concert soon and that if Yuki doesn’t go well she will be sent back home. Haruna promises to help Yuki learn the sexy dance moves. Ayumu leaves school and finds tons of dying people in the streets. This is because both Yuki and Haruna are doing the death dance. Ayumu shows off his break dancing moves and promises to train them. It gets… a little sparkly when Ayumu tries to make the girls suck less. Orito shows up to be a freak again and everyone pretends it doesn’t happen. Sara starts her concert with her craziness and Yuki and Haruna go on stage….and dance the death dance. Ayumu tries to stop them but starts dancing the death dance too. All the crazy fans come under the spell too and everyone almost dies. Elsewhere Ariel is “talking” to Kyoko which isn’t going well. Probably because homegirl is crazy. THE END!


Such a sexy dance move.

This series is insane yes? I think I need some candy to get through this. Maybe if I am on a sugar high I can better understand this crazy. But with that said it is an enjoyable hot mess. I think anyway.


This sounds like a really bad J-Pop song.

Sara liking Ayumu is still haunting my dreams. While Sera goes on and on about how Ayumu is scum, a dung beetle, and is a piece of shit…I think she has a right to be worried. She sorta looks up to Sara and to see her like this….yeah it is disturbing. Add in the fact that Sara doesn’t even like Ayumu but his butt (BUTT LOVE!) and everyone is like….what? Or maybe this is all lost on me because I don’t like butts in general. Or feet. In any event Ayumu probably has it coming as much as he sexualizes Eucliwood in his head.


Dancer losers!

To be honest I thought episode 12 of the last season was just a spoof. Like hahaha lets make something completely over the top. I had no idea that this Sara being an idol was going to be mentioned ever again. X__X Will I have more nightmares now? I am not sure which Sara was picking on Yuki, making her be a back-up dancer and what not. If Sara wants to be a professional idol she needs a professional back-up dancer. Of course unless Sara is just trying to get the competition out the way, so she can have Ayumu’s butt all to herself. Then it will make sense. As much sense as it can at this point.


I am pretty sure we all just got Sucker Punched.

Yuki and Haruna’s curse dance….I don’t know folks. Is it because they are magical beings or something? Very scary magical beings obviously. I hope it was part of the curse that they couldn’t get the dance moves right. Because otherwise they are stupid. And Ayumu training them was just as scary.


Ah yes this was good idea too.

So I went to get ice cream to get my sugar rush on. Now my hands are freezing AND I am jittery. So much funs!


X___X That is all.

Can we talk about Orito? Oh this is my blog and I can say whatever I want?! THEN WE SHALL! American-chan and Orito were having a moment there folks. I am not sure how I feel about that. Since I see the world through yaoi colored glasses I should be thrilled right? But then as I was watching it I was becoming more and more X__X. Just the sounds and the look on Orito’s face as he was being…fondled I guess? The idea that he was turned on somehow by Ayumu wearing that crazy outfit. I love me some yaoi but then when it is getting parodied in an over the top way and I almost need to look away. I think I will agree with everyone else, that Orito has problems. Him arriving at the “dance rehearsal” just so weird and over the top.


See she isn't torturing Ayumu. Just....acting like she is violating her chainsaw...

Haruna is not as bad as Sera with the you sucks and dead cockroach crap. She is in the middle although Eucliwood is quickly becoming wallpaper so I don’t even know if I can count her. So while Haruna gets on Ayumu about special things she does care about him. Or maybe she was trying to fix the chainsaw because it IS her weapon. I mean I would be trying to fix it too, it is a magical talking pink chainsaw. But I also didn’t think she was going to succeed in doing so either. XD Nice effort though.


Ayumu doesn't need to eat lunch, he is full on knowledge! Knowledge from Ms. Fairy.

Ms. Fairy needs to step it up. I am getting a little bored with her. I get it you are a crazy drunk. Ayumu is the one really giving himself advice. I just want to slowly start seeing her real purpose in this show IE being the villain. Also does anyone else notice that the room she occupies smells like booze?


Is this a SAW trap or something?

What else what else? Oh yes Ariel torturing the nearly naked Kyoko. Okay so it wasn’t real torture. But it doesn’t look like Kyoko is having much fun. I wonder what Ariel wants from this crazy girl. Obviously Ariel is much more powerful so can’t she find out about King of Night on her own? Although he seems pretty cut and dry to me. Just remind me not to be on Ariel’s bad side. That prison doesn’t look like much fun to me.


Japan: The land of unnecessary paperwork.

I think that is about it? The homeless cat gets to live inside, Ayumu is still a famous cross dresser, and everyone was doing the monster mash. Yep insane show. XD


The fan is clearly the most popular character. At least that is where my vote is going.


Anonymous said...

I Knew IT!!! She loves his but ONLY!!!! XDDDDDDDD

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I mean "Butt", I laugh sooo much that I can't type properly....LOL

Anonymous said...

Ayumu had awesome dance, but I think it will be more interesting if he dance in Masou Shoujo form. lol

Anonymous said...

shiri ai 尻愛 (butt love) and shiriai 知り合い (acquaintance)
What a interesting pun! Best pun transition ever! XDDDD

Eternia said...

That Orito is totally crazy.
Ayumu should have taken initiative and ditched him.

Christina said...

Anonymous 1- That poor Sara....maybe she was so oppressed in her vampire ninja kingdom she lost her mind when she came to the "big" city. Falling for the first naked man that came her way. XD

Anonymous 2- I wonder if Ayumu will be transforming for a while now that Mr. Chain Saw has officially died. Maybe Haruna will get a new weapon and Ayumu will get a new outfit! Then the dance would be twice as special.

Anonymous 3- XO I feel as if those who do not speak Japanese miss out on so many tiny little jokes, such as that one. Oh well the show is pretty entertaining already. Just wonder how many other jokes non Japanese speakers miss out on XD

Eternia- My and my yaoi colored glasses also think Orito is insane. So if I think something is X___X it must be so. Poor Ayumu. The only sane person in his school thinks he is gross. Ayumu is all alone in that crazy world.