Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fate/Zero Season 2 episode 1: Beware the Tentacles!

BLEHS! I have the blehs. I hope my mood will improve by tomorrow…or right now as it is officially Happy Easter Time (but not in Tenchi time as the previous day doesn’t end until she goes to sleep). Put the petty stuff behind me and focus on more important issues right? If tomorrow is not a religious holiday for you…well run to the stores Monday and get hooked up with discounted Easter candy!


Oh please if this was a horror show you would die immediately after uttering such a phrase. XD

But it is time to put aside my blehs both because Easter is nearly here and because Fate/Zero has returned. Rejoice the masses. Season 1 was to set the stage and Season 2 promises to bring the deaths and battles! Spoilers for episode 1 (14!) being…amazing? XD


Clearly upset that someone CRAZY got involved in the War. Just one crazy person though.

Episode Summary: The Japanese military (well or someone’s military…PEOPLE IN PLANES) has gotten wind of the massive Caster monster and are attempting to get there and destroy it. Old Daddy Kotomine is pissed that the general public might find out about magic and that the War might be cancelled. Saber and Rider are fighting hard to destroy the Tentacle Caster while Ryuu thinks God has blessed them. After a pretty amazing opening song…Rider and Saber are still fighting the Tentacle Caster. It keeps regenerating and healing itself with no end in sight. Archer and Tokiomi are watching the battle. Tokiomi wants Archer to kill Tentacle Caster before more witnesses arrive but Archer is like um I am amazing and I won’t lower myself to that slug creature. He uses a few weapons but Tentacle Caster just regenerates again. Tokiomi thinks about using a Command Seal but decides against it as he wants a warm and loving relationship with Archer. The fighter pilots have made it to the scene and are like um what is this? Soon Tentacle Caster noms one of the planes.


Just...what is this?!

Someone (one of the remaining pilots) has a magical vulnerable moment and is going to fly into Caster when….Berserker comes out of nowhere, takes “command” of the plane, and flies to Archer. Who is apparently on his own magical flying machine. Suddenly it is Independence Day with all the high flying antics. Even Archer is amused by all this amazing fun. Oh by the way Lancer is on the side lines doing a whole lot of nothing in case anyone was wondering. Tokiomi has left Archer to go confront Kariya who is not looking so well. Tokiomi spends a great deal of time showing how much of a douche he is. Basically Kariya calks Tokiomi a bad father and Tokiomi explains that due to mage law he had to give Sakura away to give her a better life. Or she would have just been a normal human. Kariya is not pleased and calls upon his bug monsters. Kiritsuga was listening to the whole thing and is going HMMM now. Lancer continues to do nothing as Saber saves Rider from being squished. Ryuu has decided that this is the best thing ever and nothing will ever top this moment. So Emiya shoots him in the stomach. The bystanders are scared out of their minds as Ryuu plays with his own blood. Ryuu is like MOG the gore an guts were in me all along? So then Emiya shoots Ryuu in the head. Tentacle Caster is PISSED and vows revenge, SUPER COOL REVENGE! Emiya contemplates his next move as taking out Lancer would give Saber access to magical spell that will stop Tentacle Caster. THE END!

Let me get this straight? There was a giant tentacle monster, TWO planes flown by dead heroes of the past, AND a gunshot to the head? Clearly this is the best series in the history of anime and the internets must sing its praises. Also the Japanese must spend 500 more dollars on getting season two. Because it is 500 dollars worth of awesome. Or was it 700? I can’t remember.


Thanks for clearing that up for us Ryuu.

On a serious note I am pleased this show has finally arrived. It appears to me all the money spent by the good people of Japan on those overpriced DVDS and Blu-ray was spent on making everything like a Michael Bay movie. Like budget, WHAT BUDGET?! I felt the episode bleeding money all over the place. Like each second that went by was hundreds of dollars. And judging by how excited everyone is it was well worth.

Now this did not feel like episode 1 of season 2 to me. It felt like episode 14 of season one, which is how it HAD to feel given that episode 13 ended with our heroes running off to battle. Again another move on the studios part to milk people for all they are worth. When you have to wait for something it makes you want it more and more. Now saying that maybe I should have rewatched episode 13 before watching this one.


Slash ...hack.....squish....

Saber and Rider were slightly boring in this episode. Which is kinda mean of me to say since they were doing all the work. But their scenes mainly consisted of slashing the giant ugly at different angles. Like look at my shocked face at the tentacles regenerate. You can only watch so many gross pieces of goo splice themselves back together before your mind wants more.


It is hard work being hot okay!

