Monday, April 9, 2012

Mirai Nikki episode 25

Hello there lovely people of Earth. Today I had a trying day with my car. Really electronics in general hate me. The internet will go out, the TV will stop working, or the washing machine will refuse to work. Then my husband comes home and magically everything turns back on again. Today it just happened to be with my car alarm. Apparently when I put batteries in the clicker everything ceases to work. My husband comes home and magically it is all better. Making me once again look like a moron.

I would say I HATE YOU TECHNOLOGY…but I spend way too much time on the internet. Instead I will give it the stink eye and carry on until the next time something breaks down.


An epic showdown and everyone looks a hot mess!

As the internet stopped working last night…today the husband used the laptop and it magically works. So that means it is time to blog Mirai Nikki episode 25. Can you believe the ride is almost over? Spoilers for Yuno…pretending to have a sane side.


Oh Yuno....Yuno...always so crazy.

Episode Summary: Yuno and her insane self thinks she is like a half moon, with a bright half and a dark half. More like a crazy side and a crazier side but lets not split hairs here. MurMur is like psht I hate 9th but lets go kill Yuki right now. Yuno seems conflicted on what to do. Nonsense those feelings of hers. She already got Yuki’s penis. Time to kill him and move on to 3rd Yuki’s penis. But before that can happen the ambulance that Yuki called arrives…with Daddy Yuno. It appears he really doesn’t take part (yet?) in the abuse of the Yunos and is genuinely concerned about his daughter. He realizes that Yuno is taller than she is supposed to be so she stabs him in the gut. MurMur gets pisses because she is moving the Space Time Continuum with her random stabbings. I am going to let everyone digest that thought for one second……Okay Minene has her hands full with unconscious the 3rd Yuno and stupid Yuki. She eventually drops them off on top of Yuki’s school. Yuki has decided he is going to save everyone. Minene wishes him luck and flies off knowing he will fail. In the world’s ugliest outfit. Yuki hides 3rd Yuno in a classroom before he gets too sentimental. Good thing as Yuno and MurMur have shown up. They are now tag teaming Yuki with hand held weapons and that random sphere thing MurMur is flying on. Minene has called Keigo (4th) and warned him about his son’s health condition. Despite the fact that MurMur has amazing power Yuki manages to survive as the rest of the school is blown into pieces. Yuno starts (HAHAHHA!) having a mental breakdown at the thought of hurting Yuki. Yuki eventually reaches the “top” of the building where Yuno and MurMur are waiting. Yuki tries talking some sense into Yuno, to leave 3rd Yuki alone. MurMur response by throwing her sphere thing at her. Yuki dodges it, as he has seen he will die with Yuno’s knife. He plans on avoiding Yuno’s stabbing range but surprise she throws the knife instead. Yuno misses though as Yuki says he is doing this for Yuno because he loves her.


Maybe 3rd world will be a better place just because Yuno/MurMur blew up a school. Yay schools!

MurMur gets ready to attack again when Minene flies out of nowhere to stomp out MurMur. They battle in the air for a while with poor quality animation plaguing their every movement. Yuki tries to get Yuno’s phone but she starts cackling that her feelings are in the phone and she actually cares for Yuki. The sphere nearly takes Yuki out again. While all this fighting is going on news of the city being under attack reaches far and wide, affecting each “potential” Diary User in some way. Yuno has trapped Yuki in the sphere, turning into in a paradise for him. She can’t bear to kill him so she will leave him in there and start over with 3rd Yuki. Yuki tries to tell Yuno to go back to the 2nd world but she refuses. She also says she would have fallen in love with anyone would supported her and he would have fallen in love with anyone who protected him AKA they are not really in love. Then the girl that Yuki originally had a crush on appears out of nowhere and attempts to rape Yuki. YAY DREAM WORLDS! Minene appears having defeated MurMur. Yuno is like why were you even helping Yuki? Minene says something to the affect to because. Yuno is like….okay and lets MurMur out of her restraints. MurMur gets all demon face and goes to town on Minene. During this fierce battle Yuki is going about his perfect world in the sphere. It is unclear if he even remembers Yuno but he cries at the “dream” he has had about the Future Diary games. MurMur wins the battle and chews on Minene’s arm. It is unclear if Minene is really dead this time but Yuno throws her away anyway. Yuno looks down at 3rd Yuno…and it cuts to some stupid scene with MurMur and Yuno’s Dad talking about Yuno’s breasts. THE END!


Why do you hesitate oh great Diary User slayer?

Well things are getting wrapped rather nicely aren’t they? And by nicely I mean X___X chaos in the streets and how many more “worlds” are going to be messed up because of Yuno. XD


All the different Yunos EVER!

