Thursday, April 5, 2012

Accel World episode 2

Um….I can’t think of anything fun or entertaining to say. Maybe Kira the awesome cat can come in and blog the opening paragraphs. I think they would like something like this.



Well someone is not liking Kira's writing...

See I told you I wasn’t in a creative mood. XD Also now my keyboard is covered in fur. So lets get right into Accel World episode 2. It feels just like yesterday that I blogged the first episode…Spoilers for Haru getting picked on again…sorta.


Oh snap what did I get myself into?!

Episode Summary: Haru looks massively confused to be in Brain Burst despite not “logging in”. Also he is very confused at his new costume and that there is a crowd of people watching his every move. But Haru has other things to worry about as Nicholas Cage is glaring at him and wanting to fight. Clearly Haru loses as he tells Kuroyuki his sad story in the cafeteria later that day. She says that she did warn him about logging on but in the end she is happy she doesn’t have to explain that the Brain Burst program is really a multi player game. She asks Haru to Accelerate so she can show him some of the features. She takes Haru into a mock fight area so she can further explain things to him. Haru doesn’t seem too thrilled about his new avatar despite it being 8329473 times better than his other one. Kuroyuki explains that the programs goes through your own desires and fears to make the correct avatar. Kuroyuki says she is hiding her fighting avatar with her cute butterfly one as her other one is too ugly for words.

Passing that subject up quickly Kuroyuki explains that it costs points to Accelerate and the only way to gain more is to battle other people. Of course if you lose then you gain nothing and lose even more points. So Haru lost 10 points this morning in that battle. If someone gets down to zero points they can no longer play in Brain Burst. Kuroyuki says that it is not too late for Haru to back out of all of this. Haru says that he recognizes that Kuroyuki is probably using him in some way but he is grateful for what she has done so far. He agrees to help the great and powerful Kuroyuki. Kuroyuki seems very uncomfortable at the pedestal that Haru puts her on but is happy he is there to help her. When they return from Accelerating the cafeteria wants to know what is going on between Haru and Kuroyuki. She tells them all she confessed to Haru but he turned her down. Everyone is shocked, especially Haru who thinks he will be bullied now.


Good thing they are not using this power for personal gain and what not.

Right as they leave school Kuroyuki wishes Haru good luck on his next match. While they were Accelerated earlier Kuroyuki gave Haru many tips on how to battle and the weakness of Ghost Rider. Again other avatars are watching and Ghost Rider is cocky since he won so easily earlier in the day. Haru tries to hold his own then opts to run away so he can wait for the timer to run out. Ghost Rider and his magical motorcycle fly up building tops and Haru decides he can be magical too with a K.O. Only the move doesn’t work quite so well. He sees Kuroyuki looking on and doesn’t want to embarrass her. Suddenly he thinks of a new strategy involving the weaknesses of motorcycles. Haru wins and comes out of Acceleration mode. Kuroyuki congratulates Haru but suddenly Chiyuri appears and thinks that Kuroyuki is teasing Haru and causing him problems. Time for a pretty girl show down! THE END!

Well that was fast. XD Wonder why this show started in March and not April like most of the others. But I guess it is a good thing I didn’t know as I had reading to catch up on.

Also after watching the 1st episode I went back to my Spring 2012 list because I remember actually knowing more about this series. If that makes any sense. That the synopsis I read was pretty spoilery and informative. XD Maybe I shouldn’t have gone back and read it and just went along with the flow. Who knows, maybe Kuroyuki will reveal it in the next episode and it won’t be a spoiler after all.


Amazing things! Wonderful things! Things that will probably put you in danger and nearly kill you!

In any event Kuroyuki told Haru not to go on the internets after leaving school. He does accidentally and ends up in a fight. With Ghost Rider. Like seriously X___X what the heck was this person dreaming about or having problems with? Did he just come from the movie or something? Very imaginative indeed.


Perhaps Haru missed the part where he was just a little piggy?

Oh yes it is explained why Haru looks like a warrior now and not a piggy. But fear not he will still appear as a piggy when he links up normally. Only when he battles in the Brain Burst world. Which makes me happy because I think the little piggy is cute (even if it implies not so nice things about Haru). But anyway it is explained that Haru created that avatar based on his fears and insecurities. Sounds a bit like Guilty Crown but maybe there is a twist. In any event Haru is not happy with his avatar even is not a pig. Not it looks a character that saves the princess in the tower or beats up bullies that pick on people.

