Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hiiro no Kakera episode 5

XO I am a girl who loves making plans. I am not someone who functions well with a simple HEY let’s go do this today. I rather know the day in advance if someone wants to go to the movies with me or whatever. Sounds weird but I like knowing what my day entails…the day before. When planning vacations I like things to be planned out a week in advanced if it is somewhere in Florida. AT LEAST! So in conclusion sometimes Legoland is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and that throws a wrench in my plans. Or my sleep schedule. Which is way more important than plans. XD
Behold my amazing hair!
Did you enjoy my random paragraph? Basically they end up being whatever is going on in my head while I am blogging something else. 5 am folks! TOO EARLY! But I guess I could try to finish Hiiro no Kakera while I weep for my precious sleep. I am only on episode 5 for some reason. Spoilers for Tamaki being a public service announcement on how to be nice.
These words mean NOTHING crazy pants!
Episode Summary: The scene with Tamaki’s Granny yelling at everyone is expanded up a bit. Basically Tamaki needs to be a better Potato Princess without being trained, if the artifacts are all stolen the world will end, and the enemy is stronger than all of them. Happy stuff! Tamaki is pretty down after that meeting and the boys try to cheer her up. So she does, especially when Mahiro makes MEAT for dinner. Afterwards Tamaki puts together the amazing fact that Mahiro likes Shinji. Aria has a little meeting with her people which consists of she is the sacred maiden but they don’t know how to work/destroy the talismans correctly yet. Tamaki gets out of the shower and together with O-chan tries to find her inner Potato Princess. Only since she doesn’t know what that is it doesn’t work. Tamaki wakes up after a long night of not discovering herself and is nearly late to school. This is apparently a big deal. All her bodyguards are super tired at lunch and explain they have been guarding the remaining talismans. They conclude Aria and her people are up to something…funny. Random teacher AKA Logos member walks up but no one thinks she is creepy. Kiyono shows up after school to point out that Tamaki likes Takumu. She denies it but that leads to a slight uncomfortable moment between Tamaki and Takumu.
Wasn't their first battle when Tamaki came to town? What exactly are you comparing this to?
At home Tamaki gets upset when she thinks about how she might have hurt Takumu’s feelings. She actually sees a spirit but thinks she was seeing things. Tamaki gets a headache that one of the seals are being messed with so she tries to run off in that direction. Only she is stopped by a hot guy who smells her. He says that she doesn’t smell like old bag Granny yet and she better keep it that way. Tamaki reacts pretty stupid to this situation and runs off and doesn’t mention this encounter to no one apparently. Tamaki reaches one of the seals and sees Aria looking at it. Aria starts going on about Tamaki has something she wants and that Tamaki is Cybil. Mahiro and Takuma show up but Tamaki tells them to back off, that she has this. Tamaki then spends the next 432894 hours telling Aria that stealing and fighting are wrong and that she is the Potato Princess and don’t release the ultimate baddie OKAY?! After listening to this entire speech about stealing being wrong Aria reaches the conclusion that Tamaki wants to die. But Aria wants to make it home to watch Dancing with the Stars so she says they will battle tomorrow. She leaves and Tamaki collapses from that horrible fight. Both Mahiro and Takuma help up Tamaki and say how proud they are of her. Well Takuma does and Mahiro grunts. The episode ends with it magically being the next day and Tamaki walking towards the meeting spot that Aria has picked out. Elsewhere random smelling dude meets up with neighborhood creeper and they talk about how they are there to watch BOTH groups. THE END…unless you count those creepy scenes at the end of the episode with one of the guys acting like they love YOU the viewer. No they don’t count? Then THE END!!!
Random hottie alert!
Well….isn’t it just so sad I haven’t blogged this show in a while? I mean SO MUCH happening in this episode. I do apologize for my Potato Loving readers though. I guess the amount of animes I am blogging this season got away from me. XD
Well considering you live on an Island....
First off…Granny is so useless. Tamaki has been in town for a hot 5 minutes and she is getting chastised for not realizing her powers as the Potato Princess? I mean Tamaki IS dumb but come on here folks. What does realize your powers even mean? I don’t even understand how that is supposed work. Realize how electricity works Tenchi. NOPE I just can’t realize it. I actually need to study, learn, and be exposed to that information. I just can’t REALIZE it. So maybe Granny if you want Tamaki, who just found out she is all important, to be the Potato Princess you should help as you are Ex Potato Princess. Like seriously what the heck.
Sure we suck...but it is going to be okay!!!
Tamaki is a flip flopper of emotions though. I think she should have taken the night to feel sorry for herself. She has sad little bodyguards, got beat by a 10 year old (well she looks 10), and her Grandmother is a hater. The only thing she has going for is the cute mascot O-chan. So maybe the others shouldn’t have been trying to cheer up. Maybe they should have looked sad (and beat up) too. But then if you decide to cheer up someone and they cheer up…don’t pick on them for being cheered up. Weirdos.