I am still feeling weird about calling them worlds. I mean I guess technically they are “different” timelines thus maybe different worlds. Just I can’t wrap my mind around how all the characters are insisting this is not their world. It is technically their world a few months in the past. Well I guess this jump it was more like a year jump? I get confused. Still it is still essentially the same world as no major changes have happened YET so to get bent out of shape about everything is weird.


You say that but then you come and rescue him. :( Silly Minene, the terrorist with the heart of gold.

Moving on to more important issues…I do not think this is going to end with Minene winning the game. I think that the “spoilery” opening credits existed because of her gaining Deus’ power later in the game. Not that she is necessarily dead. She has come back from the grave before. Just I don’t know if she even wants to be god at this point. That and no one seems to be COUNTING on her to be god. Yuki himself was like I’ll get Yuno to go back to the 2nd world and I’ll kill myself. Like um Minene is still in the game.


And then...what about Minene?

Which makes me kinda sad. Minene started off the most deranged Diary User yet now she seems the most….level headed? Almost enough to make me forget she did destroy half a high school and probably killed hundreds of innocent students to get to Yuki and Yuno. Typically people don’t cheer for bombers. But as the series has gone on Minene has been able to show different sides of her personality (well mainly because all the other Diary Users got an arc and then died). It just feels like Minene has been playing this game well despite being at a disadvantage and losing limbs left and right. So people counting Minene out despite being an important part of this game…shame on yous! She could have been a god.


Minene saves the world in many different outfits. But her potato sack look is not her best one.

However we do not know how many phone calls Minene made before going back to save Yuki and his stupid self. We saw her calling Keigo. We know they had a special….bond so to speak so it makes sense her doing that. But maybe Minene was so quick to go to battle as she took care of other things in this world. As in contacting 3rd Minene and telling her NOT to get involved in the Game. Things might have already changed because of the fire. Tsubaki’s family will not be killed thus she will not be tortured and maybe that will stop her and Reisuke from being Future Diaries. So maybe Minene is actually saving more people than Yuki could ever hope to. XD


Yep. That is MurMur.

Moving on I see some people upset that MurMur got all crazy and demon like. Even though she was a demon. I am not sure what the problem is. Well really maybe why Deus used MurMur anyway. Not a lot of takers being the second banana to the god of space and time? But putting that aside MurMur and her scary face didn’t really bother me. Yes Minene’s arm is really getting the short end of the stick but it MurMur has been a sneaky person this entire series. Lets make her dangerous too. Much better than her randomly throwing a sphere around. I do wish they would have shown signs of her….other personality though out the series instead of those stupid HAPPY HAPPY scenes at the end of all those episodes.


Just very beautiful indeed.

The battles between Minene and MurMur probably would have been more enjoyable had the animation been better. Normally I try not to nitpick about these things (hahaha…) but it seriously made things…well less serious. Maybe because Minene just magically came on the scene with these powers. Just way over the top. And the thought of MurMur doing hand to hand combat made no sense in my mind.


Good talking there Yuki. And really you didn't think Yuno would throw a knife? Are you dumb?

Yuki thinking he could talk some sense into Yuno…laughable. But maybe the joke is on me. XD It did seem to work when Yuno and her perfect aim missed Yuki. But again Yuki is so worried about the 2nd world. Craziness. And he thinks he can fix it all, save everyone. I don’t see how he can save everyone as 12 people will still have to be in this Game. 11 people are still going to have to die. But then I realize that Yuki is only talking about saving the important people to him. I think. Or maybe he just means the people who are still left in world 2 despite the giant holes. Now that I think about it I have no idea who everyone is.


Maybe they are the other Yuno's feelings? Your other moon side.

Yuno….oh Yuno. Just when I can’t think she can get anymore crazy she pulls something completely out of left field. Obvious field really. Like really she didn’t understand her feelings? Is she far removed from reality that she never thought she would fall in love AGAIN with Yuki and killing him would actually be hard? I guess in way it should make me feel bad for Yuno, that she is so pathetic she can’t even love properly. That she was so focused on getting Yuki she didn’t allow herself to feel and enjoy it. See I am having a hard time describing Yuno because she is that crazy. XD


I wonder what Yuno did the first time around to make Yuki believe in her, since she wasn't "cheating" her way through the game.

But something that really made sense, the most sense Yuno has ever made, was in regards to Yuki and Yuno’s love story. That it really is sham and that either one of them would have fallen for a different person if they met those certain qualities. I guess that could apply to any relationship. I mean if I went to a different high school I would have never meet my husband. But I would like to think that my husband is a unique person while Yuno was talking about falling in love with a specific quality that a number of people possess. If that makes any sense.


Yuki doesn't seem to get much. So just keep on thinking you are in love Yuki.