This is an interesting piece of information. I was about to question why Kuroyuki looks exactly the same in the Brain Burst world but then she opened her mouth and I didn’t have to ask. She is apparently hiding her form as she considers it ugly. She seems very ashamed about it. Now one might be quick to jump on her case, as she is a beautiful person now with an beautiful avatar. And how would that make Haru feel, someone who cannot change his appearance in the real world. Since Kuroyuki seems to be supportive of Haru and wants him to have more self-esteem I don’t think her use of the word ugly is what we might think it means. Or she is actually referring to her emotions deep in herself. That inside she is ugly with her thoughts and fears and it reflects in her avatar. Thus she has to hide it from others or they will know the true her. If that makes sense.


No I think there are still some things that need explaining.

While we haven’t gotten the whole story (or really any story) on why Kuroyuki needs Haru maybe she should have told him some basic rules. Like you have to earn Accelerating Points and you can lose them in battle. Not that it was Haru had a chance of winning his first battle but maybe he could have saved himself some ridicule, something that hurts him deeply. And while it was only one night who knows what Haru had planned. Maybe he would have gone crazy and Accelerated a bunch for stupid and trivial things, leaving him with a low amount of points. If you want someone to be your white knight tell them how to stay “alive” so to speak.


Haru is pretty smart. See you DO have a lot going for you!

I might forgive Haru for not asking very obvious questions. Like um why would someone create such a powerful program and how has it been kept a secret thus far. Maybe he should have asked how this program was even possible. But if he lives in this technological advance world it might make sense to him. Instead he asks the question that seems obvious to him. Why would Kuroyuki pick him? He figures out that Kuroyuki is using him, probably because of his semi amazing game skills, but he can’t figure out why Kuroyuki is going above and beyond for him. Why him, he is useless, he doesn’t deserve to be around her. All standard stuff when someone feels unworthy of some great honor. It lasted long enough for it be effective but not too long that it became annoying.


Well naturally I want to see it now.

Kuroyuki had a good response too. This maybe tie in to what her avatar looks like but she tells Haru she is a normal human just like him and unworthy of his praise and what not. I might find this annoying, like when rich famous people cry about their problems but Kuroyuki seemed genuine in her response. And while she might be pretty and popular with problems she made sure to not go on and on and focus on the person with the more obvious problems.


Well...maybe it wasn't that complicated.

A lot of what on in this episode required a basic knowledge of gaming. I have a very basic knowledge of gaming. My husband would probably be at home watching this show as he used to make spread sheets and what not about most effective weapons and spells and what not. I am more of the WOOHOO let’s go to the Elite Four with a party of Eevee types and hope for the best. In the few games I have played I focused more on being the tank or main attacker. A soldier/warrior type that hacked away with little strategy. XD But enough about me. Just saying that some people might be a little confused with the terms being thrown around unless they are a bit familiar with the gaming world.


Right we need the right equips and a never ending supply of potions too.

But I am sure gamers (well boys anyway) ever rejoiced over Kuroyuki’s extensive knowledge. Haru wasn’t completely clueless but Kuroyuki was like well the color your outfit signifies this and your skills are this and let me calculate what you are up against. A pretty good ally. Or an example of how some veterans are in gaming worlds. Take a newbie under your wing, give them your old armor, and help them level up a bit.


Talking a big game but lets see you all in action!

I don’t know if I like the other….players if you would watching the fight. Haru has already been picked on enough in his life and now he will feel the pressure to do well because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed. Especially since it will probably reflect on Kuroyuki. But then there was talk of support or something? I must have The Hunger Games on my mind still.


Haru had fun in this battle too folks. A lot of fun.

I think the battle was done…well enough to keep my attention. I am not sure how the people are chosen to fight in this Brain Burst world or why Ghost Rider was so confident when he was only level 1 (at the beginning of the episode) himself. Motorcycles in general make me mad so I was cheering on Haru to beat him. I am also happy that Haru listened to his mentor while improvising on his own. Like he didn’t follow Kuroyuki to a T and that he is an experienced gamer.


