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New Anime Series! Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 1: Bread!

Hello my lovely readers. From the time I posted Fate/Zero to the time this will be up and posted…I have basically at on the couch and watched reality TV shows. Not much indeed. XD Oh how I wish to be like my husband and just not feel guilty about doing nothing on my days off. On the upside when I did go out today I picked him up a little treat to cheer him from his rough day at work. So being a loving and thoughtful wife is better than being productive right?

Also even though the word of the day will still be bread now I want some tiramisu. Some delicious creamy calorie laden dessert. I have no idea why I don’t weigh 500 pounds. I will thank God and my metabolism and enjoy it while it lasts. XD


Don't blink or you will miss flashbacks! Also BREAD!

But now it is more anime time. Up now is the amazing and fast paced show Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan! Oh yes folks are you ready to take a wild ride into a bakery?! You better be! Spoilers for…BREAD!


This would be Rick's house. Amazing yes?

Episode Summary: As the scene opens up deep in the forest a voice is heard. A sad little voice who just wants to be happy or there was no reason to be born. Okay now. A young man is sleeping on a boat that has run aground. Even though it is VERY dark still he is woken up by a trio of young girls. They drag him to the nearby kingdom…and start making bread. The young man is named Rick and the girls wearing mismatched clothing are named Neris, Amil, and Airy. After working in the wee hours of the morning the crew opens for business and tons of people are in line for the magical Rick bread. Everything is happy and lovely and did I mention the magical Rick bread? After all that lovely fun the girls take inventory and decide it is time to go to the farm and buy more supplies. While the girls pack for their picnic Rick goes outside and looks down the beach where his run aground boat is. He starts to have a flashback but it is cut short for the sake of more cute girls. They make a stop at a fellow bread shop run by an old lady named Madera. They borrow her wagon in exchange for them picking up supplies for her.


Oh hi random cat girl. XD

The group stops by and donates some bread to a local church. They also see a cat girl person on the road and the girls explain who she is to Rick. They are warned by guards to be back by sundown or they will be attacked by monsters. They stop and have a magical picnic in the woods, splashing around and getting magical spring water. They go to the farm and pick up some raw materials for making their bread. They don’t think they have enough of one ingredient for the old lady so they stop near the Elf Forrest to pick some more. While picking the root stuff they happen upon an injured sylph. They nurse it back to health and take it deeper into the Elf woods as it is unable to fly just yet. While walking a male Elf appears and takes the sylph from Rick. There is a bit of drama when the elf doesn’t want to take the bread Rick offers him and this insults one of the girls. On the way back to their wagon they happen upon a girl elf. Her name is Rana and is a happy elf, much happier than her grumpy elf brother Alvin. She takes the magical Rick bread and invites them back to the woods to give her bread all the time. The crew goes back to Madera’s and give her the supplies. Madera notes that Alvin must have sensed something if he was looking up at the sky all the time. Rana ends up going to Madera’s later and tells the old lady a terrible storm is coming. THE END!

MOG PEOPLE! Mog! If I hear the word bread one more time I might scream. And I love bread. Like seriously could eat bread all day long if I could. Yet this show makes me….well want to eat some bread. But still folks. I would rewatch this episode to count all the times the world bread was said….but then I would fall asleep. What fun would that be before 2 am?


Wake up and make more bread!

But yes folks. Half of the dialogue in this episode was dedicated to the word bread and telling Rick how much his bread rocked. I guess when the word Bread is in the title I should have expected that. But seriously there was so much love of bread I thought I was losing my mind. I know people wait for coffee shops to open but I don’t think they all go on and on while in line about how this is the best coffee in town and what not. It was just way too much happy for me. XD I mean…I guess it would be nice to experience that at work, not some hot working environment with angry customers. Maybe I am just jealous of this fantasy land where customers are nice, all the product comes out perfect, and things are just so happy and amazing. I work in reality though.


In Kingdom de Happy the word competition does not exist!