In any event it doesn’t seem that Yuki is buying that kind of thinking. Yuki is kinda special though. Like he shouldn’t have fallen in love with Yuno even though she could protect him. Not sure how he came back from the Pee Jar. My memories are haunted by that jar and I wasn’t the one kidnapped. So while I think MAYBE in a different setting two people thrown together in these circumstances might be able to one day love each other despite how they are using each other. However in Yuki’s case…no not seeing how he could ever put certain things out of his mind. Yuno is cute but I don’t think anyone should be the desperate. XD


Always be suspicious of happy family photos!

Oh and Yuno’s dad. Not the part after the episode obviously but the other part. When Daddy came rushing home at the thought of Yuno being in TRUE danger. It makes me think maybe he didn’t have a hand in all the abuse, that it really was the mother doing it all. But then again…he obviously knew about it and didn’t stop it. So that makes him pretty scummy in a different way. But at least Yuno got a hug right?


Was MurMur really being serious with that crazy land?

That sounds about it. Oh and MurMur being concerned that Yuno will destroy the space time continuum. HAHAHA that is so funny. So very funny. Only one episode left folks! Someone is going to die. Just it is up in the air who that person will be! SO much fun speculating though.


Anonymous said...

well well look indeed after all this yea wonder what will happen next?

yea yuno looking half moon goes red blood then back to regular now wonder to do.
give murmur now let go after both yuki & 9th with yuno bit confuse right now.
then ambulance arrive oh 3rd world yuno’s dad notice something different about yuno.
cue yuno stab 3rd’s world yuno’s dad & murmur don’t change history.
9th going you got be kidding cause yuki want save both yunos so drop them at school.
yuki carry 3rd yuno & hid her cue yuno & murmur attacks on yuki.
while 9th make call about a kid heart to “someone” notice the attack.
yuki dodge all murmur attacks & balloons bombs give got hit by debris.
yuno notice yuki got hurt & more confuse what to do.
yuki see yuno & murmur go charge give dodge the ball then knife but still ok give it was thrown.
yuki grab yuno & 9th battle with murmur all high flying fighting horn blasting etc.
yuno notice it all mine cue big ball drop on yuki with yuno all laughing.
meanwhile 3rd world cop Kurusu talking with a female about missing daughter.
then got a “call” about his son heart then hear news of boom grab a “rookie” to check.
oh random cameo of all other 3rd world dairy owners notice the booms.
yuki see his parents together, jacket, darts, birds, etc.
cause yuki is yuno’s ball of desire of all thing yuki want but no yuno & can’t say yuno.
yuno saying some things that bother her & love yuki but don’t want go back 2nd world.
cue there only can be one rule it all & etc saying.
oh it’s female who lookalike yuki’s mom who want to “do it” with yuki.
yuki panic cue yuno lock the ball of yuki of his desire so yuno can get 3rd yuki.
yuno & 9th have some saying 9th to charge & cue UNLEASH THE MURMUR.
yes a wild murmur appear got fully hulk smash on 9th.
meanwhile yuki being tempt by world of his desire mention a dream to his parents.
about survival game & a “strange girl” & a crying tear coming down.
9th all beaten up being hold by yuno with wild red eyes murmur then drop the 9th & now see her 3rd world version.

oh murmur extra
yea panic seeing about yuno & 3rd world yuno’s dad so murmur doing make yuno small but shrank yuno that strike one.
try again but strike two make a yuno a baby.
3rd time well let say make yuno get “flat” & cue murmur head smash wall strike-out.

indeed with all just happen how will all wrap-up?

Eternia said...

Seeing your screenshots makes me realize it once again just how crappy the art and animation of this anime.
If only they would hire the staffs who drew Guilty Crown.
Anyway, this series has taken a sharp turn, huh. From mind games and tricking competiton, into a battle between demi-gods and freaks. I wouldn't have high expectation for the ending. Just let it passes like the other crappy anime who has ended several weeks faster than Mirai Nikki.

Christina said...

Anonymous- The best part of the episode was when MurMur was telling Yuno not to mess with the space time continuum. Like oh okay.

It is hard to tell how this is going to wrap up now. Since Yuno stabbed 3rd Yuno's father that might put 3rd Yuno is even MORE danger from her parents. The only way Yuki can really protect 3rd Yuno is to never let her meet 3rd Yuki. But if her life is still going to end up bad with her parents maybe a mercy killing is in order.

Eternia- It is very hard to go from the amazing art of Fate/Zero or even that of Fail Crown to this....X__X Like did they run out of money or something?

I am predicting at least one Yuno and one Yuki will end up dead. Not sure which ones yet. :( But can Minene win please?

Anonymous said...

The art is bad?
Cmon, it's Geneon! What did you damn expect? They managed to butcher Higurashi's art for the first season too...

Christina said...

Anonymous- Sometimes this show reminded me of Sailor Moon. As in there was an A-team that did the art on Sailor Moon and there was a C-team. That the art was never consistent and it was really, really, REALLY obvious when other people were working on things. So sometimes Mirai Nikki looked decent and other times...yeah someone's kid came to work and finished certain scenes. XD