Monday, April 30, 2012

Accel World episode 4

Today has been a trying day. I wanted to have tons of things blogged and posted but apparently I had a lot of emotions that needed to explode all over the place. So many emotions. A bright ray of sunshine that is going to fry your brain and boil your insides yay!....So as you can see I have not been in the best of moods today. Bleh everything I type I erase. Just sorry for the wait on blog posts. Silly real life.
We knew this line was coming...but at least it made sense in context. Read on to find out!
SO ANYWAY onto anime! What was I blogging again? OH YES! Accel World episode 4! Ah yes. Spoilers for things going horribly wrong and into crazy directions. X__X
Episode Summary: Haruyuki continues to search Chiyuri’s computer while she lays there…and doesn’t notice. Haruyuki eventually shuts it down so he won’t be discovered. Chiyuri decides to give Haruyuki permission to date Kuroyuki if that can help make him a better person. That night Haruyuki has a totally awful nightmare where Chiyuri and Kuroyuki try to have sex with him. SO AWFUL! Haruyuki meets up with Kuroyuki on the way to school. Kuroyuki apologizes for her attack on Chiyuri and Haruyuki apologizes for existing. Kuroyuki thinks it was stupid for her to suggest direct linking with Chiyuri but Haruyuki is like but I did do it? And he goes into great detail on how this direct linking took place. So Haruyuki stomps off very pissed. Haruyuki gets confused but is then randomly attacked by two girls in the newspaper club. They want to know all about his relationship with Kuroyuki. He is like we have on relationship and she is always yelling at him. The girls decide there is no real story here but suggest that Kuroyuki actually likes Haruyuki. This upsets Haruyuki as he takes his moment in the bathroom again. After school Haruyuki tries to walk by Kuroyuki but she smiles and suggest they direct link. She magically only has a short cable now so they will just have to make do. So sad! So Kuroyuki wants to know what Haruyuki found out. He explains how it isn’t Chiyuri and someone is using her. Haruyuki and Kuroyuki then take turns being suspicious of each other and accusing the other of things.
Hi we are here to pry into your life. Any comment?
Haruyuki eventually says that Kuroyuki can use him in any way she sees fits because he is less than nothing and blah blah. Kuroyuki gets upset and slaps him, alarming the crowd. Before Kuroyuki can run away upset a car busts through the intersection and goes to hit Kuroyuki and Haruyuki. They Burst Link before impact and Haruyuki’s bully is the driver. Kuroyuki explains to Haruyuki in many words how level 9’s can do something awesome. They can use 99 percent of their points to actually move their real bodies in the Brain Burst program. She plans to move her body and push Haruyuki out of the way. This will put her in a direct path of the car and will probably die. Haruyuki begs her not do so but she explains she loves Kuroyuki (X___X) and wants him to become level 10 and figure out this entire Brain Burst program. Haruyuki is obviously confused and upset. Kuroyuki uses her 99 points to push Haruyuki out of the way and is hit by the car. She is rushed to the hospital and put in some super hi-tech pod. A nurse takes care of Haruyuki as he wants to remain at the hospital as long as possible. The nurse also tells him that Kuroyuki has been hooked up to the Global Network so they can monitor her. Haruyuki realizes that she is now online and her stalker will come for her. He stays up all night to guard the entrance and challenger the stalker first to protect Kuroyuki who has barely any points left. The stalker eventually comes and Haruyuki is horrified to see it is Takumu. Haruyuki challenges Takumu first and then THE END! X___X 

Oh….I see. I saw last night actually but my brain needed to process this oh. And maybe I was being lazy. Probably moreso the lazy part.

But yes. A major scene has me rethinking a lot about this show and it is only episode 4. X__X There are 24 episodes for this series, not 12. Such a big WTF moment/confession usually happens later in the series. Yes I know some series, even some recent ones like Mirai Nikki, have had big WTF moments early on but this just feels different. Hopefully I can explain this better as the post goes along. But yes this twist has me X__X. It is weird, having such high hopes for a series that has barely started and being disappointed when things are going off the typical anime path.
So much creepiness.
First things first though. This whole direct link/interneting in the air thing…is weird. And maybe scary as this COULD happen one day. It could be the norm. And I can’t even fix the stupid spacing in my blog. XD How the heck will I deal with this? But putting aside how weird and new this is all to me….I think what I find @___@ is how Haruyuki was just clicking away (in the air) and Chiyuri noticed nothing. Like here he is, trying to pretend to have a heart to heart conversation and his hands are flying all over the place. Shouldn’t it be obvious to Chiyuri what the heck is going on? Like hello pay attention to me this was your idea. It looks weird and obvious, is Chiyuri dense? Is this supposed to show us that Chiyuri is sweet, innocent, and oblivious? Because it is working. 

