Friday, April 6, 2012

New Anime Series....maybe? Hiiro no Kakera episode 1

Keep on smiling, keep on smiling. XD That is what I chant in my head at work. Just keep swimming won’t work as I am not a fish. So it is smiles. Hopefully they do not look fake and plastered on. Just keep smiling and be grateful I have a job. Money. Thinking of money makes me smile so maybe it won’t be such a fake smile.

I would ask why the heck it is called Good Friday but I just googled it myself. Seems that it wasn’t always called Good Friday and that some things might have gotten lost in translation. I like Mourning Friday better I think. So happy Mourning Friday to all it applies to!



Apparently refreshing the page 382947 million times will not make Fate/Zero become subbed or available any faster. I have no idea why my plan isn’t working. So….what to do what to do. Oh I guess I could watch the first episode of Some Hot Guys NOT Hanging Out With Chizuru. I think that is the title anyway. Or maybe it was Hiiro no Kakera. That sounds familiar. Spoilers for being the worse person EVER!


Glad those ghosts just stopped and stood there while you took her through Incantations 101.

Episode Summary: A bus is driving through a sleepy town. At the last stop our heroine gets off to see a forest of trees and no mall. With no cellphone reception Tamaki decides she is going to walk to her grandmothers house. On her way she stumbles on….something weird that makes her stop. A feeling of sorts. Then a weird looking egg monster pops up and runs away. Confused Tamaki goes to leave but then three…things that look pretty scary. A boy pops out of nowhere and demands she repeats a spell. She does so and stuns the three..things long enough to run away with the boy. His name is Takuma and he explains those things used to be gods. Before any more explaining can happen Tamaki trips and Takuma calls her clumsy. The worse insult ever. They arrive at the house in time to see someone leaving the house. Takuma looks like he doesn’t like this dude. The house attendant takes Tamaki to see her grandmother. Granny is like look you are the Tamayori Princess, you are replacing me, and you need to keep the fallen gods in check. Tamaki is like…um what? Grandmother is like it will all come to you eventually. Tamaki tries to call her mom and ask her what the heck is up. Mom is clueless. Suddenly the most adorable mascot ever appears. Its race has guarded the Tamayori Princesses forever so yay for cute! There is some nonsense with Takuma but Tamaki is too tired to care about all this drama.


Clearly it is the Anti Tamayori Princess. And she will get more interesting looking guardians.

At school the next day Tamaki and her fox thing are making friends but she decides to talk about the Tamayori Princess business in front of strangers. Takuma drags her out and yells at her about saying stupid things in front of people. While being yelled at Tamaki meets Mahiro, a short senior classmate who is also a guardian for Tamaki. Mahiro has a bit of a temper but takes it out on Takuma. Mahiro tells Tamaki to meet them in the library after school to discuss Tamayori Princess nonsense. In the library they meet up with the 3rd boy Yuuichi…who falls asleep on command. Amazing. All three boys walks Tamaki home as they state it is their duty. There is something in their weird blood that makes them nonhuman and all the men in their family have had to follow their destiny and protect the Tamayori Princess. Tamaki doesn’t think this is fair. They make it home where the 4th guy Suguru is waiting. They all eat dinner together but Tamaki goes outside to think about how all of this is unfair to everyone. Suguru tries to comfort her and say they all have accepted their fate and one day she will too. THE END!

I see. Well I don’t see. I don’t know if I am going to add this series to my watching/blogging list. But since I watched the first episode I might as well write a few words out right?


This particular scene was hard to watch too...

First off this episode was a sneak peak at the series. I also think this is code for OPPIES we released this episode way too soon. Or maybe the series is supposed to be a bunch of jumpy scenes squished together. I know this anime is based on a game but dang! The transition between some scenes were beyond F grade quality. So I am not sure if this is what the animators MEANT to do or things were left unfinished but I was not a fan.


No wishes for you!

Also the main character, our heroine Tamaki, thinks she is Kobato. Big oversize hat, suitcase, the simple clothes that look a bit out of place. She even tries a few DUH expressions on for size. Again not a fan. You can’t be the next Kobato. I won’t allow it.


Oh the facial expressions...

I know that this is based on a video game, where the girl is supposed to put herself in the main character’s shoes. But with that said Tamaki was a bit boring. Almost like she had to act interesting. Exaggerated facial expressions, over the top WOE IS ME attitude, and her lack of….shock over these interesting events in her life. I guess boring is a shorter way to explain that. Not someone I would want to pretend to be. A bit of a brain and spine please.


Someone clearly has the vapors!

Takuma is obviously going to be the one Tamaki ends up with. Which bothers me as their names are way too similar. XD He is the JERK because he called a clumsy girl clumsy. A real insult there. I found him quite boring at times. I mean I like that Tamaki didn’t magically know how to get rid of the ghosts/gods/whatever right off the bat but it was SO BORING watching him feed her the lines. No sense of urgency at all. Not much of a guardian are you?


