Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hiiro no Kakera episode 2: Nothing else was on

BORED! I am bored! Apparently I got a lot done today but not much to blog about. Unless everyone wants to hear about how I organized the bathroom cabinets and I scrapbooked Christmas 2011. Oh yes folks I seem to get behind on everything in life. But on a positive note I completely caught up on commenting back on replies posted on this blog. I don’t think I am going to promise again to keep up with that because….I failed last time. But I will try. Try try try.

Also when one buys new clothes maybe one should wash them before wearing them for the first time. Or maybe the cloth manufacturing company could pre-wash them. They should anyway to get rid of any shrinking issues but my fingernails are blue now from the dye coming off my new shirt. X__X Thank goodness I didn’t sit on the couch today!


Claude has not aged well....

Since I am so bored and nothing else seems subbed (like wtf Accel where are you?!) I guess…I could watch Hiiro no Kakera episode 2…and bore everyone to tears with a review. XD Maybe. Don’t expect it to be as long as my Mirai Nikki episode 26 post. Which is probably impossible but you know. Spoilers for me trying to remember everyone’s names.


Too busy with her stories and knitting?

Episode Summary: Somewhere in town the “baddie” girl and her gang of weird looking people are talking critically about doing something. Something baddie like. Tamaki is having a dream with a voice trying to tell her something. But since Blood-C I am not very trusting of dreams and random voices so I ignore this. Still Tamaki decides that this will be the day, this will be the morning that she questions Grandmother on what this whole Tamayori Princess business. Only house girl Mitsuru explains that Grandmother is not seeing anyone this morning. Oh okay. Tamaki is introduced to some hot teacher whom all the boys find hot. Only she is not paying attention to the teacher but Takuma staring at her. In front of Yuuichi and Mahiro Tamaki yells at Takuma for checking out the teacher. This lead to Mahiro and Takuma having a fight. All the boys agree that Tamaki has named her guardian fox thing a stupid name. They all argue over what to name it and clearly these people should not name anything, especially children. They finally decide on O-chan.


Not the cute mascot!!!!

Suguru meets them after school to help walk Tamaki home. Apparently it is dangerous now that the barrier is weak. The boys don’t give Tamaki many answers on her role with this seal business and some of them generally don’t want to be protectors or what not. They do point her in the direction of a store house that has books on the subject. Keys and Takuma beating down the door doesn’t work but Mahiro tells Tamaki the correct way to open it. When Tamaki gets inside she touches one book and automatically has a X__X attack. They take her outside and Suguru says this is proof she is the Princess. That night Mitsuru and Grandmother talk about things need to be done. At school the next day the boys talk about how one of the protection points have been messed with and they need to investigate. Tamaki insists on coming. On the way they encounter a whole mess of ghost gods. The boys dance around like psychopaths while Tamaki is like NOO! The boys use their powers and tell Tamaki to run. Tamaki turns back when her guardian O-chan is KOed. Tamaki is protected from harm and Takuma is pissed that she is stupid. The other boys like that Tamaki cares about her comrades. One of the baddies, the one that looks like a Black Butler reject, watches the fight and goes HMM a lot. Later that night Grandmother has decided Tamaki has not passed the test and needs to activate her powers sooner. THE END!


Every teacher in Japan is either going to be your best friend buddy or the enemy.

Well…it wasn’t as boring as last week but maybe that is because it was all introduction that were done in such a blah way. So much blah. That being said character development is pretty much lacking still.


Ah yes...IT!

The “enemy” has arrived on the scene. Or I assume they are the enemy. We didn’t learn anything about them except they are being lead by a tiny girl and one of their party has infiltrated the school as a hot teacher. Oh and they know where all the magical talisman barriers are. Overall they seem to be more put together and knowledgeable than the people who are tasked with guarding said talismans and what not.


If a main has to die can it be him?

