Sunday, May 27, 2012

Fate/Zero Season Two episode 7 (for real this time)

What is anime? It feels so long ago. XD Take a week off and it feels like a lifetime. I did bring my laptop with me with the silly idea of blogging animes and posting pictures but HAHA walking around all day in the sun makes a person. Plus it is good to get slightly away from technology every once and a while. Not totally mind you. I needs my cellphone to feel complete.
That might not be the best plan ever...
Okay. So anime. Fate/Zero season two episode 7. And this time it is REALLY episode 7. Sorry for leaving the incorrect episode number up for so long on the other post. If it makes anyone feel better I got highly spoiled when I accidentally clicked episode 8? Yay for spoilers. Um….my spoilers are….prepare for a lot of feelings?!
So many hugs...
Episode Summary: On the heels of Emiya having his sad past exposed everyone was featured having a moment. Except Tokiomi. Because he is dead. Emiya has rushed back to their base to find Irisviel in bad shape. She is on the ground chillin in a magical circle and generally looking bad. She returns Saber’s scabbard as she will no longer need it. Emiya looks on as Irisviel talks about how happy she has been these past 9 years, being married and having their daughter. She knows her time is up and tells Emiya to win the Grail War. Saber has been sent to find Rider and Emiya leaves Maiya to look after the ailing Irisviel. Irisviel and Maiya talk about why they both support Emiya despite having no real connection to the world he is trying to protect. In the end both ladies decide they will die for his cause and will put all their hopes into him. Saber isn’t hasn’t had much luck hunting down Rider at his hideout. That is because Waver has returned to the spot where he summoned Rider. After using his ultimate spell twice Rider is very weak yet hid his condition from Waver. Waver orders Rider to take as much Mana as he needs so they can both be ready for battle and sets up the ideal conditions for this mana regeneration process. Rider opens up and talks about how he lead countless men to their death looking for an ocean that might not existed and he won’t let Waver die for a maybe Holy Grail. Still Waver wants to risk his life to prove his worth.
Living forever and looking like this...I don't think so.
Elsewhere Kariya continues to have the worse life ever. He is trapped in a nightmare where his Servant Berserker tortures him and talks about how pathetic he (Berserker) is. When he wakes up Daddy Kariya is there being creepy and Kariya assumes he is dying. Daddy Kariya talks about he thought Kariya was going to lose yet he has made it this far. So as a reward Daddy Kariya shoves a worm down Kariya’s throat that has feed on Sakura’s “purity” and should help recover Kariya’s mana. No word if it can restore the HOLES IN KARIYA’S BODY! While Emiya is hunting down Tokiomi so Rider and Saber can have a fair battle he discovers that Tokiomi has already been taken out. While Maiya and Irisviel were having their moment the door is kicked in. Maiya manages to call Emiya to let him know there is danger before crap hits the fan. Emiya uses one of his seals to get Saber back to the hideout instantly but it is too late. Maiya has been mortally injured and Irisviel has been kidnapped by someone who looks like Rider. Saber runs off after Rider and Emiya makes it to the compound later. Emiya starts crying over Maiya who tells him to save his tears for his wife. He thanks Maiya for her hard work and stays with her as she died. THE END!
I feel left out...I don't have a sleeping bag. :(
XO Was my summary shorter? I should make them shorter considering I have so much to blog and catch up on. Let it be known I am attempting to make the summaries shorter despite this series having so much to cover.
The person dying didn't cry though.
X____X Tears all over the damn place. So much emotion. Granted we didn’t see Archer and Kirei but I just assume they were off somewhere pouring hot wax on each other and whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. But I guess that counts as emotions right? So we didn’t see them but had a slice of everyone else’s amazing life.
What else can go wrong in Kariya's life?
Lets start with Kariya since his segment was the smallest and creepiest. WHAT THE HELL?! Can we get someone to mercy kill this guy already? Emiya is suffering too but he is trying to save the entire world. Kariya is just trying to save one kid and he has to go through this much? Dear Lord. From the weird dream/nightmare with Berserker to waking up chained to the wall with WORMS eating/mending the huge holes in his body…why bother waking up?!
And then things get worse. WORSE folks! Can things get worse? Oh yes when you have an awesome dad like Zoken. AWESOME! Being born in a family of mages with less than awesome magical powers is the worst thing ever. Having to resort to using worms to harness powers and what not. Just no. And the way it crawled into Kariya and the whole purity comment. Ugh. Almost puked folks. Please kill Kariya first Saber.
He better risk everything to come see you again!
Poor Irisviel. She has a pretty crappy life too. Kariya chose to take on saving Sakura while Irisviel was born into this life. I still think she is a real person, just like a test tube baby with magical sperm. But I guess it is all real now. Irisviel is dying. Maybe next time they make a container for the Holy Grail they should make it closer to the actual war time? So it doesn’t fall apart beforehand? What if they hadn’t gotten that particular Saber with a magical healing scabbard?
Sounds like goodbye to me. :(
I wonder if Irisviel assumed that was the last time she could talk to Emiya. If it was it was rather nice. Much nicer than Emiya and Saber’s fight obviously. It was just sad to see her laying on the ground. Maybe a HUG was in order although she was looking rather weak. Irisviel seems to be a rather strong person but maybe it is because she has had years to deal with this unfair hand she has been dealt with. I would still be bitter…and maybe not have brought a child into this mess. But still Irisviel was handling this a lot better than I would have been. I would have been crying all over the place and been inconsolable. Emiya was probably pretending to be strong and Irisviel focused on the time she did have in life rather than all the stuff she missed out on.
:( Just throw on the sadness!
BUT OH BOY! Emiya leaves the room and Irisviel confesses to Maiya that she doesn’t feel the same way Emiya does. That his dream is impossible for her to understand because of how she was raised. And I felt dumb for not realizing that until now. Irisviel was raised in a castle most of her life, not allowed to leave. She had her own worries to contend with. How could she know about the horrors of war and suffering in the outside world if she never went out in it? She really only had Emiya’s words and dreams and she pretended to support him because she loved him. I mean it is a good thing he wasn’t a crazy person but still. Just adds another layer to the tragedy if you ask me.
Died not even knowing her own name....
I have been told part of Maiya’s back story before so it wasn’t AS SAD as Irisviel boo hooing. But damn girl doesn’t even have a real name. :( Although it is a bit sad that Maiya was forced to be a child soldier and Emiya saved her….by making her a killing machine? Possibly with better food and safer living conditions? Just used all her life. But was Emiya used or did he make his own decision to join this life style. Hard to tell without all the details. Maiya doesn’t care either way as she sees herself as an empty shell and doesn’t see herself living through this war…and there would be no place for her anyway. Just overall sad.
The words Servant and Master don't mean much in this show....
Compared to that…Waver was being sweet and having a nice picnic in the park. I don’t fault him for not knowing how hurt Rider is. Rider should understand his own limitations and magical abilities. Granted Waver was not ready to join this war so he is ill equipped to deal with these things but he is trying. He yelled a bit, did some research, and was going to make the best of the situation. While looking like a caterpillar on the ground.
Rider is very rough...but caring deep down. So he is going to die next yes?
Rider probably should have told Waver what was up. And not showed off to Saber when they took out Assassin. But then he made up for it by telling Waver he was just trying to keep him alive. That it is nice to have dreams but he is going to lose another person based on a dream, something that might not be real. Rider had a bit of regret in his voice despite the fact he says he doesn’t regret anything. It isn’t looking so great for the other Masters so Rider has the right frame of mind, to protect this silly little kid. But then Rider thinks he still needs to teach the little girl (Saber) a life lesson…eye rolling still. Understandable but eye rolling.
How can someone out plan me?!
Emiya being outsmarted….was a bit amusing. Amusing might be the wrong word. But he has such grand plans it would be boring if he always won right? Not sure what the spraying of the blood splatters but maybe that was some magical thing. But I do want to know where the body is. XO I hope Rin doesn’t find it…. 

