Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 2

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Beware the horrible storm!!!

So since I was in a super bad mood when I came home I decided to watch Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan instead of Fate/Zero. XD Why waste a good show on a grumpy Tenchi? Spoilers for bread AND a storm.

Okay I think I have figured out why there is a HUGE space at the end of the posts. Not sure how I can fix it but apparently putting spaces in between paragraphs and pictures is forcing the read more now button all the way down the page. Will inform the husband of it when he wakes up. :( Not liking this new format, the HTML is hurting my brain.

No they have a picnic in the woods. DUH!
Episode Summary: Airy and her vagina showing dress wakes up Rick way early in the morning. A storm is coming so they need to make extra bread extra early because. BECAUSE folks. For some reason Madera is over at the girls and Rick’s shop instead of hers. It is a super busy morning and the girls and Rick tell all their customers a huge storm is coming. This is news to everyone else as the dark clouds in the sky, the crazy water conditions, and the sign the guards place in town square are silly clues to a horrible storm. Psht clues. Airy and her Band-Aid dress go out to pass out free breads to everyone because money is for greedy people. The other sisters get worried when Airy is late coming home. They worry because a storm is coming so they send Rick after her. Airy was sitting on a bench with a lonely kid. Her mother apparently helps with the orchards and was busy making a clothesline to protect the apples. Mother of the year told her kid to wait outside while she got finished with work. So Airy sat there for a while and handed out free bread. Rick sits and hands out free bread until the mom returns. 

So bakeries are like the national guard? I see.

Rick and Airy return home and clean up for the day. They see the mother run by, probably to take care of the apples, and they all think the little girl has been left home alone. So Airy heads out into the storm to give the little girl a magical charm piece of bread to cheer her up. Then she leaves in the middle of the storm…leaves the girl all alone. Rick wants to go home to his boat but passes out on the couch. The girls talk LOUDLY about Rick and his amazing bread and what not. Then Airy tells the amazing story of the little girl and the neglectful mother. The next day the storm is over and the shop is full of customers thanking the crew about the warnings. But Rick and the girls know where the real thanks belong to. Enter Rick and the sisters going to the woods and handing the elf siblings some bread. It is a magical moment folks. Elsewhere there is an unconscious girl on the beach. THE END! 

Apples are more important than kids. Got it!

…..So….boring….must not pass out… 

I have many opinions on this sign. Many opinions.

Last week the word of the day (episode) was bread. This week bread was in second place. No no my friends this week the word was storm. Storm storm storm! Again I would count all the instances of the word of the week but then I would really pass out. I can’t been passed out and running a crazy blog that likes to delete posts and mess with all the spacings right? 

Did people really not know about the storm? REALLY?!

Now….I am not a scientist, an elf from the woods, or a weather blogger (WTF is that sci-fi?) but….yeah. There were dark clouds in the sky, choppy waves on the water, and harsh breezes on land. All signs of a storm. So why are Rick and the girls getting credit for Madera telling them what Alvin indirectly told them? The credit being that they helped so many people out by giving them a warning about the storm. LOOK IN THE SKY! A storm is coming! Did that mean people really need to be told that? Dear lord so much overdramaticness. 

Look at that horrible storm!!! 

Oh and this storm…psht. PSHT I say. It rained pretty bad where I was today. And yet I wouldn’t call my town’s weather that bad. Everyone was freaking out over a bit of heavy rain and some breeze. They were acting like it was nearly the end of the world so I was expecting something else. Something more. Something worth worrying over the safety of apples. But I guess in Happy Go Lucky Kingdom everything works out and even their storms are easy going. So much for people needing extra bread to get through the long days stuck at home. 

Money? We fund our life with smiles and thank yous! 

Which I would have appreciated. XD I mean I hate it when stores profit off of disasters and what not but come on. I thought these girls were going to be trying a little harder to sell extra bread. But I guess that is not what they had in mind. Despite one little joke about ONE girl liking money this group doesn’t seem to want to make any. Just lala oh you are a kid waiting for your mom because she is a neglectful stupid person? Here have THREE free pieces of bread. Thanks elves for the AWESOME warning have some free bread. FREE BREAD FOR EVERYONE! Because in Happy Go Lucky Kingdom everyone loves their job, gives people baskets of free food, and have enough to live off of because everyone is happy and smiling! Surely this economic system makes sense. 

And then she left the kid!!!! 

Airy (look I learned on of their names!)….is 389283 kinds of special. Is the game really like this, a PSA about how everyone should be nice and wonderful to everyone? Yes we get it, you are a fluffy bunny who loves everyone and doesn’t want to make a profit. But maybe next time a huge storm is coming wait with the girl inside her house? Ask her name? Call CPS on the neglectful mother? Yes honey a horrible storm is coming so wait outside for me! Oh and then Airy runs in the rain to give out MORE bread…and runs back home. I see I see. 

Um can I get some sleep here? I worked all day for your crazy girls and now I'm tired. Go talk about your boring stuff somewhere else. 

I think Rick has the worse luck ever. I bet he wishes he got washed up on shore somewhere else. His poor boat is stranded in Happy Go Lucky Kingdom (which no one steals or ransacks when he is at work) and he has to get up in the middle of the night to make bread for free to all the crazy citizens. Then when he is trying to sleep the girls cackle over him and talk loudly about stupid little girls. Like seriously what story did nearly naked Airy have to tell? I saw a girl, gave her bread, and then gave her more bread. SO EXCITING….maybe these people are bored too. 

People like to wash up in this Kingdom don't they? 

Is that all that happened? Really I think I typed 600 words too many for this show. Rick makes good bread, the sisters have super questionable outfits (well at least Airy), and the elves love bread and predicting the weather. Next week…a girl washes up on shore. Maybe she will make bread too.


Eternia said...

Nah. The girl will be given an unoccupied farm by the major of happy-go-lucky village. She will plant fruits here, chop woods, breed chickens, cows and sheep. And flirt with Rick during her day off.

Sorry. That's Harvest Moon for Girls.

Christina said...

Eternia- And she will receive all of these items for free because that is just how Happy Go Lucky Town works. Where the apples are protected by laundry and people need signs to tell them a storm is coming. Like REAL signs. XD

Gatx375 said...

I saw the first episode of this and decided I wasn't going to watch this series.

Christina said...

Gatx375- It is pretty horrible. Like saying maybe it was created for 5 years old might be insulting the 5 year olds. Well except for the vagina dresses the girls wear. XD

elior said...

from what i seen in the rpg game this girl in the end will bring the action and pirates to the show

Christina said...

elior- Well I am glad she is going to bring something. Hopefully not bread. Because dang....bread is nice and all but let's do something else!