Oh and the whole direct link is creepy. XD I mean maybe typing in the air and pulling up websites anywhere and everywhere would be pretty cool but then everyone can see what you were doing? I guess that is why direct linking is such a big deal. Because it exposes you, like a private diary and what not. So maybe Chiyuri agreeing to do this really signifies how important Haruyuki is to her, how she wants to move past this. Or that she really likes him deep down. And of course this explains why everyone is gossiping about Haruyuki and Kuroyuki.
So I can stop dreaming of you....
In any event, Chiyuri has given her blessing for Haruyuki and Kuroyuki to date. Because as the long time friend her permission is needed. I am not sure if this is all genuine or Chiyuri pretending to be happy for Haruyuki. Maybe if Haruyuki was off the market it would be less of a temptation, she couldn’t fall back on him? Maybe. And Haruyuki manages to apologize for things that aren’t his fault and spy on Chiyuri. An overall successful day of laying on your best friend on her bed YAY!
Cord lengths are very important. SUPER SERIOUS BUSINESS!
You know that tough girl named Kuroyuki? Allowed herself to get punched, went up against all the other Kings, and planned this elaborate scheme to get to level 10 by using Haruyuki? Well apparently she has been kidnapped and been replaced by her twin sister JealousYuki. Like wtf was this? I haven’t seen a bigger character change since the show that was Guilty Crown and Ms Insane Arisa. Granted I am a girl and can relate to sudden mood changes….especially when clueless boys are involved. But Kuroyuki has been hiding out for 2 years waiting for a chance to return to Brain Burst. Maybe she has been watching Haruyuki for some time now but I doubt it has been forever. In any event maybe she should suck it up and listen to Haruyuki give his mission report instead of turning into the green eyed monster. ON HER BED FOLKS! Measure the cord.
See? Helpful meddling.
I also smile when I see anime scenes with “new reporters”. Mainly because the “newspaper” at our high school was special. Thus the quotes. None of this who is dating who crap, who is wearing what, and crazy rumors. More like lets interview a teacher and talk about boring stuff. Not that much truth comes from these crazy anime news reporters. Although they do have magical photographers that seem to be lurking everywhere. So while all of that is special I thought it was nice that one girl was on Haruyuki’s side and tried to give him some good advice.
Oh yes....the dream scene....
Kuroyuki woke up and relieved her crazy twin rather fast. And I was like oh okay maybe she can explain this away, Haruyuki can pretend it didn’t happen, and the series can progress down its we like each other but will say nothing mode. All the fakes smile would hide what they are really feeling inside and it will be cute/painful to watch them misunderstand each other and grow as people.
This was a serious conversation.....and yet I couldn't help smiling at the sign in the background....
Or we could have Haruyuki kick it up a notch and bring all his emo cards to the table. Like BAM I am worse than pond scum and deserve to die. Maybe it wasn’t that dramatic but my lord. I understand Haruyuki has been through a lot. Probably been bullied his whole life. And maybe he sees helping Kuroyuki as the only worthwhile thing he has going for him. Even if it demeans him and he thinks of himself as a dog. Him going on and on about how is nothing and Kuroyuki is everything just made me sad…and set the scene up for WTFness.
The car turned out all have JealousKuroyuki instead.
I am not really going to comment on the stupidity of trying to kill someone because they got you kicked out of school. Just going to chalk that up to teenagers making poor decisions and what the hell I couldn’t even see inside the car. So the method of danger doesn’t really matter. That is actually the okay part with me. Forces Haruyuki into protection mode a lot faster than I thought but that was okay.

