Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 24 FINAL EPISODE X___X

So….tired….must not pass out….

Watched this episode….3 days ago…trying to blog it…


Someone needs a nap too.

Spoilers for Shakugan no Shana Season Three episode 24. The spoilers being…WOOHOO it is over!


Oh hi. Didn't know you were still alive.

Episode Summary: After everyone is done being sad over dead Khamsin the jar in Kazumi’s hand actually turns into a baby. Kazumi then explains when she was in the dream with Pheles and Johan that this was the couple’s wish. That the way to live forever is to have a baby. Kazumi then hands Wilhelmina the baby and says ALL YOURS. Instead of freaking out Wilhelmina is shown being all touched at this lifelong commitment…I mean blessing. Rebecca shows up with the Castle in the Sky and it is full of Flame Hazes. They are all going to Xanadu to make sure the Denizens behave themselves and do not eat humans. Lamis the old dude appears out of nowhere, gives Yuji an important gift, and flies off to Xanadu himself. Anyone who has ever talked to Shana and Yuji during the series takes the time to say goodbye to Shana in a dramatic like way. Wilhelmina especially as she is going to leave Shana behind to give the Pheles and Johan baby a better life in CloneVille. Soon all that is left out of anyone important is Shana, Margery, Yuji, and Sydonay. Shana wants to know what Yuji wants to now. He starts mumbling something about Misaki City and he needs to bring back all the power o existence aka people that were destroyed by the Denizens. Something about Misaki City not being in Xanadu and he needs the torch of the girl Shana is impersonating. This all makes Shana mad. Super mad.


The most horrible thing EVER!

So Yuji decides to really piss Shana off by talking about how he is a horrible person and he did all of this to punish himself and blah blah. Margery and Sydonay fight with super powered up forms of themselves. Sydonay is eventually killed and reunited with Hecate, something he seems to have wanted all along. No one really cares when he dies. Shana and Yuji proceed to fight it out over issues that are hard to understand. Shana says shut up a lot so I guess that is all that matters. Finally Shana blasts Yuji pretty dang good. As she rescues him from going splat she is finally able to ask him what the hell he was thinking. Apparently Yuji just wanted to be cool enough to hang out with Shana. Oh and he wants to make humans and Denizens like and hang out with each other but the way he did it makes him look like a mass murderer. Shana says she loves him anyway and they share a kiss. They decide to go to Xanadu and make everyone be friends. Things are especially happy when they realize that Shana’s kiss has made Yuji something….real. Not a torch anymore woohoo! Everyone back on Only Human Earth seems happy…except for Kazumi who is like WTF you all left me losers! THE END!

It…is over. I have lasted the entire season. Of course my posts were getting more and more delayed as it pretty much forced to blog the last very episodes. And a lot of my posts have been negative….But I did it folks! Weee it is over. YAY FOR KISSES.

Of course according to many people on the internets it is just all my fault for not paying attention. Clearly people who did not enjoy this season were just not understanding what was going on. Something is wrong with all the people who did not like this season, especially if they liked seasons 1 and 2. Because this was clearly the better season, more true to the novels. I mean…it couldn’t be the fault of new/random characters thrown in our face without any explanation, two LONG dragged out battles, and the entire “war” almost being caused a lovers quarrel. No no folks apparently I was supposed to get things. In between long paragraphs of names/titles and fire blasts.


Psht kids don't need their parents. Leave them with random friends. Things will work out.

But since I didn’t enjoy things all that much and didn’t understand EVERYTHING…I will continue on with my “hater” post. So five seconds after Khamsin is laid to rest it is time for rejoicing. The jar Kazumi is carrying actually turns into a baby. Which is a good thing, it might be hard to raise a jar of sparkle dust. And I have to admit the kid is kinda cute (even if his name is a little unfortunate). So now Wilhelmina can stop crying right? She was sad that Pheles and Johan left her out of their super secret mission (AKA BABY MAKING) and she got rewarded with….raising a kid named Justus that isn’t hers. YAY! Best present ever. Note if anyone ever left me a baby like it was a great honor I would sell it on ebay. How much do babies go for these days?

So after Wilhelmina became a single momma…Rebecca and her non dead self (thanks for having Kazumi’s back) arrive with that Heavenly Palace floating in the sky….with tons of Flame Hazes. Silly me I thought 80 percent of them died in the Granny Panties battle! But I believe the number was around 1,200 Flame Hazes in that small piece of land. XO Good thing they all showed up after the battle was over.

So why are all these Flame Hazes there? Why to do go to Xanadu!!!! I don’t think I have said this before but Xanadu is an AWESOME word. Sometimes after the episodes air I randomly say Xanadu around the house. My cat thinks I am insane. It is just a fun, silly word to say. But yes folks. Our heroes have spent 3 seasons trying to kill the denizens and protect the world. So now that the Denizens are gone and the clone world’s humans are protected……all the Flame Hazes are going to go there with them.

Do you see my face? Of course you don’t. Imagine if you would the expression on your face if you saw a naked man running through a field of jello in your back yard. That probably sums up my face pretty well. A bit of WTF mixed in with are you serious and did that really just happen?


How about you leave them the hell alone?