Now in my summary I said that someone who LOOKED like Rider broke into the farm house because I don’t know if it is Rider. I mean it is probably is him but I noticed it was rather light out when the kidnapping happening and when Emiya arrived much later it looked like twilight. Waver said they were going to rest until nightfall. So when it didn’t look like nightfall to me it raised a few questions.
Notice how Emiya didn't hesitate to save Irisviel and Maiya.
Especially when Maiya ended up dead. Rider doesn’t strike me as the killer of civilians type. Yes Maiya is armed and dangerous but I don’t know. It appears to me he wants to fight only the Servants. I don’t know. He broke in to their hideout. He could have just knocked her out. She was just defending her hurt “Master”. So that is that explanation.
:( Has Emiya cried the most in this show?!
Emiya had tears in his little eyes when he saw Maiya died. I really thought he saw her a tool but he really cared for her. Person number three in Emiya’s life that died by his actions. :( After seeing his past it makes sense why this tough guy started crying. He is human after all! And Maiya, the person dying, was comforting him. Save your tears for your wife. While she was slightly questionable in her feelings towards Emiya….she was a pretty decent person. Besides if she was really dead inside she couldn’t have loved him anyway right?
He does have the ability to move people....
Not a whole lot of Saber this episode. Just her cruising the city. And now it is time for a dramatic rescue! I don’t think this will end will if it is actually Rider kidnapping her preferred Master. X__X


Eternia said...

