Thursday, March 1, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 20: This is the battle that never ends!!!!!

Don’t you hate it when you bring in your weekly groceries and find out you forgot something? Like NOOOO now I have to wait an entire week before I can have that item. Or maybe people are not like me. XD I personally hate grocery shopping. Other shopping is (obviously) okay in my book but there is something about grocery shopping that makes me dread leaving the house. Stupid kids running in the aisles, shopping carts with wheels that don’t work, and the knowledge that I am spending 18 dollars on toilet paper instead of something amazing like nendoroids just makes me sad.

But if I had forgotten my beloved Code Red I would bite the bullet…and ask my husband to pick up some on the way home from work. XD


What does this even mean?

Something that is just as fun as grocery shopping…blogging Shakugan no Shana! I think I filed my nails too low while watching this show because my fingers hurt now. X___X So this post will be extra painful. XD Ah yes my full attention. Spoilers for episode 20 or part 123901284 of the longest battle ever.


Thanks for having my back bro!

Episode Summary: Wilhelmina spends the first 5 minutes of the episode feeling sorry for herself. Pheles has run off with her man and the Scooby Van and left her behind. Despite being in battle Wilhelmina spends precious time wondering why no one ever includes her in anything and how she has no friends. Poor cracked face mask. Margery flies up and says Wilhelmina needs to stop feeling bad for herself, that people are doing what they need to do in this war. Oh and SHANA does need and want your help. With renewed spirits Wilhelmina joins Margery and catches up to Shana. The Scooby Van is shown briefly driving through the streets. The driving is yelling at the way people are trying to protect him. YujiSnake is having a rough time functioning without all his powers. Now that the battle is three against two Sydonay is having to focus more and more on the girls to protect YujiSnake. Bel Peol has been summoned to the Machine o Bigness to see what damage our heroes have caused. When asked if she wants backup she says no, that her function in the Grand Order and is expendable now. The 4 (really 3) Gods of the Earth are shown being AMAZING. Or crying, either way.


Okay....he is a cutie even though he is on the Baddie team.

In the midst of all this battle the Baddie that is shown wandering around playing his little instrument is “captured” by the Flame Haze that Rebecca manhandled at the beginning of the series. His name is apparently Ernest. In any event Ernest has some business with this Baddie. He wants the Baddie to summon…something important for a certain reason. Maybe it was explained more but the names slowed me down. In any event everything was vague and the Baddie says no….until he freaks out over something in the Scooby Van. Cute little kid Baddie is sent to chase the Scooby Van. Granny Panties is apparently counting on the Baddie to do their bidding. Back to the main battle YujiSnake and Sydonay are doing their best against the ladies. Sydonay notes that there is more Yuji in YujiSnake than normal. Before Shana manages to “kill” YujiSnake he (they?) access Yuji’s unrestricted spell and lives. Shana then uses that magical spell the old dude gave the Flame Hazes and aims it at the Hecate spell of Fuzzy. YujiSnake and Sydonay try to stop her only it is too late. Has Shana turned the tide of the battle?! THE END!
WEEEEE wait wtf? No seriously wtf was going on with half the characters?


Oh lord more crying.

First off what the hell is wrong with Wilhelmina? Is she really having a crybaby attack in the middle of the longest battle ever? Maybe that was the problem, she has been battling so long she no longer takes it seriously. I know I’m not.


What are you going on and on about now?

But the way she was going on and on when she was in immediate danger (well had the baddie taken that perfect opportunity to attack) was just dramatic and crazy. Like boo hoo someone left you out of their plan. You don’t even know what the Pheles’ stupid plan is (well I don’t think anyone does but you know) and you are all WAIIIII no one likes me. I thought Wilhelmina was supposed to be the strong one, the one Shana looked to for advice. Maybe I am being too hard on her but damn. What the hell was going on with her? It is not like she has been EASY to track down. There was the massive battle at Casa de YujiSnake, the meeting at the Airport First Class Club, and THIS battle. At one point should Pheles asked Wilhelmina for help?


Why does this series look so blurry on my computer? Bad little Tenchi, this is my punishment.

And Margery. I am glad you woke up and had some amazing sex with a teenage boy. Really I am. But since you just got over your mental stability moment maybe you shouldn’t be all judgy judgy over Wilhelmina and her craziness. Supportive yes. Help a sister out. But to act like YOU have never had a crazy moment yourself…not a fan of that Ms. Book Rider.


This was a little surprising....

I do like that Bel Peol and Sydonay are willing to risk their lives and die for this plan. That means the Hecate’s death was not the only one that HAD to happen for this wish/Grand Order. Everyone is expendable. Now….it is less likely they will die and there are many more unimportant ugly faced Baddies but still. It is nice to know they also know they are expendable in the grand scheme of things. Hecate was not the only one willing to sacrifice herself. And that Bel Peol didn’t want anyone dying to protect her. I don’t know, I guess I respect them a little bit or something.


Can you please kill people a little gentler please?

The Scooby Van driving down the road didn’t get much action today. Or explanation I should say. Just that cute little kid Baddie seems to be tasked in stopping them. Not sure where they are going but that will be silly to know right?


You are so important to our mission it has been kept a HUGE secret, even from the audience.

Now I have no idea what Ernest was doing in this episode. Or that he had anything to do with this main plan. Like just BAM hi I am here trying to do something important. Only it might not be important. This random….THING because now I am unsure if he is a Baddie or not has been walking around singing about what is going on. A maestro if you would. But now it turns out that this Maestro is important? Where did that come from? On the flying dragon with the cute girl?


And then I fell asleep.

But putting aside if the Maestro is important or not…what the heck was Ernest trying to do? Sorry I guess I can’t move on from that. Maybe once I know what Maestro can do I will care more. For now it seems random and out of left field. Didn’t know Ernest was still in this battle. Maybe they should have hinted all along Maestro could summon something…important. And why would a baddie summon something that would stop YujiSnake? Yeah none of this is making sense.


:( Poor YujiSnake having to work and such.

YujiSnake not being so powerful this episode was weird. I get that he lost some of his powers due to the randomness that was last week but still. This is the spirit of the most powerful Baddie ever. Yes he is hanging out in the useless body of a special human but I thought he could be slightly cooler than this. I can see why some of the lower rank Baddies were having such a hard time following this guy. XD Poor YujiSnake. Losing all his cool powers.


Punching you in the face!!

But yay Shana! You were kicking some major butt. Me thinks she is holding back when it comes to fighting YujiSnake one on one but against his GRAND ORDER she is going all out. Yay for Shana kicking butt.

In conclusion….there will be no conclusion. XD The battle shall go on forever and ever. With therapy sessions in between the battles. So much fun!


Eternia said...

This season 3 is a failure of an anime. I am losing interest more and more. There are too many randomness that the animator doesn't bother to explain.

- The good guys are too many and way stronger, while the baddies are pathetically weak.
- The good guys are asshole and annoying, I love the baddies (especially Trinity) more.

Normally, in a battle anime, shouldn't it the other way around?
Just bleh!

Christina said...

Eternia- It makes me so sad that Season 3 is ending like this. The first one was pretty great and the second one was good. A bit too much on the slice of life school stuff but still good. But now it is like they have 487375375 ideas and such worth of seasons to add into only one season and instead of making anything make sense they give each plot 5 seconds of explanation.

Overall it has felt very weak. They either needed to focus on the way cool battles with the characters they already had or focus on the new plot points they brought up. Instead so much time was spent talking about YujiSnakes MAYBE plan and how Shana was misunderstanding him. Just le sigh. Too much of everything and not enough focus.