Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the dead episode 8

Another lazy day? What is wrong with me? I am happy though it is raining and I am not at work. Grateful for that. I did get a crash course in how much babies cost. The answer is…too much. XD Way too much. Think of all the Disney pins and nendoroids I wouldn’t be able to buy because kids need things like diapers and clothes and strollers.
This show has great lines doesn't it?
In between doing nothing and doing other things I am attempting to get some blogging done. All while munchin on some pizza and drinking Code Red. Up now is Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? of the dead episode 8. Spoilers for giant boobies and everyone loving Ayumu.
It's behind you!!!!
Episode Summary: Ariel is talking to Ayumu about how to get Haruna’s magic back from Chris. But seeing how strong Chris is (punished for trying to overthrow the Queen!)…Ariel doesn’t want to get back Haruna’s power by force. Instead she suggests maybe they use Kyoko as she has said she knows Chris’ weakness. Then BAM Kyoko is behind Ayumu. The rest of the house is not happy to see the crazy girl and Ayumu is slightly on edge. Kyoko seems to be suffering from a split personality, going from super sweet to insane psychopath. She says she will reveal Chris’ weakness (which she learned from the King of the Night) if Ayumu can entertain her. All the girls, especially Sera, are skeptical but Ayumu agrees to this. Later that night Kyoko tries to seduce Ayumu with her butt floss underwear. Ayumu is like…lets go outside and talk instead. After Kyoko swings on the swing in the evilest manner EVER Ayumu wants to know what is up. Finally Kyoko agrees to tell the secret if Ayumu throws a mixer. This means that Ayumu has to turn into a 90’s American punk kid YO YO YO! His friends are deeply afraid at his change in character but agree to go to maybe save his sanity. Sera confronts Kyoko and deducts that Kyoko never wanted to throw a mixer, just wanted to see Ayumu suffer. Kyoko concludes that Sera is not really here on orders to protect Eucliwood, that Sera loves Ayumu.
What part of those looks desirable?
The day of the mixer finally arrives and Ayumu and Orito show up wearing I’m Too Sexy for my Nipples shirts. The workers at Masks Donalds show up to even up the number of men. Kyoko shows up and everyone is like OH a new face. They play a king game where someone gets to pick what two other players do. Eucliwood makes Ayumu and Taeko hug…and proceeds to get jealous with the rest of the room. One of the Mask People make Ayumu and Kyoko kiss but Ariel shows up before that can happen. While everyone else is having a great time Kyoko is pissed Ariel is there. Before Kyoko burns down the room Ayumu takes her out to the graveyard where he beat her face in. He says he wants her to do whatever she wants to him in exchange for the information. She transforms and stabs him….then hugs him. Because now she is in love with him but didn’t think he would accept her. Or something. It got crazy. Her real punishment besides spending more time in jail is that no one will ever remember her. Ayumu promises to remember her no matter what. Kyoko smiles as she disappears and Ariel smiles, as if her plan went perfectly. Then Kyoko faxes Ayumu a bunch of nonsense and he hates his life again. THE END!
Creepy all over the place!
Interesting interesting. While I am happy that the plot is FINALLY upon us……it feels very rushed. Rushed indeed. As it should since we are practically at the end of this series and barely anything has happened it is time to cram it all in at once.
Yeah Haruna!!!
I knew Kyoko was going to show up at some point….and hopefully wearing clothes when she did so. I just thought maybe Ariel didn’t hate Ayumu that much and she would give him a little warning. Also hot damn she must not care for her students that much. Well maybe it is nice seeing someone think of themselves and not sacrifice themselves for another. It just goes against the anime noms that Ariel isn’t all for a head to head match up against Chris and rather let it…run its course? Crazy talk.
How can you forgot that face?
Well not really crazy talk because that would be Kyoko. Kyoko Kyoko Kyoko. She was wearing clothes when she arrived although her boobies are way too big for her frame. I wonder what men would think if they saw the same size boobies on a woman in her 40’s. Down to their KNEES! So not liking her “nighttime” outfit.
She looks like some crazy gremlin!