There's more to Maiya's sad past. This shouldn't be a spoiler, I think, because they have already skipped it.

She actually has child too. I don't remember wether it's a boy or a girl, but she has one. And it's a result of rape. And she didn't know her child's whereabout until the end. Yeah, life sucks for her.

Another skipped out information : Kiritsugu has thought of blowing up the entire house that Waver lived in, in case he's holed up in there. Killing the poor old couple as "necessary sacrifice". But Saber should have detected Rider if they are hiding in there, so he didn't do it.

Such an evil person, huh. That's why I have never shed a tear with him.

Anonymous said...

>Can things get worse?
You have seen nothing yet, my friend. Oh yes, things can get worse and sh**ter when your author is Urobochi.

Iri, it really was sad to see her say her good-bye, how happy she is, and how brave she is for want to end this war so her daughter (the next Grail doll) will not suffer the same fate as her. There’s soooooo much love in her words as she pour them out to Kiritsugu….T_T

Technically, Irisviel is part-Grail, thus not really human. It is really ironic since she show a LOT emotion for a doll. We all know she is going to die since ep 1 is just a matter "when", and Kiritsugu knew that's why he was prepare her death since the very beginning,he did not cry when seeing her lying there. It could be part of his plan even. However, Maiya on the other hand, Kiritsugu did not expect she could die, he probably think that there is always a small chance that she may escape from harm, is just a matter of "if". That's why he just can not bottle up those feelings when she (one more person than he expected) died.

Zoken, yea, I totally agree w/you, he is a f***ed up sh**t of a old geezer. Even I knew his real reason for gaining the Grail/immortality, I still can not forgive his &*% way of ruin Kariya and Sakura’s life. Why can’t he die sooner?

Also, Rider is a honest man. I am glad you listen closely to Waver and Rider’s conversation. Rider has way too much pride to do something so underhanded. If you watched the kidnapping part closely, did you see that “Rider” actually riding anything? That’s all I am going to say at this point, till you see ep 8.

Christina said...

Eternia- X___X The creator of this show has a lot of emotions deep inside. That or he hates his characters. WTF happened to her kid? Not remembering her name is one thing but a kid? But I guess if she was a kid herself at the time the asshole adult probably stole the baby. I think we should lock up Waver before anything horrible happens to him.

Oh Emiya. I try feeling bad for you but then other people give me more details about your ways and I feel dumb for feeling bad. I understand killing a few to save MANY but its almost like he just wants to blow things up without thinking about any other options. He better be careful now, only two seals left. Can't be blowing up everyone or Saber will be pissed.

Anonymous- Urobochi is a creative...torturer. Very creative indeed. I said earlier I don't think I could ever be that strong. I throw a fit when little things in my life go wrong. To be created for the single purpose of being "destroyed" for someone else's purpose....just no. I might just jump off a building just to screw with their plans. Still wish she didn't leave a kid behind but I guess she wanted to have a normal life cycle.

Zoken is gross. Scarred for life.

Rider is harsh at times but kidnapping dying women and killing someone for no reason...nope doesn't seem like Rider's MO. Of course that leads to the question which Servant has the ability to change shape? Berserker? Does Archer have some magical sword that can make him change his shape? Either way poor Maiya. :(

Gatx375 said...

Irisviel's quite a sad story, but easily my favorite character from this whole show.

Yeah, I was going to being that up Eternia. They totally dropped a good chunk of Maiya's back story.

But Nico screwed up the subs pretty bad in the next episode as a forewarning before watching it. To quote the good people of UTW "Urgh. They completely butchered an explanation of a certain Noble Phantasm, and screwed up another crucial line practically right afterwards. The only saving grace of this week’s script was the last scene in this episode, which was handled decently."

Anonymous said...

Tenchi, according to, Maiya had been raped by other soldiers and later lost her child.

Yes, I agree w/ you Gatx375, the subs are pretty screwed for the next ep.

Christina said...

Gatx375- So much gets lost between mediums. I guess a good example of that is The Hunger Games. I know a lot of readers are pissed that certain things are left out of the movie but I feel they can only put so much in before people get bored. Of course they could have just made this anime longer instead of leaving out details....

I am not sure what subs I was watching up I spoiled things for my self for watching the wrong episode. XD So I guess I didn't catch it.

Anonymous- Of course she did. I am surprised someone hasn't gotten their arms and legs cut off yet. X__X These characters suffer so much. So now that I have said this Kariya is going to lose all his limbs.