I am not going to talk about Yuji and Shana’s reason for going to Xanadu. That I will go over later. I am talking about the Flame Hazes and what they said. They were going to keep an eye on the Denizens. …An eye on them? After about 15 AHA moments the rule of DO NOT EAT humans stuck. And it was going to be followed. IT WAS THE LAW OF THE WORLD! So what is with this following them deal? If I was the Denizens I would be like WTF haven’t you assholes killed us enough? We made a world TO GET AWAY FROM YOU and you follow us? That is just low. I would be pissed if I were the Denizens.


I'll miss you Shana. For 5 whole minutes.

Then came the dramatic goodbyes. All the boo hoos and I love you and we will never forget you. I actually did feel pretty bad for Shana and Wilhelmina…until the end of the episode. But in that moment I was like WTF why does the baby have to be raised there? It is part human part…creepy thing. So why does it automatically have to be raised in Xanadu? No reason but to separate Wilhelmina and Shana. That Wilhelmina has done all she can do and she has raised Shana well. It is time to let her little girl go and hope she can fly. All alone…for 5 minutes.


Time to bring out the big guns now that everyone is...gone.

So everyone is gone, the worlds are saved, and there is cute baby to cover up a few sad deaths. Everything should be great right? Wrong. It is time for Shana to fight Yuji. Margery has stayed behind to help Shana….or because she is banging a teenage human who probably can’t go to Xanadu. Sydonay has decided to stay with Yuki because he has grown fond of the silly little Torch. TIME TO FIGHT!


Guess I died. Bummer.

So what were they fighting for? For Sydonay he wasn’t exactly fighting. He was more making sure Shana and Yuji had their moment alone and Margery stood in the way of that. Sydonay was really trying to get himself killed so he could be with his Hecate. So while his ultimate form (where was that earlier?!) was interesting the battle was just bleh as I knew his heart wasn’t in it. Maybe Margery’s was but not his.


You could have been by my side this entire time stupid!

Shana was fighting because she was pissed off at Yuji for trying to taken on all the burden alone. That Yuji actually wanted Shana to kill him because otherwise he was going to spend forever without her as his own self inflicted punishment. I mean I would want to kick his ass if I was his almost maybe girlfriend. Like thanks for having all that faith in me. MAYBE if he had told Shana his plan she could have helped him and some lives could have been saved. But Shana was mostly mad because she is in love with Yuji so meh.


Things got weird here. But basically I think it was Shana misunderstanding Yuji's plan for Misaki.

Yuji is fighting for….I have no idea. I had a really hard time following what the heck was going on with the whole Misaki City crap. I really did. Something about the clone world was identical in every way but it didn’t have a Misaki City. Because Yuji wanted to bring back all the people who died because of the Denizens. Well more like got their existence taken away. So if a building got knocked over and fell on your head you stayed dead. But if you got your life sucked out you get to live YAY!


Why the hell is everyone trying to get the world they spent 2X episodes trying to destroy?!

But yeah I am not sure why it was so important to stress that the city was not in Clone World. Or why Shana was so pissed. Like if Yuji wanted to make the city AFTER he brought everyone back why was Shana so mad? Yuji wanted to bring back the girl Shana is pretending to be and it is the end of the world? How does this equal Yuji leaving Shana behind? Would that require Yuji to stay in the Human World while Shana wanted to go to the Clone World? I have no idea what was going on with this hot mess. Just that Yuji is amazing to have all this power still in him.



So after all that amazing…stuff and battle Shana finally manages to blast some sense into Yuji. That she loves him no matter how many innocent lives he cost and that she would have helped him always. Because she loves him. And it is time to kiss. AWW. Apparently this kiss makes the episode worth while or so I have read.

And then Shana and Yuji fly off to Xanadu. Not to make sure the Denizens behave but to make sure they all live together in harmony, shopping at the mall and going to the movies kinda togetherness. So apparently they are going to be the interspecies relationship models or something. I don’t know HOW you make people get along. I think it would be better if it was a natural process. I don’t know, it sounds weird. I guess maybe it makes sense because not too many things connect Yuji to the world now but it still sounds like WHELP it is too hard to live here lets go start over somewhere else.


Oh hi girl from episode 1! You can keep Kazumi company.

In conclusion since that last paragraph failed to make a point…this season was bleh. Things just went on for WAY too long. Two main battles with tons of new characters and no real reason for them to appear out of nowhere. Everything was a misunderstanding and Yuji was actually amazing this entire time. And the Flame Hazes decide that they can’t hack retirement and have to follow the invading force to their new lands. Overall I felt like it was a lot and yet not very much at the same time. The first two seasons were way more enjoyable to watch..I think. It was so long ago.

I wanted to love this season but I couldn’t. I tried. Some parts were enjoyable….like Shana wearing that cute dress! And seeing YujiSnakes amazing long hair. But I guess I am happy that other people were happy? XD


Eternia said...

Don't worry, Mrs. Hater, you are not alone, I think this season 3 doesn't even worth my time.
Also, there is this guy at who wrote long thought why this Shana season III is shitty.
I want to add one sentence myself:
The flame hazes are really a bunch of sore losers...

Christina said...

Eternia- I really had high hopes for this season. I was like WOOHOO the first two were fun so this will be amazing too. But if we were to print out all the spoken sentences in this season half of them would be titles of name. A great deal of the episodes were devoted to introducing new characters....but never developing them. And given the fact that everything was just a big misunderstanding and I am left with a bad taste in my mouth. Especially because the Flame Hazes still went to the Xanadu! Just meh. Meh. Sore losers indeed.