Lancer was not providing that more. He was doing significantly less. I mean I guess he was protecting Irisviel. And Lancer couldn’t make it out on the battlefield either. Still it was weird just watching him watch the battle. He probably wasn’t having that much fun either though. Wonder where Ms. Sola of too many names was….

Archer (because I am still refusing to call him Gilgamesh for some reason)…I think he is the worst Servant ever. I am not saying he is boring. I mean if I was going to be a jerk and force a dead person back to life for my chance to win something AMAZING I would not want to pick this Archer. Like what is this KING thinking, not being my Servant and all. It’s crazy talk I tell you.


Wasn't everyone ordered to stop Caster? Or was it just a rule that they couldn't fight each other before Caster was dead?

Now I do think Archer is a major butthead. I am glad he isn’t just blinding listening to some random mage. Like live your own life you zombie King. But sometimes the way he goes about things are super annoying. Arrogance becomes him. Basically he is calling Rider, Saber, and if Lancer could…gardeners as he is the ruler of the house. That is part of his nature, to assume and act like he is better than everyone else. Doesn’t mean I find it attractive. Part of me wished for Tokiomi to use his commands to make Archer fight, knock him down a few pegs.


Lets see how Archer reacts to this begging.


Oh yes. Archer is super impressed.

But then the other part of me wanted Archer to stab Tokiomi in the head. Even if there wasn’t other reasons to hate Tokiomi the sucking up and bowing almost made my puke. And I love my critter shaped macaroni and cheese to spew it all back up. I get that Tokiomi was trying to make Archer fight the Caster monster from hell but come on. Have some self-respect dude. If you are going to take part in the Douchebag Olympics act like a champ not a chump!

Thankfully there are other reasons to want Tokiomi dead. Or obvious reasons. So move aside Archer maybe it is Kariya who deserves the honor of stabbing Tokiomi in the face. Here Kariya is trying to protect Sakura from the horrors of his family and Tokiomi is lecturing him on how this might be Kariya’s own doing. Why if Kariya had just taken up the family honor and been a mage himself Sakura would have been one step above a dung beetle aka a normal human in her own family. So when Tokiomi was telling Kariya he was scum BUT helped Sakura out I wanted to throw something at the computer.


Condoms are hard folks!

Right everyone? While we can understand in Tokiomi’s deranged mind he THOUGHT this was necessary we as RATIONAL human beings know he is scum yes? I am not really following WHY multiple children can’t become super mages. To me that would be the logical thing to do, have a little clan of mages. This whole one heir thing seems rather risky. But if this is the rule…IT IS CALLED BIRTH CONTROL! There are many, MANY ways to go about this in the normal human way and I am sure there might be some magical ways too. So stop with this woe is the fruitful womb crap.


Oh poor Kariya....this won't end well. We already know this. But seeing you suffer is so sad.

So in conclusion the mage world is full of crazy ways and I am on team Kariya. He might be losing his hair, facial features, and his mind but he has NOBLE reasons for being in this war. The person with the insane Servant has the most sanity. *kisses three fingers and sends Kariya on his way*


Um....can I get some Lord of the Rings magic up in this craziness?

With all that being said…Berserker and Archer…X__X. WTF was that? All of the internets is going MOG SO COOL but I was going @__@. If my eyes really did that I think I could be a more interesting person…But yes. Berserker…maybe…MAYBE I could see him jumping on a random military plane and taking it over with his magical powers. But Archer? Wtf was he in? I felt like I got blasted into a mecha anime without an warning. Like it was some kind of space battle 2398238 years in the future, not something that happened like 15 years ago. This show is about zombie heroes of the past, not golden ships of amazingness. Honestly.

And now…we are on casualty one of the Hunger…I mean Holy Grail War. Well technically it is number two but I don’t think ANYONE cares that Assassin is dead. Ryuu it is folks! That reminds me that I need to hunt down the uncensored version of the episodes that feature the wonderful PILLARS in Ryuu’s lair.


This would actually be a really powerful life changing moment, one of self reflection and the possibility of growth....if Ryuu wasn't talking about his own blood and guts oozing out of him.

Ryuu was a deranged crazy person who stumbled into the War by accident. It makes sense that he is killed first. We still have all the main players and nothing great was lost as Ryuu had not ulterior motive for said War. He was just there for the blood folks, the blood that was in him all along. Aw isn’t that sweet? But I guess…Caster was his friend. I guess that is important.


Well he died happy right?