But she was hilarious going in between the fake sweet persona and the INSANE person she might truly be. Just how ugly her face got was amusing to me. Her mumbling about Haruna’s nonexistent attention span to people was entertaining. Granted Kyoko was locked up in a weird looking manner but it hasn’t been that long. If home girl couldn’t handle that small of time in her sentence what are we going to see in the future?
Suffer swing! SUFFER!!!
Also I really don’t feel bad for Kyoko. She gets what she deserves. She killed a lot of people and Ayumu is a zombie magical girl because of her ways. Yes she was being manipulated by King of the Night but then she needs to be in rehab or something. She needs therapy and maybe not be pinned to a wall all naked like. That might not be the best way to reform her. That just might make her more insane. Which is amusing.
Naked jail cells do not receive fashion magazines obviously.
Also perhaps Kyoko has not been aware of Ayumu current events but humiliating Ayumu is hard work. He suffered yes by planning this party…but he suffers daily by just being him. XD So Kyoko’s mixer party was just…well all of Ayumu’s fault.
Do ya hear me hommies?!
Why is it Ayumu’s fault? Because I am pretty sure it is the year 2012 and these bitches and hoes don’t want to be called bitches and hoes when invited to a party. You dig? He spent way too much time being weird and alienating potential party guests. Just act normal. Or as normal as you can act Ayumu. Crazy pants.
Cannot unsee this insanity. X___X
Or should I say crazy shirt. I CAN SEE YOUR NIPPLES indeed! X__X That would have been me by the way. Like wtf is wrong with you? Just a bunch of people going to do karaoke together and you are acting like some bad 90’s music video? And then Orito was wearing one too?! Oh lord. Which shop is still selling this crap?
WTF are they stalkers or something?!
I really have nothing to say about the Masked Donald people. They are just too random for words. They did need more men but since everyone is in love with Ayumu that would leave a lot of guys single. So only Anderson-kun and Orito get any kind of screen time.
Everything is Ayumu's fault WEEEEE!
Everyone picking Ayumu for things was typical. Most of the people being upset/jealous over the tasks was predictable. But what was up with Eucliwood? She is the one picking what Ayumu does and then calls him a pervert? Ayumu’s harem is too big for me to keep track of.
How about you actually help Ayumu out?!
I am not sure why Ariel showed up. Did she want Ayumu to heal Kyoko’s heart so she would be an easier prisoner to handle? Why not just use some magic and place her in a vegetative state for the duration of her sentence? Ariel seems to like it when people do her dirty work for her doesn’t she? XD I guess that makes sense or maybe Ariel really does like Kyoko and was trying to make things easier for the confused girl. Not easier for Ayumu obviously but nothing is easy for him.
Wha.....when the heck did this happen?!
But Kyoko liking Ayumu….wtf?! That makes as much sense as Sera like Ayumu. Maybe even less since Sera lives with Ayumu and hasn’t killed him before! I rather Kyoko get her so called revenge on Ayumu, Ayumu beat her, and she dies off knowing she has been forgiving. This whole love business is confusing. But I have to remember that Kyoko was under the control of King of the Night and maybe she really did like Ayumu…even if I think she had some control of her actions.
Look at me I am forgiven! So just tickle Chris so it will be okay!
But she is cute so she gets forgiveness! Yay for happy endings. Well except for Ayumu who is no closer in finding out how to defeat Chris. And Haruna, whom this will benefit, could care less. YAY FOR PLOT!!! XD


Anonymous said...

The info she faxed him are not really nonsense, it says, tickle-tickle her (Chris). In other words, tickle is Chris' weakness.

It is interesting to see Eu jealous. It may be her 1st experience in her looooooong life.
I just can not stop laughing when Ayumu tried Oh! SO HEARD to convince everyone to have a mix…….when he is in the mixer, it was just so SHINNY XDD
Still, tickle-tickle her side?! Seriously?! Thank (?) Gaia, he is a zombi, or else he won’t be able to take all that harsh love of hers. Yep, she is till our 100% pure Kyoko.

Christina said...

Anonymous- Well after doing all of that for Kyoko and then being stabbed/confessed to I think Ayumu was expecting a bit more. Of course everyone is ticklish so maybe in her mind she actually was listing some kind of helpful weakness.

Eru being jealous was weird. Like wtf you can't be a real person. XD Especially after she caused the situation.

Ayumu and that shirt have been burned in my mind forever. Cannot forget.