I thought it was odd though there is another bakery and that our main cast is friends with said bakery owner. You would think that there would be a tiny bit of rivalry or something. But nope, they are working together and are all friends. Although I wonder if the girls used to work for Madera until Rick rolled into town. In any event to go along with the theme of HAPPY House of Rick and House of Madera bread get along. Maybe the town is huge…or maybe all the old people buy from Madera and the hip, young crowd go to Rick.



It appears….since Rick’s new bread was mentioned no less than 20 times that Rick is new in town. Newer anyway. Not to mention was mentioned about his past if he does have an interesting one. He seems to have bad memories of a ship wreck and said ship is still on the beach? Guess everyone in this perfect kingdom wouldn’t dream of stealing or looting that ship. Wonder why the girls haven’t offered to let Rick stay with them. But that would be naughty wouldn’t it? XD Maybe people could have talked about Rick’s bread 15 percent less so we could have seen more than a glimmer of Rick’s back story.


Fight? Defend? Flee?

Moving along like a video game we hit several major points. We walk by a cat person and Rick is semi introduced to her. Rick is at least a little new in town since he doesn’t know her. And since no one freaked out at the sight of her I am assuming that cat people are a normal race in this universe. The guards at the gate made a point to say to come back before dark because there are monsters outside. XD A game throw back term. And later in the day one of the girls announced there might be a MONSTER, just like what would happen in a video game. I am not sure if this was all done to be amusing or if the writers thought this was great. Either way I laughed.


Look how much FUN we are having. FUN FUN FUN!

There were a lot of moments that were too special for words though. Like all the girls and Rick smiling and laughing while eating or playing in the water. We get it folks, this is a happy show in a happy universe. Normal things like making sammichs and washing your feet are twice as fun. Maybe if they had less of that….look at us being cute girls moment more could have happened in this episode?


Look at us, so cute and bubbly. Wait we have names?

Oh yes I really haven’t mentioned the girls yet have I? Well look at that I go to Wiki to see what their names are and I find out they are sisters. Didn’t know that based on the episode. They are named Neris, Amil, and Airy. None of them really stood out in this episode even though they are all wearing such..different clothes. Such short dresses. One of them did get a bit of a random attitude with the elf in the woods but other than that they all could have been exchanged for another and I am not sure how much would have changed if there was only two girls…maybe even one. XD Hopefully they are just town people and Rick is going to leave them behind once the adventure starts. Although they did mention weapons.


Hi. I am here to be an asshole. And possibly the healer of your group.

I thought the introduction of the elves was really…off. Forced. Maybe if Rick is new to town he hasn’t come in contact with them yet. But the sister should have by now right? In any event I didn’t think that scene flowed very well. More like the episode had to hit a series of plot points. If they actually went together that would have been bonus points or something. No bonus points for anyone. Brother elf was a random jerk for no reason while sister elf was too happy for her own good.


GIVE IT TO ME! So cute!

However…I want that sylph! It was so cute. Hop on Rick’ shoulders now because you are too adorable for words. Should have just torn that bread out of boring girl’s hand though. She was feeding you way too slow there little buddy. I wonder if the sylph will morph into a travel pet or something. In any event…video games get really cute animal mascots. XD


Actually maybe her kind of thinking would be perfect...for a Disney employee? XD

Oh yeah I almost forgot about the beginning of the episode. XD Some random voice, probably the girl who is going to be rollin in this storm, was talking about being broken and what not. She just wants to spend each moment happy and smiling. Why can’t every moment be like that? Well if she ends up in this town maybe it will be! Every day will be like Disney and there will be no boring days Mike’s Pizzeria.

And that was about it. Made some bread, went to a farm, and saw an elf or two. The cliffhanger at the end of the episode was….a storm is coming! XD Apparently a new character is going to be blown in on this storm so maybe it will be a bigger deal than…just a normal big storm. If Brother Elf thinks it is a big deal well how can we argue with this creature o nature. XD Scary red moons indeed.

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