Friday, April 13, 2012

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead episode 2

if you could see my face it would be the face of someone who is so tired. So very tired indeed. Have I mentioned that I hate Fridays? :( And I don't even think it was that busy. Just I was at work forever. So sleepy.

Also it is hard to type when you sliced your thumb open at work. So lets get on with this post okay?


Do not be deceived by this picture. XD Poor Ayumu.

Up now...Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead again? XD Okay on to episode 2 and the chaos that is Ayumu's life.


This should be Ayumu's permanent look.

Episode Summary: Haruna is looking over her sad broken chain saw and how it is all Ayumu’s fault. Eucliwood asks where Ayumu is and Haruna could care less. Ayumu is actually talking to a police officer over his naked squid battle. Sera hunts down Ayumu has he takes his walk of shame home and basically makes the situation worse. Sara watches in the crowd, wanting Ayumu’s butt. Ayumu finally returns home only to see Haruna and Eucliwood looking at youtube videos of Ayumu’s cross dressing ways. Since Ayumu is already dead he can’t kill himself. He decides to go to school, ready to accept all the glares and hatred that is coming him way. But instead…he finds most of the student body in love with him and his…outfit on magazine covers. Ayumu can’t take this…positive attention and runs off. This time he actually finds Ms. Fairy. She is drunk again and Ayumu basically gives himself a pep talk but credits Ms. Fairy instead. Ayumu comes across Yuki who is adorable and sweet. She wants to take Ayumu to see the stars, so he can get away from the crazy. When Ayumu arrives home to his harem of crazy girls he decides he does need to get away. Only to Yuki’s horror Ayumu shows up to the mountain (where one has to go to see stars obviously) he arrives with all the other girls. Yuki promises to make do but it is hard with Haruna and her sandal wearing self being special.


I agree with you sane girl.

When Haruna runs off to potty Sera and Eucliwood tease Yuki about liking Ayumu. Embarrassed Yuki runs off to find Haruna. Yuki joins her in the search and thanks her for planning this trip for him. Yuki gets more embarrassed when she tries to take it a step further and call Ayumu by his given name. Before the moment gets too special Haruna runs up with bees chasing her. She uses Ayumu as a meat shield and he is taken over BUZZZ! After the bees kill him a bear comes and attacks him. Haruna turns out to be a bear whisperer so it ends okay. Well until Ayumu accidental pulls Sera’s pants down. Yuki gets jealous that the girls seem to be so close to Ayumu. Everyone says they only came to have fun with Yuki and not to worry. They eventually make it to the top and see the beautiful stars. Ayumu now believes in his future and he will be okay. Only when he arrives back to school he is still a celebrity. Orito continues to avoid him so Ayumu has to confront him. Orito basically says it is too much for him to accept right now and give him time. As Ayumu is sadden over that news Sara comes around and tells Ayumu he is her shit face darling and he better like it or else. Elsewhere Ariel is trying to bring Kyoko in. This is not going well apparently. Yay for fanservice shots! THE END!


The scariest thing to happen to Ayumu....was to gain another crazy girl. XD

Ah that Ayumu. Just when I thought his life was over…he has a nice evening with 4 hot chicks in the woods. Well I guess the 5th chick was being a little insane but sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. And for Ayumu…there wasn’t that much bad in this episode.

I was expecting Ayumu to go to school and be ostracized. Or maybe not be allowed in school at all. Glares and people whispering about him. Ayumu walking the halls alone and with his sad pathetic face. You know the basic premise of the show.


Such a supportive home life.

There was a tiny bit of that. Ayumu was “talked” to by the police. I am not sure what the conversation entailed…as there was a giant squid monster trying to destroy the school. But since no one seems to talk about THAT part of the day I am assuming Ayumu was yelled at before being naked. And before being naked he was cross dressing. So that part probably wasn’t that much fun. Oh and the fact that Ayumu came home to his house to see Haruna and Eucliwood looking up pictures and videos of his embarrassing moment…that happened hour before. And Haruna was there. So really it was just rubbing so much salt in the wound.


Clearly everyone is insane.

But then Ayumu gets to school….and his life sucks in a different way. Everyone besides Kanami and Orito think that Ayumu is AMAZING! That he is the biggest thing in fashion and that his cross dressing ways are the IN thing. No mention of the squid monster that could have destroyed them all but psht those are silly details. Ayumu is on the cover of a magazine. Well maybe not HIM but a hot model dressed like him. Kanami mentions that everyone is insane…and I would have to agree with her. While we the viewers know the truth everyone in that school should be X__X when it comes to Ayumu. I guess I just don’t understand Japanese fashion. Or why no one saw the squid monster.


Why don't they hate me?!

So while Ayumu was ready for a crazy amount of attention…this was not the kind of attention he was expecting. And he has to run off with tears in his eyes because where would the fun be if Ayumu didn’t cry? Maybe he had the right idea as he spent the rest of his breaks that day signing the longest autographs ever. X__X


What great advice I just gave myself.