I always laugh when a character makes a big deal about MEAT being in the meal. Most people get excited about desserts. But then again I live in a cultural where meat is usually apart of dinner unless said meal is vegetarian. And even then it is specially labeled as vegetarian. So if something is labeled differently the norm would be meat right? Still I always find it amusing. Veggie eating cultural that doesn’t have 1 out of 3 citizens with per-diabetes.
Wants one please!!!
O-chan was the best part of this episode. I have a feeling that is going to be a reoccurring theme in this anime so I won’t make a paragraph about it every episode. Or maybe I will because that is how I roll. He was so cute with his little eyes closed trying to help Tamaki poop. I mean…realize her powers.
It would be a shame to destroy something you just stole after all.
Aria was being cryptic this episode. Look at me talking about the seals and artifacts without actually stating what I want to do with them. She and Logos probably don’t want to summon the ultimate baddie that COULD destroy the world. Or at least that is not Aria’s goal and Logos might be using her. She seems to think she is a holy maiden and these are her items for the taking. Later when Tamaki was going on and on about stealing she didn’t confirm whether or not she wanted to release the baddie. Perhaps she does but why not just break the items? Something is going on here…but her hair might be too distracting for me to care.
What do you do again?
Kiyono and her shtick are getting annoying. Granted Tamaki has only been in town for a few days and I wouldn’t expect her to have ANY friends given the fact she only hangs out with boys. But since that is what Tamaki is doing why isn’t anyone gossiping behind her back? I mean I wouldn’t be calling her a slut or anything but homegirl moves to town and takes the 4 “hottest guys” in mere seconds. Weird. But Kiyono is like TRUE LOVE and it is cool if you never want to hang out with me.
Well it is hard to blame the boys for being stupid. The adults should be helping them a little more....
The way the boys are guarding the seals/artifacts are special. Actually this is the year 2012 right? Or whatever year this story is based on. Tamaki does have a cellphone. So lets get some security cameras up in this place. A bit of high tech could help. Some sort of alarm system that will trip whether or not people are walking up or jumping through the trees. None of this lets stay up all night and walk around IN PAIRS making sure no one is there…and then leaving the area. If we were to torture these kids at least make them stay all night at one location with walkie talkies or something. Not using Tamaki’s headaches as a communication device.
Apply directly to the forehead!!!
But Tamaki and her headaches…you know it kinda sucks she has no powers yet and Granny was picking on her yet she has a draw back. No perks but gets incapacitating headaches. Sign me up for this Potato Princess gig. At least these headaches lead Tamaki to the correct seal/artifacts. She could have run to the other three and gotten super tired. Exercise is hard.
Apparently I was the only one embarrassed.
Aria and Tamaki’s conversation was so embarrassing. I decided to catch up on text message and just briefly look at the screen every now and then. STEALING IS BAD! Do you hear that 5 year olds of Japan. STEALING IS BAD! If you want something you should ask for it. She didn’t even ask Tamaki! That is so rude and mean. Big meanie head!!! Aria might had mentioned something interesting about Tamaki’s name being Cybil but that is about it. You can’t take things that aren’t yours and how dare you!!!! I mean everything Tamaki was saying was true but stuff that shouldn’t have to be said, not in a serious fight anyway.
Oh please let Tamaki have 327837 personalities. Please please please.
But Aria decides she is going to kill Tamaki tomorrow, you know when she has time to gather up all her bodyguards and such. Maybe Aria wanted to show up with all of hers. Are the Logos people waiting for Tamaki and her people to remove the artifacts themselves and spy on how they work? Because otherwise they should be able to snatch them all up in no time with this stupid guard schedule and figure out how they work later. In the end Tamaki is congratulated by Takuma and Mahiro for her…special speech. Good job Tamaki! Let’s hurry up and go home so you can rest up for next amazing speech. Maybe next time you can talk about the importance of brushing your teeth or looking both ways before crossing the street.
Let us help you up, after that HORRIBLE ordeal you just went through.
What else happened this episode? Oh yeah Tamaki got sniffed by a strange dude. He looks like the hottest character so far so it is sad he was a bit creepy. Don’t smell like your Granny AKA don’t be the Potato Princess. He is working with the other dude that has been creepin around town. They aren’t on a side yet but are merely observing. Oh and Tamaki wants a cookie for figuring out that Mitsuru likes Shinji. No cookies for you Tamaki. Maybe next week…but I doubt it. XD More for me after all.


Anonymous said...

That new guy seems violent, a yandere? O_o!!
Well, I am glad the good guy loose for once. I do not like "always-wing-if-we-stick-together" type of shows. I am glad she at least realize that her world can not always be sunshine and rainbows, she motive herself to TRAIN than self-pity. That, and her opinion of the guys show some character to her than just a plain potato.
Although I got no clue why doing that kind of training will help her....

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it is "win" not "wing".

Christina said...

Anonymous- I am trying to have compassion for Ms. Potato because no one is really helping her train. Like become the princess NOW isn't really going to work. Like DRIVE THAT CAR with no instructions is probably not going to end well.

But yes sometimes when you stick together...you lose. That or the baddies are just better at sticking together. XD