What is not okay is Kuroyuki going I love you Haruyuki and I am so glad we met and BLAH BLAH! Like wtf is this?! Oh yes EPISODE 4! I….where did this come from? Again I don’t think Kuroyuki has been following Haruyuki for THAT long. But she is in love with him because he played one online game great. And is willing to die for him so he can achieve level 9 status without her and discover what Brain Burster really is.
Just push him out of the way and explain nothing!
Does ANY of that make sense? It took Kuroyuki years to get that far in the program. She spent the last two of them living in fear. Haruyuki lost his first battle and lucked out in the 2nd. He has MUCH to learn. And yet he is going to just go OH okay battling all the level 9’s now. Going to do this for a girl I have known for minutes.
:( Less talking would have made this more powerful. Have Haruyuki fight to bring you back and then say these things.
And really this was Kuroyuki’s plan all along? To make Haruyuki level 9/10? I doubt it because Haruyuki would have to beat Kuroyuki. So all that crap was…well crap. The entire situation would have been better had she said nothing. Or explained how she as a level 9 could do something that could save him and cost her 99 percent of her points. Tell Haruyuki she was sorry that she involved him in her problem and BAM the car hits her.
TOO SOON! Where are my misunderstandings and long drawn series of jealous feelings?!
See how much better this goes? Haruyuki feels guilty, especially after all the STUPID STUPID STUPID stuff and resolves to help Kuroyuki. He will continue with the Brain Burster program if she doesn’t make it or will help her with a more determined spirit if she does. No love confession was needed yet it would be obvious that each does love the other and now it is so sad they couldn’t express their feelings before. See?! See how much better this is?! No instead we get a love confession 5 seconds after they meet, way too soon in my mind. TOO SOON!
Where the heck were her parents?!
But Kuroyuki isn’t dead. We haven’t totally been trolled yet. I would comment on how cute Haruyuki looked wearing the blanket but given the situation maybe that would be too much. But I did like how cool the hospital technology looked. Well obviously it needs to be cool to match up with walking floating computers but still.
Haruyuki has a lot going for him, hopefully he gains more self-esteem as the series progresses.
Haruyuki seems like a fast learner and a bright person. So while he could have been crying over Kuroyuki being in the hospital he put on his game face and was ready to protect her. Of course even if Kuroyuki lives she can’t Accelerate again right? Everyone has 100 points and now she only has one right? But I guess that is better than being dead. Maybe Haruyuki can win her some points due to magical rule changes.
XO What an evil little smile!
And in a magical turn of events Takumu turns out to be Kuroyuki’s stalker. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Now it makes sense, that someone who direct links with Chiyuri would probably be the stalker. But I guess I thought he was way too happy go lucky. Boy him and his evil smirk had me fooled. I wonder if he will be reformed later. Like sorry Haruyuki I was just trying to protect people I looooooove! 

In any event…maybe this will get posted this week! XD Such a lazy Tenchi. But yes….Kuroyuki’s confession really threw me off and I am not sure why. X__X I guess I am worried it will ruin the rest of the series somehow? I don’t know, I guess I never got around to explaining this well. XD


Eternia said...

It was a love at first love, Christina.
I have to point out that the trigger of this first love is not his human form, but the pig, because she saw him play games wonderfully. The one she kissed on this episode is also the pig. I am pretty sure they won't ever kiss in human form. Don't you underestimate the charm of the pig. LOL.

Anonymous said...

>I don’t think Kuroyuki has been following Haruyuki for THAT long..

Reply: I think you will be VERY surprised at how LONG had Kuroyuki been "following" him.....

I knew Taku was fishy from when he got angry about his kendo matches: I bet he burst links and gains superhuman speed. So he wins easy by cheating…..
Can’t wait for the next ep!!!

Christina said...

Eternia- X__X I hadn't thought about the whole kissing the pig and Mr. Piggy is what she saw first. Kuroyuki is a weird one isn't she?

Anonymous- X__X So Kuroyuki is a stalker? A scary long term stalker? I guess the longest she could have stalked him was two years? Since her hiding from Accel World began?

Looking back Takumu did appear way too perfect. That smile was just way too wicked to be a one time deal.

Dew Drop said...

Lv1 burst linkers start the game with 100 points, but no one stays at 100 points for every level. You spend points to burst out, to level up, or if you lose battles, and gain points if you win against someone.
The "physical full burst" Kuroyuki used to push Haruyuki away from the car costed her 99% of her points, but that doesn't mean she had 100 points before. If she had, then yes, she'd end up with only 1 point remaining... But she passed years battling as a Burst Linker and is a Lv9 player, and it was never stated how close she was from reaching Lv10 before she went into hiding. Spending 99% of her points would surely make a dent in her burst points no matter how many she's got left, but nonetheless, given how things played in this episode, it can be assumed she at least kept points enough to have another couple battles (because if she used her last point up into a burst link when someone else challenges her while she's unconscious then her points would be zeroed and her burst link would uninstall before she even fought, leaving Cyan Pyle to also fight no one and gain nothing in the process).