Ayumu runs in Fairy Girl again. And instead of asking how she is doing with her squid meal and alcohol…or ask who the heck she is Ayumu instead pours his heart out to her. I am thinking that Ayumu won’t ask what is up with the Fairy Girl and the other ladies will try to hunt down the Fairy Girl out of “curiosity” only to come up short. Then near the end Ayumu will get suspicious and it will be revealed that Fairy Girl is the main baddie all along!


Such a cute drunk.

But for now Fairy Girl is just eye candy. Very, very drunk eye candy. Most of what she says makes no sense and on some level Ayumu knows that too. I think anyway. Ayumu just counsels himself and thanks Fairy Girl for all her help. Probably what happens in real life too.


It is hard to protect Yuki from the crazy if it comes along with him.

Yuki, the accidental wife, had already decided to rescue Ayumu from what she thought was going to be harassment. But quickly that plan changes to oh lets see the stars and get away from all this chaos. Which still applies. Even if that means that Ayumu would have to climb a mountain every day for the rest of his life because he is never free from chaos. The idea was nice right? Well until Sera, Eucliwood, and Haruna decides to tag along. Not the romantic evening Yuki had planned.

Overall Eucliwood has not done much in these past few episodes. Held up a few notes, nodded at the screen of naked Ayumu pictures, and followed along during the camping trip. She needs to step up as the “main girl”. She is just fading into the background when she is supposed to be the most interesting character.


Although I like this insult.

Haruna is just annoying. We get it, she doesn’t know she likes Ayumu. And she is the stupidest genius to ever exist. Seriously taking sandals at a trip up the mountain. I would have left her behind. Really if I was Yuki I would have left them all behind. But Haruna would have been the first one. Trying to get everyone killed with bees and bears.


Aw everyone loves everyone! The stars are magical.

But in the end it was a big hug it out moment. Yuki can’t be jealous of all these girls. Because said girls are going to bring up being jealous to her face. And all confess they came along to just have fun with her, Yuki. Because this is really Yuki’s harem, no one cares about Ayumu. Or they are all lying. But it is nice to know they are all just oblivious of Yuki’s feelings and just wanted to hang out with her.


Yes how does this all affect you.....

Despite Ayumu’s uplifting experience on top of the mountain (um no) he comes back and things are still weird. Especially Orito. He might have been annoyingly weird though. We get it, your friend is a freak. But you need to avoid him…or support him. Acting like this is affecting you worse than Ayumu is special. Thank you for being such a strong pillar in Ayumu’s many hours of need.


Everyone is focused on Ariel right?

The episode ends with Ariel (Ms. Magical Girl Teacher) doing something with Kyoko. Isn’t Kyoko down to her last life? In any event I didn’t think we were going to see Kyoko is this season but HAHA that opening song guess we are. I thought Ariel was going to send Kyoko on to jail or do some rehabilitation since Kyoko was under influence of crazy. But nope still looks like we got one of the same baddies.

Poor Ayumu. Doesn’t look like his life is going to get any easier. He hasn’t gained a new super power yet but he has a new member of his harem. In his case that might be worse. Rest in peace zombie prince.


Anonymous said...

“I love you,my Darling piece of Sh*t”
“You finally understood my feelings”


“People of the world, see how wonderful my darling is!”

Oh Sarasvati, your a goddess of harsh love. I could not stop laughing XDDDDDD
For some reason, I think she’s in love w/ his butt and nothing more……

“Looks like your @ss made it big time!” –Haruna. XDDDDD
Poor Ayumu…..

Eternia said...

I can't help but think that the twin-tailed white hair sensei is actually evil? I don't know for sure, but she sure seems so, sometimes.
BTW, the insert song is pretty good, other than the ending song. I wonder if I can get my hand on them soon~

Anonymous said...

I don’t think she’s an antagonist due to the OP, nevertheless, Dai-sensei is POWERFUL. Also judging on how she is treating Kyoko, it is hinted at her possessing a capacity for cruelty that match her power level. Right now I am still on her side (the good guy), but I won’t fault Kyoko for not wanting to get caught.

Christina said...

Anonymous- I love how in this series it is the girls that are the potty mouths, not the men. XD Ah what a crazy little anime this is. I guess that is what makes this show "different" that it is playing up the same anime tropes but in different and new ways. Such a foul mouth lovely (lovelies) Ayumu has.

Eternia- I am thinking that too. Well as "evil" as someone can be in this show. Everyone just seems to be very misunderstood. Maybe she isn't evil but.....having to do harsh things for a good reason. Kyoko was running around killing people, I won't be treating her too nicely either. XD

But I am also thinking Ms. Fairy might turn out to be the baddie and Sensei will get the baddie rap until it is revealed she was just trying to help. Again it is hard to tell who is bad and who is just a jerk to Ayumu. XD

Anonymous- It might also just be playing up everyone going against the norm card. Instead of a helpful and soft spoken teacher we have one that...sorta tortures murderers. XD