Emiya and his questionable moral self took out Ryuu. All I can say is thank goodness. Like hello people a regenerating monster that you have no hope of killing? Yeah time to take out the Master who KILLS KIDS! Sounds like a no brainer to me. Maybe I think that Emiya took too long and that is why I am harsh on him. Or maybe I am slightly worried that Lancer will get taken out next to help Saber out. I understand that is the logical thing to do but sometimes it is hard to be logical when people are hot.

Overall I think people were really happy to see this show make its way back into our hearts and minds. Maybe just maybe people are singing its amazing praises TOO much but yes this episode was enjoyable. It has to be…as it is worth more than my house. XD Kidding kidding…X__X Or at least I hope I am.


Gatx375 said...

This episode was absolutely amazingly awesome. The new opening and ending themes are fantastic, especially the opening. I'm also incredibly happy that they have been mostly faithful to the books.

To answer your question about what the hell Gilgamesh was flying on, it was a Vimana. Wiki here: It's also worth mentioning that Archer flipped out on Tokiomi after Tokiomi asked Gilgamesh to use Ea on Caster. Gil's ego is ridiculous =/

Tokiomi would probably not use birth control being an old school Magus. He shuns modern technology and even refuses to use cellphones which is why he was talking to Kirei through that phonograph like thing earlier in the show. Given that, he's a lot like the Amish with his refusal to use modern tech. Though there probably was some magical way he could of prevented it he didn't...

You said you didn't understand why a Magus family could only pass their knowledge down to one child. The reason is because they need to pass down their family's magic through a magic crest. A magic family's crest grows and becomes more powerful over time. This is why Keyneth was absolutely correct and Waver's thesis was considered radical earlier in the show. Only one child can inherit this magic crest so the other children of a Magus would join "the rabble" as Tokiomi put it.

And if you want the Blu-Rays with the uncut scenes I would suggest UTW ( Their subs are really, really good and you can download the episodes by irc, ddl, or torrent.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Gatx375 that flying ship is one of his treasure, so to me, it is not surprising, except I did not expected it could really look like that.
Gil refuses to use his most powerful treasure, Ea, because it will be a pain to wash off the slime. It is like wash off chocolate sirup-stained clothes in the old fashion way (washer board). Oh that painful memory! It will not come off no matter how you scrub it.
The new OP and ED is lovely. I already got the full version of the OP. Kalafina and Yuki Kajiuradid an awesome job on this! The ED is really heart warming and -breaking at same time, it has all the death flags on it.
Also, yes, indeed, according to Zyl, the 1st season Blu-Ray box set is USD 498.98

Christina said...

Gatx375- The flying contraption was amazing. Like I don't know what I thought they were sitting in during the tongue lashing Tokiomi received but when it was revealed to be...that I was X___X I guess I didn't expect Archer to have such a weapon.

Tokiomi is still an ass. But now I better understand the situation with the magic crest and no birth control. I guess pulling out is beneath him or something. Although I still think the wife should have snuck birth control or something, just to protect the other potential child. Being a normal human is just so sad.

I must check out these subs of uncut scenes. Because one can only handle so many pillars. XD

Anonymous- Must be some crazy treasure of the future. I guess I keep forgetting that part, that Servants from the Grail don't operate on the same time table as us humans. It was still surprising though.

Poor Archer. :( All that slime would take ages to wash off. And if he is not a gardener he is certainly not running a maid service. XD

$500. I just don't know how anime fans in Japan do it. X__X Putting aside the joke they all live with mommy and daddy still how do they support all the other series that come out in the same time frame? Guess a series either makes you a butt load of cash or nothing at all.

Eternia said...

USD $500 is my two months total income. That's really insane! And here I thought watching movie at the cinema is expensive.
Talking about uncut scenes, I heard there is actually a brief scene showing Lancer refused to take Sola to pay visit to Caster's monster, and leaving her alone on rooftop. Oh, there's no point to download another 300MB+ just to see something I already know.

Christina said...

Eternia- That price tag is so ridiculous. Of course going to see the movies in Japan is like 1,800 yen (but usually anime movies come with cool small extras and food is usually cheaper). Still the price on their entertainment is too rich for my blood. No wonder anime otaku have such a bad rap in Japan. That really does seem like such a waste of money. The series IS good yes it is. But for 13 episodes $500 better get me an art book, signed autographs from all the voice actors, all the mini nendoroids, and a protective case that can survive a nuclear bombing.

I think in the other episodes though there are uncut scenes of the dead kids and stuff. Since I am morbid I wanted to check those out. Since most of the conversations with Ryuu and Caster consisted of the viewers seeing beautiful pillars and all. But yeah downloading a whole episode to see Lancer leave Sola on the roof is not worth it. Wonder why it was cut anyway.