More of the cute animal thing please.

The other three guys didn’t get a much screen time…because they have no chance with Tamaki. Mahiro is going to get annoying real fast. His over the top behavior to compensate for his small stature and thus having to beat Tamaki up over it? I know nothing about Yuuichi so…yeah. And Suguru will just annoy me. Like he is a little older than the rest of the cast but he looks about a million. Why does everyone who have long hair and glasses look alike in animes (when it comes to males)? Just something about his character “type” annoys me. We didn’t get to meet the 5th boy but I am sure he will come around soon.


Ah yes. It will all come back to her...

Grandmother never got around to explaining really what Tamaki has to do. Unless that was the whole story. Protect the town, use your princess blood to make the barrier stronger, and….well be protected by a bunch of hot guys. Apparently many people want her powers (as seen at the end of the episode) and Tamaki can’t go around announcing who she is as that would be STUPID. But Grandma was rather fast with the ghosts are fallen gods deal. I did hear some Fushigi Yuugi words though so I guess that is exciting enough.


Fate never threw me in a harem of hot men. :( Nor does it pay me in gum.

Overall there wasn’t much to this episode. Everyone meeting each other and SHOCKING the heroine is just a plain Jane who is the most important person ever. Fate is unfair, everyone is descended from something awesome, and mothers suck. Pretty average in my opinion. Maybe things will get better but I am not making any promises on blogging this continuously or not.


Can I has one of these please?!

OH! But if this show was all about that cute little fox thing I would watch it all the time. XD


Anonymous said...

There are only few things I am going to say to this shown:
Tamaki = potato
Mahiro's flip, Oh Man!! I LOL sooo hard..the animation on that is just sad!
The only things I want from this anime is its OP and ED songs, and they are not even shown.....

Anonymous said...

I'll give this shown a chance, since the 1st ep is just introduction....but still.....I can not help but think this is going to be a boring one.
However, I do agree that the fox is REALLY cute!!!

Also, just for clarification, when I said, "Tamaki = potato", I mean her, along w/her hat, looks just remain me of a potato. Her hair = peel color, hat = the "meat" of potato, green jacket = the leaves, and personality so far = plain, like a boiled potato.....

Still, I will watch the 2nd or may be 3rd ep, just see how this will develop.....

Eternia said...

It continues the tradition why you mustn't watch an anime adapted from an adventure/battle/rpg games.
Just look at Persona 4's adaption. The protagonist has a problem just like this anime: doesn't have personality, boring, doesn't react from seeing something shocking.

On the other hand, romance eroge's adaptions are pretty good (as long as it's animated by KyoAni or P.A. Works), I am looking forward for Little Busters! anime.

Anonymous said...

@ Eternia --
I do not watch lots rpg game animes. I only want their soundtracks.
Some of them have really, and I mean really well written lyric/music.
You said KyoAni and P.A have good products, ok, I'll go check them out on the web.
YaY!!!! more music in my collections......

Also, just out of curiosity, since this is Tenchi's blog, it is really alright for us just continue on and on with our POV? I do not want to be rude or anything. I have never blog this much within 2 days, actually I normally do not blog.
Is there any rule or rules I should follow, or forgot to follow?
I probably should write this when I first blogged. Hope I did not step on anyone's feet/toe or anything....
Again, thank you for all your replies and sorry for the trouble.

Kencana said...

I don't hate reverse harem, but... I hate typical clumsy and damsel-in-distress heroine that need to be saved or protected at EVERY episode.

Christina said...

To everyone- While this is my silly blog people are always free to leave their opinions, as long as they aren't calling other commentators stupid and what not. XD So if you love something I hate or hate something I love feel free to express yourself. XD Variety and difference of opinion is the spice of life as long as they are not bigoted opinions.

Anonymous- I love potatoes! But usually I love them with a little bit extra, with cheese or A1 sauce or something. Tamaki is a boring potato. XD What a great description of her.

The fox was the best part of the entire episode and I almost forgot to mention him/her. That will probably be the only successful merchandise this series will have going for it.

The animation was so sad at parts. It was hard to use the screenies of the random jumps in between scenes but I think Mahiro's flip was an obvious enough wtf moment.

I have the sense this will be a slow show...a very slow show. If only because the main character can only operate at a slow level.

Christina said...

Eternia- I am still waiting for a great anime from an interesting non eroge game. One that doesn't use the word FON all the time. XD But I think the key problem is that all these games TEND to have boring main characters, more like a blank canvas, so the player can insert themselves into that role. Because heaven forbid we actually experience things through another person's point of view.

Kencana- I think if the show was based around me I would be pretty useless in terms of combat and what not. But I would make up for it with USING MY BRAIN and speaking my mind. None of this wishy washy crap. Like um hello how about we explain this Princess business a little bit more and no I am not down for sharing a meal with strangers until I get to the bottom of this. If someone is weak in one area they should try and make up for it in a different area if they can. But Tamaki is just seems to be bleh in many different areas of life.