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Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 6

What? Almost bed time? For Tenchi? Yes I am trying slowly but surly to become a normal adult who gets up IN the morning and goes to bed before the sun comes out. Crazy talk I know. XD Just makes it easier to do things like go to parks that start at a super early hour. Oh and maybe I wouldn't be so tired at work? Yes it is all crazy indeed.
It's not good! It's MAGICAL!
Before I go to bed let me post another episode. That way I can feel accomplished. YAY ME! Up now is Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan episode 6. Spoilers for Wolverine showing up again!
Like super pissed MOG!
Episode Summary: Xiao-Mei is busy eating some delicious fish bread and rejects the idea of cat shaped bread. Neris talks about how it isn’t fair that the castle took all of their treasure they worked hard to get. Xiao-Mei was busy looking off into the distance but pretends she cares about the confiscated treasure too. After Ms. Cat girls leave the conversation turns to Kaguya and her lack of awakeness. Rick goes to give her bread but once again she is unconscious. She only wakes up to eat the bread…so Rick leaves before she wakes up. Airy makes her trip the church again which is now repaired from the storm. Rick and Airy see Xiao-Mei looking at the church weird like then walking away. When everyone returns home they find another animal like person. A fox like girl named Lorna. She works for the palace and the Princess has requested a certain meal. Despite the fact this is a rude request, to make a new bread in such a short time frame they perk up when Lorna offers to help. They are amazed at her cooking skills but she is a bit clumsy. They go with her to the castle where the guards are less than friendly.
Does the harp turn into knives too?
Our crew goes around to the garden where the meet the tea serving Princess Rufina and the harp playing Prince Lagnus. They eat the lovely food and Neris is like um you two are lovely but where is our box of treasures? The Princess and Prince are like OH it has to be checked…to make sure it is safe. But no worries you will get a reward…one day! Neris accepts this lame answer and they eat. Lagnus is like so Rick the warrior…we know you are Rick the warrior. And we want to hire you to stop Black Tail thief who keeps stealing our treasures. Thus the bake the bread before sundown thing. Neris agrees they will help as money is involved and volunteers her services as well. Lorna will serve as their guide around the castle and the Prince gives Rick back his armor. Rick and Neris practice on the beach while Amil thinks this is all bad, Rick being a warrior again. Lorna takes them around the castle as she trips over everything. They eventually come across Black Tail and battle it out a bit, showing that Lorna has some Wolverine knife skills. They manage to trash the library leaving Neris and Lorna trapped. That leaves Rick to battle Black Tail. He unmasks the dude…and reveals that is it Xiao-Mei. She escapes and the crew apologizes to the Prince and Princess. All the girls are like WOOHOO reward while Rick is upset his friend is a thief. What will happen now on Happiness Bread?! THE END!!!
I think he was trying to seduce Rick.
I missed this show so so much. So much action. So much suspense. So much bread! Smiles pay for everything except for catching thieves. Then we need payments up front!
Not my grandmother!!!!
First off making Xiao-Mei a cat shaped piece of bread….X__x. That is just cruel. We don’t make dog food look like dogs! Gingerbread cookies do not look like real people. Although people make cakes with real pictures of their family members or friends on them. HMMM. Still no cat bread. And some people order the same stuff all the time okay! Nothing is wrong with that.
Kaguya who?
Kaguya is so boring. Why does anyone care about her anyway? I get that she went through something traumatic but it is time to wake up and explain your sparkly ways before everyone moves on to something more amazing. Like how the church got repaired. YEAH!...I thought you were supposed to bring the interesting. Woohoo Rick’s bread is so magical it makes comas just semi comas.
Secrets are so hard!
Through power of deduction…Xiao-Mei is the one who fixed up the church. Because she is Robin Hood ya’ll. I thought she was just stealing because she could. I mean she worked hard to get that treasure and she got jack crap AND had to pay to repair the boat? She also lost Hank’s machine so I wouldn’t blame him if he was asking for cash either. So yeah you steal…and help the church out.
Make you bread....after you stole my treasure...OKAY!
It is obvious now why the crew had to get this magical bread done by nightfall. Because the Prince and Princess were trying to hire Rick to catch their thief that night. Maybe next time they can go about it in a more direct fashion? Not that Rick would have to say yes after losing all that treasure but still. We need your help and we will pay you goes over better than HEY make us food NOW. Just saying. XD
The only semi sane one in this group.
I am glad it makes sense though because HELLO I hope you have a kitchen at the palace. Lorna was sweet and special though. A bit clumsy but that is okay. I have been known to trip over a thing or two in my life. But she brought more magic to Rick’s kitchen and that is all that matters. Magical bread.
This bread is magical, where have you been?!
The guards were pretty much assholes right? I guess protecting a super secret secret. I do think that the world is way more technological than the island and that is the big secret. That SURPRISE it is the year 2054 or something. But the guards could be a little less…suspicious about it. Like pay no attention to the man behind the curtain indeed!!!
Oh if it is a rule feel free to take everything we own. Of course of course.
The Prince and Princess. SMILE SMILE help us out and believe our silly lies? Maybe they are unaware of what is truly going on. Just cute little figure heads used to keep the people happy when others know the truth. Of course I am going to be so sad and disappointed when I have made this way more complicated than it really is. The show revolves around bread after all. But yes the Princess and Prince. They aren’t assholes apparently. Just happy little blonds who like tea and clumsy people.
Photobucket Happy Go Lucky Kingdom...wants money? I AM SHOCKED!
I for one like Neris. I mean I wish she would start charging people for their bread all the time but maybe her sisters are holding her back. So when she hears about ways to make money her eyes light up and she is like YES YES YES! I don’t like how that makes her greedy. Makes her the only smart one. If Rick is going to risk his life for the castle they might as well make some money in the process. And as Rick’s….owner Neris is like yes cut me in on this money making adventure.
HMMMM indeed Prince.
Oh the Prince proved he wasn’t SO happy go lucky/brain dead. He was talking about knowing Rick was a warrior and has kept his sword from him. HMMM. Maybe I need to think this pretty figure head thing. But he was playing a harp…..
Is someone in the anime production department handing out knives to everyone or something?
The search for Black Tail was amusing at some points. Lorna turning into Wolverine should have been expected. Because everyone this anime season has been turning into the grumpy X-Men. Random knives for everyone. Although I do wonder why Neris is the warrior of the group. Don’t they have a healer and a spell girl in their group? Step it up other sisters!!!!

The battle with Black Tail/Xiao-Mei was actually kind of interesting. Of course it would have been more interesting if someone actually got hurt. But that would mean that when everyone finds out the truth about who Black Tail is people might be upset and not HAPPY. And we can’t be having that. So yes pushed over book cases and one broken window. Can’t have anyone bleeding or anything.
Don't worry Rick. I won't kill you. Because I am Batman...err Black Tail.
And since this is a happy go lucky part of your brain removed kinda show…Rick will be safe. He knows that Xiao- Mei is the thief and she knows he know she is the thief. But next week it looks like they are getting along quite fine. Well probably a lot of tension but no sign of Wolverine claws. Just mopey Rick who has to make bread for unconscious ladies. Ah bread. The backbone of this show.

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