I kinda just want to throw Mahiro in a hole and forget he exists. He is so loud, so annoying, and so over the top. You looked at someone hot, I will beat you up. You breath funny, I scream and act tough. You ignore me, I will throw a hissy fit. His voice oh his voice. I get it, he is self-conscious about his height but this is too much. Sadly it looks like he knows more about the Tamayori Princess than the other guys which plants the seeds of mystery. Bleh I say.


I would be like WAKE UP OLD LADY! Time to cough up some answers!

I don’t know how Tamaki sleeps at night without answers. If someone sprung this news on me I would be rapid firing questions at them. Oh Grandmother isn’t seeing anyone today? Good thing I am the next Princess Girl, the rules don’t apply to me. But at least she did get the guys to take her to the magical shed of knowledge. Maybe next time she will actually open and read one of the books?


Your princess needs some Vitamin C pills or something.

Suguru is dumb. Or annoying. Something anyway. Wouldn’t Tamaki automatically be the next Princess because she is related to the last one? Because Grandma said so? And as her protectors shouldn’t you just SENSE she is the one? But since she opened the storage shed and got a headache 5 seconds after arriving that is proof. I would have been like oh this is proof you are NOT the princess. The real one would have read all the books, commanded respect, and felt the pea under her bed.


Fly baby bird fly! Or die on the ground. You know either way.

Maybe if Grandmother and Mitsuru want to test Tamaki’s nonexistent powers they should train her first. Like actual training. Not sabotage a seal and hope the guardians protect her well enough that she doesn’t splat. Unless there is another granddaughter waiting in the wing maybe we shouldn’t be risking her life like that? The girl wants answers yet you want her to be magical with NO explanation. I would worry too Grandmother. Worried that I fail as a responsible adult.


Thinks all the names are stupid too.

O-chan is a horrible name for such a cute mascot. Of course all the other names they came up with were pretty dumb too. That seems to be a theme in animes though, naming cats Neko-chan and other obvious stuff like that. Like naming a fox Fox-chan is lame. That being said…O-chan…O-chan. :( I thought maybe it was going to morph into something huge to protect Tamaki. Not fly around the ghosts a few times and get smashed to the ground. Maybe its powers are connected to how powerful Tamaki is? But if that is the case that isn’t a very good protector. Maybe someone needs to train this little creature and not throw him into the mix like Tamaki?


I don't even know what this is X___X

The battle was hilarious. Beyond hilarious. I mean putting aside the fact they weren’t prepared despite the fact they HAVE to walk Tamaki home because of the increased danger. Psht that doesn’t mean they need to have their extra weapons on hand or anything. But then when it became battle time it was like I was watching Voltron. I think I am thinking of Voltron? Like look at me run with my upper body parallel to the ground! Surely I can save the day this way! So much effort was made into making it look like a high paced action scene but the ghost god things weren’t moving. They were just gooing there. But the boys were all spazzing this way and that. Hilarious folks hilarious.


Just run away 5th. But now with your chest parallel to the ground.

The episode ends with Tamaki almost killing herself falling down the stairs but the 5th boy STOPS her from doing so. I am confused on why they don’t know about him as this gig seems to be passed down in the families? Maybe there will be an explanation, he is the long lost son or something. In any event WOOHOO something to look forward to. If I remember to watch this show of course.


Eternia said...

Accel World episode 3 won't be released until Saturday. A long wait, I know. Potato will do for now.

It will be kind of painful to see 8th's son being fought over by two cute girls. Are they, perhaps, near-sighted? Stay as Disney's piglet, please. Ok, I take that back, because episode 3 will become beastiality show then.

Christina said...

Eternia- I see now that the first two episodes were released super early. It just felt like forever and I was getting impatient. And apparently bored enough for potatoes.

I am just glad the piggy won't be gone forever...even if it is sorta sad. XD

Anonymous said...

Wao! I am surprise you two actually used the name I give to her, "potato".
I guess I do have a good naming sense. I suppose I won't be troubled to name my kids in the future. LOL

Christina said...

Anonymous- Sometimes nicknames are so perfect you can't help but use them. So thank you for supplying us material. Only you can't name your child Mistake. That one is already taken...for the nonexistent kid I will never have. XD