So you want Haru to get beat up?

The episode ends with a little tension. Chiyuri, who probably hasn’t received a proper apology from Haru yet, runs out to defend her friend against someone she perceives as troublesome. While Haru knows what Kuroyuki did for him Chiyuri doesn’t. All she knows is Haru got hit in the face and somehow all the males in the school might be mad at him. It is good that she is defending her friend and I have a feeling she has done it a lot in her life. Don’t lose that friendship Haru.

Episode 2 was pretty good. Kuroyuki seems to like teasing Haru (telling the cafeteria that Haru turns her down) but maybe she is doing it for the greater good. She has an ulterior motive but Haru accepts that and wants to help anyway. And the battle happened in such a way that my head didn’t explode. A nonexploded head is always a good sign. Now I must wait patiently for episode 3. Good night!


Snugtrition said...

Hey great blog, I like your take on Accel. It's nice to read up on it before watching it. I've already the manga so it's not exactly a spoiler for me haha. But the anime does look great.

Anonymous said...

I known I posted, "there should be more than enough material" for just 13eps. on your "Accel World ep1"
However, as I check it again on the web, it says this anime is a 24eps.
I am happy that this "different-style" anime is continuing longer, but I am not sure if there are enough material (just 10 chapters so far) to fit in all 24eps.
There will likely be filters, but I do hope the filter eps are not /will not be "too-far-off" from the original version.
Still, so far so good.... keep up the well-written blogs!

Anonymous said...

Also, continue my last comment, Haru better give a proper apology to Chiyuri.

Anonymous said...

You should check out the ED of this anime, it is called, [→unfinished→] by KOTOKO.
I really like it. Here is the full version on youtube.


Eternia said...

Kotoko is always my favorite singer. The OP song by May'n is also pretty good.

But anon sure doesn't read people's reply. =_= There is more than enough material for 24 episodes, because a total of ten light novels have been published so far.

Even To Aru Majutsu no Index doesn't reach across ten light novels in one season. Even so, it already feels rushed and skipped a lot of details.

BTW, Fate Zero is only adapted from a total four light novels for season 1 and (upcoming) season 2.

Anonymous said...

I DID read people's reply, I just forgot to write it in this blog, sorry, sorry, (hide around the corner due to embarrassment).
Yes, there are indeed 10 light novels, and the 11th will coming out in 2 days according to Hitokiri.
Again, thank you for all the information, and yes, there should be more than enough for the 24eps.
Sorry for the late reply.....
Again, thank you for replying.

Christina said...

Snugtrition- I think that is one of the only good things about living in the U.S and not Japan in terms of anime. Everyone has already been exposed to the manga so by the time the anime rolls around people know what to expect. But it sounds like you are still going to enjoy the anime despite being familiar with the manga. Hopefully it does end up being great.

Anonymous- From the detailed synospis I read somewhere it sounds like there might be enough material for 24 episodes. There is a certain number of....baddies/foes so to speak and if each of them only gets a few episodes that will probably be enough. And of course there will probably be the usual slice of life/filler scenes with beach activities and what not.

The idea of making such a detailed lunch for someone else boggles my mind. It would probably take me hours because I like cooking (and making sammiches is cooking in my book) that much. So for Haru to just throw all that food all over the ground....apologizes must flow now. Of course it looks like Chiyuri might have forgotten about that now as a new "enemy" has taken center stage.

Also don't feel bad about getting the number of chapters/novels around. I get stuff wrong all the time or get confused on certain issues and people will come around to correct/inform my silly self. Which is what I love about this blog. As much as I love anime and manga there are always others with more knowledge and willing to fill in the cracks that come from different adaptions. XD

Eternia- Ah my well of information. XD I am envies of how much you know! I feel like such a newbie in the manga/anime world. And yes at times To Aru Majutsu no Index (and especially Shana!) feel rushed. So maybe trying to cover all light novels is a bad idea. Less might be more in some cases.

I got a busy night ahead of me, tracking down opening/closing theme songs and watching uncut episodes of dead children. But I need to convince the husband to take me out for Easter. XD Lazy man.