Friday, April 27, 2012

The True Face of Evil!

Hello there my lovely readers. I guess I picked a good day to ask my husband to do a million scans on my computer because I am dead tired. No anime posting for me apparently. Maybe watching. Okay maybe blogging. Not posting though. Way too tired to make sure every single word is spelled right. Because you all know how my posts are mistake free. XD No no instead I will sit in bed and eat ice cream and feel bad for myself. And post something horrible for you all to see. Something that I saw the other day and caused me to freak out. And since it scared me and scars me for life maybe I will do the same for you? Because misery loves company? XD Or you can laugh with/at me.  

I think everyone has something they are afraid of that really doesn't make sense. Like everyone should be afraid of earthquakes, drowning, and needles. Those are just generally unpleasant things. But I am talking about something that makes no sense. Something people might mock you for. Something that you know in your head isn't scary but you can't move passed it. It
LOOK AT THIS! I mean obviously I didn't take this photo because I was halfway down the block crying on the phone that a poisonous alien caterpillar was trying to kill me but LOOK!
BEHOLD! The most vile creature of them all! Truly the face of evil yes?! I is it?! It goes to sleep for a few days and then turns into something amazing that can fly in the sky? NO! Not acceptable. You can't be chillin, walking down the sidewalk and all of a sudden BAM this things crawls up to you. And they crawl fast. So fast. Probably to kill you or something in your sleep.

Caterpillars. Tenchi's kryptonite. Store that in your mind so if we are put together in the Hunger Games you have ammo against me. Or maybe the zombie apocalypse. has happened and I have the last of the food supply. Throw a few these my way and I will be abandoning ship. Just so scary!


Eternia said...

Here's some more.
Tasty pics.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhh~ That looks nice, thank you Tenchi! And yours too, Eternia!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I didn't think it was scary, at first. But a couple years ago I was taking a tomato off my tomato plant outside of my apt. and there was a caterpillar uglier than that and it was huge and green but the thing was that you couldn't see it because of the green camo until you were all up close and practically touching it to get the tomato. So yeah, scary. Gross. Concur.

Eternia's too.

Also, did you know there's a live action Mirai Nikki airing now. I don't know your tolerance for J dramas and the story/names are somewhat different but I have to admit ep.1 was okay. Kind of Boys Over Flowers meets Mirai Nikki. Link:

IF you like that kind of stuff (I'm so far behind on all this season's new anime :(

Thanks for the crawly bug.

Anonymous said...

^^; That's a good Caterpillar, Looks like a Swallowtail.... Will eventually turn into a pretty butterfly.

You can even take them home and raise them.

Like a person before me said, The Tomato Hornworms are far worse looking...

Christina said...

To everyone- Caterpillars are SO gross. But I would be the first one to dance around in the butterfly exhibit at the local zoo. My husband tries to explain the logic behind that but I plug my ears and go LALALA!

I am 90 percent sure I have seen that Tomato Caterpillar before. I went to my Aunt's house one time and she said go look what I caught in that jar. She kept saying vermin. So I pick the jar up and there was a GIANT caterpillar in there that she said was eating all her tomatoes. The jar was thrown and I was quickly back in the car ready to go.

I never overact to tiny little bugs. Never. XD Also there will be no raising of bugs. XD EVER!