Monday, March 19, 2012

Tenchi Twilight Zone. Even my potential co-workers are AWESOME!

Just thought I share a bit of fun stuff with you readers. I promise anime has been watched and is currently being blogged (Oh you special show Guilty Crown) but this was too special to not share right away.

Being the classy pizzeria we are we tend to get colorful people apply for jobs. I ask people to leave their name, number, work schedule, whether or not they own a car/car insurance, and to write anything that might make them right for the job. The words RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE left my mouth.

This is what one special person left as RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE!


Names hidden to protect the innocent. The innocent person being me of course.

Do you see what I could potentially be working with?! Everyone thought this response was amazing and we should hire him on the spot. Why because he is a bigger moron than you and it will make you seem smarter?

Granted...I might find it humorous. On a fake application online or something. Maybe a goof with friends. But I have enough morons without throwing a jokester in the ring.

In conclusion...this guy will probably be hired on Friday because I live in the Twilight Zone. Back to anime. Watch as Another turns from a Horror show to a Slasher flick!


Eternia said...

err... Did your boss look for someone to taste food sample? HA HA.

Christina said...

Eternia- I have no idea what this kid was thinking writing that. But given how many laughs were had and all the AWESOMES...I am still expecting to see this kid coming in to work next week. My boss tends to hire people down on their luck (except the wonderful me who was hired because her mom is the momager XD) so someone who would write THIS on a resume must be down on their the brains department.